Check out this video.

Glorious. I especially love the filter that they used. It screams #FutureFash and because of one thing above all else:


The symbology, the suggestive voice-over and the that sweet vaporwave Dust theme playing through the video captures the Aryan soul’s Faustian longing for infinite space…

I reached out to Skydas to pick their mind, and they agreed to answer some questions. Enjoy:

Your video shows you tagging, why did you decide to start doing street art?

You can’t ignore something you see everyday on your way to work or school. Whenever you see something symbolic written on a wall, you can’t help but to give it a thought or two, it enters and stays in your sub-conscious for some time. So that’s what we’re going for, to spread whatever message we have to spread, to make people think or move them emotionally.

It’s also great fun, who wouldn’t like roaming the streets with a buddy at night, drawing on walls? Of course there’s also the factor of advertising our group, reaching people through their emotions. Let’s not forget that doing street art is great footage to use, as you can see it’s our most popular video yet. We also take in to account the property that we draw on, we avoid doing any street art on buildings or sights of cultural importance or great value.

What does your symbol symbolize?

It’s a stylized version of one of our national symbols – the columns of Gediminas (Gediminaičių stulpai). I think it accurately represents one of the core beliefs of fascism and our group – The modernization of the old so that it would live on in times of globalization.

There is no certain belief what the symbol itself means, it might be an old depiction of a sacred altar, or a balto-slavic symbol used for trade.

It was used by one of our ruling dynasties, originally as a personal insignia of Gediminas.

What do you mean by A E S T H E T I C S?

Aesthetics are very important to every movement, we’re about quality, not quantity, thus we must present ourselves like decent people. We reject delving in to sub-culture and isolating ourselves from society.

Mind giving me a quick summary about what message you’re trying to get across?

We’re a youth group of fascists and national-socialists, we mustn’t talk about long term goals as it’s pointless in our current situation. So what we’re currently trying to do is bring up a new generation through attracting the youth and educating them, providing them with the redpill.

What do you think the future of Europe holds?

We can not be sure what the future holds, yet the direction Europe is going is evidently self-destructive. Immigrants and simple minded people are not the enemy, they are merely a tool, our true enemy are the white traitors who are responsible for the problems Europe faces today.

Do you see a reawakening in Europe coming soon or are things going to get much worse?

Things are gonna get worse as much as they need to, the system cannot sustain itself at this rate, the European people are gonna snap eventually. It has gotten so bad, that even science is censored and is considered taboo. You can judge yourself what fate Europe awaits. Matters usually get the worst right before the breaking point and they are getting worse and worse quite fast these days.

Aesthetics of the Resurgent Right is a really good topic, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

It’s part of modernizing the old, so that it would be effective in fighting globalism, this includes most aspects of culture, including contemporary fads. Let’s face it, you can’t take someone seriously who has oily long hair, lots of piercings on their face, and just looks very abnormal in general. We are not aiming to attract such people, rather we’re aiming to attract more modern people who do not isolate themselves from society.

Thanks for the interview, Skydas. I abused that replay button. Keep up the good work.



AI Academic Interview Series 9: Putin against the Atlanticists

AI Academic Interview 9: Putin against the Atlanticists

Russian geopolitics in all its intricacies. Vincent Law explains the Ukrainian situation, the 2008 war with Georgia, and political swordplay in Moscow. What is Putin doing to build Russian civil culture? He has to deal with an aggressive media, US-funded “protest” groups, and the corruption of his own officials.

Vince also discusses The Saker Theory: Putin’s coming purge of Russia’s pro-American faction, the so-called “Atlanticists.” What should the Alt-right’s position on Russia be? Are any groups in Russia our natural allies?

When you need to know about Russia, you can’t trust faggots like Anne Applebaum. But you can count on AI to bring you the most succulent morsels of Kremlinology.

Spengler’s Last Prophecy

Grimey, gaunt-eyed throngs are groping their way across the world. Europe–the object of their longing–offers all. The black and brown masses, hearing her Siren-call, know that they will be welcomed. Europe’s ancient populations are tired. They see no reason to resist.

Such is the premise of Camp of the Saints, the 1973 novel of Jean Raspail. It has rightly received a lot of attention lately, as swarms of Syrians and Somalis, Nigerians and Sudanese, Eritreans and Iraqis begin to infest the Old Continent’s cities. But Raspail was not the first to imagine an ignominious and anticlimactic end to Western Civilization in its homeland. Forty years earlier, another had imagined the same scenario.

