Update on the Blog

We haven’t been posting lately.

This is because binary option trader Greg has been contracted by Richard Spencer to run the Alt-Right Politics podcast for NPI.

Meanwhile, I’ve become the news editor of Altright.com. This is a big step for me because it funds my living abroad, and gives me a chance to hone my journalistic skills. Gotta make shekels somehow. Before that, I wrote for another publication, but the funding dried up and so now I’m with NPI. I think its a better match anyway.

I hope to keep binary trade options Red Dawn running, and the blog going as well. But for now, most of my posting will happen on Altright.com. In the future, when I have more time and Greg and I can better coordinate across timezones, we hope to bring back the content.

Thank you to all of you who have listened to us so far. Greg and I have learned a lot since we met up and decided to launch the blog. As a result, we have some big projects underway.

First and foremost,invest wait and earn philippines we are working to expand Altright.com and make it a serious contender in the alternative media blogosphere.

Secondly, I am working on a sequel to my first book. I hope to finish it soon, and start working on the 3rd book as well.

Thirdly, we have a project called “The SWPL Question” that we are working on. We hope to explain the SWPL menace to society and offer solutions to de-SWPLify the West. It will be an e-book that we plan on actively shilling for when the time comes. I hope it will be a massive red pill to everyone who reads it.

Until then, we’ll be over on Altright.com.

RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls

RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls

Memory correlates with Genius. High-IQ males tend to have an extraordinary ability to remember. Normies, by comparison, forget everything. What effect does memory have on one’s ability to know?

But memory is not to be confused with “experience.” Some people reference their “experience” or “feeling” to shut down reasoned argument. Who could be behind this fallacy?

And: Counter-signaling. White people show their class-status by rejecting the values of other classes. Uppers counter-signal middles who counter-signal proles and visa-versa all the way back. Why do we do this? When will it stop? And ultimately, whose value-system is right?

Upcoming Podcasts: More Academic Interviews

We are shifting emphasis in our podcasts–AI will be doing more Academic Interviews. Based on our SoundCloud metrics and listener feedback, there seems to be a strong demand for hard-core content. The people like bantz, but they seem to prefer succinctly-packaged information and analysis.

Some of the podcasts we have in the pipeline:

  1. Red Symphony (Vince and Greg): a little-known book, suggesting that communism may have had an ingenious, yet unstated, grand strategy.
  2. Politics and Society of Sweden (Sven and Greg). We intend to do a serious overview of Swedish society aimed at non-Swedes. “The Swedish Question” attracts intense interest all over Europe and the anglosphere, so there is plenty of room for expounding.
  3. More coverage of the perpetual crisis in Ukraine.
  4. Some seriously spergy material on anthropology. We will talk about Carlton Coon’s Races of Europe (Norm and Greg), the racial/evolutionary history of India (with Singh), and the mysteries of Tibet.
  5. Northrop Frye’s theory of literary modes (with Robert Johnson). What distinguishes myth from romance, tragedy, comedy and satire?
  6. Internet and meme-culture. Learn about the history of 4chan, 8chan; Gamergate; /pol/ harbor and more, with AI’s own Internet native, Vincent Law.

We will continue our award-winning “bro high-culture” series Red Dawn. But rather than producing podcasts primarily in the Red Dawn format, we are aiming to release two Academic Interviews for every Red Dawn.

If you have a request for a topic, drop Greg a line at gregoryritter39@gmail.com.




It may surprise some, but in all the archives of game, there is no definitive treatment of The CQ. Well, that ends now. Atavistic Intelligentsia is taking a stand: no more miff-tiffing. You guys know what I mean. The arguments are iron-clad–ethical, metaphysical, practical. Maybe the alt-right can excuse some forms of degeneracy, but this we cannot tolerate. Delenda est cunnilinctio!

Academic Interview 13: Embracing The Inner Teuton

Academic Interview 13: Embracing The Inner Teuton

German LARPing–it’s in the vogue. But is there more to it than mere nazi-cosplay? Could Teutonophilia mitigate the effects of (((education)))? Singh interviews Ritter on his life-long love of all things German–the language, the literature, the music, the history. Enter a rich world, unknown to anglospheric normies: The Nibelungenlied, Faust, Ernst Junger and inflected grammar.

