AI Academic Interview Series 6: Carleton Putnam

Gregory Ritter interviews Robert Johnson on the life and work of Carleton Putnam, American author and businessman. He is best known for his books Race and Reason (1961) and Race and Reality (1967), which give a prescient analysis of desegregated, multicultural America.

Read and learn, goyim:

PDF of Race and Reason

PDF of Race and Reality

RED DAWN 5: The Niggalypse

1.01 Democracy is gay

4.04 Anne Coulter article

5.57 Trump at WWE

9.11 (heh) Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran. Surah 8, Verse 22.

11.30 Steve Sailer Classic

12.34 NEET phenomenon

16.11 Great Negroes on Men: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations to Blacks. Feat: DMX, NWA, 50-cent, Juvenile and Mofart

21.20 White Nationalism, is it the Endlosung?

27.44 Sparta compared to antebellum South (modernist, but backs Vince’s point about masculinized Spartan women)

31.00 Uselessness of minorities, even Slavery

33.10 Islam as Zombie Apocalypse

David Chalmers

34.27 Back to Slavery

37.23 Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell mentioned

38.20 Cads vs Dads

45.09 Roosh; unfitness of all before Nordic chicks

46.47 Non-Agency of non-Whites

49.31 More HBD, West Hunter, Gregory Cockran, Henry Harpending, Nicholas Wade

52.05 Breivik-style Zionism

Teutonic Terror!

Podcast: Teutonic Terror

Imagine tramping through knee-deep snow in the primeval forests of Central Europe, weighed down by steel-cold armor and weapons. Sneaky Lithuanians stalking your every movement. It’s the Northern Crusades! Beat some civilization into these hillbilly hold-outs, the last pagans in Europe.

Greg Ritter takes you to the late medieval Baltic in his latest podcast: Teutonic Terror. Learn about the Lithuanians and Old Prussians, Refight Tannenburg and Lake Peipius, and find out how the Teutonic Order helped build Europe.

Feminized Philology 1: Spanish es Estupido

CU sucks
CU didn’t like the original image with this article. heh.

Foreign language study is for chicks. It wasn’t always so. But in the last few decades, foreign language study (formerly known as philology) has gone from a systematic, logical, bro-friendly study to a mealy pseudo-discipline. The languages taught, the methods of teaching, and the types of competency aimed at are suited for girls. It’s feminized philology.

Part 1: Don’t study Spanish

Spanish programs dominate language study at the secondary level. Spanish-mania has destroyed language diversity in our schools. French and German have been losing ground for years, Japanese and Russian are virtually unheard-of and still fading. Only Arabic and Chinese have made some gains, but minimal ones at that. Latin soldiers on, mainly by claiming it helps with the SAT. Apparently no one can think of a better reason than SAT-prep to study one of the most important languages in the Western tradition. Greek is dead.

The vast majority of American students pick Spanish. When asked why, they will usually claim that they aren’t good at foreign languages, and Spanish is relatively easy. Spanish is certainly easy. Its higher-level vocabulary is drawn from the same sources as that of English. Its grammar is also nearly the same–the only concepts with which the English-speaking student is unfamiliar are Spanish’s verbal conjugations and adjective agreement. I made this point once in a high-school class, and a Hispanic girl tried to argue with me. So I illustrated the relative similarity of Spanish and English by rendering a Mongolian sentence word-for-word. “I yesterday the that-in-the-house-lives man saw.” (I’m sure she’ll get a scholarship to a mid-grade school anyway.) So yes, Spanish is easy.

The second reason for Spanish’s popularity is that it is seen as useful. A typically feminine rationale. When people call a language “useful,” they mean for getting a job. The US has no shortage of English-Spanish bilinguals. An Anglo is here at a disadvantage, because he will have far more ground to cover than a native Spanish-speaker. If you are taking classes because “it will help me get a job” you should not be going to college. Would anyone use such a ludicrous justification for taking a history or philosophy class?

“Useful” in an academic context should mean “gives one the widest access to valuable knowledge.” This is certainly not true of Spanish. Spanish has produced few canonical works of Western literature, and no serious works of philosophy. As for technical writing–history, science, mathematics, linguistics–Spanish simply cannot match the Big Three: English, French and German. That does not mean that Spanish is worthless. It is merely second-rate. As such, it is not a fitting basis for introducing American students to language-study.

The other defense of Spanish is “I wanna travel.” Typical girl drivel. Spanish is spoken in Spain and Latin America. Newsflash babe: People in Europe (that’s where Spain is) speak English–at least virtually all of the ones you’ll encounter do. And Latin America, is, well, the Third World. Unless you wanna start a career as a pay-per-war merc or join a drug-lord’s haraam, you have no business there. Cancun doesn’t count.