Not only imagined, but predicted. In 1933 Oswald Spengler, Germany’s most celebrated philosopher of history, published his last major work The Hour of Decision. Spengler is known primarily for Decline of the West, his two-volume, thousand-page meditation on the meaning of history. But perhaps he should be better known for Hour of Decision, because in it, he prophesies many aspects of the current crisis.

The Hour of Decision, at 230 pages in English, is much shorter than Spengler’s magnum opus. Decline of the West explains why and how the West has reached its spiritual and cultural peak, and will remain largely stagnant for the next few centuries, before it collapses totally. Hour of Decision is more specific. It describes what exactly will happen as a result of this inner decay. Continue reading Spengler’s Last Prophecy

The Return of The Mannerbund

The Alt Right has a problem. This problem if not dealt with could make or break the future of the movement. The problem I speak of is not subversives entering the movement or (((merchants))) constantly projecting their own fantasies on us via mainstream news. The problem I speak of is a lack of unity and a lack of charisma. Sure the autistes in the movement are great at shit posting on twitter and making dank memes. They even manage to carry out some high profile publicity stunts like the Chalkining and most likely are a guiding influence among the Trump campaign. There may even be some Alt Righters among Trumps advisors. So what is wrong with autistes you ask?
The problem I speak of is a problem of charisma or better yet a problem of drive. To understand what I mean I would like to reference a scene in Braveheart when Longshanks states “the problem with Scotland is its full of Scots.” Yes this is our problem we are full of autistes who would rather sit at home on a Friday night than go to a bar throw back a few drinks and find a girl. So I am going to take a lesson from Islam and our own European tribal past and suggest we organize “Mannerbund” groups for the sole purpose of carousing, going out to bars and meeting women. More importantly just as Longshanks stated in Braveheart “This should fetch just the sort of lords I need.” Such a strategy could fetch just the sort of men the Alt Right needs to succeed beyond the Animae watching “neets” the media portrays us as.
“Every Other Tribe Seeks to Fuck Your Women Its Time You Return the Favor”
If you go to a club, bar or even a large social event like the St. Patrick’s Day parade I attended this year in Boston, you are going to notice a pattern. When you do see a mixed race or mixed ethnic couple under 30, it is more often than not going to be a White woman with a nonwhite man. Of the roughly 2 dozen inter racial couples I walked by on the way to the bar, all were White female with nonwhite male with the exception of one white SWPL male dating an Indian girl of the dot variety. More importantly I saw an equal amount of Asian male White female couples, compared to the usual Black male White female couples. Of course there were all sorts of Middle Eastern, Mestizo and Dominican Mulatto type males with pretty blondes on their arms, or should I say with hand on ass. The traditional standby of White Male Asian Female was all but absent, as was any White guy dating anything but the typical entitled and often fat White girl. So what the hell is going on?
In a recent article for Taki’s Magazine Love Is Still Not Colorblind, Steve Sailer followed up on a 1997 article in which he tried to explain the disparities among interracial couples. Back in 1997 Black husband White wife couples were 2.5 times more common than the reverse and White husband Asian wife couples were 2.5 time more common than the reverse. However Sailer reported a new statistical trend today. While the trend for Black male White female couples held steady, the Asian ratio had almost reached parity. Yes those Beta male Asians are getting White girls. So why is this? Sailer argues that it’s because American culture is Masculinizing and makes for more attractive men and less attractive women. I think the truth is far more repugnant.
My theory is drawn from biological reality and historical fact. When one tribe of men invade a new territory they subdue the men and have their way with the women. More often than not they killed the men and male children and used the females for recreational purposes. Did Odysseus not throw Hectors son from the walls of Troy? Was the Trojan priestess Cassandra not raped by Greeks? In the process they create a mixed breed underclass along with a more ethnically intact upper class which lorded over the half castes. This was true for the Mongol hordes, Ottoman Turks, Arabs, Moors, the Bantu tribes of Africa, the Siberian Cossacks, Amerindian tribes and more recently Spanish Conquistadors. Though the Conquistadors seemed to have mixed less out of a rape and pillage attitude than due to a lack of Spanish women in the Americas. This tendency also exists in social animals, male Chimps and Lions even do it!
And yes White man now it’s your turn. All the disparate tribes invade your countries and the men of these more vigorous tribes are fucking your women. However should you approach a woman from one of these tribes when she is in the company of her own you will be rebuked or even physically attacked as I have. This is also true of those model minority Asian males. Go to any area with a significant Asian presence. You will notice while an Asian woman is near Asian men they will do anything and everything to prevent her from talking to a round eye. I have even seen them start fights over females who are complete strangers to them. In cities like Boston with a large and growing Asian presence this animosity among Asian males toward White males in the sexual marketplace is growing ever stronger. It’s gotten to the point where if I’m in a club that’s more than 20% Asian I leave.
However the reverse is not true. It’ been almost a decade since I joined the 21 and over night life scene and I have yet to see a group of White men reprimand a Non White male for approaching or being with a White Woman. But I have seen Dindus, Mystery meat Hispanics, all types of Kebabs, South Asians from the Sub Continent and especially East Asians do it. Of course all the while they are chasing the fairest of white women. To them fucking a blonde or red head is a badge of honor among the males of their community.
So how do we counteract this without getting arrested for a micro aggressive hate crime? Simple we beat them at their own game. We form a Mannerbund of base White Males for the sole purpose of reasserting our status with our own women and plundering the women of other non-European descended groups. Now this is not an open invitation to miscegenation. Remember you are White men and you should have the agency to wear protection or at least pull out.
I speak from personal experience having partaken in the charms of females from various ethnic groups and origins. That’s how I ended up in the Alt Right in the first place. The more women you bed from a non-European background or even different European backgrounds, the more you will realize we are not all the same and that women the world over from less altruistic societies really do worship the strong jawed white male even if our own women do not. Go forth my brothers and reassert your dominance over these orcs and uppity invaders. Just make sure you do it in a Mannerbund, as their is strength in numbers and in unity. In a world where White Male retaliation against invading hoards assaulting our women is verboten, it would be best to beat the invaders at their own game lest you be swept aside for Jamal, Akmed or even Chang and your genes extinguished.
branigans law

