AI Academic Interview Series 6: Carleton Putnam

Gregory Ritter interviews Robert Johnson on the life and work of Carleton Putnam, American author and businessman. He is best known for his books Race and Reason (1961) and Race and Reality (1967), which give a prescient analysis of desegregated, multicultural America.

Read and learn, goyim:

PDF of Race and Reason

PDF of Race and Reality

RED DAWN 5: The Niggalypse

1.01 Democracy is gay

4.04 Anne Coulter article

5.57 Trump at WWE

9.11 (heh) Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran. Surah 8, Verse 22.

11.30 Steve Sailer Classic

12.34 NEET phenomenon

16.11 Great Negroes on Men: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations to Blacks. Feat: DMX, NWA, 50-cent, Juvenile and Mofart

21.20 White Nationalism, is it the Endlosung?

27.44 Sparta compared to antebellum South (modernist, but backs Vince’s point about masculinized Spartan women)

31.00 Uselessness of minorities, even Slavery

33.10 Islam as Zombie Apocalypse

David Chalmers

34.27 Back to Slavery

37.23 Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell mentioned

38.20 Cads vs Dads

45.09 Roosh; unfitness of all before Nordic chicks

46.47 Non-Agency of non-Whites

49.31 More HBD, West Hunter, Gregory Cockran, Henry Harpending, Nicholas Wade

52.05 Breivik-style Zionism

The Importance of Novelty and Critical Mass

ok cupdid graph 

It should come as no surprise to anyone with the least bit of objective observational skills, that people are attracted to novelty. The more scarce the novelty generally speaking, the more highly it is sought. This phenomenon can apply to a variety of situations from the latest hard to come by high tech gadget, to a rare baseball card, or even a designer handbag. Though not often discussed, this tendency also applies to mate selection among humans. Traits that vary among the urban populations of the USA and Europe such as hair, eye, skin color and certain facial characteristics, are often seen as more attractive if they are a novelty and in short supply. This phenomenon is also present in virtually every species of sexually reproducing animal. All things being equal some characteristics are more sought after than others, due to a biological preference for bright eye catching colors. Perhaps the only bright side of a declining ratio of white males in society will be there increased value to women.

Yes Internalized preferences can also come into play, if social status or value is placed on a particular trait or set of traits by a culture. However culture or not white males of the fairer variety with light eyes, light hair or simply and of the facial features unique to white males such as a prominent dimpled chin are truly unique. Perhaps your only consolation upon becoming a minority will be you increased value to all races and ethnics groups of women. This will come in spite on how much Hollywood and mass media try and convince white women otherwise.

Anyone who travels between countries or even areas within countries like the USA, can see that when a certain race or ethnic group is small or non-existent there is a natural curiosity towards an individual of this group. This curiosity is usually exaggerated if the racial or ethnic novelty is of the opposite sex. Women put much more emphasis on cultural norms and what their peers think than men. As such what men find attractive tends to remain relatively constant regardless of changing cultural pressures. However men have a strong attraction to sexual novelty. Men will always prefer paedomorphic (youthful) or neotonous features. Neotony meaning the retention of juvenile features into adulthood such as small noses, soft skin, hairlessness, and large eyes.


This mode of selection intensifies when one sex outnumbers the other. The sex in excess supply has to compete for a mate and resorts to the same strategies that advertisers use to grab attention such as the use of eye catching or rare colors. Color polymorphisms or rare color variations that do not give a survival advantage in a species thus evolve to catch the attention of the opposite sex. However as soon as one color polymorphism becomes too common it loses its novelty and sexual selection for this trait ceases reverting back to the rarer color. American researcher Tomas Thelen demonstrated this phenomenon in humans through an experiment using varying percentages in hair color among models. Thelen prepared three series of slides featuring attractive women. The first one with 6 brunettes, another with 1 brunette and 5 blondes, and a third with 1 brunette and 11 blondes.  Male subjects then had to select the woman in each series they would most prefer to marry. For the same brunette, preference increased significantly from the first to the third series, increasing in proportion to the rarity of the brunettes.


