Why I No Longer Read ROK and Neither Should You

If you are reading this chances are you either came to this website through Return of Kings or are at least familiar with it. While I was an avid ROK reader in the past, I have mixed feelings about the influence Return of Kings has had on me and as such I have made a concerted effort to avoid venturing anywhere near its URL. My reasons being two fold. First one has to wade through a lot of bad advice and opinion to get to anything worthwhile or useful. Secondly, Roosh and many in the ROK community vehemently ignore objective science and hard data, unless it supports their rape and pillage attitude toward the current state of the west.

Keep in mind a large number of those on ROK are nothing more than thirsty Dravidians, Mongoloids and mystery meat brown men lusting after white women. As such so much of the articles are geared toward advertising the merits of nonwhite women to white men and also teaching nonwhite men how to score with white women. I myself fell upon many dusky skinned temptresses at the advice of Roosh. I also threw away one of the few if only “pristine” white American women I had due to the retarded PUA mentality Roosh advises. Strangely he himself steers clear of all women now but the fair skinned Slavic and Nordic variety. As a once long time defender of ROK I now believe it should change its name to Roost of Kebabs.

Furthermore after meeting many in the ROK community I have come to realize many of these men should NOT be giving advice on women. Though there are obviously men within the fold of ROK that do very well with the ladies, a large segment seem to me to be nothing more than avid readers and writers of fiction, in a Penthouse forum sort of way. However as with all things even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. As such I will admit that ROK did wake me up to the overwhelming subversive nature of Jewish intellectual and political movements on Western Civilization. I already had an understanding of their influence on second and third wave feminism, though not so much as to why they shoved it down the Goyim’s throat.

But for those of you who have a strong attachment to ROK, if you have found yourself here than the website has most likely given you all it can. Once I woke up to the reality of hypergamy, white knitting, oneittis, the Dark Triad and the degenerate influence modern western culture is having on women, I had learned all I could from ROK. If you already realize that women (with a few exceptions), lack agency and are simply slaves to their primitive emotions and herd mentality, you might be better off investigating the reasons for their enablement. The reallocation of decision making powers in Western Civilization from men to women has been a disaster and allowed to occur at the direct detriment of a healthy society. This was no accidental but rather pushed for by moneyed interests in order to achieve an easily influence mass of pliable voters, who would make decisions not on logic but emotion. For those of you looking for a more realistic view of feminism and the male female dynamic in today’s society, Chateau Heartiste would be a good place to start.

As for Return of Kings most of what pops up on there is the same thing repackaged in a different way to appeal to young horny men who are dissatisfied with their mundane job and lack of pleasant or attractive women. Roosh knows this and he is using the website to pay his bills. He is a merchant of sorts and using ROK to line his pockets to allow for his international playboy lifestyle. In short should you pay any attention to ROK or Roosh’s blog you are a cuck and enjoy subsidizing another man so he can fuck your women. Death to cuckolds! You don’t deserve to reproduce and if I could choke you through the internet I would.

Musings on Merkel

Merkel’s delusional claims echo her comments made at the end of January this year at a Neubrandberg meeting of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, where she admitted that “only a small number” of the invaders were “entitled to asylum in the classical definition,” and that she expected the majority “currently residing in Germany to return to their home countries.”

She said at that meeting that “most refugees” were being given “temporary protection” which was “initially limited to three years.”

“We expect that, if again there is peace in Syria and if the IS in Iraq is defeated, that they will return back to their homeland with the knowledge [education] that they have acquired from us [to rebuild their countries].”

Merkel referred to a project launched by the Interior and Foreign Ministries to “train Syrians in disaster relief organization.”

This knowledge, she said, would “help them rebuild their country.”

“Not every refugee is here to stay,” Merkel continued. “Many want to live in their homes with their families again.”

Merkel’s delusion—apparently shared by her party—is therefore that the “asylum seekers” are all bona fide “refugees” from the war in Syria—even though their own figures show that those claiming to be Syrians are an absolute minority of those coming into Germany.