RED DAWN 37: Attack Of The Muzzielocks

RED DAWN 37: Attack Of The Muzzielocks

An alien race has overrun Europe, bringing crime, terrorism, rape and murder. Do the natives even realize what is going on?

On the way from Petersburg back to the USA, Vince harrows Austria and Bavaria. He tries to shake the locals out of lethargy, but to no avail. It seems that the only people who get it are Poles.

AND: The alt-right: rich boy of fascism? The antifa think so. As if that were a bad thing. Greg and Vince discuss the mindset of the politically active. Perhaps alt-righters and antifa have more in common than either would like to admit.

RED DAWN 36: The Eternal Anglo Strikes Agaayinn, with Professor Drew Fraser

RED DAWN 36: The Eternal Anglo Strikes Agaayinn, with Professor Drew Fraser

The Anglo: God’s gift to civilization, or scourge of the White Race? Special guest Professor Drew Fraser and the bros contend over the legacy of The Empire and her ruling class–White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Singh swoons over the Anglo’s contributions to philosophy, sport and politics; while Greg and Vince kvetch about his less-than-savory aspects .

Professor Fraser taught at Macquarie University in Sydney, Oz, and he is the author of The WASP Question.

Introductory clip is from The Ruling Class (1972) starring Peter O’Toole. Outro song is “Rule Britannia,” from a live performance. The refrains lyrics “Britons never never shall be slaves” makes for rueful listening in the current year.

