Make Sweden Gay Again

The Resistance has come to this. The spores of Islam have drifted into our homelands, settled, and now multiply in every city, great and small, of our Civilization. The natural, direct, immune response is crippled. Thus we scramble for an antidote.

Today in Stockholm’s Muslim suburbs, the legions of Western Resistance marched. Rainbow flags fluttering, LGBT-posters aloft they strolled past commie-blocks, parks and shopping centers teaming with Afro-Islamic immivaders.

swede march5

To be honest, it was very similar to the time we spent with Vince earlier this summer wandering around the Muslim ghettos. This time however, I was joined by Sven Garrison- a local patriot- as Vince just watched the stream from my phone. Despite the expected fireworks that we were sure would rain on the parade, the whole affair was all in all rather peaceful. It seemed that the New Arrivals were more amused than offended, not that there was not the occasional expression of shock or contempt from some of the older men lounging around on the Swedish tax dollar at the cafes.

We even ended up stopping at the square where the ABC reporters were assaulted, and Hot Wheels had to come to the rescue on his/her mobility scooter.

But again, why should they care? It’s just Swedes making fools of themselves as usual.

Befuddled New Arrivals
Befuddled New Arrivals trying to make sense of it all

Some speeches were made, and the whole affair proceeded without a hitch. The scenes from the With Open Gates (Gex) video where the Swedes marched through immigrant suburbs seemed to have been along the same route that this year’s march went along. But no one harassed the marchers except Antifa this time.

Milo pussied out and didn’t show, which was incredibly lame considering how tame the whole affair was. Basically, the only real conflict was between the two white factions: The 30 or so gay-pride marchers and a smaller anti-racist counter-protest.

POZ a la Svede

The guy who led the march was Jan Sjunnesson who wore a white suit and some kevlar armor underneath.

swede march8

He organized the event and gave a shout out to Milo, inviting him to come again later that year. Turns out he was previously the editor of Samtiden- an online magazine owned by the Sweden Democrats. Jan Sjunnesson was actually pretty red-pilled and talked more openly than we expected, but then again, the whole protest was such a luke-warm gesture against the invasion of a country and the destruction of an entire way of life, that RealTalk felt too little. On the backdrop of an entire week of Islamic terror rocking Europe, we felt it was time for RealAction, but what we saw was just the tiniest of sputters.

What will the history books written by the Chinese remember? That the Swedes finally stood up for a brief moment in the only PC way possible… By advocating for the “Swedish Value” of sodomy on demand.

swede march15
More local reactions.
swede march10
The Gates of POZ. It reads in Swedish: Islam makes you free

Like all good “staunch” conservatives- these marchers seemed to want to prove that they were better liberals than the liberals, because they stood up for real liberal values! Like all good conservatives seem to do.

swede march11
It resembles Nuremburg a bit doesnt it?

It turns out Richard Spencer was right, and Gay rights  really are the last stand of implicit White Identity in the West. At least, that seems to be the case in Sweden. How fitting.

Implicit indeed.
Implicit indeed.

Interestingly, most of the marchers did not seem gay, and apart from a blond woman in a bikini, they weren’t provocatively dressed. The only actual hardcore gays seemed to be on the side of Antifa, where some androgynous blob in fishnets led the war chant against the “Fascists” provoking the poor Muslims, and a bunch of gays, mystery meats and femidykes cheered her on.

swede march6
Antifa on the Left

Jan now writes for Avpixlat, a site with ties to the Sweden Democrats. The name means *depixelated* which references the  mainsteam media’s proclivity to hide the fact that many criminals have non-Swedish origin. They do this by pixelating their faces many shades whiter than they really are. Avpixlat does its part to depixelate these criminals and adjust the narrative to a more accurate hue.

Avpixlat is one of the biggest alternative-news sites in Sweden along with Fria Tider and Exponerat. The site is highly critical of immigration and has a counter-jihadi viewpoint. But of course they do not allow comments on race or ethnicity…

After a brief walk about in Tensta, Rinkeby, Kista and Husby, the day was about to come to a close. But not before we noticed a well-known Antifa/Swedish SPLC type photographing all the faces of the marchers to put on a database of hate.

swede march14
Greg gets noticed. No one cared who he was until he bought the GoPro cam.

Sven confirmed that she was well-known in Sweden and collaborates with the police to identify people that show up to events like these. Sweden really is a macabre cubist interpretation of what a nation should be. They managed to take 1984 and make it seem moderate by comparison. A coalition of crazy cat ladies and skinnyfat eunuchs hold the country in its grip. The police, while professional, seemed more concerned with asking the AI bro’s questions about what they were doing there (we’re CIA) than doing anything about Antifa. Which is par for the course.

