RED DAWN 7: Metaphysical Jewdaism

Ritter and Singh tackle the most difficult question in Western thought: Metaphysical Jewdaism. Why are some people, who appear to be Aryan, so goddamn Jewish in spirit? SJWs and academics, SWPLs and hipsters, is there something in the water?

Conversely, there are a few Jews who seem pretty Aryan–Jesus, Spinoza, Weininger, von Mises, Popper, Unz. How do you explain that?

Plus: Hitler reads Mein Kampf and and Shakh M. abdul R. A. ibn abi Sufyan gets autistic.

1:11 German Girl Video (TRIGGER WARNING)

4:06 Swedish Police flee after attempt to rescue 10-year-old Muslim boy from repeated rape by his coreligionists. (Note: This incident should not be confused with the rape of a 10-year-old Austrian boy by an Iraqi last week). Breitbart maintains an ongoing list of such incidents if you’re loosing track.

7:30 Boy-love Thursdays in the Afghan National Army

10:09 More Muzzie depravity. Mom-as-proxy.

11:12 The Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran: The Shaykh harnesses his Jew-hate to unleash the autism on Arabic linguistics. Surah 62, Ayat 6.

15:06 Metaphysical Jewdaism introduced. Jews as Mercurians–this idea comes from Stanford University professor Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century. And yes, he is a Jew. English Wikipedia calls him ‘Russian-American,’ Russian Wikipedia calls him ‘amerikansky,’ but German and French Wikipedias refreshingly note that his family is Juden/juifs.

19:11 Neocons/Judeocons/Neokykes mentioned. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Jerusalem Post.

24:27 Robert Conquest’s laws of conservatism.

36:50 Mein Kampf, vol 1, chapter XI, pp. 286-287. Manheim translation. First Mariner Books edition, 1999. See here, starting at 11th paragraph.

40:00 Aryans-in-Spirit. Jesus, Spinoza, Unz. Occidental Observer articles on Spinoza.

42:50 AI’s aspergery relationship with TRS–White Imperialism, Sikhs, Albanians. Unfortunately TRS fora got shoahed, so all references are gone.

46:55 Singh mentions TRS essay on women and liberalism.

53:53 Alternative Right: Racialism as Aristotelian Virtue.




Rape Culture Real Talk

Please welcome a guest post by the lovely Josephine! (Yes, goys we do know grills IRL)
Two prevailing attitudes about rape seem to dominate popular western discourse. One is the belief that entire cultures that encourage attacks on women may be transformed from the bottom-up by educating men about what rape is, encouraging to examine their own entitlement, and encouraging them to feel respect and empathy for women. The other: that “rape culture” is a myth, that someone either is or is not a rapist by nature, and that solutions include physical deterrence, a high guard around strangers, and sex segregation (say, girls-only dorms). The “teach men not to rape” approach is inane, but touches upon a truth that the other overlooks: Not all cultures have an equal “rape quotient”. Some cultures are markedly “rape-ier” than others. Why is this, and how do we use this knowledge to prevent rapes in our culture?


Law enforcement uses a tried-and-true litmus test to identify the likely perpetrators of a particular crime: Means — Motive — Opportunity. The intuition here is that a crime will most likely not occur unless there existed a person with the ability to carry it out, a reason to do so, and the right enabling circumstances. If a person fails to meet any of these criteria, he most likely will not commit the crime. (This excludes, obviously, sociopaths and other mentally anomalous individuals).

What constitute means, motive, and opportunity for rape? And what do prime conditions for rape look like? Egypt’s notorious “rape culture” will be the illustrative example used in the following examples.

The “means” of rape is the most personal of the three factors. Except in the surprisingly frequent cases of rapists “failing to perform”, rape is not a physically difficult or intellectually complex crime. Rather, it is a psychologically intense crime, and one that humans are innately repulsed by due to man’s moral compass. In order to rape, one must have become desensitized to the act’s horrors and deaf to his inner voice.

