RED DAWN 3: Revise that History


RED DAWN 3: Revise that History!

Greg and Vince cover history’s greatest villains: Gandhi, MLK and Eisenhower(?) Vince argues for the rehabilitation of Stalin. AI’s Sikh mercenary, George Singh, joins in the revelry. Adolf Hitler also makes an appearance.

Straw poll: Which Western country will go ape-shit on the Hadjis first? Greg votes Germany, Vince argues for Ireland.

Cologne, Generation Identitaire, and White Nationalism

From the New Observer:

Grateful German women snapped up boxes of pepper spray handed out by activists from the German Identitarian movement in the Saxony-Anhalt town of Halle today, in a powerful political propaganda act that the organization hopes is emulated elsewhere in the country.

The pepper spray giveaway took place at noon at the Riebeckplatz, which is Halle’s largest central transportation hub, with at least 52 trains passing through every hour at peak times.

Here is what the leaflets that the group handed out read:

Dear reader,

Surely you have heard of the shocking events in Cologne.

On New Year’s Eve there was massive sexual violence: Women were surrounded, abused, dishonored, and stripped. “What women have experienced there were rapes,” said one officer, who served on the night. Meanwhile, the number of victims has risen to about 500, as more and more women report to the police. There were at least two cases of rapes. The police seemed unable to prevent the brutal assaults. Sadly, Cologne is not an isolated case. At the same time, similar incidents occurred in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and many other cities. The perpetrators belong to organized ‘asylum seeker’ gangs. Over 1,000 North African and Arab men are said to have gathered together for the violent excesses. The vast majority of identified suspects are alleged ‘refugees.’

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker therefore convened an emergency meeting. But the result was shocking: instead of finally showing firmness against criminal foreigners, Reker called on the German women to change their behavior!

At major events in the future, she said, they should keep an ‘arm’s length’ distance from strangers. This is a policy that mocks the victims: Instead of defending our security, our dignity, our way of life, and our culture, she asks us to submit to the stranger—in our own country. Our people deserve security. But this policy is a betrayal of the people.

Cologne is a symbol.

It has shown that the state has failed: It has not protected its borders. In the past year, more than a million illegal immigrants have entered our country, and the state now cannot—or will not—protect women and girls.

Therefore, it is up to us to defend ourselves. It’s time to fight back. For us, our families, and our country. Therefore, the Identitarian movement has decided to hand out free defense sprays to women. The defense spray in your outstretched hand is the right arm length that you need in order not to become a victim! Our appeal is: Do not give in! Defend yourselves — because it is our land! Take care of yourself and travel safely through the city.

We demand:

– The immediate closure of the border and rejection of all illegal immigrants!

– The deportation of all criminal foreigners after they have served their punishment!

– The remigration of illegal immigrants to their home countries!

Some pictures from the group’s FB page: gi3 gi2 gi1

Having attended NPI’s conference this October, I was surprised to learn from one of the French speakers that similar groups to NPI were small and virtually non-existent in Europe- and that our little outfit in the ‘ol USSA was the biggest one of its kind. However, I have always heard about Generation Identitaire’s activism and inspired by their manifesto. (read it for free in our Index, just give us your email.)


It is heartening to see what they are doing. Very heartening indeed. It is my sincere hope that we can effect to do the same here in Burgerstan. My only concern is the label that we have chosen for ourselves: White Nationalists. I admit, I like the ring of it- mostly because I always fantasized about being a White Army officer and executing Bolsheviks- but I digress. The point is that the name is instant anathema to many. It sets off such a Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction that many in our movement admit they had to personally overcome.


We need something better.

In this cultural war of words, ideas and memes, the right labels and the right names matter.  Even the idea of “whiteness” has to be explained to many whites who are non-pozzed, but simply do not think in terms of pan-white identity. Here in the States, we can easily forget that Europe was never a melting pot of European peoples like the United States was. Europe still is for the most part a collection of ethno-nation states to whom the idea of “whiteness” is alien. “Frenchness” yes, “Europeaness” even for some exists as a concept.

But “whiteness” is an American concept and does not carry over so well across the great pond. It certainly does not hold ground in Eastern Europe- and for good reason. Russians would never consider themselves the same as Germans, despite the color of their skin. And years of fratricidal wars have not left the collective memory and psyche of the Russian people today, in fact it acts as the basis of their National Identity today- namely their defeat of the German invasion in WWII.


Much to think about. But I like the name they have going for them. Generation Identitaire. It stresses the Generational divide that many of us feel with the senility of the boomers here in the States and the 68’ers as they are known in West Europe. A vile generation dedicated to hedonism and importing Jamaicans to wipe their aging asses as they rot in retirement homes because they failed to have enough kids/take care of them well enough to impart a sense of duty to take care of themselves in old age.


