Immortal Technique and the Alt-Right

“There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot.” – Immortal Technique

In elementary school, I watched a Schoolhouse Rock! skit about America as the world’s “melting pot.” The sight of smiling brown and beige bodies diving into an overflowing cesspool smacked me with disgust. The  cartoonish ethnosuicide has remained ugly ever since.

Peruvian-American rapper, Felipe Andres Coronel (a.k.a. ImmortalTechnique), writes rap lyrics glorifying Marxism and “social justice.” Ironically in his most popular [explicit] track “Dance with the Devil,” he disdains Zionist  Israel Zangwill’s idea of the melting pot.

Immortal Technique recognizes the power of his raza and its foremost enemy:  degeneracy—in his case, drugs, gang activity, and generational poverty. Similarly, we Whites face degeneracy but in a rather insidious context: vapid modern art, degenerate social trends, and teachers poisoning our kids with self-hate. Faced with its apparent flaws, Immortal Technique’s community can name with ease its bullies, uncle toms, and sellouts. We Whites are not so lucky.

We are cowed. Unlike other groups, most Whites shirk all responsibility to their race and children’s future; sheepdogs of the status quo threaten them with defamation, career loss, and legal consequences for expressing racial pride and love. I have met so many White millennials who appear receptive to the Alt-Right but cringe at the suggestion of White pride and change the topic out of fear of the sheepdogs.


The “melting pot” from Schoolhouse Rock!

But what have we to fear for simply discussing ideas? We are not the only ones targeted by the sheepdogs of the melting-pot dystopia.  Mestizos like Immortal Technique also suffer the effects of the melting-pot ideal pushed in our media, schools, and government (see HUD and its forced diversity initiative). Immortal Technique loses his neighborhood through gentrification, as we lose our neighborhoods through “fair housing priorities” and blockbusting.

Everyone loses in the melting pot. Everyone’s scalded flesh bubbles and fries to a crisp, a singularly brown crisp out of which all heritage dies. All peoples will face sure demise, unless the Overton Window shifts and accepts alternatives to forced multiculturalism.

In shifting that window, Walt Bismarck, the creator of edgy Disney parodies, has printed Alt-Right Donald Trump supporters on card decks. If you contribute $15 or more to Walt’s Kickstarter, you will receive decks emblazoned with Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tila Tequila and many more fashy faces—Immortal Technique not included. (Watch Walt’s latest music video at the bottom of the page.)

With the Overton Window shifting right, we will reclaim our communities. Succeed and our heritage shall live on; fail and we, along with all the other races, will be relegated to the history books never to walk the earth again. Now is the time to spread our message, support our brothers and sisters, and ensure that we win and reclaim our world.


Low-Intensity Racewar

The New Observer has some awesome articles. I spent an hour this afternoon chain-reading their backlog on the refugee crisis. From their coverage, you’d think Europe was going the way of Yugoslavia. Muslims thieving and raping, patriots retaliating with firebombings. I’m sure it happens, and I hope to document it. But these episodes are not representative or the general situation. While the rarity of such incidents is good, it is only so in the short term. Kant forgive me, but it would be better for a spectacularly barbaric incident to awake whites than for the last of our strength to bleed away through decades more of hollow peace. But should the “Sarajevo moment” not occur, we must look to other means.

The last few days in Scandinavia have led me to this conclusion. Two days ago, I returned to Orebro, which I had originally assessed as teetering on the brink. First impressions are often wrong. Perhaps mine was overly colored by the grim weather last week. Or maybe the Muslims emerge in force when it rains. Whatever the case, my recent two-night stay has revealed a much less depressing situation. In fact, in the sunlight, Orebro is a liberal multikultopia:



While the races usually keep to themselves, there are plenty of instances, both sexual and not, of mixing. There are indeed packs of Afro-Islamic youth, but they seem–from my limited observations–restrained. Thankfully, mischling children are as yet a rare sight. I can think of many reasons to explain the lack of obvious ethnic conflict. Multikulti here is as it is everywhere–awkward and unnatural.

miscegenation1 miscegenation2 miscegenation3
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Let Me Have My Bread And Circus, Goddammit!

Modern degeneracy isn’t all bad, (if you can afford it.) The funny thing though is that the people who promote it the most benefit the least from it. We all know the open-minded numales who love to white knight for the cause de jour. Ha! They actually think they’ll get rewarded with sex and attention from sexually liberated vixens like in those music videos they see!

The modern zeitgeist is a contradiction and a sleight of hand trick. Feminism promises no holds barred sex! …But the women get fatter, more dysfunctional and entitled. And the nice guys get shafted pretty hard. You’d think they’d learn and become shitlords. But no, they double down and pine for that sexual liberation that seems to sail over their heads, settling for entitled fatties instead.
And then they fight with militant zeal for the right of other people to get it on with whoever they want. (the homos) And the right for women to Eat, Pray, Fuck with whoever, from wherever (the browns).
They advocate opening the sexual market borders and allowing their women, (yes, THEIR women) to enter the free sexual trade zones. Damaging their chances of getting laid by encouraging competition in the form of millions of young men flooding the home marketplace every year. Amazing!
You can’t tell me that liberalism isn’t a mental illness at this point. But more to the point, it is a sexual malaise. It is the personification of the “never bust a move” type. Its a sublimination of frustrated sexual desire. Cucking your nation is a direct result of a never been banged mentality. The desire to go to war to help others get laid is…fucked up when you think about it.
 Like Frank Underwood once said: “everything in life is about sex…except sex.”

And on the flip side, the guy that you enjoy cucking over on a visceral level, (even if you are not sure why) is the numale leftist. The desire to sink your fist into that fat stinking slab of play-doh putty that  passes for a man’s face is downright biological. The feeble supplications and appeals to your sense of higher morality engenders a bile duct reaction that rise from the gut and curls your knuckles. 

I am Jak’s raging bile duct.

I am struck by how often white western  men reject concepts like game- which is basically a tool to get you laid. They do this on moral grounds, while upholding the entire edifice of hedonism in the west.

How can you appeal to people that cannot even act in their own self interests? They tirelessly advocate and support this degenerate jewish nightmare of a SWPL existence and then try to cock-block the average shitlord’s right to partake in bread and circus…the nerve!

Its like a fisherman taking the bait off his hooks, and demanding that the fish chomp down anyway or be called sexist, racist, x-ist.

Am I rage-posting? Yeah, you bet. Browns advocating for their own group interests I understand, even the machinations of Chosen inbred  I can understand as the machinations of an enemy. But the self-cucking of my peers drives me to new heights of bewilderment and disgust.