The Greek government, for its part, is on record as saying that more than 90 percent of the invaders are bogus refugees.

In fact, as pointed out and known by all sane observers, there are in fact no genuine asylum seekers at all in Europe, because each and every one of them has left a safe third country to reach Europe.

It is therefore safe to assert that every single “asylum seeker” who has come to Europe is bogus—and have acted in bad faith from the very beginning.

Merkel’s claim that the hordes of nonwhite invaders, who have lied their way into Europe, are going to all peacefully “go home” once the Russian air force and the Syrian government has crushed IS, is an indication that she is either impossibly stupid, or very evil

RED DAWN X: Springtime for NPI

RED DAWN X: Springtime for NPI

Greg Ritter reports on the latest National Policy Institute conference. Encounters with R. Spencer, K. MacDonald, Ramzpaul, the fashy battalions and the antifa throngs. Why do alt-rightists look so good? The bros are always in sport-coats and the chicks keep it classy. Where are all the neck-beards and anime-fetishists? Plus: Vince Law goes on a tirade about liberal propaganda and its incessant denigration of the White Man.

Game Simplified

Simplify, simplify, simplify.
-Henry David Thoreau


Everyone reading this must be aware of a concept called Game. If you are not familiar with the term than either you are a natural or you are a recluse who needs to get out more. For most of you the term Game should be self-evident and may conjure up various images of a smooth talking man at a cocktail bar chatting up some doe eyed vixen, while she hangs on his every word. For those of you who grew up in a culture inundated with hip hop, Game might evoke an image of some brash urban lyricist hollering that bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. This was my first introduction to Game and I will always equate not giving a fuck with Game. In order to have good Game one must know what Game is and the easiest way to understand something is to simplify it into its most basic components. As such the following piece in essence will be an attempt to simplify Game.
What is Game in reality? There is so much questionable information in the Man-o-sphere and Return of Kings especially, that one can often become lost as to what Game is and how you can practice “good Game.” In many ways listening to others discuss their version of Game ruined my own game. I believe there are several reasons for this. First off, if you become self-conscious of your own actions you often hesitate, and hesitation comes off as nervousness to a woman. This is a huge turn off to her evolutionary instinct to seek out a capable man. Furthermore, after meeting several members of the ROK community, I feel at least 50% embellish their personal experiences. As the old saying goes don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. For a select few, I feel most of what they claim is in reality complete bullshit, and no one should follow their advice as it does not work but just sounds appealing to aspiring PUAs.
I also sense a good portion of the advice given on ROK is dependent on the practitioner. As my father use to say “It’s not the arrow that kills you, it’s the Indian.” This observation also applies to what I have seen of game played out in the real world. You could lack any game whatsoever but if you look like a young Brad Pitt you are going to get attention from the ladies no matter what. On the flip side if you are obese game will not help you though celebrity might.
I have seen different gradients of game work for different individuals, under different circumstances. For example if you are a fairly muscle bound individual and look like a gym rat, nice guy game often will get you father than you think. Conversely being aggressive and cocky will work more in your favor if you look non-threatening. So for men that weight 140 pounds or aren’t over 6 foot 4 you might have more success with this strategy. For taller men or simply men who look musclebound you can get away with more of a nice guy approach, as women are less likely to question your dominance. So in this respect much of game could be summed up as different strokes for different folks. However I am attempting to simplify game not make it more complex and to do this I will break it down to its most basic biological components. These components being reproductive strategy and life history strategy.
As the various populations of this world evolved to fit different ecological niches they developed different strategies towards reproduction. For populations evolved under the harshest conditions of the last ice age, high paternal investment, pair bonding, altruism and a reserved, inhibited personality was selected for. For populations from warmer climates lower paternal investment, lower pair bonding, lower altruism and more aggressive, uninhibited personalities were selected for.
In the ROK community and various politically incorrect segments of the Manosphere, there is the tendency to classify black men as natural Alphas and conversely Europeans and Northern Asians as being more beta. If we hold the Alpha beta Omega spectrum to be fact than, there is a lot of truth to this statement. But if this is true it must be explained from an evolutionary biology standpoint.