It stresses the novelty of the movement. The youth appeal. The sense of rebellion. It’s edgy, get it? It doesn’t even use an old 20th century term like “Nationalism” in its title. It’s got something else going for it. “Identitarianism.”


What is that you might ask? See? You’re asking. You didn’t just knee-jerk discuss it as you might have “White Nationalism.” It hasn’t been pre-programmed into your hind brain by years of indoctrination as a no-no word. You might just look into it more.


In short, I’m a fan. We need something like that too. A new term perhaps. It will combine the best ideas of our Red-Pill movement for maximum appeal to the youth. A bit of applied Game, an HBD base, some healthy homophobia, edgy activism and all of it topped off with a big heaping dose of Anti-Semitism. Since we still have the 1st Amendment and can’t go to jail for stating less than flattering truths about our semitic friends here like in Europe, I say we capitalize on that. Until then, I will shamelessly borrow Generation Identitaire’s label.


I’m an Identitarian now.

Banging Caucasus Girls

Caucasus girls can be strikingly beautiful. With jaw-dropping exotic looks and feminine character, they truly are a breed apart from most girls you find in the Post-First.


But how does one go about bedding them?

Well here’s the problem. Their men are territorial and will not tolerate a member of an out-group dating one of their girls. Exceptions abound, but a talk with any serial daters within FSU countries that have Caucasus migrants will confirm that these exceptions simply prove the rule. You must always assume that the primary obstacle to dating a mountain girl is the mud man behind her that will literally try to break your ribs if you start making the moves on one of their women. Now, a conquering peoples always allows out-group mating for their own males, but enforces strict dating codes for its own females. This is nothing new, and it is happening now in Europe. White European women are being culturally-enriched in staggering numbers. But again, this is not mentioned in the media and even if it was, it is reasonable to assume that nothing would happen. Europeans, like all whites after all, exhibit pathological altruistic traits and out-group tolerance at levels that borders on the suicidal. One could argue that this is the result of out-breeding and the prohibition of cousin-marriages- a practice that continues in the dark world- leading to decreased sense of kinship among members of the European peoples. But that is the subject of another paper. Suffice it to say, you’re not going to get far with Muhammed or Shamil’s daughter unless you either bribe him with a goat, or do it on the sly.


Be careful though. From my own experience, Caucasus girls have a very powerful form of a shit-test indeed: they threaten to tell their family that you have been seeing them. This spells a beat-down (or worse) for you, and a beat-down for her. This is a nuclear shit-test, probably inherited from generations of bride-abduction tradition in the Caucasus. Dial the Alpha up to 110% because you are going to have to brag about how you can personally curb-stop all 22 of her cousins at once and that you aint afraid of nuffin. Caucasus girls are strange like that- they hate and are obsessed with their family at the same time. They long for Western society and to make the flight to freedom from over-bearing fathers, groping cousins and seedy uncles. Many of them lust for white men and if you have blond hair or blue eyes you will be a hot commodity indeed, but some of them are possessed with insane levels of guilt about seeing a non-Durka Durka man. They will eventually tell someone, and then you’re in for it. Be prepared to walk around, looking over your shoulder and forget about going to your local shawarma spot. You never know where her brother, or cousin will be and how could you- they all look the same anyway.

I would be remiss if I did not give you another warning.  If you ever piss her off or get caught with another lover, she may just tell her family that you forced yourself on her, and at that point I hope you have some buddies that can back you up. Understand this and proceed with caution.


Muzzies are very territorial of their women, and even the “westernized” women are kept under tight wraps. Their men however are free to date whoever, and treat them however they like if they are not Muslim. You won’t find many feminists complaining about how Muslims treat their women and the women of any country that was stupid enough to let them in in any significant number (Read: Every single white country in the world) but then feminists never seem to notice when transgressions occur and the perpetrators are not white men. The sand people are not the only group to be territorial of their women, Basketball-Americans exhibit some of these same tendencies when whites try to make a move on their women, even though they themselves spend most of their time lusting for “da white wimminz” and musing about, “where dey at.”

The benefits of banging a Caucasus girl are ephemeral. Mostly its a dare bang. You get a thrill from being a modern day vag-Crusader, and the satisfaction that you bagged a rare girl indeed. But if you do it at your place, and you have a falling out with the girl afterwards, be prepared for a restless couple of weeks indeed. I hope for your sake that you are packing heat. This is in no way an exhaustive guide to banging women from the Caucasus, in fact its a very niche topic. After all, how many people have Chechens living nearby in their neighborhood, or Dagestanis? But if your Conquistador blood gets roused one day, and you decide to mount an expeditionary raid into uncharted territory, bear in mind the warnings I have provided for you today. But then do it anyway, your ancestors will be sniggering and fist-bumping you from their graves. And really, what better incentive could you possibly need?

