What is Identitarianism? An Essay Series: Part 1

Part 1: Vince Rages Against the Modern World

Identitarianism is a declaration of war. By its very nature, it represents rebellion to a growing culture of conformity that does not allow any form of dissent. Instead the “politically correct” culture that we find ourselves in shackles and muzzles, restricting year after year, the spectrum of tolerable opinion. As the circle of polite society narrows, the more isolated the rest of us feel, even though, for the moment, many lack the words to express their dissent. This declaration aims to remedy that, to articulate our discontent before the shibboleth of modern Liberal, Progressive and Multicultural doctrine that threatens to destroy Western Civilization. To put it simply: we are the push back, the long-awaited clarion call to arms.

But who are we?

It’s rare that we get a chance to explain ourselves, so let us tell you here. We are the generation that has to apologize. To grovel and scrape and bleat out self-castigating platitudes to the new commissars of culture and samizdat of lynch media. To be one of us is to have to live with your head held down, to bend the knee, and to submit. We are called racists and monsters, the worst of the worst. Why? Because we have not yet accepted the ideas of universalism and willingly shouldered the burden of collective white guilt that has been relentlessly pushed upon us by our sick society. We have not yet kow-towed to the new pet project of degeneracy that has been peddled to us as the next frontier of civil rights. We are told there is no room for us in the future of the West, let alone in the current political discourse. We are liberalism’s failed children, outcasts of a religion that wants nothing to do with us, or our future. Even though, we will have to live with the consequences of liberal policies enacted before we had any say; we are unwanted, unheard, and unemployed.
We are old world demons of a new age.

And so in unison we tell our reigning liberal elites, the commissars of culture and policy: “SO BE IT!” You refuse to hear us out? So be it. We will stop trying to convince you, and instead work to overthrow you. You refuse to honor your own traditions and culture and leave us alone, blind in the dark, groping to recover what you so callously and indifferently threw away in exchange for the fleeting pleasures of consumerism. You surrendered your identity, sold it out to become rewards card members instead. As you sat by, the trade barriers came crashing down, our industry was shipped overseas, and our generation found itself coming of age in brave new world indeed. But we will not follow in your footsteps. It will be against the momentum of a half-century of accelerated cultural suicide that we draw the line, but so be it, we will be the generation that holds its ground, and starts to take back what is ours, inch by inch.

Continued in Part 2

The United Russia Party

During my trip to Russia, a delegation from the United Russia ruling party came by my university to give a talk about their platform. Seeing as we were a “liberal arts college” they didn’t get a warm reception. But to those who were willing to listen, one could learn a lot. Let’s start from the top.

Is United Russia Conservative?

Most people, if prompted to answer where they believe United Russia fits on the political spectrum would say that the group is conservative. But according to Huntington’s definition of conservatism, United Russia cannot be considered conservative. Huntington’s thesis is that conservatism can only be a purely situational rather than ideational ideology—a defense of any existing institutions against fundamental challenge. In other words, conservatism is a knee-jerk reaction to whatever trend of progressivism is alive and well at the time, without an all-encompassing idea at its core. The United Russia party openly agrees with Huntington’s analysis and instead considers itself traditional as opposed to “conservative”.

However, can it be said that UR is even traditionalist? According to the party ideology, and the presentation by the representatives, UR is firmly wedded to many key concepts of modernity and the liberal project. In fact, UR considers itself the only force that can save classical liberalism from itself, a strange claim for a party that considers itself “traditional.”

They claim the title of defenders of real liberal values which they claim are now dead. From a conceptual point of view, this seems to be a either a convenient escape from logic or perhaps a different understanding of the term “traditional.” Perhaps there is a new understanding of traditionalism that is defined by UR as being “diet liberalism” or “liberalism lite” that makes it more palatable to the Russian public.

The Individual vs “The Persona”

One of the more interesting ideas advanced by UR is the concept of a “persona,” not an individual. They make the point that a “person is realized only in the context of society not as a disembodied individual. Mass culture is creating a culture of individual consumers,” United Russia says, and here they have a point. At least in the West, the United States has embarked on a project following the end of the Second World War and arguably even earlier, to transform the American citizen into the American consumer. United Russia asks the hypothetical about what the future will look like, “when we are all interchangeable consumers, when all identity is relative, when we can sell everything that we own as a culture to transnationals. Whether this is the future of disembodied individualism that we want…”

Their criticism of modern consumer culture extends to the ideas of modern liberalism as well. Neoliberalism as a model they say, is one that is not needed in Russia, and that we have to learn from the cultural suicide of the West. They came out swinging against neo-liberalism saying that, “neoliberals say you will win if you sell out, and they to convince you to be willing to sell everything, all in favor of economics. Replace everyone with Vietnamese if you want efficiency. This is the end goal of the neo-liberal model, and we believe that it is an insane experiment; rather all social experiments must be grounded in history.”