In Egypt, cultural attitudes toward rape are inculcated at a young age as boys mimic the attitudes of their fathers, teachers, and imams. As a precursor to rape, it is not uncommon for young boys to molest and grope their female counterparts — something they perhaps learned from the Egyptian police. This does not indicate ignorance of the evil committed, but rather, a long process of moral dry-up that dulls the natural revulsion to rape. It is interesting to note that such attitudes are extremely prevalent in many Islamic cultures; for example, Egypt is second to Afghanistan in rape per capita. However, India and several Latin American countries also mimic this culture tolerance for the crime.

The “motive”, however, is universal. A rapist experiences feelings of power, domination, and sexual satisfaction with every crime committed. Triple-homicides have been committed for pettier reasons. However, the appeal of any motive is some product of the benefits and the cost–set by society– of being caught.

By Egyptian law, marital rape is not prosecutable. Neither are “honor killings”, which may explain why so few women report their rapes — they must be discreet and judicious in revealing their status as a victim. Therefore, men may rape with relative impunity, and the sex-and-power motive remains compelling.

The “opportunity” to commit rape occurs when vulnerable women are alone, or in the company of the absentminded or apathetic. Personal responsibility and situational awareness go a long way, but it is not infallible. Group behavior group matters a great deal in preventing and interrupting these attacks.

Intervention on behalf of victims is virtually non-existent in Egypt. In fact, gang rapes are disturbingly common, indicating that bystanders would rather join in on the action than be a hero. When Lara Logan was brutally gang-raped to near-death in Egypt, she found refuge only in a group of Egyptian women who hid her. This was hours after she was first snatched.

By this analysis, it would seem that the authentic traditional cultures of the U.S., France, Switzerland, and other Anglo-Frankish countries have a low “rape-iness quotient”, consistent with historical low rape rates. The key are their cultural features that minimize the means, motive, and opportunity of rape. Christian tradition has over the years promoted a harsh introspection and aversion to violence. (The popularity of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” may give some clue as to the American obsession with rape’s evilness.) The ever-appealing natural motive to rape is greatly hampered by the thorough investigations, conviction rates, and harsh sentences imposed by some states. In cities where the populace is apathetic and law enforcement doesn’t try, rapists hit again and again. As for group support, those cultures with a strong sense of civic virtue tend to manifest it in helping strangers. Whether the people are stoic and proper, as in Switzerland, or warm and fuzzy, as in Portugal, they tend to act quickly on behalf of strangers under duress — say, when an incapacitated girl is being dragged out of a bar.

These cultures should be proud of their progress, but must also protect their status zealously. How do the less “rape-y” cultures maintain and improve their women’s safety? First of all, maintain cultural unity. Ensure that any outsiders who join a community assimilate themselves and their children to the local values, particularly if they originate from a “rape culture”. Second, impose the death penalty whenever possible for serious sex offenses, and prosecute rapes aggressively. Finally, community members must develop themselves into effective protectors. Women are so much safer in settings where men are strong and intimidating. Both men and women must develop vigilance and violence of action for both themselves and others.

Some cultures foster rapists. Others insulate themselves against them. If you are lucky enough to belong to the latter, protect your culture as you would your personal safety — they may be one and the same.

The Metro Face: Cultural Differences between Russia and the West

Like all good stories, this one starts with a pretty girl. She was sitting on the bus, and there was an open seat next her. I sat down and the predictable happened. She put her head phones in, and looked away into the window. Fairly typical behavior in Russia and just about anywhere else in the world, I would venture to say.

Russians get the reputation for being cold, and unapproachable. The reason for this is primarily because, as Westerners, we tend to be accustomed to a breezy politeness that is common in most cities in the West.

Typical example:

(You’re sitting on a bus when a passenger turns to you and says:)

P: Sorry, but which stop is Tenleytown?

You: Oh, sorry, but I’m not sure. Maybe its the next one.

P: Oh thank you so much, sorry for bothering you.

You: Oh its no problem


Pretty typical exchange. Politeness and pleasantries abound. Here in St. Petersburg however, things are quite different.

(Same scenario)

You: Sorry, but which stop is the “Square of the Struggle.”