I don’t speak Spanish, and have only rarely needed to. I used to work in a bookstore “Tu quieres comprar un diccionario” usually worked. My only use for Spanish since then has been to troll Hispanic kids. Once I was substituting for a PE class, “stand in line and tell me your last name.” Some dumbass Jose gets to me and says “Soy Jose.” I bark back “last name!” No comprende. So I put on my most Anglo-accent possible and demand “NOMBRE DE FAMILIA!” “Lopez.” Christ, that was hard. Now point to which one of the three Lopezes you are. btw, this is in one of the best public school districts in the country.

You don’t need to learn Spanish. If you wanna talk to Spics, learn the 100 most common words and just speak English, but add an “o” to the end of nouns and adjectives. If you wanna read a Spanish news article, run it through google translate. Seriously, it’s that similar to English a computer can translate it almost perfectly. If you wanna read literature– I guess there’s Cervantes, but at that point, you’re tipping at windmills.

Stay tuned for part 2: “Your methods suck”


AI Academic Interview Series 5: The Right Way to do Anthropology

Ritter interviews StorminNorman on physical anthropology. Topics include the work of the late great Carleton Coon, the ethnogenesis of Europeans, and the relationship between linguistic, anthropological and archaeological data. Also included: Balts, Slavs and Tocharians, and where did the Eskimos (the real ones) come from?

Carleton Coon: Harvard mid-twentieth century physical anthropologist, author of The Races of Europe: 3:03

Genetic methods of determining lineages: paternal and maternal haplogroups, special characteristics of Europeans: 8:27

Physical anthropological methods haplogroups,  maternal and paternal lines: 11:40

Out of Africa theory vs Multiregionalism: 13:20

Neanderthals and the founding populations of Europe according to Coon: 17:00

Coon’s theories on European origins vs Kevin Macdonald’s 22:45

Linguistics vs anthropology/archaeology: 24:50

Lithuania, Marija Gimbutas, 28:55

Taxonomy of Indo-European languages: 32:30

Who are the Aryans? Anatolian vs Kurgan hypothesis: 40:50

Lingustic and genetic links between Eurasia and the Americas. Greenberg’s linguistic macro-theory on the Eurasiatic Languages (not Nostratic as Ritter mentions) and: 46:50

Avestan not evidence for Iranian-Indian link: 50:01

Tocharians, linguistic and genetic linkage to Western Europe: 53:24

A tocharian
A Uyghur kid from East Turkistan. A remnant of the Tocharians?

Genotype determines phenotype and Jared Diamond is a retard: 56:06

Difficulties of inter-racial breeding (Haldane’s Rule), Irish-Australian Aborigine runner Patrick Johnson, first non-African to break the 10-second mark in the 100m: 59:30

Note: “K-Mac” refers to Professor Kevin MacDonald of CSLUB

Books mentioned: Nicolas Wade: A Troublesome Inheritance, Marija Gimbutas: The Language of the Godess, David Anthony: The Wheel, The Horse and Language, Colin Renfrew: Archaeology and Language, Beckwith Empires of the Steppes.

Link between Old world and New world languages proven: Edward Vajda of Western Washington University demonstrated the connection between Ket (spoken in Siberia) and the Na-Dene languages of North America, eg Navajo. (A review of his Vajda’s book on the theory).

RED DAWN SPECIAL: Where Aryans Dare

They look like Nazis 2

Where Aryans Dare. AI’s debut on Give it a listen, goyim.

Vincent Law and Gregory Ritter star in “Where Aryans Dare.” From post-soviet shitholes to South African shit-shafts, why does the third world have to suck so much? The bros are on a mission to find out. They scour the planet in search of the ultimate answer. Who is behind it all?

Cargo shipping down. Related: Maersk downscaling.

Trump accuses Obama of using Fed to keep economy afloat.

Thilo Sarrazin “Germany Abolishes Itself” intro. Trans. Greg Ritter.

RED DAWN 3: Revise that History


RED DAWN 3: Revise that History!

Greg and Vince cover history’s greatest villains: Gandhi, MLK and Eisenhower(?) Vince argues for the rehabilitation of Stalin. AI’s Sikh mercenary, George Singh, joins in the revelry. Adolf Hitler also makes an appearance.

Straw poll: Which Western country will go ape-shit on the Hadjis first? Greg votes Germany, Vince argues for Ireland.

Cologne, Generation Identitaire, and White Nationalism

From the New Observer:

Grateful German women snapped up boxes of pepper spray handed out by activists from the German Identitarian movement in the Saxony-Anhalt town of Halle today, in a powerful political propaganda act that the organization hopes is emulated elsewhere in the country.

The pepper spray giveaway took place at noon at the Riebeckplatz, which is Halle’s largest central transportation hub, with at least 52 trains passing through every hour at peak times.

