Oslo’s Muslim Ghetto: A Photo Essay

I took a Saturday evening stroll through Oslo’s more Islamic sectors. Although dicey, it was certainly not a no-go zone. I probably would have felt differently if it had been dark. I sat on a ledge outside the mosque for about 10 minutes just to observe. The ‘locals’ milled about and seemed not to notice me as I sneaked snapshots. As I did, a tall, buff, blond Swede walked by, wearing a skin-tight pink shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Irritatingly, the Muzzies paid him no more heed than they did me.

For the most part I kept my distance from the fauna while shooting photos. I wanted to catch them off guard–you know, for the sake of art.

Streetscene near Oslo Mosque. During the Nazi occupation, Norway’s ancient Muslim community was rounded up and shoahed inside.
The Red Cross gives out food to the young, economically crucial immigrants. These newly arrived laborers will work tirelessly to support Norwegians in their dotage.
Gypsy woman looking sincere. Oil on canvas. Note the picture of her young, pretty, blond 2-d waifu.
BROS! Somali, Sudanese, Eritrean? Who knows. At top right is a drum section of red-coated American servicemen in Oslo for some reason.
Foreground: Childless woman. Background: the children of others
Foreground: Childless woman. Background: the children of others

After a few hours of trooping around, I went to the station to bus it back to the suburbs. As I waited, a shortish, East African man asked me about the bus route. I replied curtly that he was in the right place. A brief silence followed, wherein he checked his smartphone. Being a sneaky fucker, I saw that his background was a giant orthodox-looking cross. My racism ebbing, I decided to try my luck and asked, “Where are you from?” After establishing that he had no Arabic, that I no Tigre, and neither of us Norwegian, he explained in painstaking English that he was from Eritrea. He had arrived last year “by bus, though Germany.” “By God,” I thought, “he’s not just an immigrant, he’s a bloody refugee! That’s it, Game Over. I just won the SWPL sweepstakes. 1,488 points! No socialite in DC will keep me out of her bed with this story.” I pressed for more, but despite his easy style, his English really was barely rudimentary.

The bus came, and we parted. He got off a couple stops before me, at a place that gave off that thirdy vibe. His sort seemed to come and go from the same spot. It occurred to me the Norwegian government had to be putting the refugees up in different places around in the Oslo burbs. It’s not like these guys could afford anything, especially given the prices around here. The next day would see my suspicions confirmed. In the course of my morning run, I sought out that hill-peak up to which seemed to be the objective of my bus-route. There I came upon a school shrouded in trees and overgrown hedges.

This was it. Atop this labyrinth of quaint Scandic neighborhoods was a wasp’s nest. I saw an old hijabess on a parkbench in the yard and some young muhajiruun behind a window. I suppose this need not have been a refugee center, maybe they were just at the school at 9 AM Sunday for job-training. Regardless of their purpose, these Muslims had struck it rich. In Dante, Mount of Purgatory culminates in the paradise of Earthly delights. I can think of no more fitting description of Mohammad’s conception of heaven.

RED DAWN 15: Frankreich Erwache!

RED DAWN 15: Frankreich Erwache!

France, Austria and Italy are on the brink, who will crack first? Battle lines are forming… What forces will shape Western politics in the coming decades? With the white power-structure is crumbling, ethnic cadres are waiting in the wings. Do whites stand a chance? Greg and Vince take bets with Malphete on the future of Europe. Frankreich Erwache! May France Awaken!

And: Vince recounts his time at Russia’s Victory Day celebration.

*Sorry about the puffs of breath in the headlines. I’m AirBnBing with a bunch of hipster Swedes, so I had to record sitting on a bench next to the train tracks. People walked by. It was awkward.

Oslo, Pozlo

My bus arrived in Oslo at 830, but, it might as well have been any other time of day. At this time of year, the Norwegian sky never rises beyond a dull gleam. I managed the transition correctly this time, and boarded a city-bus, bound for a stop in an obscure suburb where my host had arranged to meet me. The ride lasted half an hour, ample time for me to ruminate on the wisdom of electing to book a room with a total stranger. The bus’ route alternated sharp left with sharp right turns, all the while going up a steep hill. As it did, I delved ever farther into the Norwegian countryside.