We’ve Tried This Before 1: Feminism and Miscegenation in the USSR

The Russians have first hand experience with feminist and multiculturalist lunacy. In the early decades of the USSR, the Bolshevik government concocted an artistic style called “Socialist Realism.” And no, they weren’t trying to be ironic. “Socialist Realism” depicted things the way Stalin and his fuck-puppets in the politburo thought they should be. This resulted in all sorts of absurdities, absurdities that you know well, because they have resurfaces as some of the commonest tropes in current entertainment.

If there is one rule in art, it is that you cannot regularly violate the principles of psychological normality. In certain genres, you are free to mess with the laws of nature –animals can talk, it can rain jelly-beans, creatures that are half-man, half horse can frolic in meadows of candy canes and corndogs, whatever. But even then, the characters must generally behave according to known psychological principles (the occasional wack-job notwithstanding). No one could tolerate a novel where all the male characters were happy to let some dipshit boff all the women, asking for nothing in return but 18-hour days toiling in the uranium mines. It’s too great a stretch of the imagination. People just don’t act that way.

One of the most blatantly absurd tropes is the bad-ass girl who beats up or kills dozens of men. You’ll find her in both Socialist Realism and current US entertainment.  This trope (goddamnit, I sound like Anita Sarkeesian) has made cop-dramas and Hollywood action flicks not just predictable, but unwatchable.  Now, you might object that the bad-ass girl is only an abuse of physical reality, not psychological normalcy. But you’d be wrong. Of course a girl can hold down the trigger and mow down dozens of studs. What is so irksome about the bad-ass girl is that she is a psychological abnormality. When it comes to fighting quality, the typical woman does not compare to the average man. Even Homo Americanus, between marathon red-tube sessions and IPA hangovers, wouldn’t lose a fight to a girl 999 times out of 1,000.

So of course Socialist Realism got off to chicks racking up rediculous K2D ratios. In Chapaev (1934), bad-ass babe Anka mows down rows of Tsarist soldiers (the sexy dudes in the screen-shot below, note that the officer looks like he’s chomping on a stogie, but it’s probably a whistle). But even before Anka goes all Audey Murphey, a bunch of her male comrades loose their nerve and flee, only to be rallied by their commissar.

But Chapaev is pretty mild compared to other Soviet films. Even though Anka holds off the reactionary hordes, she runs out of ammo (seems to be a Russian thing) and gets saved by the male protagonist, Chapaev.

If you want the full monty, you have to watch Tsirk (1936).  Tsirk “Circus” hits all the commies’ favorite talking points–feminism, miscegenation, multiculturalism–and rams them down your throat. It’s the story of Marion, an American actress who gets run out of the US for having a child with a black man. The scene of her expulsion is especially piquant. A mob of rasiss Americans chases her out of town, shouting “lynch her” and “nigger lover.” So naturally she seeks refuge in the freedom-loving Soviet Union, where she joins the circus, irony not intended. She gets into a one-sided relationship with a beta-boy German showman, but she only has eyes for her Slavic-superman fellow performer Ivan. Ivan is happy to oblige. He must have gotten bored with nice, sane Russian girls.

cucking for communism
Cucking for Communism

The movie climaxes in a multicultural lovefest. Marion’s German beta-boy ex exposes her for the miscegenetrix she is. The circus crowd is nonplussed at the revelation, and passes the adorable mulatto around to prevent the German from getting a hold of him. He retreats in shame, and the audience passes the boy around some more, singing a lullaby, with solos by representatives of the USSR’s various minority groups.  They wrap it up with some parading on red-square, featuring Marion side-by-side with her alpha-cuck boyfriend.

Then there’s Gladkov’s Cement, almost a book version of Tsirk. The hero, Gleb Chumalov (more like Chumalot), returns from three years of fighting capitalists and monarchists only to find his wife is a cold, Communist new-woman. And she’s been shacking up with another man. To top it off, everyone blames him for her infidelity because he was away at war. A woman tells him, “You left Dasha to torture and death and now you cannot expect to get a hold of her.” I bet a lot of our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans can relate. I’m sure plenty more lunacy happens in Cement, but I wouldn’t know, because I can never get through more than a page before I give up.

These are just three examples of Soviet lunacy. The message-films like Tsirk are largely forgotten. Russian literature from the 1920s and 30s is virtually unreadable today. It has largely disappeared from Russian memory. Russians know the 19th century classics, they often know Pushkin poems by heart. But Socialist Realist works, despite decades in the official curriculum, are rightly neglected. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are timeless, Gladkov is absurd.