Surprisingly enough, they made an argument about the need for multiculturalism, but not in the way that most progressives would consider. If a country has a right to self-determinism, then what can we say about neo-liberalism, “when it is involved in the colonization of traditional cultures?”

A Case against Democracy

It would seem that United Russia does not believe in democracy as the highest governing principle of a state. They did not come right out and say it, but I believe the interpretation is correct, if one is wililing to read between the lines of the rhetoric. For example, one of the representatives of United Russia said that, “democracy can be manipulated, like a retard; special interest groups can derail the entire project, what is more important is the narod.” This draws obvious parallels with the German idea of the volk. They continue: “Democracies can become easily manipulated by transnational corporations, foreign NGOs, or corrosive ideals.” United Russia makes the point, (take it as you will) that they are not against the idea of democracy categorically, rather, “what United Russia is against, is the manipulation of identity… in the name of any ideology that is alien to that people.” A criticism of democracy is hard to find in the modern world, where the idea of popular government has trumped all others in debates about the nature of government, but it seems that United Russia is making the case for a national project not necessarily based on democratic values.

Religion and Tradition

When asked how many people in attendance actually were practicing Orthodox Christians, only a smattering of people actually raised their hands. This is fairly typical among the youth of most developed countries, and it seems to be a valid criticism to point out that among the population at large, religiosity is not that common. Therefor a party that is basing its appeal on “traditional values rooted in Orthodoxy,” seems to be only appealing to the minority of faithful in an otherwise post-communist country. The counter to this point, that I personally found convincing, is that the question is not necessarily one of religious practice (going to church every Sunday) or even faith (blasphemy I know), but rather self-identity. They make the comparison to China, still ostensibly Communist, but which has people who have the Chinese and Confucian values and realize the value of traditional religion to their self-identity-like. No one could say that the average Chinese does not realize that he is Chinese first and communist second. This is not a unique phenomenon, and Russians, just like the Chinese, need a self-identity grounded in history and tradition.

A Unique Take on the Recent History of Russia

People thought synergy between countries would continue, but this was not the case as the United States decided to pursue hegemony and rifts developed between the SCO countries. To put in perspective the loss incurred by Russia, Ukraine took 60% of the industry with it during the breakup of the Soviet Union, as well as 50 million citizens. The rift between Ukraine and Russia has in fact been called a “tragic development” by both Putin and his party on several occasions.

Interestingly enough, they seemed very well read on Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations,” making the point that the split in Ukraine has been predicted for a while now and that this entire crisis is about deciding what Russia is in the post-soviet world. However, on the important questions, such as what Russia’s future looks like in the 21st century, their stance is unclear. Almost as opaque are the answers of United Russia about the border question.

When I asked about Russia’s boundaries, the answer was not what I expected.

The representatives said, “For now, Russia’s boundaries, but boundaries change. It is not to say that we want to fight for new ones, but further integration is possible. Take Kazakhstan as an example. We cannot wage wars to expand markets, but further synchronization with Kazakhstan and the other ‘stans’ is possible.”

When pressed about Ukraine, however, there was a lot of dodging, and roundabout answers. It was only when they were pressed further by the audience that they finally gave out the party line. “We support federalization of Ukraine with greater independence for the Lughansk and Donetsk oblasts.” No mention of Novorossiya, of independence, of possible integration with Russia, nothing. Here they toed the party line very carefully, but that does not mean that they may not have other convictions privately.

A Critic

A student stood up and asked a long and impassioned question about economic opportunity. She mentioned how she did not feel that she could have a career here as a student of politics and with opinions that run contrary to the ruling regime. She said that she was planning to leave for the West soon, and seek self-realization there. I will let the United Russia answer stand on its own here. Their appeal to the idea of the narod and the common folk is clear here, and so is their refusal to backpedal.

“Conservatism needs a structure of realization, just like liberalism, and if you want to immigrate away and realize yourself in another country, you are in a minority. Most people can’t do that, it is only people with a certain level of prosperity and income independence that have that option available to them. We need to care about the people that don’t have that option first and foremost.”