Or really the suburbs, but European suburbs are not a proper Suburbia. Sidewalks are rare, and they are never cream-colored concrete, but asphalt or gravel. They are also messier. Despite the Nords’ well deserved reputation for cleanliness and order, certain aspects of the American Dream elude them. The areas between the road and a property’s fence is often unkempt. The houses, while often alive with gay colors, seem discordant with the grey roads, grey sidewalks, and the ever grayer sky.

I found myself in this dim world, well past 9, on a Thursday night. Alone. Despite what I thought had been the plan, my host had left me to my fate. Of course my cell plan only worked in Sweden. And obviously I hadn’t bothered to draw a map from the bus-stop to her house beforehand, when I had had access to the glorious Google. Not that any of this was all that big of a deal. It was cool, but not cold, and I have certainly slept outside before. Although usually not while sober. Or I could not be a lazy, stingy fucker, gather up my shekels, and ride back into town to find a hostel. But honestly I felt safer roughing it in the ‘burbs. It’s Norway for godsake. Continue reading Oslo, Pozlo

The End of History is About to End

We were born at the end of history. Our parents told us to go to college, and then settle back into cruise control for the sweet sunset at the end of the ride.

We’re Bobo’s. SWPLs. Middle-class apparatchiks. The Managerial Class. The Comfortable Ones.

But as my colleague Greg frequently pines, “I’m horny for the race war.” 

We would have that job, that decent car and house after a few years of saving up and we would meet that special someone in college. If we were really artsy, we could become rockstars and BMX semi-pros. If we were feeling rebellious, we could agitate for some social cause in college- like the Boomers had done in the 60’s. We had it all laid out for us, inshallah.

But none of it seems to be working out anymore, praise be to God.

I feel that I speak about much of the alt-right when I characterize us as middle-class discontents. Our problems only really started when we rejected the principles and values of our more well-adjusted peers on a subconcious level. Something wasn’t clicking and we started looking for answers. We choked down the red-pill and came out of our adolescent purgatory understanding the depth of our generation’s betrayal.


Meanwhile, in the world around us history has started to reassert itself, and the long nap following the collapse of the CCCP has ended.  Sleepy and dazed, some of us are starting to wake up and detect a new scent in the air. Things are changing, but a bit too slowly for some…

The incubation stage happened online. We got our hands on forbidden literature, played with dangerous ideas, and honed our arguments on a Salasus Secondis internet containment planet of debate. Since then, we have started to make our way out of the containment boards and forums of the internet, those dark recesses of free speach that the censors were barely aware existed.

Now we’re harassing journalists, holding conferences, and attending massive rallies for the TrumpenFuhrer. Things look good.

But mostly things just seem to be getting worse. And as they do, the normies seem to just double down on escapism and moral signaling behaviors. Unbeknownst to the uninitiated, there were other cesspools swirling away from the public eye on places like Tumblr, and Something Awful (just to name a few.)

A different mass of disenchanted middle-class snowflakes,  found meaning in their petty post-modern lives by creating victim complexes for themselves. They too have exploded onto the political arena, and are a product of middle-class ennuie as much as they are influenced by ideas peddled by the Eternal Merchant. The last year and a half has seen a rapid convergence of several factors, with the left leading an actual modern day cultural revolution, and the alt-right emerging as a virulent reaction.

So far, it has been mostly online, but there comes a point where you just can’t keep doing SWPL things and “hiding our power level” all the while. The ennuie of the middle-aged man feeling the loss of his country, and the ennuie of the young man condemned to have his future robbed from him are fuel to the rising fire. Our little run-ins with Antifa will continue, as will the desire to “do something.”

Who know, maybe we can even expect to see torch lit parades starting very soon in sleepy, complacent and sedated America. But only if the well-to-do wing  of the alt-right is willing to get its bow-tie and tassle-shoes dirty by rubbing shoulders with the “proles.” (There is no hope of Gramscian infiltration for you, lads.)