All in all, the event was underwhelming. We will however, give credit where credit is due though. The Swedes took the fight to the enemy, who we are sure, is just quaking in its boots after the militant display of true Swedish Nationalism.

swede march2
Tom Wolfe leads the charge to take back the streets and Make Sweden Gay Again

Munich and Abject Demoralization

I love Munich. This is my third time here. Munich is a cozy metropolis, full of cafes, traditional restaurants, old book-stores, gardens–all preserved more or less in their pre-war state. In the cathedrals, one can feel a definite connection with his Faustian soul, his past, his people. And in these streets, our heroic SA forebearers went toe-to-toe with international Bolshevism. Hitler, Rohm, Goering, Himmler–The Dream began here, in Munich. Her beer-halls were the stage for countless sessions of fashy broing (a tradition which AI has continued).

There is only one problem.

In a way, I owe this city my awakening. The first time I came here, as a college student, I noticed the Arabs. Having studied Arabic and German, I was at first excited at the chance to practice both. But something felt off. In this idyllic Bavarian city, there were packs of fat Arab women black niqabs carrying on in their filthy Gulf dialect. I was all for experiencing foreign cultures… but Munich was for Germans, wasn’t it? If I wanted to see the traditional Arab woman’s costume, complete with BDSM-style nose-piece, I could go to Dubai. You certainly would not see Bavarians or lederhosen there. Even then, before my racial awakening, I sensed the significance of this disparity.

The second time I came was three years ago–the eve of the Storm. Not much had changed. The barbarians still blotted the aesthetic, but Munich remained essentially German. The old-timers wore elements of the traditional costume (“Trachten”) the same way Texans wear cowboy stuff–with a tint of archaism, but still naturally. Munich seemed ready to putter on as a quaint, second-tier city for a few centuries, before it sank back into its landscape.

Now it’s over. Munich reeks of cosmopolitan death. Perhaps her buildings will endure, but only as fossils to befuddle her inheritors. The Arabs have won. They are everywhere and they are rich. The blocks directly south of the Hauptbahnhoff are infested, but you see them in droves in the nice parts of town too. Especially in the nice parts. They seem to have nothing to do but shop and be seen. It is ironic. For a people so concerned with modesty, they certainly go all out on the clothes, the jewlery and the make-up. Form over content. No wonder the Quran is so beautiful.

man, I need to get me some of that “war and oppression”

You do not need to be reminded that you are paying for this, in one way or another. The safe, trusting societies that your ancestors built through centuries of struggle and hardship for you cannot survive what these people bring. Inter-ethnic economic competition is the least of it. There will be blood. There already is.

I have only spent 10 days of my life in Munich. But it really does feel like my European home-city. Every time I have come, I visit my old haunts, buy a couple books, get a new shirt. I have a ritual. My three visits, being spaced out over the years, have had an outsized effect. It’s like the PUA “venue change” move, go to a couple bars with a girl and she’s more likely to sleep with you. And each visit has marked a different stage in my personal development–first as an innocent boy, then as a purposeless youth, now as a man–all too filled with purpose.


Miscegenation is the worst. These days in Munich have made me understand the Swedes’ predicament better. They are suffering from abject demoralization. I did not really understand that when I visited Sweden. Yes, it was deeply unsettling to see your race being cucked, but I have no particular attachment to Sweden.

In Munich, I started to get it. Seeing it in your home is a thousand times worse than seeing it in a strange environment. It ruins all the good memories you have of the place. You feel you are losing a piece of your own past. It is like watching a friend let himself go–one more obnoxious tattoo, a few more ripples of Pillsbury spilling over the belt, a newfound penchant for Scientology–in the end, the good memories are pushed out by the ballooning disgust.

There are three possible reactions: fight, give in, or go Chateau Heartiste. Now, go ahead. I hear the unwashed voices of a thousand manosphere spergs advising the CH option. Get degenerate, approach, be an insouciant douche, save the white girl from his barbarism and subject her to yours. I admit I used to be of this mind.

The option is tactically sound, but strategically counter-productive. If you suppress your disgust and wreck miscegenation by legally acceptable means, you have to poison your own mind. You have to convince yourself that sexual promiscuity is all in good fun. You have to not care. But, this is one thing we should care about profoundly–racial hygiene. There is a huge difference between reveling in butt-hurt when another guy gets the girl, and getting righteously pissed to see a kebab polluting your gene-pool. That is not an emotion you should try to suppress, even tactically. It is the healthiest, sanest and purest emotion you can ever have.