This quote more than any other I believe, highlights who United Russia’s voter base is, and who it tries to focus its appeal to. Needless to say, it is not the liberal intelligentsia of the university crowd.

Jak’s Play

There is a culture war going on now and we’re losing.


Because the POZ reaches us all in the books we read, the movies we watch and the media we consume. You want to take a break, to de-toxify, but you can’t because it follows you everywhere like a black cloud. Turn on the tele- its there. Talk to your blue-pilled friends- you grit your teeth. Ride the bus- you pop the earbuds in and lower your head.

It feels like the entire waking world is a battle-ground. The advertisements all around you feature white women with non-white men, you notice that more and more SWPLs that you work/study with seem to have developed lisps, and you feel that you are taking crazy pills!

But stop. Relax. Breathe.

AI is an attempt to combat that, and one of the most important things we do on this site is generate original content. We do it in the form of original podcasts, insightful articles, and soon our online store.

You too can participate, dear reader. All you have to do is reach out to any of us on the team and submit that gnawing analysis or opinion piece you just don’t know where else to send. Think about it, you know where to find us.

But here is my best contribution to date. My book, Jak’s Play.

It is the future as I see it, and one that I believe we need to be prepared for. It’s not an essay though, nor is it a tirade against the modern world. It’s a Sci-Fi adventure story, with lurid action scenes and even a femme fatale that you can really sink your teeth into. (You know what I mean.)

Take a step back from the TalmundVision and let me provide you with a non-Pozzed alternative.  Try it. Review it. Tell me what you think.

Inspired in no small part by the birth of the Alt-Right and the internet proto-culture that spawned it… The year is 2034. A city of wandering Nihilo’s, crumbling palaces, and augmented reality, the Revenant City-State of St. Petersburg has become Jak’s and many other Nihilo’s ark amid the flood. Crushing boredom, atomized loneliness and a creeping sense of impending doom are all Jak remembers of his old home in the UFR. It has been 6 years since then, since Jak joined the last great exile wave out of the Post-First. But even here in the far flung reaches of Eastern Europe, storm clouds are gathering, brought on by a westerly wind and threatening to topple the precarious Revenant City system. A prank gone wrong on a small corner of the vast SHAK Net throws Jak into the dangerous world of augmented super soldiers, Moscovite intelligence agents, and Caliphate harvesters on the streets of St. Petersburg. Although he doesn’t know it yet, Jak is now part of a titanic struggle of which he finds himself an unwilling pawn. Manipulated, hunted and with nowhere left to run to, Jak will have to make his move and make it fast if he wants to make it out of St. Petersburg alive.

It’s not just a book, its the first installment in a series that I believe will span the breadth of the Post-First World. The sequel, Jak’s Raid comes out this fall. Grab a copy and start reading today.




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The sequel will take place in Stockholm… should be good.


The Progressivist-Triumphalist View of History

One of the easiest ways to “take the red pill” is to get exposed to history and philosophy that is not covered in the usual American curriculum. American schools and universities teach the “progressivist-triumphalist” view of history, according to which, history has been one long climb to Utopia. Technology increases, freedom spreads, diversity enriches. Those who accept the premises of the progressivist-triumphalist curriculum are called liberals. While they may not agree on how close we are to Utopia, they all believe that we are closer than at any point in the past. We are “advanced.” We have come so far. We have learned from history.

Anyone educated in the US could be forgiven for believing the progressivist-triumphalist view. The curriculum presents all past societies as patriarchal, politically repressive, and un-diverse, and if diverse, then dominated by a single ethnic or racial group. All this started to change with the American Revolution, which laid the philosophical groundwork for the last 240 years of progress. Then the Civil War ended slavery and freed the blacks (partially). The 20th century saw movements to spread freedom and progress further–the feminist movement procured rights for women, the civil rights movement for blacks. Immigration brought diversity, which drove America’s industrial rise. When presented with such a view of history, it is only logical to conclude that American success is the result of these movements and events. The US is the world’s strongest economic and military power, and it is generally reckoned to stand at the forefront of social progress.

American History
The Usual Story

Few ever question the progressivist-triumphalist view. Is American success the result of the spread of social equality, or despite it? Even if he does wonder, the typically educated American does not have the intellectual apparatus or background knowledge to answer this question. For all he knows, America (and now perhaps Western Europe) is the only example of a society that has even tried to do away with patriarchy, racism and authoritarianism.