In northern regions of the world, especially during the last ice age, food was scarce and the climate harsh. The only food available for most of the year would have been large game like Mammoths, Mastodons, Aurochs and other large extinct mammals. As women were not physically suited to kill such animals with stone weapons, this task fell to men. As such if men of these regions did not stick around after impregnating their women to help feed, clothe and protect their pregnant female partners and offspring, their children would have died and their genes would have died with them. As such there was evolutionary selection for men who empathized and bonded with their women and children. Layman would call this love or in the case of the Manosphere oneitis.
Additionally men from Northern climates would have evolved to cooperate and work together with their male peers as it was the only way to hunt such large animals. As such trying to impregnate your fellow tribe member’s woman or constantly fighting with him over women, would not have been a good strategy for the long term survival of your tribe in such a cold climate. Northern forest and arctic tribes have mostly lived by the standard of one man one woman as it allows for cooperation and the manpower needed to both hunt and fight the elements.
Conversely men from warmer and especially tropical areas of the world did not need to hang around or invest much in their offspring as the women of these climates could simply gather plant based food or scavenge meat. As such, it was far more advantageous for men from these climates not to pair bond with one partner but instead compete with other men and try and impregnate as many women, as possible as their children stood a good chance of surviving without them around. It should also be noted that tropical diseases led to a high infant and child mortality rate and this would have led toward a tendency toward a higher birth rate to compensate. Populations in between the tropics and colder north would have evolved in between the two extremes. This is especially so in warmer agricultural areas where male investment was higher than in the tropics due to farm work. However the longer growing seasons and more abundant food allowed for polygamy and in turn religions like Islam developed.
As many of you reading this probably know, the late great Phillipe Rushton tried to simplify race and ethnic differences in personality, cognition and physical characteristics into a biological spectrum termed R vs K life history strategy. This R vs K spectrum was originally developed by E.O. Wilson to explain the differences in life span, maturation, and paternal investment among organisms. More complex organisms tend to evolve smaller litter sizes, longer childhoods and more paternal investment under conditions where resources are scarce and more care would be required to ensure that each offspring reached adulthood. This R vs K spectrum could be simplified as quantity vs quality of offspring. Although perhaps a better way to simplify it for humans would be uninhibited vs inhibited.
If we are to carry this theory over to humanity and in turn game, it would lead to the obvious conclusion that not pair bonding, not caring and acting uninhibited would appear more Alpha and these males would have had a selective advantage in the low paternal investment tropics. Conversely, in the Northern latitudes pair bonding Beta males would have had a reproductive advantage, as they were the only ones who would have cared enough and cooperated enough for their woman and offspring to survive.
So my following words of advice in regard to Game might come as a shock to some of you purists. Yet I believe they ring true and allow for the most eloquent oversimplification of game yet. If you want to practice good game simply put on a Lil Wayne song and try to emulate and act like an R selected uninhibited black man. In today’s society where infant mortality is minimal and children will survive with or without a father as Daddy Government will suffice instead, being a nice guy and pair bonding will not get you girls, as it is seem by women as a sign of lower social status instinctually. So remember these words to live by.
Shorty want a thug
-Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Carter.

Live Your Life In Open Rebellion- Part 1

What do you really want? Dig deep down and ask yourself what you really want in this life. Be honest. Chances are, you share some of the same desires as many other young men in the West do.

I don’t say that you are not a unique person, someone with his own skills and desires or his own take on the world… But chances are, some of your most basic desires are shared by many peers in your generation. Like say:

  1. A girl.
  2. A career
  3. A purpose in life
  4. A group of friends

So what is it that you really want?

Let me take a stab in the dark here and start with the basics.

  1. A girl.

Chances are you want a pretty girl on your arm. Someone that you can eventually take home to Mom and Dad and make them proud. Hot, smart, and loyal. A real keeper.

Who doesn’t?

But I have some news for you, kid. It’s not easy. And being a nice guy, praying to Jesus, or signing up for an online dating site isn’t going to cut it.