And even if you out-alpha the brownie, your are only subjecting a female of your race to a different (albeit lesser) form of social pollution. Hooking up is masturbation with a partner. It will not propagate our race. It may make you more confident with the next woman, but it will certainly make her less fit to be a wife and a mother. If we want to WIN, we need to annihilate this cancer. It seems that the alt-right, including many of the most fervent PUAs, is starting to see that.

But fighting is not yet an option. The legal and social repercussions for the individual are utterly debilitating. So, in the meantime, each of us is forced to give in. Even the deftest player cannot CH-the-fuck-out every mudsharking or kebab-basting pair he sees. Even he must, more often than not, endure the humiliation. And, in an environment like Munich or Stockholm, you are forced to see it again and again and again. Most will faze it out, but the healthier your mind is, the more it screams for a shot at revenge that never seems to come. Enduring this mental cycle over and over, it is no wonder so many have given up.

The only healthy option is to fight, together. And we will, very soon. We will fight the way white men always have, as a group, totally committed to, and willing to die, for each other. That is the one force that no one can defeat.

A WASP in Siberia

Note: this one got lost in the drafts section for some time

I watched the Euro Finals match last night in Tyumen on the night of my departure to Novosibirsk.

Executive Summary: At least the white guy scored twice.

But at the bar, there were 2 Americans from the international program at the local university. One of them had a girlfriend with a 6/10 body and a 9/10 face. She was a hottie.

But the guy set off my gaydar almost immediately. He was an American, from New York, with that effected WASP lisp that I’ve grown to know and love so well. **cough** Spencer **cough**  He found this chick online. And he moved to Siberia to be with her, the only problem being that she already had a boyfriend. In fact she was engaged at some point. But this American stuck it out for 2.5 years in her friendzone, going between home and Siberia to stay in her friendzone orbit, until one day she broke up with her soon to be fiance and he swooped in.

I was speechless when I heard the story.

This kid has actually pulled off the impossible. He got out of the friendzone with a hottie by being a Beta!

But of course, there was more to the story than meets the eye. First off, he’s not a kid.

The t-shirt, short shorts and nu-male face threw me off. He was actually 32, and worked as an investment banker on and off. His friend started a firm, and he occasionally works for them when he’s in the United States. But his real passion is writing books! Being a bit of an author myself, I had to learn more.

As he chomped down on his burger (of course), he talked like he was on stage, the star of some production that we had all come to watch and applaud. Apparently, he wrote a 250 thousand word book about his experiences in LA doing drugs and finding himself. (Still unpublished of course) He listed his influences as being Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Palahniuk.

“Basically its a critique of modern capitalistic society,” he said.

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. How original. My book is the real critique of modern society- which is why I had to write it under a pseudonym…But whatever. I kept listening to what the finance banker wannabe Tyler Durden had to say…

He said he wanted to move to Amsterdam because he loved the open-mindedness and tolerance of the city- isn’t that right, my sweet baby?- he said verbatim to the Russian chick who looked up from her phone and nodded.

…Man she was pretty, it was hard to look at him when he talked with his gay little lisp. She had that small slavic nose that, round little face and pulled back dirty blond-hair that makes it hard to believe gays could exist east of the Berlin Wall. But I tore myself away from staring at her profile and tried to re-focus.

The conversation turned to Londonistan. He remarked how shocked he was at how few Britons were in the city. And in Amsterdam too! Paris as well, he concluded. “Every city looks like New York now!” he exclaimed.

My first thought was that this kid was on the Chanel loop- living the expat life I always imagined for myself- before I decided to stick it out for some Eastern Promises instead.

“But its a good thing!” He assured us. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Its so vibrant.” Man he said those exact words. Like something out of a /pol/ twitter account parody… I was speechless and flabbergasted. I had been surrounded by these types all my life, but the last years abroad had made me forget just how real this libshit stereotype is. Everything, down to the NPR voice, was perfect. I gulped down my beer and tried to focus on the game that I ostensibly showed up to watch.

But he kept talking.

Funny enough, he told a story about how he saw some Arab men harassing some girls in London. Possessed by some white knight rage, he was about to intervene, he assures us. But the girls left without getting fiki-fikied.

A lesson to learn, he told us. “I’m not a racist, but these Ar-well Arab men, they uh, well they were not being respectful. It was inappropriate behavior is all I’m saying…” I kept as straight a face as I could as I listened.

I ended up chatting with his girlfriend while he went to get a smoke outside. I found out so much so quick. She was so keen to unload some chit-chat on somebody. Turns out they had met online, over skype as language exchange pals.

I used my go-to AMOG/Neg combo. “Dont you find that men need to act more like men, sometimes.” Her eyes lit up. This line never fails me in the current year,  I swear.

We ended up flirting the rest of the evening, even when he returned from his smoke. He eyed me balefully. Especially when I commented on his multi-culti experience. “What’s so bad about stopping further immigration?” He clammed up immediately and looked at the table with an incredulous expression on his face as if to say, “getta a load of this guy!”