In most species the selection is on males. As can be seen with male song birds, peacocks and lions with their brightly colored feathers and manes. Rare color advantages have been studied most extensively in shorter lived species like guppies and fruit flies. The method of selection for such novel colors remains unclear. It might stem from the selection for beneficial mutations in a population. 90-99% of mutations are detrimental to an organisms survival.(Nicholas Wade 2014) If an organism in a population was to survive with such a mutation and not be picked off by predators or succumb to disease, it probably conveys a survival advantage in that particular environment. Color polymorphisms are also selected against when there is the presence of a related species or subspecies within the same geographic range, apparently because too much intraspecific variability makes it harder to recognize one’s own species and leads to hybridization and the extinction of the population or unique genetic group.


These tendencies can be observed increasingly in the current situation of the Western Countries such as the United States and Europe. In earlier generations there was a strong attraction by native European descended women to exotic men as they were a novelty. However in recent decades the nonwhite male population of the west have increased to a point where they are no longer the exception but the norm.


In the USA currently the majority of males born each year are nonwhite and they are the majority of the under 18 male population. As it should be obvious white males are the only ones who exhibit diversity in hair and eye color polymorphisms. If we track a color polymorphism like blue eyes in men from 1900 thru 2006, we can see just how novel “white features” are becoming. In 1900 when 80% of people married within their ethnic group, more than 50% of men in the USA of all races, African Americans included, had blue eyes. In 1950 due to an increase in intermarriage between European ethnic groups in the USA, this proportion fell to 1/3 of all American Men including all races. Blue eyes are a recessive trait and only perpetuate themselves if a blue eyed individual mates with another individual processing at least one allele for blue eyes. Yes, eye color is polygenetic but being homozygous for the gene OCA2 confers a 90% chance of having blue eyes. (“Eye color and the prediction of complex phenotypes from genotypes. Current Biology. 19) Homozygous means that you poses two identical copies of the gene for a particular trait. As out-marriage and nontraditional immigration increased since the 1970s, blue eyes continued to become scarcer. As of 2006 only one in 6 American men had blue eyes. (Boston Globe October 2006, Don’t It make My Blue Eyes Brown)


As one would imagine if blue eyes were to become scarce in the men of a population there would be an increased desire for males with this characteristic. The same goes for any of the stereotypically “white” features such as green eyes, blonde or red hair. This tendency would be increased if the females came from a group where light eyes and light hair were rare to nonexistent. With this being said it should come as no surprise that recent statistics published by the dating site OK Cupid have drawn attention to the overwhelming preference of Asian and Hispanic women for white men. The data showed the response rates to messages of various heterosexual users by race to members of the opposite sex based on the race of their sender. The data was tracked between 2009 and 2014 and held relatively constant from year to year, with a slight increase in attraction to white men by Asian and Hispanic women, over the years cited. White women also preferred white men over other groups but not as much as Asian and Hispanic women. The only group that did not prefer white men were black women. Explaining this exception could be a self-selecting tendency of black female OK Cupid users. Since there are far more educated black females in white color fields than black males, an overwhelming number of black females online are probably searching for equally accredited black males as so few exist in their immediate vicinity. Black female college graduates outnumber black males by 2 to 1 and black females with graduate degrees outnumber black males 3 to 5 as of 2008. (Department of Education 2009) Strangely enough the lowest response rates to white women were from white males, while the highest response rates from white males were to Asian women. Additionally, all males with the notable exception of Asian males, responded to Asian women in the greatest percentage. Asian males showed the highest response rates to Hispanic females. Just what explains the attraction of Asian males to Hispanic females I have no theory for.



The fact that this data is drawn from the online dating world could skew the results, as online dating self-selects for certain individuals who may not be looking for the same thing as those who meet in person, the traditional way. That being said proportionally far less women are going to nightclubs and bars in comparison to earlier eras. It has gotten to the point where a record number of establishments have had to close down due to lack of patronage. Men in general will only spend money at a nightclub if they have the promise of meeting a woman, and with virtually every major nightclub now in the USA having a higher ratio of men than women, many men are dropping out of nightlife as well. To see this point illustrated, you need only use any number of Smartphone Apps that track the sex ratio of various night time establishments and report them back in real time. Scene Tap is the most well-known. Some like the blogger Ram Z Paul, have theorized the fall off is due to increasing proportions of more aggressive nonwhite males at establishments, who in turn drive away women from more high trust ethnicities. The real answer can probably be found in the use of hook up apps like Tinder which give young women a never ending supply of male suitors to keep them entertained without the cost of going out. Since Tinder appeared in 2012 there has been a growing trend in night club closings. The city of Boston which I traverse regularly, is now littered with unused bars and clubs that have closed up shop. So the data Ok Cupid reports is most likely a very accurate picture of today’s 21-35 crowd in America.