Her: *slow turn of the head followed by a long stare*

You: *nervous grin*

Her: It’s in a couple of stops.

You: Sorry to bother you, thanks for the help.

Her: Why are you sorry?

At this point, the conversation has taken a turn for the interesting. To those of you reading along at home in the States, this answer of hers should raise an eyebrow. If not, you aren’t paying close enough attention. The exchange of information has already concluded, therefor the conversation should have ended. She should have turned away to look back through the window, putting her ear buds in as she did so, while I pointedly made an effort to look straight ahead, lest she think that I am a weirdo, creep or god forbid, want to continue a conversation rather than stare aimlessly ahead. That is after all, the polite thing to do.

But it didn’t play out the way that I was expecting it to.

Instead, she continued to look at me with a look of mild disdain, as I struggled to come up with an answer. After all, why did I say I was sorry? Why do I, and everybody around me in the West say it so goddamn much? Are we really sorry? And if so, why? Do we feel that having a small conversation with someone is so painful for that other person that we must apologize for even opening our mouths? What is going on in our thought process that we feel we are somehow in the need of forgiveness? Perhaps it is just a language parasite, a word without meaning that we just insert into our conversations, for one reason or another without really thinking about it.

Who knows, but I explained that it was simply something that we say in the West, to be polite.

She arched her eyebrows and asked, “so you’re from America?” I replied that I was. And again she just looked at me, with that stern metro face. It took a lot of willpower on my part to not slip into my American default of saying, “sorry again for bothering you” flashing my 6000$ smile, and staring pointedly ahead. Instead, I stared right back at her for a bit.

A Tarzan and Jane moment if ever there was one.

Her face eventually relaxed a bit, and she complimented my Russian. “You speak good Russian for a foreigner,” she said. And just like that, I passed the test, and the conversation began to flow like the swift running waters of the Jordan, (i’ve never actually been, but I’m working on my similes, and it sounds biblical doesn’t it?), like the pent up water behind a dam suddenly being released, like a trip to the urinal after a long night of drinking… you get the point.

And it was an interesting conversation. We talked about the city, about her life and about why Americans spend so much time in the gym. (see calhoun’s beautiful rats) It was incredibly uninhibited, especially considering that we had just met. She criticized and corrected my Russian mistakes, all with a straight face and a shockingly pleasant rudeness. When it was time for me to get off, we exchanged numbers, she flashed me a smile, the first one in the entire conversation and said goodbye. (I could hear the wedding bells tolling.)

It was only afterwards, upon reflection, and several other similar encounters, that I considered what I had inadvertently stumbled across: the different understanding of politeness found in Russia vs. the West and the reason for our perception of the Russians as rude people.

Politeness that comes from a position of weakness is not respected here.

Artificial self-abasement is not encouraged here.

Artificiality is not the norm here.

People don’t go online after a day of pent up resentment and post passive-aggressive Facebook rants or snarky Twitter comments with those nauseating hashtags (#gagworthy). They just up and call you out on your bullshit, right then and there. And they expect that you will hold your ground, and defend yourself, again right then and there. They expect you to tell them what you actually think, not mouth off polite platitudes as we are accustomed to in the West, where we are encouraged above all else to be civil. The world might be burning to pieces around us, bombs might be going off on the front lawn, Lenin and an army of commie-zombies may have risen from the grave, but for god’s sakes watch what you say, you don’t want to offend anybody do you?? There are children around who might hear you! Let’s be sensitive and remember that not all commies are zombies!

You get the point.

In short, I have come to the realization that we simply have different value systems, Russians and the West. One peoples values honesty, the other politeness and propriety. And to be completely honest, I think every American should have a conversation with a Russian in Russia, just once in their life. They might find it, funnily enough, deeply liberating. Just gotta get past the metro face.

You’re Depressed For a Reason

There has been an increase in the diagnoses of mental illness and those going on disability for them.

Especially depression.

Accompanying this is a decline in the American standard of living especially in the opportunities for young people.

I’m not American, but I grew up mostly in the USSA and in most of the White World,  we pretty much have the same dream – meet a girl, get married, buy a home, have children.