No one returned the expression, there was only one other Jewmerican at the table, and all Russians or French, so the deck was stacked against him. He backed down and mumbled something about love and tolerance…Really checking all the boxes!

A Bourgeois! King of the petty Bobo’s! WASP connections to Wall st/consulting/k street/trust fund despite spending 2.5 years in Siberia. Now thats True privilege! Funny enough, I am supposed to be in some sort of cabal of ethnic solidarity with this guy. At least, I get lumped in the same category of privilege…

I realized that night that the sneaking suspicions I had about the corrupting influence of the anglo-sphere had reached critical mass in my head. Almost always, its an American that spreads this kind of message in yuppie expat circles abroad. 9 times out of 10. And the other 1 is split between the odd Swede or an Anglo-sphere country.

The evening concluded with them leaving a little early. I went clubbing afterwards and had an amazing time. Still, this little story will stay with me for some time. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed the anglo trend. And I doubt it will be the last.

Damn, never thought I’d run into a WASP in Siberia.

Heimbach Better Be Careful

Apart from his obvious Russo-philia (which I can totally get behind), I want to point out that Heimbach has clearly been reading Marxist literature and understands some key ideas.

The concept behind squeezing the center out and allying with fringe groups diametrically opposed to your group because they squeeze out the center is pretty Marxist revolutionary theory stuff.

Frankly, while Trump’s run is great for White Nationalism (overton window and all that), him winning the election might not be.

See Trump is competent enough to salvage the situation, muzzle BLM and keep this thing limping along for a bit longer with a centrist policy and non-ideolological based governing.

…Which we don’t really want when you get right down to brass tacks. We LOVE BLM because they prove all our points about criminal minorities. (just an example).

Trump’s competent reign might get ppl to calm down and relax again. Which is the last thing a movement on the fringe like ours wants.

See the far Left wants a total revolution, and the far Right wants a total revolution… And post-war politics in the West existed purely to keep the far left and the far right out of power. So from our perspective, the Far Left is doing a lot of leg work for us.

Lenin famously said, “the worse things are, the better.”

And thats true, from our perspective and from theirs. Only they are better mobilized, and better funded and since society has skewed so far to the left, they are seen as more socially acceptable… So careful what we wish for, here on the Far-Right.

I wish we had more people with an understanding of revolutionary theory. Say what you will about Marxism. But the Marxists knew how to start a revolution. And you know what they say, former Marxists make for the best Nationalists. (Heimbach, Bowden, Kai Murros, Vincent Law;^)

I think Heimbach sees himself as a right-wing Lenin. But above the labels of Right and Left. An anti-Globalist above all else.

Still, he’s a traitor to the concept of the state known as the United States in the same was as Farrakhan (the black nationalist) was. Far more fringe than ANY Jared Taylor type, who simply describes himself as a White Advocate.

There are doubtless actual American civil patriots still in the state apparatus that want to keep this thing together. And they will never suscribe to balkanizing the US ie. White Nationalism OR Black Nationalism for that matter.

See, the establishment doesnt mind the country being a mess and divided and all that jazz…

They would however, mind if the whole project went the way of Yugoslavia and balkanized. (Americans funded far-right croat groups to achieved thats just a daily reminder that Right isnt always right)

Which is why Heimbach should should be careful… He’s more dangerous than anyone on the Dissident Right to the US project.

White Nationalism is Stupid and Here’s Why

Relax, the title was just to get your attention.

But here are some critiques of White Nationalism.

1) Balkanization
Why would you want to seperate from the largest and most powerful state apparatus that has existed in the history of the world? Running away to Cascadia or preparing to go innawoods is a losing strategy. While the Right runs away to get itself picked off, the left mobilizes to seize the levers of power, the educational institutions, the workplace hiring quotas, the MSM, just about everything. The Left doesn’t run away to the countryside to plan peasant revolts like Mao or Che anymore. Only the Right seems to hope for that. Even Lind (who should know better) indulges this notion in his novel about 4th gen warfare- Victoria. Wrong strategy!

2) Support of Nationalism Worldwide
Nationalism isn’t the answer to all our problems. In fact Nationalism can completely wreck a decent state project. Yugoslavia is a fascinating example. The US funded far right Croat groups, the same ones Hitler supported to kill about 1 million serbs,  and muslims (savior of the White Race!) to fight the Serbs. The Serbs were the dominant ethnic group holding it all together.