From Russia With A Shove

I fell on my ass on the ice today. As I was trying to get back up on my feet, this old man shoved me from behind and told me to watch where I was going.
Now look, I love Russians. But some of them past a certain age are really crotchety.
You go into a bus and you eat an elbow to the ribs from some granny shoving and jostling to get a seat.
You go into a store, and some unhappy spinster gives you the worst customer service you’ve ever had in your life.
These are some of the realities of life in Russia. But you know what? After awhile, you don’t mind it so much. I’m grinning as I write this. Its really not so bad. You get used to the arguing and the jostling and the extra mile you need to go to get basic shit done.
Life starts to lose its meaning when it gets too easy. The occasional power outage makes you get off your ass and shamble out to the box with the power meter. You throw on some slippers, tie the bathrobe around you and watch your breath come out in soft white puffs as you fumble around with the switch before restoring power and shuffling back in. This time, you don’t run the microwave and the electronic water heater at the same time.
You do each thing individually. Annoying isn’t it? Inefficient? You lose X seconds every day waiting- which experts tell us adds up to Y hours every year…Of your life…just wasted!
But I don’t mind it anymore. Life isn’t about efficiency, or convenience, only an Autist or a modern westerner thinks like that.
When I go down into the metro, I see uniform-clad grannies in booths monitoring the escalators. They sit there, bored. The others shamble around the platform, doing whatever it is that they do.
What an inefficiency! Get Jeffrey Sachs on the scene to sort this problem out!
But I don’t mind it, in fact it makes me smile. I find more and more satisfaction in life with every inefficiency I stumble upon. See, these grannies would be tucked away into retirement homes or on pensions if they weren’t there. This way, the government has the most effective defense system on the planet at work for them- gossipy grannies. Nothing unusual will slip by them.
And of course, there would be some that would decry government waste and try to shove these grannies into some retirement home, where they would rot away- out of sight and out of mind.
Instead, they shuffle along on the streets here in Russia. They take up all the seats on the train and the buses. They cut you off in line and they always give you bad service.
But what should they be doing?
Some of them are confused and bewildered. I wandered into a hidden courtyard one day- there are many in St. Petersburg. It used to be the park in front of a palace. There was a granny there. I asked her about the place and we started chatting. The city had changed a lot according to her. Shops everywhere, lights and a new lifestyle.
People were changing, she told me. She had a grandson that she tried to teach from time to time. “But he only cares about videogames.” She sighed exasperatedly. I cringed internally. Kids can be such little shits. Apparently she tried to take him to all the famous sites and instill in him a love for his culture and his people. The kid didn’t want any of it. He preferred what I deduced to be Minecraft.
The only advice I could offer her was to try and get him to play Real Time Strategy games so that he would take an interest in history. I know Age of Empires certainly helped me with that once upon a time.
Old people are in many ways the perfect distillation of a city of a certain time period. Unchanged in their ways past ~40, they can be bearers of tradition for the next 40 years of their lives. In many ways, these old-timers are what makes Russia so special. They are Soviet relics, and most of their views are refreshing conservative. They are very well-educated for the most part and a reservoir of forgotten knowledge. Some are also profoundly demoralized, and have been for about 30 years. Talking to them can be frustrating because of the old Soviet mentality they have. You will agree with them on 90% of everything, but still not quite see eye-to-eye.
The generation that grew up in the 90’s is a bit of a lost generation, even though they have come to embody much of what the new Russian identity has become. They grew up on Rock, tough times and a desire to escape West. These guys fit into two camps- those that still yearn to get out, and those that have doubled-down and developed a fierce pride for Russia- despite all its shortcomings. They are crazy partiers, and amazing personalities. They are immortalized in films like War (Balabanov’s movie about Chechia) and the Brother films (also Balabanov.) A fascinating bunch. Their women are the complete dolled-up smokeshows we’ve come to associate with Russian women. Hard and sexy, cold as ice, but passionate. Working women who spend 2 hours every day in front of the mirror becoming hot.
Many of the youth are becoming infected with the incessant HollyJew programming and the liberal teachings of their professors. They are super fashionable. Hipster fashion dominates of course. The tough leather jackets are gone with this generation. They want to be seen as soft, cultured and European. I spend most of my time with these types, unfortunatley. They are the “know-nothings” and “see-nothings.” They only care about some art or some hobby. Thats the “it” thing. These are the “beautiful ones” that take artsy photos with filters and perfectly done hair, looking at the the camera with sultry lips and a pouting expression- and I’m talking about the boys here. The girls don’t take as much pride in their appearance, preferring the more bohemian look that is spreading like cancer throughout the entirety of the White world.
I came to Russia expecting the 90’s generation, but I found myself in a comfortable bo-bo world of artsy cafes. Encounters in the street from other generations serve as a nice elbow in the side that there are other layers to Russia, different faces from the fashionable ones I see in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
All in all, my generation fills me with unease. I love them of course, because I see so much of myself in them. But I wonder if they will survive the hard times that have always tempered Russia. Life has been relatively good in Russia for about a decade now. What happens when things get tough again? I fear that the new generation has forgotten how to shove and jostle their way into a seat on the metro.

RED DAWN 35: Baptism of FASH Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Changes”

NPI conference sum-up with Ritter, Singh and Vince. Singh reprises some of the interviews he did with the MSM. The goys break down Richard Spencer’s now-viral “Hail Victory.” Singh also talks about meeting KMac, Jared Taylor, and Australian professor Drew Fraser, author of The WASP Question.

This episode features Mr. Bond’s latest song “Changes,” a parody of Tupac’s song of the same name, with D’Marcus Liebowitz (46:00).


Hailing Premature Victory at NPI

NPI was a great success by all accounts. Great attendence, a joyous atmosphere, and a lot of kvetching ensued.

But the success was marred by controversy around Spencer hailing victory at the end of his speech and getting roman salutes from several of the obese or mischling or pony-tail sporting or yellow women in attendance.

That is unfortunate, and will probably be a problem going forward. Although there are many straight up admirers of NSDAP Germany in the Alt-Right as well as neo-nazis- and no one can deny that they have been part of the core of the movement since its inception, it’s an extrapolation to say that the rest of the Alt-Right is neo-nazi.

I for one am not a Hitlerite. How could I be? I would have to be a cuck against my own people- the east Slavs. Do I admire Hitler’s rise to power? Am I an anti-semite? Do I care about White Genocide? Well, yes…that’s why I went to NPI for the first time in 2015. I wanted to get involved and meet people that cared about the fate of European Civ.