Gotta learn Game (PUA) and gotta be baptized in the cauldron of fire. No other way of getting laid/getting a decent girl. Mom and Pops or the church isn’t going to help you. Gotta approach and play the pick up game.

But there is no shortage of obstacles that you will have to overcome.

You’re not going to land the perfect wife on the first approach. In fact, it will take many attempts, many months of building the frame and confidence you need let alone the skills necessary to bag the girl you’ve always dreamed of.

Many of your peers are in fact scared of going out and trying to get laid now because of all the false rape claims that have been made at the Universities.

Even if you do go out, its a fucking wasteland. Fatties, entitled girls, terrible ratios. You must have noticed this. There is no way you could not have. Not only are you being condemned for your desire to find a good mate, but the pool of quality girls to choose from is rapidly declining.

Our culture encourages promiscuity, but for some reason, you know you’re not getting laid. The paradox may not be fully articulated in your mind quite yet, but the internal frustration is there, “how can this be?” You live surrounded by teaming masses of blue-balled geldings even though “SEX” is written in neon on everything.

(By the way, starting from zero is incredibly difficult. God help you if you have finished college and not stamped your V-card yet.)

Anyone who has spent enough time in the real world understands that dating isn’t anything like what Hollywood presents it as. And anyone that claims otherwise does not have a hot girl to show for it.

But you will get rejected by absolutely everyone for making any effort to improve your lot.

  • Your parents will whine about why you can’t just find a “nice girl.”
  • Feminists will gasp in shock at the very idea that a man would dare learn how to play the same mind games that almost all women deploy against unsuspecting chumps.
  • Moral purists from both sides of the political and ideological spectrum will condemn you for your pursuit of prime poon.

One of your prime imperatives-getting a beautiful mate- is under attack by the society that is supposed to be protecting your right to the pursuit of happiness…

Let that sink in.

You will find that you have no friends out there in the establishment (or the opposition.)  If you choose to pursue your biological imperative, to live life to its fullest, you will find yourself in an act of open rebellion. That is the sad state that our civilization finds itself in. And a reality that you will have to come to terms with eventually, dear reader.  We are yet another generation with no great war, no great depression, and no great cause.

As things stand now, we must simply do the best we can to live a comfortable middle-class life. And one gets the feeling that even this will soon be taken away from us as well…

So I say we stop listening to what we are “supposed” to do. I say we stop putting stock in a system that does not allow us to be who we have it in ourselves to be.

Go out and get that girl.

Live your life in open rebellion.

Continued in Part II


The Autistic Right Needs to Learn Game

This post goes out to all you Divide and Conquer shills on the Autistic Right.

Disclaimer first:

I am a disciple of Roosh. Heartiste first to be quite honest. Then I found my way to Roosh and his literary masterpiece-Bang. I then followed up my first purchase with a second purchase-Day Bang. And then finally- Bang Ukraine.

And I also consider myself an Identitarian, have attended Richard Spencer’s NPI in October as well as Roosh’s World Tour before that. On both occasions, I met solid individuals that I would not have been able to otherwise.

Now you know that I’m biased. And now, more importantly we will find out if you’re really just an edgy liberal at heart, unwilling to step out of your hugbox and face the cold hard specter of a dissenting opinion.

You ready? Take a deep breath and lets continue, if you dare.

Richard Spencer has come out in defense of Roosh’s right to assemble.

So has RamzPaul.

But now Vincent Law has to throw his hat in the ring. (hold your snickering, please)

My defense of Roosh falls squarely under the first question I always ask myself as an Identitarian when analyzing a group’s message.

Is it good for white people?

Here, Roosh’s message passes with flying colors. HEY! SHHH. PUT THAT ROPE AWAY! Did you catch the nuance? His message is on point, regardless of what you want to say about the man himself. His books WILL help you get laid.  His approach to masculinity gives you the philosophical and technical knowledge you need to not hate yourself for being born with a penis.  His meetups will help you find other like-minded men who have started along the long arduous path of male self-improvement. 1454618684518-1

If you want to fight the social atomization, I can’t think of better places to meet like-minded folks than a Roosh meet-up.