But what does all this mean if you are a European descended male, especially one with fairer features? Well if trends persist, as the attraction to novel eye catching features does in the animal world, it means that white men with light hair and light eyes will become ever more sought after by women of all races and no amount of Hollywood or media demonization will be able to undo that. This trend seems to have already taken hold in the USA, with its nonwhite majority looming. As for Europe there has traditionally been a high miscegenation rate for nonwhite men coupling with indigenous European females. Current scenes coming out of Europe during this migrant crisis is creating a different scenario. With the exploding number of aggressive, rape prone Arab and African men reaching critical mass, European women have cease to find them exotic. In these progressive times dark and handsome has given way to dark and scary.

Teutonic Terror!

Podcast: Teutonic Terror

Imagine tramping through knee-deep snow in the primeval forests of Central Europe, weighed down by steel-cold armor and weapons. Sneaky Lithuanians stalking your every movement. It’s the Northern Crusades! Beat some civilization into these hillbilly hold-outs, the last pagans in Europe.

Greg Ritter takes you to the late medieval Baltic in his latest podcast: Teutonic Terror. Learn about the Lithuanians and Old Prussians, Refight Tannenburg and Lake Peipius, and find out how the Teutonic Order helped build Europe.

Feminized Philology 1: Spanish es Estupido

CU sucks
CU didn’t like the original image with this article. heh.

Foreign language study is for chicks. It wasn’t always so. But in the last few decades, foreign language study (formerly known as philology) has gone from a systematic, logical, bro-friendly study to a mealy pseudo-discipline. The languages taught, the methods of teaching, and the types of competency aimed at are suited for girls. It’s feminized philology.

Part 1: Don’t study Spanish

Spanish programs dominate language study at the secondary level. Spanish-mania has destroyed language diversity in our schools. French and German have been losing ground for years, Japanese and Russian are virtually unheard-of and still fading. Only Arabic and Chinese have made some gains, but minimal ones at that. Latin soldiers on, mainly by claiming it helps with the SAT. Apparently no one can think of a better reason than SAT-prep to study one of the most important languages in the Western tradition. Greek is dead.

The vast majority of American students pick Spanish. When asked why, they will usually claim that they aren’t good at foreign languages, and Spanish is relatively easy. Spanish is certainly easy. Its higher-level vocabulary is drawn from the same sources as that of English. Its grammar is also nearly the same–the only concepts with which the English-speaking student is unfamiliar are Spanish’s verbal conjugations and adjective agreement. I made this point once in a high-school class, and a Hispanic girl tried to argue with me. So I illustrated the relative similarity of Spanish and English by rendering a Mongolian sentence word-for-word. “I yesterday the that-in-the-house-lives man saw.” (I’m sure she’ll get a scholarship to a mid-grade school anyway.) So yes, Spanish is easy.

The second reason for Spanish’s popularity is that it is seen as useful. A typically feminine rationale. When people call a language “useful,” they mean for getting a job. The US has no shortage of English-Spanish bilinguals. An Anglo is here at a disadvantage, because he will have far more ground to cover than a native Spanish-speaker. If you are taking classes because “it will help me get a job” you should not be going to college. Would anyone use such a ludicrous justification for taking a history or philosophy class?

“Useful” in an academic context should mean “gives one the widest access to valuable knowledge.” This is certainly not true of Spanish. Spanish has produced few canonical works of Western literature, and no serious works of philosophy. As for technical writing–history, science, mathematics, linguistics–Spanish simply cannot match the Big Three: English, French and German. That does not mean that Spanish is worthless. It is merely second-rate. As such, it is not a fitting basis for introducing American students to language-study.

The other defense of Spanish is “I wanna travel.” Typical girl drivel. Spanish is spoken in Spain and Latin America. Newsflash babe: People in Europe (that’s where Spain is) speak English–at least virtually all of the ones you’ll encounter do. And Latin America, is, well, the Third World. Unless you wanna start a career as a pay-per-war merc or join a drug-lord’s haraam, you have no business there. Cancun doesn’t count.