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

Even model minorities bring social costs: ethnic nepotism, test scams, and market manipulation. East Asians and Indians can be more dangerous than they look. Ritter and Singh compare high- and low-achieving minorities, and learn that the Yellow Peril is real. Hunker down for the Asian immivasion!

Education Realist on cheating in China

On SAT scams

Radishmag on Slavery, probably the Alt-Right/Dark Enlightenment’s premier takedown of “The Narrative” on all things black.

UPDATE: WaPo article about a “Virginia Woman” who made a habit of buying high-end handbags and returning fake ones. An further example of Singh’s point about the deleterious effects of high-functioning minorities on social trust.

Book Review: Heart of Europe, A History of the Holy Roman Empire

Flip through a historical atlas of Europe. Starting at AD 100, there is only Rome. North of the Danube circle dozens of obscure Latinate names designating Germanic tribes.

Fast forward 900 years and a vaguely recognizable Europe seems to be taking shape. France, England, Poland are all there, albeit a bit contorted. If your curiosity was piqued, you could easily find an entire book, dedicated to the history of any one of those countries, including its early development:

On that same map, c. 1000, you would also find a quite novel political entity–The Holy Roman Empire. It dominates central Europe, what is now Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, northern Italy and France’s eastern borderlands. But now try to find out more. Where can you turn?

Sure, there are general histories of Medieval Europe. There are also histories of Germany that cover its pre-unification metamorphosis. But rare are books dedicated to the Holy Roman Empire explicitly, although there are a few. Most recently came Joachim Whaley’s two-part Germany and the Holy Roman Empire (2012). Whaley’s book is packed with information and analysis, which is exciting for history buffs and academics. But those with a more casual interest are out of luck.

That changed last month. Heart of Europe, A History of the Holy Roman Empire by Oxford professor Peter H. Wilson at last filled the gap. It is a readable, non-specialist book on the “other” Roman Empire. But you will be disappointed if you are looking for an enthralling, narrative history. While readable, Wilson’s book fails to bring much order from the chaos that was the Holy Roman Empire. Continue reading Book Review: Heart of Europe, A History of the Holy Roman Empire

AI Academic Interviews are Back, Goyim! Leaving Rothbardland

AI Academic Interview Series 8: Leaving Rothbardland

Ritter interviews Singh on Austrian Economics. What are the shortcomings of libertarianism? How does a libertarian transition to being a fashy goy? Singh sketches the intellectual backgrounds and output of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard–their achievements in economics, and the excesses of their disciples. He also covers the libertarian fetish for the non-aggression principle, and victimless crime in Leaving Rothbardland

Also, The Jews and their three favorite logical fallacies.