Unlike many in the alt-right (or whatever we are) who sit online all day in the comments sections of the blogs or on the Chans, Roosh and his people get out there and have meetups IRL.

I have a question for all the keyboard warriors: When the much wished for day of the rope comes, will it be the ROK Battalion or the anon with an NaziGirl avatar who will prevail? Food for thought, edge-lords.

Roosh offers something that we simply do not.


Does knowing about the JQ help you get laid? Does it measurably improve your quality of life? Does it contribute to your sense of well-being? God, no! It is quite a heavy pill to take, and one that can be debilitating for some.

Besides, why would a normie ever start asking these questions? They are dangerous to say the least and with no tangible benefits for entertaining the notion. But if committing thought crime got you more tail? My, my, now that’s a winning proposition.

And that, put simply is why ROK and Roosh are bigger than the alt-right, than all the Chans and HBD blogs put together. They appeal to the most reptilian desire that man has- to secure a good mate and spread his progeny.

This is not just a “muh dik” argument. It is in fact exploiting a chink in the POZ armor. Think about it. They can claim all they want that men should be feminine and that beauty standards for women are sexist.

But men still work out and women still put on make-up.

The desire to get laid with a quality mate trumps PC and remains one of those key pressure points that our movement should explore and exploit.

The desire for TRUTH is nowhere near as strong. The number of people that are able to think critically for themselves is vanishingly small, and even smaller are the number of people that can deprogram themselves from the lies they have been fed their entire lives.

But everyone wants to get laid.

You want a movement of motivated, hungry, young men that are ready to throw away the shackles of the old system for something better?

Well I have a question for you:

Can you walk out of the basement, cold approach a stranger, and ask them for a moment of their time? BONUS: Can you carry on a conversation for more than 30 seconds without completely spilling your spaghetti and outing yourself as a basement-dwelling autist?

Think about that one and then get back to me.

As a red-pilling technique, bringing up Game, or Applied Charisma is a far better start than simply diving into ethno-nationalism, HBD or god forbid, the JQ.

You want converts to the cause? Tell them you can get them laid if they accept your teachings into your heart. Don’t think it works? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Islam offer 72 virgins upon martyrdom?

This one PUA knows a fool-proof trick to get laid with 72 virgins. Infidels hate him, click to learn how!
This one PUA knows a fool-proof trick to get laid with 72 virgins. Infidels hate him, click to learn how!

Sex is an effective recruiting tool, regardless of what moral protestations you may offer.

Here is what it all boils down to: A Marketing Campaign

Being on the alt-right, whether you are a self-righteous monarchist, a froth-foaming NatSoc, a LARPy neo-pagan or some other faction of which there are many, you have to understand the concept of the conversion funnel.

Marketeers use it all the time- it is a simple analysis tool to understand how to generate interest, lead the customer into making a purchase and then how to retain customer loyalty.

Marketing basics. Purchase can be replaced with "Gas Chambers."
Marketing basics. Purchase can be replaced with “Gas Chambers.”

In the same way- unbeknownst to many-our movement has a conversion process. It almost always starts innocuously, with little thought-provoking HateFacts leading to more and more disturbing questions. “Red-pilling” is gradual and there are many roads that can lead to it. Older tradcon former-Buchanan voters may not need the Crimson Arts Pill to start questioning Conservatism Inc. Nor do many immigrants from the FSU need to accept Hitler as their Lord and Fuhrer to start questioning the globalist agenda of the world elites.
In other words, not everyone’s Red Pilling process follows the same route, nor is it complete for every person. But…

The Process of Red Pill is a Gradual Immersion Into Uncomfortable Truths

So back to marketing for just a sec. Here’s the question that it seems the cooler heads in our movement seem to have asked themselves and come to the correct conclusions about.

I will repeat it to you, dear reader, and bring you up to speed. How does someone come to hear about the dissident-right?