Throughout history, feminism and miscegenation have appeared from time to time, but are invariably subsumed. That should give us hope. We’ve tried this before, and it failed.


AI Academic Interview Series 2: The State of Math and Science


Ritter interviews James O’Toole, PhD candidate in applied mathematics. O’Toole gives a general overview of the state of theoretical math and science. He compares artificial intelligence and the human mind, talks about what a “singularity” would entail, and discusses what must be done in pure math if we are to maintain the pace of our technological progress. He touches on fluid dynamics, turbulence modeling, and climate change algorithms.

No special prior knowledge is assumed. We strive to keep our discussions at a level appropriate to a smart undergraduate.

Links to general articles on the topics mentioned: Navier-Stokes equations, Terence Tao, Millennium Prize problems,  Asian scores often inflated,

What is Identitarianism? Part 5

Aaaand the dismount. Will he stick it?

It is hidden from the undiscerning public, but discontent is building in the anonymous safe harbors online. We saw it with GamerGate, as young men finally said they had enough with Cultural Marxism being forcibly injected into their favorite pastime. We saw it in the aftermath of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots as average whites, fed up with the media narrative, began to articulate their frustration with political correctness, and the biased coverage of the riots. We see it belatedly, with the renewed calls to end illegal immigration, from the dark horse and potential political juggernaut, Donald Trump. The man clambered up to a podium, lifted his head up and simply said, “We’re building a wall.” A million hearts fluttered, and everyone in the establishment was shocked and appalled by the visceral and instant surge that this political nobody experienced in the polls. After all, who could have guessed that native whites are not brimming with enthusiasm about the prospect of becoming minorities within their own country? Having been ignored by all parties, these white voters found their diamond in the rough with Donald Trump. As this declaration is being written, they have not yet Stumped the Trump, and Donald Trump continues to demand, much to the chagrin of the political, cultural and business establishment that the illegal immigrants, “have to go back.” We wait with eager anticipation to see how far this man can single-handedly push the Overton window, ready to pick up the baton, and carry it even further.

Following the slew of shootings, of the past couple of years, it is becoming readily apparent that many of our young men feel estranged from a society that is alien and hostile to them. Often times this frustration transforms into blinding rage and nihilistic despair, compelling individuals like Dylan Storm Roof to commit acts of mass-murder. Identitarianism will be a positive force in the lives of young men with no outlet for their frustration and anger. It can serve as the steam valve to make sure that killing sprees born out of feelings of cultural estrangement and fueled by beta male rage no longer occur at the nauseating frequency that they do now. It will give young men the guidance they need to embrace the age-old tenants of Masculinity, which our modern society has insidiously scrubbed out of the heads of our young boys, through feminized education and toxic representations of masculinity in the media. In our movement must be an implicit understanding that we must be men in whom the old ways have joined the new, adapted to the realities of the modern world, and yet not forgetting the age old tenants of tradition. We are not bible-thumping Sunday pastors who want to scare you into celibacy rather we base our movement on the timeless tenants of masculinity.

Man needs Purpose.
Man needs a Tribe
Man needs a Castle, and finally,
Man needs a Woman,

Self-realization is a fundamental tenant of our movement. And as much as Identitarianism will be grounded in the understanding of the much-maligned principle of ethnic identity, we also declare war against the effeminacy and feel-good sophistry of our age in favor of the values of masculinity and stalwart honesty.

Identitarianism is the long-awaited answer and the chance for reform. Identitarianism can break through and remold the bizarre shibboleth of “right wing” policies that comprise the modern conservative movement, smoking out the charlatans in the process. Identitarianism holds an open hand, palm facing upwards to the suppressed white majority of America, ready to pull it up off of its knees. In the other hand, a branding iron, red-hot and forged in the furnace of our discontent. A shiv pressed against the ribs of the current political paradigm, smoking and crackling, dangerous and life-threatening. Let this declaration serve as a warning to the hyenas and the jackals, the hucksters and harlequins that promote white displacement and genocide: Your time will come, and we will hold you to account.

To the slumbering white majority of the West we say the following: Acknowledge your European ancestry. Embrace your whiteness. Become who you are, and stake your claim on this Earth.

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Miscegenation an Objective View

As there is so much pseudo science and politicaly motivated information regarding miscegenation I feel the need to put an article out there to put the matter in context. In regards to the phenomena of miscegenation it must first be defined. The definition of which I will be operating on is the genetic intermingling through sexual reproduction of two populations both genetically and phenotypically distinct from each other. The classical definition of miscegenation would of course be the “interbreeding between races” but seeing as the term race always brings up accusations of “folk taxonomy” or pseudo-science I prefer to use the term continental population or sub species. A population is a group of individuals of one species inhabiting one location and interbreeding and the biological definition of a subspecies being the only valid taxonomic classification below the species level. A species in turn is a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.