My great grandparents each had 4 kids, with the man going to work while the mother stayed at home. They inherited big blocks of land on which they could grow their own crops, and didn’t spend innumerable hours at work – time was always made to enjoy family activities.

Looking at my grandparents, there was still some resemblance of how things were done in the past, despite all the horrors of the early 20th century. But even by then, we had a much smaller block of land. My parents had cousins to play with, although the extended family had gotten smaller compared to the previous generation. Despite being smaller, things cost more time and money, but there was still time to do family things and owning a home with land was in reach.

Now that I have graduated and the heady idealism of my college days has turned into open-mouthed horror at my actual employment prospects, I realize just how hard it is going to be to have anything resembling the standards of life that my grandparents and great-grandparents had (let alone my parents.)

Some people- the NEETs- have just dropped out entirely. Lives with their parents, no girlfriend, no kids, no assets, no nothing. Yet apparently our generation are the best educated because almost all of them have university degrees and the prior generations did not even finish school.

And yet my grandparents managed to have much more for much less money and time.

See, that’s the realization that kills you. KNOWING deep down that previous generations had it better than you. The things that they took for granted-free time, large families, cultural homogeneity- are relics of the past now.  You’re going to have to pay top dollar to surround yourself with something resembling it.

Off the top of my head, here is what you need to insulate yourself from the POZ.

  1. A house in the suburbs- a gated community preferably-where immigrants cannot afford to move in and without any units set aside for low-income family resettlement programs.
  2. Enough money to send your child to a private school. Religious of course. It’s not much, but at least they will not openly teach homosex and the token minorities are disciplined for harassing the other students- something that has all but stopped in Public schools.
  3. High-paying job for the above-mentioned two points.

Depression is defined as having feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

But what if things really do suck and there’s not much you can about it. You’re discouraged because you are working harder and getting less than your parents did. But no one want to admit this economic reality.

Question the validity of the American dream? You must be wrong. everything is great. Never been better. The Dow Jones is at an all time high. Take these pills. Do some affirmations.

You cannot find a decent job. It’s your attitude. Let’s put you on disability. This serves three purposes.

1. It removes you from the unemployment stats so we can keep pretending everything is great.

2. It gets you a minimal source of income to mollify you and keep you from causing trouble.

3. It gets you a label so we can safely ignore all your criticisms of the system. “Don’t listen to that guy, he has mental health issues”.

In the USSR, political dissidents were diagnosed as mentally ill and put in insane asylums. This practice has left a lasting distrust among all former Soviet peoples of the medical profession of psychiatry. People don’t go to medical professionals with their problems, they drink a bit and open up to their friends around the kitchen table. It also has another sinister effect. We on the alt-right might point out how everyone feels shitty, and say it’s the fault of this corrupt, nihilistic, cultmarx culture, a mismanaged economy, multiculturalism and mass migration and the breakdown of community and patriarchy and tradition etc.

But the Left can resort to its old tricks and just say, “nah, these people just have a chemical imbalance in their brains.”

It’s not the nightmare dystopian hell-society we’ve created that’s making them miserable. No, it’s just “clinical depression“, which just kind of happens, or something.

The Rabbit Hole Gets Weirder

Remember! You must be mentally ill if the Western world gets you down. Look at how great it is!

  1. We are no longer wasting money on a space program
  2. We can use that money to help diversify the USA
  3. Through immigration you no longer need to have kids to keep the population up, so toke up and tune out!

    Bonus: Gender is a social construct, so chopping your dick of is healthy and brave.


Now all the normal, healthy people have mental disorders and the true mentally ill are society’s new norm. It’s OK to think you are an animal, fictional creature, another sex/race. What is evil is to want a healthy family and society. It’s OK to publicly cane a woman, throw fags from rooftops and execute those who question your religion. It is evil not to bake a cake for fags. If Muslims kill a few thousand people it’s OK because “not all Muslims”, but if a few people get killed by guns then every gun owner must be punished.