If he knows of a counter-example, like Athenian democracy, he minimizes its importance by imagining that it arose and disappeared because, tragically, it “came before its time.” He assumes that historical conditions were not right for a feminist or multiculturalist movement. Something about past people being closed minded. Or he imagines that the counter-example was merely an anomaly, that it emerged “despite” the prevailing racism, sexism and authoritarianism of its era.

He never considers that maybe, just maybe, people of different cultures and eras were not so different from us. They aimed at goals. They wanted safe families, economic prosperity, perhaps riches and power. They wanted happiness. If they thought they could achieve the good life through multiculturalism, feminism and democracy they most certainly would have tried.

And they did–we have experimented with feminism, multiculturalism, democracy. Their record is one of abysmal failure. Aristotle for example, dismissed democracy, because women and slaves end up gaining power at the expense of the natural aristocracy. And he was by no means alone in his bleak assessment. Plato, Augustine, Kant… name pretty much any great mind of the past, and you will find an anti-democratic, anti-feminist racist. Were these geniuses, on these particular issues, simply delusional? Or did they draw their conclusions from history?

Stay tuned for AI’s new series: “We’ve Tried this Before.” We will have examples of all varieties of freakery throughout the ages, and the stories of how they failed. We will refute the progressivist-triumphalist view with a “shower of authentic truths.” Only the most pozzed will be unable to grasp them.

Sam Hyde at Rutgers

Sam Hyde is a comedian, for those of you that don’t know. And some of his greatest accomplishments have been:

  • crashing a Tedx talk and making a mockery of the whole SWPL spectacle.
  • performing shitlordy routines at the local comedy haunts
  • posting bizarre/absurdist videos on his MDE channel making fun of just about everything associated with millenials

But his latest video really deserves a post and also an introduction to the man and why he is important to the movement.

The realms of academia, comedy and many others are squarely in the territory of the POZ. They have a stranglehold on almost all forms of entertainment and all forms of quasi-intellectual academic discussion.

What does the Alt-RIght have? Blogs, a chinese cartoon imageboard site, the occasional podcast and far right esoteric literature. We have the beginnings of a counter-culture, but that’s about it. Just the beginnings. Many pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place before we can present an attractive sub-culture movement to the masses. Intellectual circle-jerking about HBD can take us only so far, and that’s where people like Sam Hyde pick up the slack. Why? Because we need entertainment, our own set of comedians as much as we need a new corps of thinkers. One of the greatest appeals of the Alt-Right movement is our unique sense of humor, our ability to poke fun at that which you are not allowed to make fun of. That is why we howl with laughter at the latest Moonman dub, eagerly await the new Ben Garrison edits, and wait for another Sam Hyde video to be uploaded to YouTube.

What’s the take away from this latest video of Sam Hyde mocking SWPL Art students? The executive summary:

Their arts degrees aren’t worth shit.

They are going to work in food service and accrue massive amounts of debt they will never pay off.

They can never achieve anything as great as the classic painting he showed them, or the Wagner he made them listen to.

State schooling is poisoning their minds with Feminism, LGBTQWTFBBQ+ bullshit, and other progressive tripe which contributes to a feminised culture where they toil as weak sissy men.

Pop culture is a sewer and their lives are counting down, and they are gleefully wasting every moment as their race and culture is being annihilated by immigrants from shit countries who have never contributed anything truly poetic on this planet

Well said, anonymous /pol/ack.

In short, whether you watch Hollyjew, Talmundvision, or attend an event at your local Marxist university, you’re in enemy territory.  The long march through the institutions has already occurred, and we are living in the aftermath of it.

To truly become an alternative culture, we need many more elements than just LARPing neo-pagans, NatSoc enthusiasts and armchair Russophiles. We need entertainment as well. The cultural revolution never occurred by putting cultural marxist candidates into political office, but through “Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll.”

We need to remember that as a movement going forward. If we take ourselves too seriously and act like Puritans, we’ll die off just like the Puritans as well…

Sam Hyde takes the fight into POZ territory, by trolling IRL and getting his unique brand of comedy out there. In short, he is a man with a mission and balls of steel. I’ll end the topic with this quote about Sam Hyde I found elucidating.

He’s basically /pol/ incarnate. White, masculine, sloppy, intelligent, witty, slightly autistic, hates Jews, sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t give a shit anymore.

Well said anon, well said.

AI Presents: RED DAWN


Our new signature podcast.

Featuring: Greg and Vince larping with AI bros. AND: commie music, headlines, sound effects, humor. A real professional production.


Topics: What is the future of the West? Can SWPLs take the red pill? Will (godforbid) our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump, be assassinated?

