The Infra-Red Pill

This page is a short description of what AI is all about.

AI is the next step beyond the Red-Pill.

There comes a point where you realize that the red pill is just a starting point.

In fact, the more you read old literature and learn about the Traditions of your ancestors, the more you realize that these people implicitly understood the red pill.

They knew that a man was a man, a woman a woman, and that a man was supposed to act like a man to get a girl.


They possessed a feeling of in-group loyalty, and understood who was in and who was out.

The role of the Eternal Citizen Subversive- the Jew- was as clear as day to many in a way that would shock the effete sensibilities of current polite society.

This is a round about way of saying that the average man was “Red-Pilled.”

We have come to rediscover these basic truths in the Alt-Right through great trial and against an echo chamber of our peers, our institutions- even the religion of Western society at large.

But it shouldn’t end there.

The Red-Pill is a re-orientation, a restart button. It puts the young man on the correct path, and gives a kick in the ass, slap to the face to get him going.

And go we do.

We are the beginnings of an ideological vanguard, offering something beyond the realizations common to all free-thinkers.  After years of unlearning, relearning,  reasoning and discovering Truth, most of us can finally reach a clean break.

We come to the point of full negation where we have finally rejected all the platitudes and white lies of the reigning class of Castrati.

But where does one go from there? In philosophical terms, that means its time to go deeper, because your mind is finally ready.

You start drifting into Infra-red territory- a deeper spectrum of thought starts to appear, unseen at first.

It’s not all just empty philosophizing. Its getting out there and seeing the Brave New White World for yourself.

Here at AI, we consider ourselves pioneers of the “Alt-right Travel” writing genre. This summer, we took a European Safari–“The European Grand Race War Tour of 2016”– to see the Cultural Enrichment in action. We recorded our impressions in articles and podcasts. The cultural rot was depressing, but meeting some fellow patriots made it all worthwhile.

Atomization has crept up on us, whether we like it or not, and it takes some effort to find fellow Dissidenti. But the pay-off is worth it.

From Stockholm to Lesbos, Russian neo-pagan conclaves, to NPI conferences, we transverse the Brave New White World. We do it to meet fellow bros,  in the interest of building a healthy Männerbund, devoted to protecting our people.

If you’ve come this far, and you’re wondering what to do next…

Give us a read, because we’ve got some ideas.