To understand what a subspecies is it is useful to visualize the 90% rule which says “If 90% of population A differs from 90% of population B” than you have a subspecies. (Mayr, Ernst 1969) To think of it in layman’s terms if you took 100 individuals from one group and 100 from another group mixed them together and were than able to resort them into their original groups by appearance or traits than you have two distinct subspecies. (Whitman 2014) Using this 90% rule it becomes evident that miscegenation is nothing more than the interbreeding between two subspecies. Something which when applied to wolves or wild horses is abhorred by conservationists as it reduces ecological and biological diversity. As the old Green Peace saying goes “extinction is forever.” Though with modern day gene sequencing and reproductive technologies we may need to adjust this adage.


In regards to Homo sapiens miscegenation has been going on since the species originated and began spreading out across the globe. In prehistoric times people were far less mobile than they are now and probably didn’t wander far from the place of their birth, at least if they could help it. Traveling into unknown territory with hostile strangers and unknown food supply would have been unadvisable to say the least. Geographical barriers would have also hindered travel and led to further differentiation among the species as mountains, deserts, oceans and islands acted as filters if not total barriers to movement. After the initial colonization of the globe ending after the last Glacial Maxim and rising of sea levels, most people probably did not interact or interbreed with groups that were vastly different from themselves either in looks “phenotype” or in genetics “genotype.” Most certainly no Arctic Inuit ever encountered an Australian aborigine or interbred with one in ancient times.

If one population was to travel it would have meant encroaching on another population’s territory and resources which would have resulted in conflict and small scale tribal war often resulting in the genocide of one population through the killing of the males and the enslavement and or intermarriage of the females of the less powerful or less numerous population. In this regard prehistoric humans were very similar to chimps. Male chimps of one interrelated group will stake out a territory, constantly patrol it and explore slightly beyond the boundaries. When they meet males from an unrelated group they will attack them and if numerically superior and kill them. Neighboring bands of chimps will repeat this process to each other until all the males of one group are killed off. When this happens they kill the juvenile chimps and mate with the females of the defeated group. Similar to how the Greeks threw Trojan babies from the walls during their sack of Troy.
The real question is why do males of rival population seek to kill the males of another population? To answer this we must look at the world through a strictly genetic sense and inquire into the life work of evolutionary biologists Edward O Wilson and William D Hamilton.

Both men wished to answer the question of “altruism” among social insects such as bees and ants. Altruism is a behavior that decreases an individual’s fitness and increases the fitness of another around it. In other words why do social insects form complex social groups and sacrifice their own “fitness” or genetic survival for that of their related kin. This issue perplexed even Charles Darwin. Hamilton’s work led to the revolutionary theory of “kin selection and inclusive fitness.” Simply put Hamilton determined it was useful to think of “survival of the fittest” from the point of view of “individual genes.” Humans for example share 50% of their genes with their siblings and 12.5% with their cousins. You pass on 50% of your genes to your children, 25% to your grandchildren and 12.5% to your great grandchildren. In essence a gene that caused you to sacrifice your life to save two siblings or eight cousins would be beneficial and spread among the group as a percentage of your genes would survive even if you did not. In the case of ants who are 75% related to their siblings (through complicated genetics I won’t get into) this behavioral is even more extreme leading only one ant or bee in the colony to reproduce and the rest to support her. This same tendency to favor close genetic relatives exists in all species particularly mammals.

But how does this answer the question of male chimps from one population killing males of another? Simply put these chimps are not closely related and by killing other males and “inserting” their own genes into a neighboring population by reproducing with their females, they are effectively destroying the genetic fitness of the neighboring population and advancing their own. Behavior that harms another organism with no apparent benefit to one’s self Hamilton termed “spiteful behavior” but in reality it is beneficial as it destroys or hinders genes that are in competition with the perpetrator’s genes. This in a nutshell is genetic similarity theory. My genes are in competition with your genes but helping those who are genetically similar to me helps my genes survive and hurting those who are genetically dissimilar to me prevents competition from rival genes.

So where does this leave the offspring of males who produced offspring with dissimilar populations? Well it depends on how dissimilar, how extensive the intermingling and the paternal groups attitudes towards the offspring. In the case of humans several scenarios have emerged under different circumstances throughout history. In the case of the Mongol conquest of Eurasia war rape and bride taking of non-Mongol women was common. From a genetic testing it’s has been determined the male lines of Central Asia are heavily East Asian while the female lines are heavily Western Eurasian (European or Iranic). Likewise in the Americas the Mestizo and Mulatto populations are heavily European on the male line but Amerindian and West African on the female line, though this varies in percentage by region and social class.