Themes: Hitler as Hannibal, Russian knowledge of European culture, the Japs, autocracy vs democracy, Eskimo infiltration of the Anglo guard, coups d’etat, the Gracchi brothers, A Category 5 Happening.

A Merry Christmas to You From AI

Merry Christmas to everybody. We say “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays” for a reason. We are not Jewish and we do not celebrate Hanukkah- which from what I can gather is a celebration of oil lasting longer than it should have, in other words a holiday akin to making it to the gas station on an empty tank. And we don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, because its a failed made up holiday-probably less successful than Festivus- and everybody knows it, even the people who celebrate it.

No, we say “Merry Christmas” to you and wish you the best in the upcoming New Year. If you are a European, or are of European ancestry- Christmas is a special holiday. A unique blend of pagan and Christian tradition. Of Greek spirituality, Roman solstice celebration and German folklore. Unsurprisingly, like everything European, it has become the best, most looked forward to holiday, and that is yet another thing to be proud of if you can trace your ancestry to Europa or its colonies.

Many people know about the Christmas Day Armistice. About how during WWI German, French and British soldiers came out of their trenches and sang Christmas songs together, shook hands, smoked cigarettes and realized just how much they had in common. In short, it was one of those rare moments in European history when we stopped butchering each other long enough to realize that we had more in common with each other than the people ordering us to fight one another. I am certain that given enough time, the history books will list World War I and II as the Great Fratricidal Wars- akin to Sparta and Athens destroying each other in the Greek Civil Wars…

In short, Christmas became a chance for rest, reflection and reconciliation for those soldiers. One could even say that the Armistice reflected a moment of European solidarity- or an awakening of a pan-European identity that could transcend the national borders of the Great European Nations. We hope that we can be like those soldiers this Christmas, and remember just how much the sons and daughters of Europe have in common with one another. It is my hope that all Europeans, European-Americans, Commonwealth Countries, etc can come together on this most unique and sacred of our holidays to celebrate who we are.

Merry Christmas from AI.

Trio Mandili

Do you understand what they are saying?

I don’t. But it’s heartwarming to see good-looking girls dressed in traditional clothes singing the ethnic songs of their country. (Georgia in this case.) The place looks poor, and from what I’ve seen of Georgia, most of it is poor indeed. But they have something more precious than pothole-free roads. And that is a culture, country and peoples to call their own. I wish everyone the same, even if we will have to fight long and hard to get back our birthright.

Merry Christmas from the Old World.


AI Podcast 2: Cucks, WASPs and Civilization


AI Podcast 2: What is the average man of the West to do? Greg and Vince discuss Spengler’s civilizational model, and how it might explain our current malaise. Plus: who is the Alternative Right? How does it differ from the liberal-conservative mainstream? Finally, some thoughts on the Alt-Right’s religious divide between Christians and Neo-Pagans.

Feminized Christianity

Coming to college, upon the recommendation of a blue-pilled beta friend, I joined an organization called Chi Alpha. They were the real deal: crying and shaking, guitar-strumming, tambourine-banging, born again evangelists. But being an immigrant, and clueless to boot, I had no idea what kind of craziness to expect. Full disclosure, in my beta boy angst, I was easily seduced by the easy smiles and talk of community, acceptance, and Christian life. I even went on a retreat with the group where I saw feminized Christianity at its best. Luckily I made it out unscathed, with a tale or two for you, dear readers.


I’ll never forget the time that a middle-aged (read: post-wall) speaker came to talk to us on special invitation. She lamented how God had not yet sent her a man and described how hard she had worked at her career and how she had a few men that walked out on her earlier in her life, leading her to take a break from dating. She claimed that she found God at this time, leading her to only pursue men in a Christian manner, which I assume meant not frequenting the same dive bars.

Either way, this new “Christian approach” to dating didn’t seem to pan out, because the subject of her talk was all about God not giving her a man and how it must just not be her time. The trials that this poor spinster faced elicited comparisons with Job and Rachel from the Old Testament. I remember how her voice trembled, and I couldn’t help feeling how awful those men were for dumping her while she was trying to pursue a Christian lifestyle.

She even talked about the debt that she had accumulated from going to graduate school in her early 30s, and how she hoped that God would help her find a way to pay off her debt. I wonder how much the first goal and the second goal were related in her mind. As always, the “hook up culture” was decried and the disrespect for women by males at the university was constantly a subject of pontification. Naturally, the true causes of the hook-up culture were never addressed, the broken nature of the old dating model never mentioned, and slutty behavior by women never called to account. But hey, what do you expect from gynocentric feminized Christianity?