History is made when marginalized groups of people (whether self-percieved or actually so) decide to make a play, and challenge the status quo. Needless to say, the status quo in the United States and Western Europe was so comfy for so long, it was hard to see any fundamental changes happening any time soon. But the changes came, spurred by the left and intent on changing society from the lib-dem status quo that we inherited. They have been largely successful in positioning Western society (especially in W. Europe) slightly to the right of Mao Zedong. The cultural marxist vision lies at the end of a long-arching pendulum swing to the far left.

In that sense, the Alt-Right is just the next swing of the political pendulum, the next revisionist force that will kickstart history and save us from the petty bourgeoius middle-class homeostasis that the West has found itself in since the end of WW2. A group of angry young white males find themselves marginalized by society…and history shows us what will happen next. Our tactics may change, as may our leaders, but one thing is for sure: the discontent that is felt by a significant minority of the Gen X and Millenial Generation will not go away. It is our job in the alt-right to channel this feeling of ennuie and malaise into the restoration of our civilization and steer away from the self-destrucive storm that has been concocted by the left. We’re the glitch in the system, the rounded off decimal of Pi that everyone wrote off and forgot about…We’re foul-mouthed brutes, sex-crazed fiends, arrogant racists, raving fanatics…and we’re going to kick off the long-awaited renaissance of European civilization. Our Reconquista will be like nothing that came before us. It may take awhile to realize our aims, but the alt-right is just the beginning of a new project. We are not bound to one election cycle because we believe in the forging of a new identity for the European peoples.
…and for our people we will struggle, we will sacrifice, and we will never slacken.

Let’s stop being comfortable, and lets start making history again.



Jet-lagged and horny for Racewar

Jet-lagged and horny for racewar, I went for a 1am stroll around downtown Stockholm. I didn’t find what I was looking for. Everywhere was deserted. I had expected more from this place, even on a weekday night. But there was not a Muslim to be seen. I found myself walking by a massive stone building–a bombastic relic of Sweden’s former majesty. It felt like the White House–only three times bigger and not dumpy. Maybe it was the king’s residence.

It looked important

Regardless, no one would have stopped me if I had strutted up to the front door and slept on the stoop–no soldiers, no cops, not even a groundskeeper. Only when I tried to short-cut my way through a grandiose alley did I encounter three drunk-sounding cops in stupid yellow outfits who, upon noticing, gave me a “hej! odele odele,” which I assume was their attempt at “fuck off guy.”

Out back there was also an elongated igloo with a man/woman sign on it. It looked like a bombproof sauna. Perhaps this was the Swedish government’s way of encouraging degenerates to do their dirty work out of public view. Although, with the proper motivation, I’m sure we could put such things to much more suitable uses.

The tranny oven in fired up and ready.

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The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

There is a very Yuropoorean tendancy to eschew the “white” label. “We are French, and therefore nothing like those Belgians!” they proclaim. Its true, the French and Belgians are different…in theory…(sidebar: when was the last time you ever met a Belgian and not just some expat working in Brussels? Do Belgians even live in Belgium anymore??)

But as our Marxist professors are quick to point out in the Government department, nationalism or national self-identity is created as a response to “the other.” The need to rally against a common enemy creates a  shared temporary identity that the in-group latches onto. This is yet another liberal half-truth masquerading as fact, as I’m sure the astute reader will notice. There is more to national identity than rallying around a negative, there is in fact a positive, shared history, genetic similarity, etc.

But let’s take the standard libshit sophistry away from the statement as best we can and analyze it. Is it fair to say that there are push and pull factors that contribute to national identity, negative and positive associations? It seems emminently reasonable to me, but then I’ve been listening to Richard Spencer a lot lately…

There is pushback from old school patriots that seem unable to grasp this dichotomy inherent in national identity. They focus on the “positive” factor, drawing on history and national memory to ground their movement, but seem to struggle to understand the magnitude of the problem Europe faces in combatting the great “other.”

This often leads to fractious quarrelling and an unfounded sense of racial superiority that I see in dealings with little nationalists of little countries.  They seem to be offended by the fact that people lump them in under the category of “white.”


Its a misplaced superiority complex. And its this petty nationalism that is present among many Ukrainian nationalists, Polish nationalists, Croat nationalists (to name a few). Their great “other” is their immediate neighbor, and there is little sense of pan-white identity present in their nationalist movements. Sad!