The Importance of Art

Trying to convince normal people of the realities of the world is like herding cats. They will not listen to you and they will most likely run from you the harder you try to present your case. They are so indoctrinated by the modern culture of double standards and anti-white ideology that they can’t see the forest through the trees. They will constantly cherry pick examples from the nightly news or their individual lives in order to desperately hold on to their world view. So how are you supposed to make people aware of what’s right in front of their eyes? The answer can be found in art. As the following experiences have taught me.
Statistics and meta-analysis mean nothing to the average person. They do not understand even the most basic of such concepts. Rather they rely on their emotions and sense of morality to decide what to believe. When you point out the news only shows stories that fit the narrative of the “evil” white male oppressing everyone, they will simply call you a racist or crazy. This is particularly so of women. Your average woman only seeks to maintain the “status quo” or culture of the current year. From an evolutionary standpoint this was always the safest thing for them to do. In my experience even the most politically correct attempts to point out the obvious will lead to a cascading series of accusations. “You’re saying that ethnic groups have different averages for IQ so you must think all blacks are retarded! I bet you wouldn’t say that to a black persons face! I can’t stand a person who thinks like you, get away from me!” Forget the fact these people don’t understand the concept of a bell curve, a standard deviation, regression to the mean or even that half of people are above and below average.
Funny enough the earlier example was from a mixed race girl who was very easy to convince of the JQ “Jewish Question” and the Jewish tendency to undermine their host nation and host population. She also took to the fact that North East Asians have a higher IQ than most groups easily, as she works for a few. The second a fact might reflect badly on her potential status in a racially aware population, she could not handle it. However she was instinctively far more of a race realist in mate preference, where she choose to live or the types of TV she watched than she will ever realize. More importantly she was far more of a race realist than the vast majority of White American girls.
I’ve never actually never been called a racist by a female who does not fit the Nordic ideal. The only women who have ever called me racist are those of the Northern European variety. In these instances I never even attempted to red pill them but rather would simply point out the obvious. “It’s so hard being a woman in this city” one girl complained. “Every day I walk by this church and the men on the stairs yell the most vile things at me and sometimes even try to touch me” a 23 year old girl from lily white New Hampshire once told me. I simply asked her “What kind of men where they? Where they men like me?” After a few more probing questions she realized I was asking what race where the men. To which she replied with an inner horror and accused me of being a “white supremacist.”
Another leggy, blonde bombshell college student was once telling me of her travels in Europe. As I had not been there during the current migrant crisis, I asked her opinion on it. She replied with your typical SWPL “We need to help these poor people.” When I asked her about the sex ratio of the migrants or their ages she seemed baffled. “What do you mean she asked” and of course I pointed out that these people were not women and children but close to 90% military aged men who once in Europe began robbing and raping with no response from the cucked cops. She of course called me a racists and said people should be able to “move wherever they want.” That was the end of the conversation.
However I have had successes. These victories came not from logical debate but rather through art. I have always had a flair for culture, museums and of course good movies. Most men can make use of these in the dating battlefield. If you wish to demonstrate the obvious, finding the rare movie which portrays the world in a realistic light will do more to convince a woman then any book. Some favorites of mine are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Last of the Mohicans, Apocalypto and any other Mel Gibson movie for the most part. Gran Torino is another one as it simply points out that all too often it’s a white man who willingly sacrifices himself to save another race, while forsaking his own. But of course the majority of movies will spin a very different narrative and are best avoided. Most powerful of all however is a trip to a museum, a national park or some grandiose achievement or Western peoples. Great Works of classical art are awe inspiring to women. They are a tool to raise awareness of the ethnicity of the peoples who created them. Often you will find “art” from more primitive tropical areas of the world next to the work of a Dutch Master or Renaissance Sculpture. Seeing such a comparison can undue years of conditioning by the politically correct establishment.

RED DAWN 13: Confessions of a Former Libertard

Confessions of a Former Libertard

Singh has a confession to make: He was once a libertard. The Austrian School may be the only game Economics-town, but what happens when you open the gates? In come the Straussians and the Frankfurters. What’s an autiste to do? Singh guides Ritter through the morass of sophistry.

Also: The Propaganda organs are going all out on The Trumpenfuhrer, letting loose a fusillade of frivolous lawsuits and solipsism.