I am always struck by this one experience I had in a Panera Bread. A man with Hitler speeches playing from his handheld recorder came over and muttered something to me about John McCain being the anti-christ. He told me to “look it up.”

Terrible Marketing

You aren’t going to convince anyone like that. I hope I don’t have to explain why.

Now try and see why Roosh and the Manosphere are so effective. They offer you something that money can only sometimes buy:

A chance with a pretty girl

Let the pointy-elbowed quibbling begin. Who shall be the first to declare that they WNB because...reasons.
Let the pointy-elbowed quibbling begin. Who shall be the first to declare that they WNB because…reasons.

To get the prize though, you gotta eat all the cereal first. Every corn-based HateFact that you scarf down to get yourself laid opens your eyes a little more to biological realities. Most importantly it gets you questioning the official stance of the Narrative.

“Women ought to have the same rights as men and it’s awful that the patriarchy oppresses them!”

Changes to..

“Women and men are different and it’s awful that we live in such a feminized society. The Patriarchy did nothing wrong!”

If we were on the sales funnel, I’d say that we were already 2 steps into the conversion process. Once the critical thinking sections of the brain are firing, its really not that hard to transition into HBD (if one is an auteest) or to questioning Cultural Marxism.

Vince's first exposure to the concept of "Cultural Marxism." Don't ask me why I read it, I just did. And now I know that he's going to get so much tail when he gets out of prison.
Vince’s first exposure to the concept of “Cultural Marxism.” Don’t ask me why I read it, I just did. And now I know that he’s going to get so much tail when he gets out of prison.

The whole thesis of this post should be apparent to you by now. But let me elucidate further by stating what I am NOT arguing for.

  • I don’t believe the dissident-right movement should advocate for young men engaging in mindless hedonistic sex with hundreds of women. (Keep the movement strictly political, and if you must, have your fun on the side).
  • I don’t encourage Roosh to race-mix with pure aryan wimminz. (But because of Game, I know he will probably find a very pretty white wife than the average pure-Aryan shitposter)
  • I don’t encourage rape. (Unless she’s like totally into that)

I simply point out that the Sex Pill often leads to the Race Pill (helped along by the comments sections of any of the Manosphere sites) which then leads to the JQ Pill.

After which, its just stamp-collecting.

Iron Pill is best pill. But lets be real, no one can ACTUALLY get through one of Evola’s books.

We would be fools to not understand the MASSIVE appeal that Roosh and the manosphere have on men in the West. Starting a feud with Roosh is a bad idea.

And ignoring one of the biggest entry points on the Dissident Right’s sales funnel is just bad marketing.

The feuding needs to stop.
Learning how to get laid is not anti-white. If anything, its quite the opposite. Roosh’s NeoMasculinity movement is not White Nationalist, or Alt-Right, but it is pro-Western civilization and anti-SJW. Letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, is an incredibly short-sighted strategy. The enemy of our enemy is our friend…
So let’s fight the POZ together.

The Social Contract of Post-First World Society No Longer Offers Anything For White Males

We talk a lot about social contracts between people and their rulers in the political sciences.

For example: Kuwait bribes its citizens with money from its vast hydrocarbon reserves. We can analyze this social contract objectively, without emotion and conclude that if prices for oil continue to plummet, they will have a hard time bribing their citizens into complete authoritarian compliance.

Easy peasy- makes sense. Cause and effect mixed in with some Locke applied to Dune Coonistan.

Now, my question is: What about our social contract, back home in the USSA? There must be one here as well, no?

Well, yes of course there is. It is a very simple one. And though there is no paper document with signatories from the state and the populace, it is still there. The hidden framework that keeps the whole system chugging along is neither sinister or complicated, but in fact extremely basic.

Society promises that if you play by the rules, you can achieve a certain measure of social stature, a certain measure of income independence, and the ability to raise a family and pass on the benefits of your labor to your progeny.