To participate in the lies of modern day society requires one to either be a sociopath, more or less unplugged, or so doped up on antidepressants to make it all seem like a happy brown blur anyway.

You’re depressed for a reason. But it ain’t all bad. You must take the depression as a sign of mental health. Your immune system is reacting on a psychological level, and for that you must be grateful. No one said taking the red pill would be fun.

Killing the Golden Goose

If you are reading this article chances are that you have lost friends, romantic interests or even a job should you acknowledge your understanding of the world to someone else, who has not themselves come to the same conclusions. Perhaps you have even been accused of being obsessed by these same people. At the very least you have been called “weird” or eccentric. No doubt you have tried to point out the logical fallacies and hypocrisy in the Cultural Marxist version of reality. The experience of having to justify yourself to them is like punching a knife, you will damage yourself in their eyes no matter how you reason with them.  So how than are you supposed to awaken those you care about?
Speaking from my own experience, I have had only two ways of achieving success with “normies” as the reactionary sphere has come to call them. These methods should be used after logic, role reversal and pointing out the hypocrisy of modern culture has failed. The first method only appeals to a small set of people who are trained in the hard sciences and statistical analysis. Those with a background in the biological sciences are the most open to conversion. Although I have also had success with students of history. History itself is just biology played out in real time among Homo Sapiens, though usually with a political (((spin))).
For these individuals you must first prove your competence in a related matter. This will allow you to start conversations of an intellectual/scientific nature which “accidently” leads into the subject of HBD. Sometimes these people will be very open to these obvious realities, even allowing you to go full bore into sensitive subjects like western population replacement, ethnic differences in behavior and cognition, and even the JQ as its come to be known.
However sometimes these educated individuals are of the liberal establishment hivemind and have been conditioned by their Cultural Marxist academic culture to ignore “naughty” thoughts. If this is the case it is best to use a little mental Jujitsu. I suggest tricking them into a logical fallacy by agreeing whole heartedly on a typical progressive issue like abortion. After they nod in approval at your moral signaling say that you think it’s wonderful that we have been able to prevent all these future criminals from being born. This will be sure to send them into a moral clusterfuck. Another tactic which can sadly often be used on SWPL types, is to attract attention to their complete ignorance of politics in general. For example I once dated a girl who claimed she voted Democrat because they were against abortion! I suppose she thought since the left wing always meant more moral and she equated abortion with murder and to came to this conclusion. When I was able to get her to proclaim this in front of her other SWPL friends who actually understood party platforms, they berated her for her stupidity. Social shaming from ones peer group can work wonders to trigger self-doubt and soften up the target for heavier hate facts.
However the majority of those you might try to awaken, will not have such an understanding of objective science. Should you try to explain things to them in such a way, you will be treated as a socially inept leper at best and a racist at worst. For these individuals it is best to use scare tactics. By scare tactics I mean pointing out the obvious future of what a majority non-white country or neighborhood means. For many the shock that comes over their face when they think of such a scenario gives me a sense of morbid joy. They realize abruptly, often after a little prodding, that a non-white majority means the end of high trust societies, in which social welfare and a high living standards are possible. Instead it means a future of low trust, corruption and inefficiency at best (i.e. Latin America, and most of Asia) or outright crime, murder, rape and chaos at worse (i.e. Sub Saharan Africa and Haiti).
Strangely I have found that non-whites from majority non-white countries and areas, are the most receptive to this tactic. I suppose they have a very real world understanding of which societies and countries are functional and which are not. They most likely have never asked themselves why nations and neighborhoods are the way they are but equate a nice place to live based on the percentage of whites in the area. I once asked a half Mexican/ half Puerto Rican co-worker of mine why Providence Rhode Island had so much crime? He replied “because it’s full of Hispanics.”
This tactic also works with the hyper moral SWPL types. Though they are often shocked by the epiphany that results from the realization that a non-white or non-European majority will mean an end to their utopian plans for free healthcare, college, the ability to argue about the gender wage gap, gay rights or environmental issues. To put it simply tell them that a declining white population means a decline in the standard of living for all peoples. When white people disappear the golden goose that gave the world Western Civilization goes with them. To kill us off would be to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. I hope the merchants remember this most of all. My own grandmother once used this analogy on me and it has stuck with me ever since.