The present day Northern Russian population demonstrates the direction in which admixed genes strive for and that is the dominance and eventual hard sweep of the subjugated group’s alleles. A hard sweep is the removal of a certain genetic allele or alleles from a population. An allele in turn is one of alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and is found at the same place on a chromosome. It is well known that there are genetic affinities with Asian or Mongoloid looking Siberian groups among the peoples of the northern Russian forest. However unlike these seemingly related Siberian groups the North Russians do not possess the EDAR gene which gives East Asian Mongoloid peoples there characteristic eye shape, hair texture, shovel shaped incisors and dry earwax. This seems a paradox for a people who have ancestry from a group with the EDAR gene unless one consider purifying selection or the removal of an allele or in this case multiple alleles from a population.

Consider the following scenario. If one population is fixed at 100% for the A allele and another population is fixed at 100% for the B allele and if only males of population A mixed with the females of population B than the first generation would be 50% fixed for A and 50% fixed for B. By random chance each succeeding generation would see the ratio of these alleles fluctuate. If there was discrimination in favor of a certain phenotype or look caused by allele A than allele B would suffer. If there was discrimination against the look caused by allele B than A would gain in percentage as people choose to mate with individuals possessing A over B. If a group like North Russians were to have a preference for European features or just an internalized hatred of East Asian features and if these pressures were strong enough, than in following generations one phenotype and in turn genotype would prevail. To put it in layman’s terms Mongoloid genes seem to have been bred out of the North Russian population. A similar pattern may have happened in Finnish peoples as they share the same genetic affinities.

Similar instances have occurred in India and Latin America where racial caste systems have sprung up from historical intermingling of genetically distinct populations. The Caste system in India is the result of Indo-Aryan invaders from Central Asia conquering Dravidian peoples who in turn conquered Andaman Islander “negrito” like peoples. Other groups also added to the genetic medley with the introgression of East Asian, Austro Asiatic speaking peoples from the Burmese Border and other East Asian peoples from Nepal and Mughal Conquest. However in spite of the great injection of intermingling peoples the tendency after these initial conquests seems to have been genetic segregation with people breaking into endogamous groups based on appearance and in turn genetic similarity.

Likewise in Latin America a more recent phenomenon is scene with mate preference for European phenotypes. This has produced an upper class which ancestrally is not entirely white genetically though in appearance is. They may express European phenotypes but when put to genetic testing there is often low lying Amerindian and West African DNA. In the case of Argentina such extreme mate preference occurred that the traditional indigenous and African population of the country is virtually nonexistent today even if you may be able to detect it at low levels in the modern day white populations DNA.

This tendency of genes to separate along lines of genetic similarity does not stop at mixed populations. Studies of sexually active couples and marriage partners among homogeneous populations show that when their genetics are analyzed they are more similar than the average individuals in that population. (Rushton, 1989) For most of human history the tendency outside of conquest was for people to marry somewhat distant relatives. In more traditional areas of the world like the Middles East and South Asia as many as 53% of people still marry first or second cousins as is the case with Iraq. (HBD Chick, FDB Cousin Marriage and clans and tribes in Iraq) In Pakistan the world leader in cousin marriage it reaches 70%. If all of human history was tallied it’s estimated that 80% of all marriages have been to first or second cousins. ( Cousin Marriage in Pakistan)

This innate often extreme desire to seek common genes is the very basis for ethnic group and sub species formation. Given enough time and isolation a group will continue to intermingle until all individuals in the population are interrelated. Most people alive today are heavily interrelated with their co-ethnics if you consider the size and scope of family trees. Going back 8 generations you have 1024 openings in your family tree, thirty generations ago it reaches a billion and forty generations ago it reaches a trillion! Of course there were not a trillion people alive in 1000 A.D. so you are descended from multiple pathways from the same ancestors. This explains why ethnic groups act altruistic towards their co ethnics more so than out group members as these individuals are in fact their distant relatives who share common genes. By helping these relatives you ensure the survival of your genes.
This endogamy among a population is also how specific traits like eye color, hair color, resistance to disease, body build, cognitive and personality traits become common or even fixed in a population as a favored trait or set of traits is spread within it. The longer two populations have been separated or the greater the selective pressure on the group the more extreme these differences will become.