And what did Balkanization get them? Irrelevence on the world stage. Foreign meddling. Massive decrease in living standards. Never-ending, simmering conflict. (Which is what the United States wants, frozen conflicts and hot spots around the world to trigger at will if things don’t go the way the state dept. likes) As long as the state is strong, and keeps a harsh but fair peace like Tito did, even Balkan Slavs can be significant players on the world stage. Food for thought.

A Multi-ethnic state or an empire can be a worthy endeavor.

Why do we insist on being “nationalists” that just want to be left alone? Keep that line for PR and for the media, but amongst ourselves we must be honest. Why would you tear away land that Americans bled and died for? Just to be left alone to do SWPL things in peace?

I’m talking about Heimbach’s approach to supporting black nationalism and la raza nationalism on the grounds that “all nationalists are our allies.” That seems like a line for the media, a PR strategy. Considering how fringe we are anyway, I don’t think its worth even pushing for that. Because frankly, it makes you a traitor to the state. 

See, if you agitate for more rights within the state, then you can still be tolerated. But once you start talk of violating territorial integrity, well that’s treason and even normal conservative white State apparatchiks will not accept you. They’re busting their humps trying to keep it all together, and here the White Nationalists come, trying to reach the same aim as Black Lives Matter….

3) Isolations Breeds Weakness

If you shelter white people away from the diversity, you’ll be guaranteed to breed a Generation of WEIRDO’s.

This is the HBD chick theory about “core europe” and “periphery europe.” Slavs and southern europeans are more based because of their constant contact with diversity. It keeps them sharp and creates strong in-group awareness. Meanwhile core europe imports millions of Vibrants. And the same phenomenon occurs in the Mid-West of the United States (the cucks wanted to vote for Cruz as well).

You need to keep some diversity, to make sure the population stays sharp and develops in-group preferences. Think of it as a vaccine. A little bit of bad to make you sick, and then immune later.

I don’t see the need to pursue this strategy. The idea of Whites pursuing their interests and rising up to say no to their disenfranchisement is all well and good. But we should try to reach our aims within the framework of the state, by seizing control of the state.

Just like the Left does.

White Isn’t Right Enough

The worst part about modern life is how meaningless it all is.
There are no great feelings of love, and no great feelings of hate to give your life meaning. Those are not allowed anymore. There is only snark. Only ironic cleverness. Only Hallmark-card platitudes and testicle-shriveling polite society.
Why would anyone want to integrate into a culture that is utterly exhausted like that of the West? We think MTV and fatty foods will buy the allegiance of the people we import. But they don’t seem to see it that way.
The best argument for immigration seems to be based on the belief that the nihilism that has infected us will spread to them and make them as complacent and infertile as we are within a generation.
But that doesn’t seem to be happening. And frankly, I don’t think its a bad thing. The worser outcome would be to live one’s entire life through a comfy middle-class suburban existence. The green lawns, potato salad, and sunday soccer games…is that really all there is to being an American?
It seems like a special kind of hell.
One where the bars are not seen because the wife has decorated them with IKEA upholstery.
The Russian dream is far more appealing to me. See, the Russians plan on suffering. They look for it, they prepare themselves mentally for it. It’s a part of who they are and they don’t run away from it. It gives their life meaning just like middle-class comfort gives the Americana family meaning.
Dad is expected to lose some teeth in his life. He’s expected to have some scars to show for it all. Behavioral sink is not the norm, and although I worry about the Russian Millenials, I don’t see it reaching Weimerica levels anytime soon.
That’s one of the reasons Russian women love their men so much. Its not about looks, or how he dresses. Sven dresses like a model 24/7 and he doesn’t get laid at all does he? The gold-diggers and the airheads run for it in the West. And they get what they were looking for. A complacent beta husband, a comfy consumer lifestyle, and everything is fine until they start realizing that they have lost their identity. They either become complete whores before this realization, or die-hard patriots that suddenly don’t mind the lack of creature comforts in Russia as much anymore. Suddenly they start remembering all their friends, granny’s cooking, the nice parks that dot every Russian city…
And the men have been to the West too. Russians are well-traveled. Many know New York, or LA. Its not like Americans who never leave their World Island.
I know many Russians who have been there, and come back. Usually, they are quiet about their time abroad. They greet you with far less enthusiasm than the younger one’s who’ve never been.
“You get your car, and you get your house, but you have no time for yourself!” one repatriate told me.
“Its just work, work, work. Fucking driving everywhere too!”
And really, can you blame the average American for working as hard as he does? You don’t get many days off, sure, but mostly its a question of what you would be doing if you weren’t working. Sitting in that condo you share with 2 other young urban professionals? Mowing the lawn?
Is that really all there is?
I used to have to read beatnik literature in school, and they were marxist scum, don’t get me wrong. But a lot of their critiques were on point. America, even in the 1950’s- a time that we on the Alt-Right look back on with nostalgia for the old Americana dream- was hell-bent on acheiving a comfortable, sleek, consumer paradise.
America was well on its way to becoming a nation of consumers, not citizens already.
And now that we have acheived unprecedented heights of consumer comfort, what do we have to show for it? Even if Trump did some spring cleaning come 2017 and completely restored America to its 1950’s ethnic composition, would that be enough?
Would Generation Alt-Right be willing to take all its knowledge and all the struggles they grappled with to come to the truth and put it all on the back burner to move into a cheap suburban shack?
Is that really all we’re fighting for? The right to be comfortable again? Just to get rid of the pesky minorities and go back to being entertained, fat, and complacent?
This can’t be all that we are about.
Even if Trump prevailes, I wouldn’t want to return to the United States. What would I do? Rejoin my Western yuppie peers and count the days until I start hallucinating that Tyler Durden is offering to sell me some soap?
No, I’d rather struggle on in Eastern Europe. Without AC, without hot water in the summer, without a plasma screen TV. Then maybe meaning will find me again.