But one thing these petty nationalist CAN rally around is their opposition to being lumped in as “white” by American patriots. Short-sighted to say the least…

It’s about time to embrace whiteness instead of running away from it. Here’s a gem I plucked from an American patriot:

When will you realizse we rally behind the white identity because that that is the part of us the attack. Whether youre belgian or not doesnt mean a rats ass to these jackals. To them, anybody with the right piece of paper can be Belgian. They only thing they see, and the only thing they hate about you is that you area member of the white race.

The rapid arrival of a hostile other is expediting the process, but we must be wary of the rise of a petty nationalism that does not take into account the context of the worldwide White dilemna. In that context, Britain’s desire to leave the EU to get away from the dreaded Polish Plumbers is either a subtle dog whistle or just typical Anglo 5th columnism. So is Scotland’s bizarre desire to leave the UK to just turn around and join the EU, (and also encourage more immigration). Examples abound, and all of them revolve around the idea that these people claim they are separate and different from people they are rather similar to when compared to the existential threat of the 3rd world invasion.

I’ll leave you with this from the same anonymous American:

Oh you think the brown hordes take any second to consider whether you’re Polish or Norwegian when they’re robbing you, raping your women and eventually replacing you? The only thing they see is that you’re white. They don’t give a single shit whether your particular nation colonisez them at some point or not. Cut the unfounded superiority complex you Europeans constantly try to pull. You act as if you’re somehow better or more enlightened than us because you dont self-identify as white. Here’s a little wake-up call buddy: you’re the same fucking “white guy” to these people as us mongrels you love to berate. Falling back onto “bu-but I’m French, Italian, etc” doesn’t mean shit to therse peopel. White is an umbrella term that describes the European race with all its unique ethnicities. That includes you. 

As has been aptly put by many on the alt-right, we can identify as one race and work towards fostering brotherhood and cooperation among ourselves without ruining the uniqueness of each of our nations and cultures.

The 2016 Pan-European Summer Race-Tour

AI is pleased to announce that we will be traveling around Europe for the next two months. Our goal is to provide first-hand reporting on the ‘refugee’ crisis. As the summer heats up, the vapors are sure to infuse the animal spirits of our third-worlder nemeses. With any luck, we will be able to document it all for you. If, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong, Europe is fine, and no caliphate is imminent, we will be sure to inform you alt-righters to calm the fuck down and go back to your maturbatoria. We’re not holding our breath (even if you guys are). So it is with great excitement that we inaugurate The 2016 Pan-European Summer Race-Tour.

Think of it as a postmodern crusade. In Chaucer’s day, a young aristocrat would lay out his steel-plate panoply, line up a couple barrels of bordeaux, and board the next boat to Lithuania to smash some Christianity into those proto-Indo-European linguistic bumpkins. But today, your typical warrior of God packs a go-ruck with a stack of underwear, a wad of charging cables and caffeine pills. He then sets out to smash the red-pill into the cuddly natives before they catch AIDS from the Skinnies. Continue reading The 2016 Pan-European Summer Race-Tour

A French Patriot Declares War

Eugene de Malphete, a true French patriot, declares war on the ideology of white ethnocide. Mssr. Malphete has appeared on AI before, in RED DAWN 11, where he discussed the European situation with G. Ritter and V. Law. In the following essay, he outlines the threats Westerners face, and what we can do to counter them:

The whole Occident is in trouble. Europeans have the same problems as exist in the United States of America. In fact, the POZ is even worse in Europe. If whites want to save themselves, we must realize the commonality of our problems. European and American patriots need to work together. But too often we do not understand that we face the same problems. Europeans’ fight is Americans’ fight too. So as a Frenchman, I would like to offer my take on the West’s issues, so that my American comrades might better comprehend our shared predicament.

Europe specifically faces three mortal threats: radical Islam, loss of identity, and disastrous political decision-making. All these factors lead to occidental submission and, eventually, the destruction of Western Civilization.

First, I intend to give a simple idea of our enemies’ political ideology, and to offer several illustrations of it. This ideology relies on the Strategy of Destruction and the Strategic Deconstruction Model. Then I will explain how these ideas have led to our current situation. In using the word “deconstruction” to describe the intentional dismantling of a culture, I follow French journalist Eric Zemmour, author of The French suicide (2014).