I never thought I was going to a neo-nazi conference. I always thought that the aesthetic was European-inspired, and Identitarian instead. NPI was like a safe space stepping stone where I felt that I would find a professional and safe SWPL environment that was goon-free and which somehow had a veneer of respectability cloaked around it.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the attendees were immaculately dressed, tall, good-looking and incredibly sharp. The notable lack of obesity was startling for me. Ever since I had gotten back from Russia, I felt like Wall-e in a pre-apocalyptic scenario. But at NPI, I felt like I was part of a gathering of White Officers or something similar.

At first, I had a rocky start. I had to walk past Antifa. And once inside, the first person I ran into in the lobby waiting for the elevators was none other than Matt Forney…. who was very twitchy and lets just say less than inspiring.

But then Lana and the Red Ice crew rolled in- and they looked fantastic. She smiled at me and made a comment about how there were so many good-looking men here this year while we were in the elevator. Hnng.

Then it was conference time, and everything went smoothly. I had a good time and it gave me great hope and inspiration going forward.

I learned quickly that most of the Nazi stuff (mostly) wasn’t anti-Slav in nature, but rather the result of a complete rejection of just about everything anglo-american liberal bo-bo society stands for. It’s a visceral “fuck you” to everything that any red-pilled person hates. I get it.

But, past me of even a year ago wouldn’t have gotten it. It would have repulsed me, and many like me that were on the cusp of getting involved, but feeling hesitant about committing.

The Nazi element and the fascination with Fascism and right-wing esotericism in the Alt-Right won’t go away, but until now there seemed to be plausible deniability. But this seems to have forced the issue. Spencer’s early success was probably due to drawing in edgy intelligent goys that didn’t want to be associated with Hitlerism. It seemed to be a strategy that was working, I don’t understand why he would break from it now. Publicity? Well, now he got it. We will see if it pays off in the end.

In my humble opinion, Spencer doesn’t seem to even try to understand corn-fed america. They’re not into Heidegger and don’t trust people with elaborate haircuts. Instead, as I’ve written before, it seems that Spencer is appealing to a very niche group of people with his organization’s and his own style. He’s appealing to well-to-do young men that are disaffected with modern society and chomping at the bit to set the world on fire, or just change their position in the reigning status quo. Almost all critiscism of Spencer from the Right prior to NPI 2016 came from the perspective of him not being “hardcore” enough. And I argued that he was appealing to a very specific niche, and therefore should be commended for his marketing approach. If other groups wanted to appeal to the prole elements, or something similar, they could go ahead and do that. But let Spencer do his thing.

I mean, it worked on people like me, where other methods almost certainly would have failed.

But now, I am not so sure that Spencer will be able to salvage NPI’s comfortable, non-scary bourgeois-boheme veneer. Bobo’s like me are very skittish. We have a lot to lose. We fancy ourselves to be James Bond-type moles, hiding our power-depth level in kiddie pool platitudes, while masking the shitlord within. And in cities like Washington, DC where 94% of the people voted for Hillary…there really isn’t much other option.

All of my normie social circle has heard about the NPI event and seen the videos. They’re shocked and appalled. I was going to coax a few up and coming secret shitlords into coming to the next conference, but now I am not so sure I will be able to. I know the old me wouldn’t have gone. The stakes would be too high. The shame of being found out to be associating with “neo-nazis” too strong.

In all fairness, Spencer raising his glass and proclaming “hail victory” could have been just a good ending to an inspiring speech. It was the crowd that elevated this into a scandal with their Roman salutes. Apparently some of the TRS people are proud of leading the charge.

Real life isn’t shit-posting online. When the cameras of the Lugenpresse are rolling, there are consequences. I wish more people understood that, and didn’t make it into a pissing contest about proving their Alt-Right credentials to a bunch of anonymous anons. Now there’s infighting between stepping-stone reformed lolbertarians and the more hardcore elements as the former try to distance themselves from the former. Yeah, they were just Alt-Lite really, and I have little sympathy for libertardians… but I can’t help but feel that the Alt-Right may have just managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on this one.