Race-Tour Recap

Race-Tour 2016 is winding down. I have a lot of material to process, which will likely serve as fodder for future articles and podcasts. My laptop has a Stasi-level archive, including pages of pseudo-intellectual musings, and hours of grainy recordings of me trolling Arabs and Lesbians. So goyim, buckle up.

But the fun isn’t over yet. I have a few more objectives to hit: Munich (spiritual reasons), Berlin again, a certain hamlet in Denmark, Stockholm and Iceland. Before I launch on this final, exclusively Germanic leg of Race-Rour 2016 (RT16), I decided to do a little AAR. How did my original assumptions compare to the reality on the ground? What is to be done about our race’s predicament?

At the very onset, Vince and I concluded that the Nords were not the key to White salvation (Link to Vince’s two-part series). All the memes were basically right. While Nords are most exposed to the problem, they are sadly the most inured to it. That brought about the question of southern, “frontier” whites. Could they be the source of a racial awakening?

The Plan

I conceived RT16 back in February. At the time, the Hadji hoards were swelling up for another summer storm, with monthly numbers of immivaders, despite the cold, exceeding even the stats for last summer. There was a good chance of tens or hundreds of thousands by summer. “Born too late to explore the earth, born too early to explore the galaxy”… born just in time for the Great European Race War. I was positively giddy.

There was no way anyone was going to get a handle on the situation. The European governments drank their own Kool-Aid. They were petrified by their own myopic, neo-Puritan ideology. Supranational powers like the EU and NATO (“The Empire”) would let the immivasion continue, whether by incompetence or malice. Shit was going down. So great an influx of zombie-Hadjis would certainly lead to a total collapse of the social order. Two outcomes seemed possible: Hungarian obstinacy would trigger a chain-reaction in the Balkans, with one government after another refusing to accept migrants, or a major political crisis would erupt in some core-European country.

I based my travel plan on this analysis. I would fly to Sweden, epicenter of POZ, then head south to Germany and Austria, where I figured most of the action would be. If, like 2015, the Balkans were crawling with sub-human streams, I would venture out into the old Hapsburg-Ottoman borderlands. I even went so far as to retool my Russian as Serbo-Croatian.

It did not quite work out that way. In March, the EU struck a deal with the Turks that cut the inflow to a trickle, thereby making all-out race-war unlikely this year. To use the now classic metaphor–the frog is being boiled slowly again. So instead, we have stalemate. If last year was 1914, this year is 1915. Positions have shifted, the losses have mounted–Cologne, Paris, Brussels, now Nice–but no decisive action has occurred. And worse, none seems possible.

I changed plans accordingly. After hitting Sweden with Vince, I figured the best place to see some action would be Italy and Greece, entrepôts of the Muzziepocalypse. It was not quite what I had hoped for, but Southern Europe provided a welcome contrast with the North. The race-problem was still stark, but in a different way. The aliens were there, and in big groups, but they (were) kept to themselves. I was relieved to see no cases of miscegenation.

The Southern Problem

But the locals let me down. I figured that Southerners would have a more realistic view of the Problem. They did. Indeed, southern dislike of the barbarian is instinctful. While many exhibit a veneer of liberal attitudes, few are impractical enough to really believe in them. Unfortunately, that visceral dislike rarely manifested itself in any sort of resolve. They know something is off, but they generally do not care enough to do anything about it. It probably will not affect them anyway. All they have to do is ship the next batch of dindus North and its la dolce vita again.

Two particular instances are illustrative. I had conversations with two middle-aged men on my last day in Thessalonica. Their opinions were far more realistic than the average Nord’s, but their realism often crossed into outright cynicism. They had taken “the Black Pill,” as we are calling it now.