In short, middle-of-the-century America promised you a petty bourgeois existence of relative comfort and security. For many, it was a great deal- the best one that they had seen in generations. They took it, and became the consumer class that exists today. Because you see, there was a hidden clause in the contract. It was there, maybe not that explicit, but still visible to those that could see.

It was a hidden clause that read as follows:  Don’t rock the boat.

You’ll get your vacuum cleaners and all the necessary comforts for modern day living if you play by these rules. Don’t get too loud, don’t make too much noise, remember- your cheap consumables are on the line here. That nice house and car with the lawn are the only thing that keeps you from having to live in the inner-city. Better to just compete with the Jones’ and keep your head down. Liberal democracy brought you all this, why would you ever need anything more?

See it was always there- the fine print that is. But at least previous generations were promised shiny stuff and security in exchange for them not asking any hard questions about liberal democracy or the civilizational destiny of the former colony of Europe that they now called home.

Things started to get a little worse and a little more alarming after the golden years of the 90’s faded. The boundless optimism seemed to be well and dead by the end of W’s 2nd term.

Americans suddenly felt the bite of hardship again… And they didn’t like it one bit.  Many started asking questions following Bush’s disastrous 8 year rein, many of the Gen Xers certainly felt that it was time for Hope and Change.

But what they really wanted was a return to some semblance of the old social contract. They wanted to get their slice of the American pie that the 1% apparently had stolen from them. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t realize that although society had neglected to provide its end of the bargain, their continued obedience was still expected.

Liberal democracy in the West allows no detractors.

Instead of offering the same security and concrete wealth that previous generations could expect, the new carrot seems to be kitsch. The latest app, the latest phone, the latest social cause to get faux outraged about.

Yeah, you might be in debt, you might be bouncing around from part-time job to part-time job. But at least you’re with the times. You’re part of a movement against “the system, maaaan.”

At that point, we could honestly say that the contract had been whittled down to the following: Keep your head down and shut up and in exchange, you will be left alone.

No great civilizational projects for you, no great mission to Mars, no guarantee of a stable job or stable mate, but feel free to enjoy the benefits of Weimerica while they last. The latest diversions, infinite credit lines to get the next entertainment systems, and some loose poon at the local watering hole.

But they didn’t even stop there. They kept pushing. The final clause of the contract is now being violated as well.

The Right to Bread and Circus.

The indignity of it all! Having your future stolen away from you, your civilizational mission wiped from the consciousness of modern society, even your chances at having progeny actively undermined… And the cherry on top is that playing escapist video games is considered problematic now too, at least according to Anita Sarkeesian…

See, that is why GamerGate was so important and got the attention that it did. Say what you will about its eventual subversion and submersion into the mires of cuckdom, the reason that Gaymers finally stood up for a second and promptly plopped behind a computer to angrily tweet about SJW subversion of their favorite pastime should not be overlooked. They demanded their last inalienable right to engage in escapist fantasy. But even there, the ThoughtPolice stood ready to intervene.

So the question now is: what do you get by playing along and not rocking the boat?

Absolutely nothing.

You’re not going to get laid going with the flow. There is no cushy entry-level analyst position at the local consulting firm for you if you play by the rules. In fact, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any place for you and yours in the brave new brown world that is being foisted upon us. Just listen to what our cultural elites openly say now… Move aside. Step down. You’re being replaced.

And the best part is that there are no carrots anymore. The tasty treat dangling in front of our teeth has faded like the mirage it always was. They’re getting bolder, and they’re even starting to mess with the bread and circus act that kept us so placated in the first place.

Are our enemies dumb? In a way they are. They have a low-cunning at best, but mostly a barely hidden malice. That is why they are pushing themselves into gaming, into criminalizing all voluntary associations of straight white males, why they’ve suddenly become the “No Fun” police.

But they are pushing too far. With no benefits offered anymore for going along with their twisted system, even the most Machiavellian and self-serving among us will start to have second thoughts about going along with the anti-white mantra.

An appeal to ethno-masochism and voluntary castration is all the SJWs, Liberasts and TradCucks have at this point.

My last question then is very simple: why do we tolerate it?