I don’t speak Spanish, and have only rarely needed to. I used to work in a bookstore “Tu quieres comprar un diccionario” usually worked. My only use for Spanish since then has been to troll Hispanic kids. Once I was substituting for a PE class, “stand in line and tell me your last name.” Some dumbass Jose gets to me and says “Soy Jose.” I bark back “last name!” No comprende. So I put on my most Anglo-accent possible and demand “NOMBRE DE FAMILIA!” “Lopez.” Christ, that was hard. Now point to which one of the three Lopezes you are. btw, this is in one of the best public school districts in the country.

You don’t need to learn Spanish. If you wanna talk to Spics, learn the 100 most common words and just speak English, but add an “o” to the end of nouns and adjectives. If you wanna read a Spanish news article, run it through google translate. Seriously, it’s that similar to English a computer can translate it almost perfectly. If you wanna read literature– I guess there’s Cervantes, but at that point, you’re tipping at windmills.

Stay tuned for part 2: “Your methods suck”


AI Academic Interview Series 5: The Right Way to do Anthropology

Ritter interviews StorminNorman on physical anthropology. Topics include the work of the late great Carleton Coon, the ethnogenesis of Europeans, and the relationship between linguistic, anthropological and archaeological data. Also included: Balts, Slavs and Tocharians, and where did the Eskimos (the real ones) come from?

Carleton Coon: Harvard mid-twentieth century physical anthropologist, author of The Races of Europe: 3:03

Genetic methods of determining lineages: paternal and maternal haplogroups, special characteristics of Europeans: 8:27

Physical anthropological methods haplogroups,  maternal and paternal lines: 11:40

Out of Africa theory vs Multiregionalism: 13:20

Neanderthals and the founding populations of Europe according to Coon: 17:00

Coon’s theories on European origins vs Kevin Macdonald’s 22:45

Linguistics vs anthropology/archaeology: 24:50

Lithuania, Marija Gimbutas, 28:55

Taxonomy of Indo-European languages: 32:30

Who are the Aryans? Anatolian vs Kurgan hypothesis: 40:50

Lingustic and genetic links between Eurasia and the Americas. Greenberg’s linguistic macro-theory on the Eurasiatic Languages (not Nostratic as Ritter mentions) and: 46:50

Avestan not evidence for Iranian-Indian link: 50:01

Tocharians, linguistic and genetic linkage to Western Europe: 53:24

A tocharian
A Uyghur kid from East Turkistan. A remnant of the Tocharians?

Genotype determines phenotype and Jared Diamond is a retard: 56:06

Difficulties of inter-racial breeding (Haldane’s Rule), Irish-Australian Aborigine runner Patrick Johnson, first non-African to break the 10-second mark in the 100m: 59:30

Note: “K-Mac” refers to Professor Kevin MacDonald of CSLUB

Books mentioned: Nicolas Wade: A Troublesome Inheritance, Marija Gimbutas: The Language of the Godess, David Anthony: The Wheel, The Horse and Language, Colin Renfrew: Archaeology and Language, Beckwith Empires of the Steppes.

Link between Old world and New world languages proven: Edward Vajda of Western Washington University demonstrated the connection between Ket (spoken in Siberia) and the Na-Dene languages of North America, eg Navajo. (A review of his Vajda’s book on the theory).

Learning From Your Enemies

Perhaps enemy is too strong a term. But seeing as most people are incapable of differentiating between gradients of a spectrum and see the world in terms of good or bad, us and them, moral and abhorrent, I feel the need to use this term. What I really mean is not so much enemy but “other.” In the growing sphere of the reactionary world there is the tendency to cling to rigid hierarchy and traditionalism. While maintaining a strong bias toward all things noble, chivalrous and honorable or what our enemies call “dead white male culture.” This tendency to strive to “become who we are” is in part a desire to return our people to healthy, traditional, high trust societies and the behavioral package which is needed for them. However Pandora’s Box has been opened, the enemy is not just at the gates they are the gate keepers and warden of the citadel, dispossessing the villagers of their homes so the barbarians can occupy them instead. In the process helping themselves to the silverware and the farmer’s daughters.