I struck up a conversation with the first of them while sitting at a sidewalk cafe. He held an odd mix of totally based and utterly liberal opinions. He argued that the Greek economic crisis is fake, it is nothing more than a bankers’ scam. Fair enough. On the other hand, he called the Syrian civil war “real.” He argued that it was caused intentionally by the European powers, and therefore, “We have to let them in.” But he conceded that Muslims cause problems, citing 9-11 as evidence that even a few could be very dangerous.

He also argued that Greece needed a totally crazy leader to clean up its economic problems. He cited Hitler as an example. When I pressed him about the refugee crisis, he recast his proposal. “The whole world needs a leader like that.”

He was vaguely Jew-aware. Not knowing my nationality, he stated that he liked the US, because there is a strong Greek lobby. I pointed out that, while true, the Greek-Americans have nothing on our main ethnic lobby. He nodded, and bragged that his people had gotten on with (((them))) well for centuries. I smirked. Supposedly the Arabs used to say that it takes two Jews to cheat a Greek.

He wondered about life in Washington, DC. I told him that the people in power are soulless, “They look like this,” doing my best to emulate the shitlib 1000-cock stare. He recognized my meaning immediately and blurted out “cyber-metrics!” (I think he meant “cyborgs”). So, the Jews run the world through Washington cyborgs. At that point I excused myself. His world concept was ridiculously simplistic. Had this guy even read Culture of Critique?

The second man started talking to me in the nearly empty central train station (railroad strike). He spoke English very well, and claimed to have been around since the Korean War. Refusing to reveal his nationality, he mentioned Greek, Turkish and Israeli friends. He started talking to me to offer a warning: in this deserted station, a Bangladeshi was pimping a tall Serbian girl in a scheme to steal valuables from men. I was skeptical but went along. He complained that he told the security guard, but that they did nothing. He went on to bemoan our general situation, predicting that the Bangladeshis and Chinese would take over the world. “But they did not build any of this (gesturing to the marble floors and walls), our fathers paid for it,” he said, pointing at himself and me.

I agreed, citing my experiences this summer, and asked “What can we do?.”

He shot back, “No, you can’t get worked up! There’s no point in getting worked up!”


So to sum up, Europeans come in two basic types: frontier whites and interior whites. Interior whites (Germanics and the French) suffer all the worst delusions that the alt-right has so exhaustively critiqued. Frontier whites (eg. Italians, Greeks, Serbs) on the other hand are instinctively realistic. They make no pretense of liking the invader. Their shortcoming is not seeing the big picture. So long as their lives are not directly affected, they are content to let the Afro-Muzzies pass through. Several times I had the occasion, often standing next to a concentration of refugees, to ask a local if the migrants were a problem. Sometimes the problem was acknowledged. But too often they would shrug. “Not a problem. Everything is fine.”

Of course this distinction ignores a number of others. It is not just interior vs frontier. It is city vs countryside, female vs male, young vs old. Youth, femininity and urbanity make people more likely to back their own people’s dispossession. It’s the old yin and yang.

As I am finishing up this essay, my impeccably quiet train-car is gliding through the Austrian Alps. over a mountain town that looks exactly like the one from The Sound of Music. And, what do you know, a whole family of hadjis just entered my train car. They Syrio-Iraqis always come in big packs– an old man, two old women, two boys, two girls and two young bucks, one of whom is of course wearing a pink polo. In light of recent happenings, I am way too triggered to write anymore. I wish it would just start already.

Austrian Town
Insert Kebab here

RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming

RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming

Vince recounts his time in Siberia: eternal frontier of the Russian Imperial project. Over the years, Russia has used different ideologies–Orthodoxy, Communism, Eurasianism–but all with the goal of uniting its disparate subjects. How is the project working out? And what does the Imperial Idea mean for the alt-right? Heimbachian nationalism is great. But will it be tolerated in the Trumpenreich?

AND: Greg is posted up in a Munich beerhall, getting Nostalgic about 1923. What a great city, a great country–too bad it’s shredding at the seams.

Shittiest Race War Ever

I just fucking missed it. I was in Munich this morning. This afternoon, it happened–somebody started shooting up a shopping mall in the Bavarian capital.

This is literally the shittiest race-war ever. I came to Europe fantasizing that this summer, it would be all in the open. I could hook up with some Serbian death squads and go full-Srebrenica on some kebabs. But instead we have this.

There’s simmering racial tension, frequent attacks in random locations, and consummately triggering race-cucking–about which we can do nothing but meme and dream.

As I wandered through Munich’s Hadji-infested boulevards over the last three days, I kept expecting a bomb to go off 100 meters in front of me. The city is so idyllic, so clean, so German–yet so diverse, it was only a matter of time.