After such divergent evolution if two populations or subspecies come into contact together and reproduce the offspring are often confronted with unforeseen consequences affecting health. In spite of the pop culture belief in “hybrid vigor” or the inheritance of the most desirable traits from both parents the offspring are just as likely to inherit the least desirable traits. Although desirable is a subjective term and can mean different things under different ecological circumstances. Here in lies the biggest hindrance to miscegenation as a desirable phenomenon. If two parents evolved to fit very different ecological niches interbreed they often pass on genes to their offspring that do not function well together. As genes do not evolve independently but rather as a package of interworking traits to ensure the survival of their carrier, combining such genetic packages often interferes with their fitness and the ability to form functioning cellular and organ systems. Is it really little wonder than that mixed race children suffer from higher rates of mental illness, allergies, autism, still births and birth defects when compared to mono racial children in the United States? (J. Richard Udry, 1995)
Even the most preferred racial pairing among high IQ types of European Man and East Asian women has been shown to result in exceptionally high rates of birth complications and health problems later in life. ( Race Bias Tracks Conception Risk Across the Menstrual Cycle, Navarrete Michigan State)

This purpose of this article is not to necessarily take a side on the issue of miscegenation and designate it as “good” or “bad” as most common people would. Rather I am attempting to explain the biological forces that give us instincts toward our own groups genetic preservation as well as the destruction of other groups genetic integrity via the male desire to dominate outgroup males and copulate with their novel looking females. By doing this a male is effectively destroying the other groups fitness as the progeny of such unions would not be accepted by their own group. In earlier times high childhood mortality rates and strong preferences for progeny that look like the in group would leave such individuals at a biological disadvantage. More often than not these hybrid offspring would separate along genetic similarity lines via genetic segregation and in group preference for homogeneous looking individuals. Just think how children tease and bully the child who has larger ears or a strange looking nose when compared to the rest of the group. Hybrid offspring would either not survive or have their genetic admixture mostly bred out over succeeding generations. This has been the case for much of human existence and the longer the intermixing event between two or more populations the stronger instinct among admixed populations to separate based on appearance. Caste Systems in turn evolved out of this tendency among admixed populations to seek out genetically similar mates.



Simplified this means although a male may pass on his genes with a genetically dissimilar female he increases the amount of his genes that survive into the next generation if he reproduces with a woman with those same genes. Other out group males in turn will attempt to impregnate women of his in group to decrease his fitness and in turn the fitness of his population

The Abu Bakr Effect

The sophomores at the Jew York Times have a new theory for why the Middle East is so screwed up: The Abu Bakr Effect. When Abu Bakr accepted the Caliphate on Muhammad’s (PBUH) death in 632, he set a train of events in motion that explain all the Middle East’s problems.

In the past, the Abu Bakr Effect only mattered to the JYT and other mainstream outlets when they needed to explain sectarian conflicts inside an Islamic country. Iraq, for instance, splintered after 2003 because the Sunnis and Shiites rediscovered how to go medieval on each other. But now the MSM is going big. They now claim that the Sunni-Shiite split explains regional politics too! Iran and Saudi Arabia are having a spat because they fall on different sides of the ancient sectarian split. Obviously religion is behind it all.

It’s not surprising then, that the MSM has made a fetish of repeating how long Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting. Fourteen hundred years! This juvenile observation was hammered home by CBS Evening News (see 12:10), in a report by semi-smart, hot-for-her-age Holly Williams. That figure seems to be the only thing anyone in the MSM knows about the pre-Israel Middle East. But of course it’s ridiculous. Would anyone blame the French-German animosity (and thus WWI and WWII) on the Treaty of Verdun (843) that divided the Frankish Empire among the sons of Louis the Pious? Or would they look for more proximate causes?

People have conflict over things besides ancient meta-religious catfights. Understand that, and you won’t have to go full retard and start blaming it all on a 7th-century intra-Islam succession dispute that no one in the West cares about or understands. People usually do things because they want something. They have goals. Contrary to how the MSM clowns portray the Middle Easterners (and a lot of other peoples, for that matter) they do not act out of some wacko hatred, based on who should have been Caliph in 632.

Peoples fight and compete with each other. They define their group based on parameters that include, yes, religion; but also culture, economic interest and race. Mesopotamia, for example, has been a bone of contention between Iran and various other powers since the days of the Elamites and the Medes. The inhabitants of the Iranian plateau have always been ethnically and culturally distinct from their Mesopotamian neighbors. Mesopotamians, in turn, differ from the inhabitants of the nearby deserts. They differ in modes of life (sedentary vs nomadic), cultural achievement (high vs low) and, yes, religious doctrine. Read Ali Wardi. So if the foreign-policy majors at the CBS want to whine about intractable conflict in the Middle East (1,400 years!), they could project that timeline backwards by a few millennia.