This author is not so idealistic or pathologically optimistic to believe that we can really go home again. I am not as concerned with the past as I much I am the future and drastic times call for drastic measures to ensure there is a future. We in the Alt Right reactosphere need to get off our high horses. We need to stop thinking about what should be and consider what is.
It would be nice if we could abide by the traditions of our ancestors and form stable nuclear families in societies where courteous steadfast men courted virtuous loyal women. But this is just intellectual role playing it’s not going to happen barring some great cataclysm and collapse of the government welfare state with its quotas, credential seeking and vacuous consumerism.
What we need to focus on is what works and quite frankly our chivalrous nature is not working. It has enabled an element of society to emerge which does not respect your generosity. This element sees kindness as weakness. It does not think independently but adheres to a herd mentality, concerned only with their rank in the group and how much material they can horde over their peers. It matters not how they acquire these goods be it by themselves or through association with an obedient wage slave. All things being equal, they will always adhere to whoever or whatever can guarantee them just a little bit more than the last. This little bit more need not be strictly material. It could be as simple as the instinctual thrill they get from your typical Dark Triad individual. The Dark Triad being a set of personality traits, that your typical European descended male has had nearly bred out of him.
This element of society which I speak is in truth half of our society and the fairer half at that. If you haven’t guessed it by now I’m referring to women. There is a tendency in the manosphere to blame western women and their indolent disdain for stoic provider types for the state of things. On the other side, the Alternative Right and White Nationalist crowd tends to pedestalize white women as flawless creatures who have been led astray by a hedonistic, nihilistic culture of self. At the same time this culture has left their male compatriots timid, deracinated, manlets.