The Plan

Our enemies seek the destruction of the nation-state. The nation-state has 3 components: its People, its Geography, and its Leader, whether he is a king, prime minister or president. But nowadays, the people are no longer sovereign, their leaders do not serve the people’s interests, or even the interest of the state. Territories do not have borders anymore and governments obey to super-national political and legal entities such as the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. By destroying the nation-state’s components, our enemy seeks to bring about the deconstruction of humanity.

They mask their strategy with propagandistic claims such as::

  • That there is no need to inherit your own culture in order to become part of the national community. Rather, one must inherit the culture of others, in fact it must be transmitted to you, and the state should even encourage it!
  • That we must accept racial interbreeding and alien traditions and customs. We are compelled to tolerate and celebrate non-European religions, eating habits (Hallal, Vegetarianism, etc), and even languages (or just bastardizations of European tongues). Of course, the immigrants bring nothing in the way of new technologies, nor capital provisions–only cultural corruption.

This was the birth of what the Americans have called “multiculturalism.” Through this ideology, all cultures and all people are equal. Multiculturalism has, by the logic of Marxian dialectic, become a kind of communism.

The ideology uses different means to achieve the destruction of the nation-state:

  • The abolition of the concept of national preference. Thus, European citizens have exactly the same rights than foreigners from anywhere.
  • The moral and political enfeeblement of the People. We have been morally corrupted through mechanisms such as degenerate television programming and legalized vice. Our political degradation has been achieved via the abolition (restriction?) of the referendum, which until recently was the best means for the people to assert their will, and thereby resisting multiculturalism.
  • Xenophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism are held up as the ultimate evil.
  • The use of gross sentimentalism to distort the People’s historical memory. To achieve this end, the Strategy of Destruction relies on never-ending commemorations and public repentance for colonialism, the holocaust, racism etc. The maxim “Homo homini lupus est,” ie “A man is a wolf to another man,” has given way to “Europaeus omnibus lupus est.”

How did the Occident become susceptible to multiculturalist deconstruction? How could such a preposterous ideology seep into our thinking? Multiculturalism does not attack one’s reason, but one’s emotions and sense of morality. It exploits’ whites’ inclination toward guilt and shame. It also manipulated long-standing ideas about philosophy, sociology and history, in order to destroy the nation-state and its People.

I intend to write a series of essays to elucidate the “strategic deconstruction model” and how it has achieved ideological dominance over Western Civilization. The SDM attempts to remake man–by building a creature who will blindly follow the instructions given by the common ideology. This ideology is nothing less than a despotism of the mind.


Academic Interview 10: Cucking for the Singularity

Academic Interview 10: Cucking for the Singularity

All these goddamn materialists think the Singularity is just around the corner. But they have never considered the mind-body problem. And Neuroscience is a bunch of bull. Ritter and Singh cover Descartes and idealism, logic and linguistics. What does metaphysics have to say about an infinite and perfect artificial intelligence? The Singularity Cucks would have us believe it’s all just a matter of grey matter. They want us all cucking for the Singularity by engaging in quantum gambling and majoring in STEM.

Hey, sometimes even autistes can be retards.

Babylonian Philosophy? Part 3

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A More Promising Approach

Mieroop’s work fails to define epistemology narrowly enough, and cultural relativism is to blame. Another problem is that, unless a philosophical treatise turns up in cuneiform, any evidence of Babylonian philosophy is indirect. But Mieroop’s quest for Mesopotamian philosophy is not hopeless. With superior method, we might yet uncover something of the Babylonians’ intellectual life. I propose three methods: (1) Using better-documented philosophical traditions as control variables, (2) comparing Babylonian religious and literary texts with the fragments of the Presocratics, and (3) analyzing the thematic development of Babylonian literature, insofar as it can be traced.

The first is the least ambitious method. It would use better-documented, philosophical traditions to evaluate claims about Babylonian intellectual history. The better-documented tradition would act as a control variable. Too bad Mieroop did not think of it, because this method destroys a core assumption of his thesis–that any complicated thinking presupposes epistemology. So then, is there civilization with complicated thinking, even systematic philosophy, but devoid of epistemology?

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