Hailing Premature Victory at NPI

NPI was a great success by all accounts. Great attendence, a joyous atmosphere, and a lot of kvetching ensued.

But the success was marred by controversy around Spencer hailing victory at the end of his speech and getting roman salutes from several of the obese or mischling or pony-tail sporting or yellow women in attendance.

That is unfortunate, and will probably be a problem going forward. Although there are many straight up admirers of NSDAP Germany in the Alt-Right as well as neo-nazis- and no one can deny that they have been part of the core of the movement since its inception, it’s an extrapolation to say that the rest of the Alt-Right is neo-nazi.

I for one am not a Hitlerite. How could I be? I would have to be a cuck against my own people- the east Slavs. Do I admire Hitler’s rise to power? Am I an anti-semite? Do I care about White Genocide? Well, yes…that’s why I went to NPI for the first time in 2015. I wanted to get involved and meet people that cared about the fate of European Civ.

I never thought I was going to a neo-nazi conference. I always thought that the aesthetic was European-inspired, and Identitarian instead. NPI was like a safe space stepping stone where I felt that I would find a professional and safe SWPL environment that was goon-free and which somehow had a veneer of respectability cloaked around it.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the attendees were immaculately dressed, tall, good-looking and incredibly sharp. The notable lack of obesity was startling for me. Ever since I had gotten back from Russia, I felt like Wall-e in a pre-apocalyptic scenario. But at NPI, I felt like I was part of a gathering of White Officers or something similar.

At first, I had a rocky start. I had to walk past Antifa. And once inside, the first person I ran into in the lobby waiting for the elevators was none other than Matt Forney…. who was very twitchy and lets just say less than inspiring.

But then Lana and the Red Ice crew rolled in- and they looked fantastic. She smiled at me and made a comment about how there were so many good-looking men here this year while we were in the elevator. Hnng.

Then it was conference time, and everything went smoothly. I had a good time and it gave me great hope and inspiration going forward.

I learned quickly that¬† most of the Nazi stuff (mostly) wasn’t anti-Slav in nature, but rather the result of a complete rejection of just about everything anglo-american liberal bo-bo society stands for. It’s a visceral “fuck you” to everything that any red-pilled person hates. I get it.

But, past me of even a year ago wouldn’t have gotten it. It would have repulsed me, and many like me that were on the cusp of getting involved, but feeling hesitant about committing.

The Nazi element and the fascination with Fascism and right-wing esotericism in the Alt-Right won’t go away, but until now there seemed to be plausible deniability. But this seems to have forced the issue. Spencer’s early success was probably due to drawing in edgy intelligent goys that didn’t want to be associated with Hitlerism. It seemed to be a strategy that was working, I don’t understand why he would break from it now. Publicity? Well, now he got it. We will see if it pays off in the end.

In my humble opinion, Spencer doesn’t seem to even try to understand corn-fed america. They’re not into Heidegger and don’t trust people with elaborate haircuts. Instead, as I’ve written before,¬† it seems that Spencer is appealing to a very niche group of people with his organization’s and his own style. He’s appealing to well-to-do young men that are disaffected with modern society and chomping at the bit to set the world on fire, or just change their position in the reigning status quo. Almost all critiscism of Spencer from the Right prior to NPI 2016 came from the perspective of him not being “hardcore” enough. And I argued that he was appealing to a very specific niche, and therefore should be commended for his marketing approach. If other groups wanted to appeal to the prole elements, or something similar, they could go ahead and do that. But let Spencer do his thing.

I mean, it worked on people like me, where other methods almost certainly would have failed.

But now, I am not so sure that Spencer will be able to salvage NPI’s comfortable, non-scary bourgeois-boheme veneer. Bobo’s like me are very skittish. We have a lot to lose. We fancy ourselves to be James Bond-type moles, hiding our power-depth level in kiddie pool platitudes, while masking the shitlord within. And in cities like Washington, DC where 94% of the people voted for Hillary…there really isn’t much other option.

All of my normie social circle has heard about the NPI event and seen the videos. They’re shocked and appalled. I was going to coax a few up and coming secret shitlords into coming to the next conference, but now I am not so sure I will be able to. I know the old me wouldn’t have gone. The stakes would be too high. The shame of being found out to be associating with “neo-nazis” too strong.

In all fairness, Spencer raising his glass and proclaming “hail victory” could have been just a good ending to an inspiring speech. It was the crowd that elevated this into a scandal with their Roman salutes. Apparently some of the TRS people are proud of leading the charge.