Perhaps both sides are wrong. Perhaps we are merely products of a biological package not evolved to live in such a time or place. Weather a population evolved under the constant ebb and flow of advancing glaciers and steppe tundra, ever had the devil may care, lothario attitudes needed in today’s R selected culture is severely doubtful. Dark Triad traits are simply the behavioral package that goes along with a fast R selected life history strategy. Whatever the origin of these behaviors, something startling has occurred regarding their prevalence in recent times. We are only a handful of generations removed from an era when half of children died before their teenage years. In these times it was necessary to have large families as the welfare state did not exist and the only sure way to ensure survival in old age was to produce progeny who would look after you. This harsh reality was especially so for women. Even when one considers the staggering rate of birth related deaths for women, it was still a worse option to grow old and barren with no family than to risk death through childbirth trying to produce one. When one looks at more traditional societies or simply ones without government safety nets to fall back on, mothers revered their sons more so than even their daughters. Sons were seen as your ticket to a peaceful old age where you would be supported and cared for. Today a son is just one less person a woman can go shopping with.
As such the disdain for white male’s starts early in their lives with their own mothers. In earlier times such women would have made certain to impart more masculine virtues to their sons, as these sons were their insurance policy in old age. Should a boy display cowardly, shiftless or effeminate characteristics mothers traditionally would chastise them for it, as it would not bode well for their own survival down the road.
Various examples of this come to mind throughout Western history. Spartan mothers use to tell their sons when embarking on a military campaign “With it or on it” as in return with your shield or being carried on it by others. During a battle in Classical Greece if men were to break ranks and run, they would have to drop their heavy shields in the process. If men stood their ground and were killed, they would be carried home on their large shields. This attitude can be seen even in white American mothers until quite recently. One such mother during the civil war upon learning of her son’s death in battle had only one question for the messenger “was he shot in the front or back?” Upon learning it was the front she replied with the words “good than he didn’t die a coward.” Your average mother nowadays is much more likely to impart the feel good philosophy of “be nice to everyone” or “treat others how you would like to be treated” than instill any protective or fierce instincts in their sons. They do this because they no longer need their sons outside having pictures to show off to their friends of picturesque little families that fit their ascending office or professional career. If a woman doesn’t  need her son to be a man who will protect her in old age, mothers are less likely to try and steer their sons in such a direction and instead treat them as a sort of pet.
Perhaps I am hyper aware of this trend in women as I had the good fortune of growing up next to my gritty realist grandmother, whose own child rearing philosophy was markedly devoid of feel good egalitarianism when compared with that of my own mother’s hyper moral “be nice” approach. When I was old enough to understand Grandma would often regal me with stories of suicidal kindness and the problems it will cause for you. As I grew older I learned that being nice often gives you the appearance of weakness and makes you a target of those who do not share your feel good notions of fair play. How much of the problem of weakness among western males stems from women who no longer need to raise steadfast protective sons can only be guessed at. That being said I know my own world view changed dramatically when exposed to the teachings of a woman, who had seen tough times and saw the world for what it is and not what the koombaya crowd wants it to be.
As always I speak of averages and quotients but again the exception proves the rule.  This rule just as my grandmother advised me when I brought home my first girlfriend in high school, is that “women don’t like nice guys.” This is perhaps an oversimplification of the mating trends in today’s society. What this statement means is an explanation of the attraction to Dark Triad personality traits. The Dark Triad encompasses narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. Evolutionary psychology has come up with some interesting theories to explain attraction to the Dark Triad. However in reality I believe it may be much simpler. Women are attracted to social status as social status secures resources. Males who are secure in their status tend to display less neuroticism and self-doubt than those who are not. A lack of self-doubt often leads to an overly confident uninhibited demeanor, more commonly known as being an “asshole.” Simplified women like assholes because they can afford to be assholes. Nice guys on the other hand are often seen as weak because they appear to be seeking approval or being needy, whether they are or not. Men with social status don’t need to seek approval or apologize.
That being said there is a strong genetic component toward male personality traits, which is entirely irrelevant toward whether a man has the confidence boosting, inhibition lowering social status women are attracted too. Most personality traits are between 40-80% heritable with extraversion and aggression being roughly 50% heritable based on twin studies. (Segal and Tellegen) Genes don’t evolve in isolation, rather populations evolve genetics in an interrelated way. If the males of one population were selected for empathy and pair bonding, the females of this population would in turn evolve characteristics which compliment these tendencies such as high social trust and perhaps a more socially dominant nature, as their male counterparts would allow it. If males from another population selected for enmity, low pair bonding and low social trust were suddenly introduced to this once isolated population, the whole matting game would be thrown out of sync. These more aggressive, less caring males displaying more of the Dark Triad traits would be seen by the women as more dominant and thus more desirable. These preferences would be exaggerated if in the society women were not dependent on their men for resources.
Generally speaking empathy and pair bonding among males usually evolves in cold environments with scarce food resources. In these environment males are constrained by their ability to engage in polygamy by the high labor cost and high  mortality rate of providing this food during winter for their mates and children. Women in such climates are physically incapable of plowing frozen rocky soil or felling large game. Low pair bonding evolves in warmer climates where longer growing seasons and in some cases year round agriculture allows for more plentiful food resources and even the ability of women to provide for their own children as the soil is softer and more fertile. In a society where men could afford more than one wife or simply not have to invest as much in the one they have men would behave very differently. This is the tendency as one moves from north to south in Eurasia. The warmer it gets the less empathy and pair bonding is displayed men. This tendency may be influenced by their culture to a degree but seeing as genes create culture, there is a limiting feedback mechanism so in large groups this makes little difference. As these men are less attached and caring to women, they would be seen as more dominant and desirable by women if suddenly injected into a population without these tendencies.
This phenomenon can be readily seen in contemporary Europe as millions of males from warmer climes trek north under the guise as migrants and refugees, to claim mates and assert their dominance over their more empathetic, high trust and respectful hosts. Given these patterns it would be wise for the Euro and White Nationalist crowds to keep some restraint when it comes to pedestalizing the fairer sex of our tribe as they seem increasingly to hate us for it. In essence this proposal could be seen as learning from our enemies and some may have reservations against it as it is a break with the tradition of Western chivalry. However would it really be any different from the actions of our own ancestors, who themselves “culturally appropriated” various functional traditions from other civilizations and tribes? This ability in itself is uniquely Western as no other group until recently, excluding the obvious exception of the Japanese, was able or willing to adopt successfully the practices and modes of another civilization.

Anyways just weighing the options.

nice sperm



RED DAWN SPECIAL: Where Aryans Dare

They look like Nazis 2

Where Aryans Dare. AI’s debut on Give it a listen, goyim.

Vincent Law and Gregory Ritter star in “Where Aryans Dare.” From post-soviet shitholes to South African shit-shafts, why does the third world have to suck so much? The bros are on a mission to find out. They scour the planet in search of the ultimate answer. Who is behind it all?

Cargo shipping down. Related: Maersk downscaling.

Trump accuses Obama of using Fed to keep economy afloat.

Thilo Sarrazin “Germany Abolishes Itself” intro. Trans. Greg Ritter.