Here is what the leaflets that the group handed out read:

Dear reader,

Surely you have heard of the shocking events in Cologne.

On New Year’s Eve there was massive sexual violence: Women were surrounded, abused, dishonored, and stripped. “What women have experienced there were rapes,” said one officer, who served on the night. Meanwhile, the number of victims has risen to about 500, as more and more women report to the police. There were at least two cases of rapes. The police seemed unable to prevent the brutal assaults. Sadly, Cologne is not an isolated case. At the same time, similar incidents occurred in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and many other cities. The perpetrators belong to organized ‘asylum seeker’ gangs. Over 1,000 North African and Arab men are said to have gathered together for the violent excesses. The vast majority of identified suspects are alleged ‘refugees.’

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker therefore convened an emergency meeting. But the result was shocking: instead of finally showing firmness against criminal foreigners, Reker called on the German women to change their behavior!

At major events in the future, she said, they should keep an ‘arm’s length’ distance from strangers. This is a policy that mocks the victims: Instead of defending our security, our dignity, our way of life, and our culture, she asks us to submit to the stranger—in our own country. Our people deserve security. But this policy is a betrayal of the people.

Cologne is a symbol.

It has shown that the state has failed: It has not protected its borders. In the past year, more than a million illegal immigrants have entered our country, and the state now cannot—or will not—protect women and girls.

Therefore, it is up to us to defend ourselves. It’s time to fight back. For us, our families, and our country. Therefore, the Identitarian movement has decided to hand out free defense sprays to women. The defense spray in your outstretched hand is the right arm length that you need in order not to become a victim! Our appeal is: Do not give in! Defend yourselves — because it is our land! Take care of yourself and travel safely through the city.

We demand:

– The immediate closure of the border and rejection of all illegal immigrants!

– The deportation of all criminal foreigners after they have served their punishment!

– The remigration of illegal immigrants to their home countries!

Some pictures from the group’s FB page: gi3 gi2 gi1

Having attended NPI’s conference this October, I was surprised to learn from one of the French speakers that similar groups to NPI were small and virtually non-existent in Europe- and that our little outfit in the ‘ol USSA was the biggest one of its kind. However, I have always heard about Generation Identitaire’s activism and inspired by their manifesto. (read it for free in our Index, just give us your email.)


It is heartening to see what they are doing. Very heartening indeed. It is my sincere hope that we can effect to do the same here in Burgerstan. My only concern is the label that we have chosen for ourselves: White Nationalists. I admit, I like the ring of it- mostly because I always fantasized about being a White Army officer and executing Bolsheviks- but I digress. The point is that the name is instant anathema to many. It sets off such a Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction that many in our movement admit they had to personally overcome.


We need something better.

In this cultural war of words, ideas and memes, the right labels and the right names matter.  Even the idea of “whiteness” has to be explained to many whites who are non-pozzed, but simply do not think in terms of pan-white identity. Here in the States, we can easily forget that Europe was never a melting pot of European peoples like the United States was. Europe still is for the most part a collection of ethno-nation states to whom the idea of “whiteness” is alien. “Frenchness” yes, “Europeaness” even for some exists as a concept.

But “whiteness” is an American concept and does not carry over so well across the great pond. It certainly does not hold ground in Eastern Europe- and for good reason. Russians would never consider themselves the same as Germans, despite the color of their skin. And years of fratricidal wars have not left the collective memory and psyche of the Russian people today, in fact it acts as the basis of their National Identity today- namely their defeat of the German invasion in WWII.


Much to think about. But I like the name they have going for them. Generation Identitaire. It stresses the Generational divide that many of us feel with the senility of the boomers here in the States and the 68’ers as they are known in West Europe. A vile generation dedicated to hedonism and importing Jamaicans to wipe their aging asses as they rot in retirement homes because they failed to have enough kids/take care of them well enough to impart a sense of duty to take care of themselves in old age.


It stresses the novelty of the movement. The youth appeal. The sense of rebellion. It’s edgy, get it? It doesn’t even use an old 20th century term like “Nationalism” in its title. It’s got something else going for it. “Identitarianism.”


What is that you might ask? See? You’re asking. You didn’t just knee-jerk discuss it as you might have “White Nationalism.” It hasn’t been pre-programmed into your hind brain by years of indoctrination as a no-no word. You might just look into it more.


In short, I’m a fan. We need something like that too. A new term perhaps. It will combine the best ideas of our Red-Pill movement for maximum appeal to the youth. A bit of applied Game, an HBD base, some healthy homophobia, edgy activism and all of it topped off with a big heaping dose of Anti-Semitism. Since we still have the 1st Amendment and can’t go to jail for stating less than flattering truths about our semitic friends here like in Europe, I say we capitalize on that. Until then, I will shamelessly borrow Generation Identitaire’s label.


I’m an Identitarian now.