Real life isn’t shit-posting online. When the cameras of the Lugenpresse are rolling, there are consequences. I wish more people understood that, and didn’t make it into a pissing contest about proving their Alt-Right credentials to a bunch of anonymous anons. Now there’s infighting between stepping-stone reformed lolbertarians and the more hardcore elements as the former try to distance themselves from the former. Yeah, they were just Alt-Lite really, and I have little sympathy for libertardians… but I can’t help but feel that the Alt-Right may have just managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on this one.

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  1. Why the fuck do they feel the need to do that in the first place? Mike Enoch, even (in his late 30s). ‘Fun! Energy!’ is how Mike replies. But what mental world are they living in that they even WANT to do that? You say it’s a big F.U. to the normie values, but Mike said he did his after he thought the cameras had gone, so it’s some sort of ritual to strengthen his commitment maybe. But that leaves the question of why Nazism?

    It’s alt-righters spending too much time in their echo chambers, cut off from reality, living in fantasy. Not a good sign.

      1. I think Spencer made the right call and his response was a good. He hints that this was a tactical mistake, but at the same time refuses to apologize. Very Trump-esque. Most of the blame is on drunk people in the audience anyway, not on Spencer.

  2. I think the salute was fine. I won’t rehash the usual arguments because you have heard them all–that the MSM is gonna call us Nazis no matter what, that it’s been good for publicity, that it’s a ‘fuck you’ to bo-bo society (as you mentioned).

    But I don’t think Spencer made the decision lightly. He must have realized that he isn’t well-liked by the hard-core “1488” crowd. Anglin, TRS and the like have always been rather critical. The salute has bought him street-cred with the hard-core of the movement, which is far more valuable than the sympathies of normies or the alt-lite. If the alt-right is to move from the metapolitical to the actual, it will need to develop the “revolutionary cadre.” That cadre is The DS, TRS, Identity Europa and perhaps a few others. Ramzpaul, Paul Joseph Watson and assorted cucks don’t matter. Nor do their followers. Spencer’s little stunt has boosted NPI to the head of all the groups who are ready for action.

    As for Vince’s point about America being unreceptive to Nazi iconography: I think things are changing. Many whites are so fed-up with the current social order, that they will respect and sympathize with anyone who repudiates it in the strongest terms. “Sieg Heil” is just about the strongest kind of metapolitical “fuck you.”

    Moreover, Nazism resonates because it reflects a lot of our goals. The alt-right wants to build either a white-ethnostate or a white Empire. Either way, our philosophy is not really American, but pan-European. So it is only natural that we would adopt certain affectations of the last great attempt at pan-European imperium.

    I see why the salute was problematic for the Slavs. While we can argue about the meaning of Nazi aesthetics in the American thought-world, we agree that it does not look good in Russia. I guess we’ll find out if Spencer decides to have NPI in St. Petersburg next year.

    1. I think we are in 99% agreement here.

      I just think you underestimate just how skittish anglos are. I’ve found that almost everyone except the leaders of the Alt-Right who are all predominantly awakened WASPs dips into continental symbolism and history.

      Even David Duke doesn’t go full 14/88 and we should be wary of anyone who makes roman salutes in front of lugenpresse cameras.

      1. It’s the Dr. Strangelove factor– once you get excited, it’s hard to keep it down.

        What really distinguishes a 1488er from a shill is the quality of their roman salute. Are they standing at attention? Is the angle just so? Is the hand cocked slightly rightward relative to the line of the arm? Do their eyes blaze with the fire of KEK’s wrath? There is no way that those mischlings in the infamous Tila Tequila picture had ever practiced in front of a mirror.

  3. I’ change the end of your paragraph to snatching a flawless victory from the jaws of an imperfect victory.

    But that’s what ego does to you, Vince. It blinds you to reality, the bigger picture, and why we’re Alt-Right in the first place.

    1. …ok?

      Why do you feel the need to post multiple comments under different pseudonyms with the same critique? Claiming that my ego blinds me is a non-argument. Go pretend to be Yoda somewhere else. I have always been upfront about is my total disdain for WASP american high culture and american prole culture as well.

      Also “Embracing the Slavic Soul” was written by Greg Ritter, not me, you dumb nigger.

  4. And now we know that Mike Enoch- the most enthusiastic heiler- was married to a jew all along.

    The supreme meta-irony of listening to a podcast where you are addressed as “goy” by an obese (((croatian))) married to the living breathing embodiment of everything our movement seems to stand against is not lost on me. I hope its not lost on you, dear reader.

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