The real cause of all the recent warring and genociding in the Middle East is, wait for it, the Jews. The foundation of Israel reintroduced History into lands that had been in political hibernation for centuries while under Ottoman control (the occasional border war notwithstanding). Mention that the next time some FP-tard starts larping about “centuries of conflict in the Near East.” If we adopted a similarly broad-stroke view of Europe, the years between 450 and 1950 look like a total shitfest. Since Israel’s founding, the Jews and the Arabs fought 3 major wars, blame for which cannot be laid solely on the Arabs. There was also the Suez Crisis (to be fair, the Brits and the French were in on it too). And then there was Iraq part deux, pushed by a cabal of Washington-based Neocons. Or should I say Judeocons? And now Bibi wants to bomb bomb Iran, because it has 6 million nuclear warheads, despite the fact that Mossad (to their credit) concluded otherwise. But hey, it’s not like the religion of the Jews doesn’t condone genocide or anything.

It is hard to say what exact role the Jews (in Israel, Washington or New York) play in the current SA-Iran spat. We know that powerful Jews in the West are fanatical in their support for Israel’s perceived interests. Saudi Arabia has been playing nice with Israel lately. The Israeli government regards Iran as its primary competition (or, as they’d put it “a threat to Israel’s very existence”). Perhaps the Jews have no hand in this particular incident. The Iranians and the Arabs are capable of acting to attain their own ends. They are based enough not to willingly act as Israeli puppets.

Whatever he case may be, the current tensions have nothing to do with the election of Abu Bakr and the murders of Hassan and Hussain ibn Ali. And the hacks in the MSM would know that if they had any understanding of history beyond the purely superficial. Understanding history does not mean learning one fact about the past and ascribing current events to it. Someone who understands history knows that people act to achieve their perceived interests. Sorry guys, the Abu Bakr Effect is not a thing.

What is Identitarianism? Part 4

Put some dank Wardruna tunes on and keep on trucking.

Behind the scenes, out of sight of public scrutiny and below the radar or all but the most observant, the Cultural Marxists have been at work in American society. They push movements like gay acceptance and feminism; affirmative action and open door immigration. Their mission is as simple as it is dangerous; to demoralize and destabilize Western culture. Marxist ideology has been pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counter-balanced by the fundamental tenants of Americanism. Most of the people who graduated in the 60s are occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media and the educational system. They are programmed, you might say, to react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. And it is never enough for them. They will never stop pushing the envelope, no matter how much “progress” they make.

In the 60’s and 70’s, Cultural Marxists became aligned with elites of the Boomer generation and their Neo-Puritan ideology of universal idealism and a “holier than thou” attitude towards many of their own ethnic brethren. Many political, religious, business and social leaders of the United States have fallen into lock-step with this subversive ideology. All too eagerly, they joined in the ritual self-flagellation, the chastisement and the feeling of collective wrong now accurately labeled “white guilt.” For the actions and attitudes of our ancestors, they felt, we owed a huge moral debt to virtually every minority in the world. And so they became Good Whites ™, concerned only with proving their PC credentials to a growing and unsympathetic Cultural Marxist ideology. Let us not make any qualms about calling out the disastrous mistakes of the Boomers who in their short-sightedness, their religious fanaticism, and with their incredible, all consuming greed brought us to where we are now.
We are here to sound a wakeup call to the slumbering white majority of America.

It is time to consider the taboo possibility that many of the fundamental principles of the United States, and European civilization do not exist without the race of the people that devised them to begin with. Remove Europeans and Americans from the equation, and you lose representative democracy. Remove the European work ethic and you become a Brazil of sorts, mired in corruption, stark economic disparity, and rampant crime. The time for identification along lines of implicit whiteness has passed; whites remain the only group incapable of rallying around their ethnicity and advocating for their own interests.

This will lead invariably end in our collective suicide.

And yet, there is pushback, everywhere we look. Like a great wave, still far out at sea, but quickly gaining strength, it careens towards us, foaming and frothing, subsuming everything in its way, and building in strength. Our movement is growing, only it is outside the narrow field of vision of acceptable political doctrine, and so they cannot see it. They notice the faint rumblings, but cannot yet discern what they might mean. It is on the tip of all our tongues, and yet we cannot bring ourselves to say it. It is the newest reincarnation of the almighty pendulum, pushed to its limit and finally swinging down in horizontal freefall. Euphoric with their success, and licking their chops for more, our enemies pushed too hard and too fast. Forgotten by everybody, the pendulum was quietly ascending leftwards and upwards, until it rested finally poised, gleaming like a guillotine over the necks of the pushers and peddlers that gleefully pushed it to its high and volatile perch. They forgot about the Newtonian pushback hardwired into the great equation that holds up this world; they forgot that given enough time, the pendulum of “progress” swings back the opposite way, with terrible consequences for any that stand in its way.

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