Pozzed? Sweden has the Antidote!

Sweden is cranking up the degeneracy. In recent decades, it has turned the dial from merely “pozzed” to “Hadjis have run out of girls to rape, now they’re after the goats.” Suffice it to say, a significant portion of the Swedish people has had enough. So you alt-righters will be glad to hear that, despite their sever infection of POZ, Sweden has the antidote!

Sweden has a thriving anti-regime counter-culture. It isn’t something that a lot of American alt-righters are aware of.  And you would not be if you do not read Swedish or have a friend named Sven or Lars. But Sweden is a treasure-trove of alt-right rockbands and journalists.

As much as I try to keep it autistic with Vivaldi, I do have a soft spot for some right-wing rock. The genre, sometimes called “Rock gegen Bolschewismus” (“Rock Against Bolshevism”) includes German-language bands like Stahlgewitter and Wolfnacht (a one-man act put on by one FASHY Greek). Admittedly, the genre is a mixed bag. Some of the songs are downright terrible. But most of the good stuff is in German or Swedish.

The two best Swedish bands are Tors Vrede and Fyrdung. Tors Vrede “Thor’s Revenge” is probably the most professional and conventional act on the scene. Their songs usually have a catchy melody, yet the instrumentation is pretty aggressive. They’re music sounds like a mix between Boston and Rammstein. Their best two songs, in my opinion, are Seger i Runor for the tune and Antisemit for the lyrics, eg:

Tycker illa om allt ont som förpestat våran värld.
Du avskyr sionismens regim och Israels ockupanter.
Du protesterar mot förtryck och för det fria ordets skull.
Du slåss för ditt folk och låter dig aldrig kastas omkull.

Feeling bad about everything that plagues our world             You hate the Zionist regime and Israel’s occupiers                  You protest against oppression and for the freedom of speech You fight for your people, and never let yourself be oppressed

Fyrdung “Folk Levy” (cf. Old English fyrd) is a more typical right-wing rock group. They rely on heavy percussion and electric-guitar with very basic melodies. My favorite song of theirs is “Folk i Gevär” (“Nation, To Arms!”), a heavy-metal cover of the Nazi Party’s song “Volk ans Gewehr.” I’ve listened to this song so much in the last three years, it might as well be my theme song. I’ll probably insist that it be played at my funeral.

On a side note, hard-right bands should follow the “Folk i Gevär” formula more often. Shitty melodies seem to be the main weakness in a lot of right-wing rock groups. The deficiency is easily solved: Take melodies from 30s propaganda songs, add some drums, and redo the vocals with more raspy rage.

All these fashy bands inspired me to start learning Swedish. Besides singing along with hate-tunes, learning Swedish is rewarding in its own right, especially for an autistic language fag like me. Swedish is Germanic, so it’s related to English, German, Dutch and the other languages of Scandinavia (except Finnish and Lappish). Learning German was one of the high-points of my life, so picking up Swedish seemed like a good way to recapture the magic. But there’s more advantages, especially for an alt-righter.

Sweden has some great websites for no-bullshit news and commentary. The best one I have seen is They have high-quality news articles and insightful commentary. Motgift means “antidote,” and that’s quite a fitting metaphor for the site’s take on the news, because the mainstream Swedish press is toxic. Of course, for the English-speaking audience, there’s also Red Ice Radio and Radio Free Skyrim (a weekly food-fight between some Scandinavian bros).

It makes sense that some Swedes are doing so much for the Euro-American alt-right. The represent an equal and opposite reaction, an antidote, to what Sweden has become: a rotting corpse poisoned with postmodernist libtardery. But just this week, IT FUCKING HAPPENED in Stockholm, when a Mannerbund of two-hundred Swedish men went full Viking on a gang of Afro-Islamic man-children. Gitsum, boys!  Let’s just hope Sweden continues its regimen–because whoever refuses to take the antidote orally will have to take it as a suppository.