The girls all shed thick, heavy tears and nodded emphatically about how hard it was to find a good Christian boy to fall in love with. Needless to say, there were Christian boys all around them, only none of them seemed capable of igniting a fire in their loins. I wonder why. I’ll venture to say selection bias had something to do with it.

Whiny femme-boys with no applied charisma skill (game) trying to justify their involuntary celibacy as part of a wholesome Christian lifestyle don’t make college girls swoon. But rather than confronting their sexual marketplace value and working to improve their game, their character, and hell, maybe even working out a bit, they instead found religion as a balm for their broken hearts. Here’s the pitch:

Pastor: Do you feel out of place and rejected by girls?

College boy: Boy, do I!

Pastor: Never get invited to parties?

College boy: Not really…

Pastor: Come join our cult club and Jesus will take all the pain away.

College boy: Maybe I’ll get a cute Christian girlfriend if I’m good and God rewards me!

I only saw one match-up occur between two Chi Alpha members: a reformed slut and a football player. Full disclaimer, the girl was a 3 or a 4 on a good day, and on the big retreat to Virginia beach, broke down during discussion time and sobbed out a story about how she had lots of pre-marital sex with her boyfriend and felt abused because of it.

Now a black football player, at any university, is a prime catch for any girl, and this guy wasn’t bad looking at all. His big problem though: he was too nice and had no game. Naturally he tried with several girls when he came to college, and flamed out spectacularly several times, leading him to join Chi Alpha as the savior intended. After being “set up” with this damaged goods “Christian,” the football player became the toast of the club, a shining example of what every good Christian ought to do. The fact that this 3/10 had had more sex with more partners in her short 19 years of life than he ever would probably in his entire life never seemed to bother him.

How noble of all of these angsty betas to renounce their involuntary celibacy for a voluntary one—the sacrifice must have been immense. Here is my main point about these religious groups: they are INCREDIBLY damaging to young men because, like youth groups of the past, it puts a skewed moral burden on many young men and actively prevents them from developing their skills with women.

The sexual marketplace has changed, and all those beta traits that church groups used to foster in their young men are totally useless. You know that hottie sitting next to you in the pew? Chances are she’s banging some random dude she met at the university pub on Saturday and sitting there talking to you about “Christian values” on Sunday (true story). Why? Because its alpha or die, dear readers.

And as long as she continues mouthing platitudes and shedding tears during the group sing along, no one will know. Even if she should choose to confess her sins or something, I guarantee you that she would be forgiven. Evangelicals are predominantly female. Evangelicals love reformed sluts. Jesus has been re-branded as the perfect white knight poster boy for the feminized Christianity cult that I see in America. Try pulling that shit as a guy who got drunk and had a one night stand, you’d be standing before an honor council by the end of the day.

According to Chi Alpha and evangelical groups like it aimed almost exclusively at youth, one would think that Christ came down from heaven for one reason and one reason only: to prevent underage drinking and pre-marital sex. In a nutshell, this was the point of the group. Any group that takes awkward betas and reinforces their tendencies to the point of associating religious holiness with social awkwardness deserves to be purged. There are enough conflicting messages from Hollywood, clueless parents, left-wing school administrators without so called religious “conservatives” jumping on the bandwagon and skewering men as well.

Where was the tradition? The whole, “women be loyal and submissive to your husbands,” “don’t whore around in your 20s and expect a husband when you’re overweight, pushing 40 and drowning in student debt” stuff? It wasn’t progressive enough I guess. Our university’s brand of evangelicalism even avoided condemning gays the same way their southern brethren would. I asked several times about the church’s position on the homosexual lifestyle, and got no replies, probably because we had many homosexuals in the congregation. Pretty conservative, amirite?

There was nothing truly Christian about the experience. The movement felt like it had been spawned in the early 90s and that Jesus had died as early as the 9/11 attacks with only a tenuous connection at best to the actual crucifixion and the story of the early church. Long story short, it wasn’t for me, and I decided I needed a church based in tradition and not drowning in progressive platitudes, and based on the “make it up as you go along” attitude of the Protestant tradition.

Orthobros Unite!
Orthobros Unite!

A short epilogue:

After I overcame my weird, guilty, religious phase, stopped showing up (I only went for about 3 months), and read up on some game material, I turned right around and banged a couple of those girls. Praise be to God.