A Munich street-scene. Taken two days ago.
A Munich street-scene. Taken two days ago.

But then I thought, “No way. No hadji would be retarded enough to set off a bomb here. He’d kill too many of his coreligionaries. If I were a Muzzie, I’d attack with rifles. I’d pull a Bataclan.”

Today it fucking happened. Someone(s) went in and shot up a shopping mall. No word yet on the shooter’s race, but longer we go without a pronouncement, the more likely it is that the shooter was a non-White, as has so helpfully pointed out.

And I just missed it. What does it take to be a hero or a martyr? Timing apparently.

The press is reporting multiple shooters. I find that unlikely. The fog of war obscured the singular nature of the Dallas shooting too. But if it is multiple shooters, ala Bataclan, you can be sure it was Muzzies.


I agree with the NSA-section known as Andrew Anglin. I feel no sympathy for the victims of this (unless they were righteous racists). It is past time to stop mourning and start fighting. These attacks are not acts of God. They are assaults by an Enemy.

The BBC is reporting, that among other forces responding to the attack, there was, “an elite border security unit, GSG9, is heading for Munich with several helicopters.”

“Elite border security unit.” heh. I’m sure the Roman state was still passing out medals to Limitanei formations in the fifth century for “outstanding service in maintaining border security.” God, when will they wake up?

So instead of an honest-to-god fight, we have this. Some weird form of quasi-warfare. I’m sure some Johns Hopkins Global Security Studies faggot has already written a dissertation on it: “5th Gen Warfare: Mastering the psycho-cyber battlezone.”

It looks like we have to double down. Keep posting those memes. But even more importantly, keep hammering your normie friends. Every serious, face-to-face conversation is worth a hundred shit-posts. You may be surprised at how receptive people are to our message–when it is presented with a clear conscience, and a sincere heart.

We are right. The Truth will win. We will win.



(Editor’s note: Further Essays in Greg’s ongoing series “Race-Tour 2016” will come out in the next couple days. Tomorrow–a report on Munich; and the next day, a recap of the summer, focusing on intra-White differences. Tomorrow we will also release our podcast Red Dawn 22, featuring Vince’s Siberian adventures.)



Bobo White Nationalism

I’ve come to a renewed understanding of myself and Richard Spencer’s approach to White Nationalism, as a result of my travels.

I am a very social guy now. Before the Alt-Right, I immersed myself in Game and did the 100 approaches that Tyler RSD recommended. I can walk up to just about anyone and start up a conversation, even if I only know a little bit of the language. I get snubbed, sure. But the 101st snub doesn’t really bother me anymore. (Surprisingly though, I get all nervous over the telephone though)

But the more I approach and the more I meet the locals of all the little towns I visit in Russia, the more I notice a trend. I don’t find myself ever in the company of “salt of the earth” Russians. I almost invariably find myself approaching cute looking girls, spending time with trendy young adults and easing back into Bobo polite society.

I just can’t help myself.

I find myself incapable of really hanging out with Russian Gopniks or before that with American Rednecks. I need something more than Bud in a can. More than just, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Is that snobby or elitist of me?

Not really.

It’s called having class…Or being part of another class. See, I’ve criticized Richard Spencer for…. well lets see, the list is kindof long…

  • Being a WASP
  • Being a bit of a pouf
  • Not reaching out to the proles

But I finally realize that he has actually done. He’s created a Bobo version of White Nationalism. See, middle to upperclass folks don’t want to join a biker gang. Or shave their heads. They don’t want to wear all black and wear Oakleys.

They just want to discuss and dissect fascinating taboo ideas. And that’s about it. Sure we all dream of a beer hall putsch, but then we’d miss the new Game of Thrones that comes out later that night. Not only that, but the society of other Bobo’s is all we know. We’re not rednecks and although we feel sympathy for the BadWhites, we just don’t have enough in common with them…

See, I think that’s what the Alt-Right is- and I don’t know why it took me so long to come to this realization- a bunch of Bobos that want to save the world. We like SWPLy things like comfy cafes with exotic brews. Bikelanes don’t really bother us, its the people on the bikes that we hate. Hell, I bet most of us don’t even mind recycling.

And we are almost all sheltered middle to upper class children of American Suburbia. Even gentrification is a policy that we can get behind, after all, living out in the Red State sticks is a bit of a bore.

So the Aesthetic that Richard Spencer pushes of a sort of secretly red-pilled James Bond martini-sipping revolutionary really appeals to an untapped White Nationalist market segment. NPI is a Bobo alternative to traditional nationalism. It’s friendlier on the eyes. It’s more comfy. It’s less hardcore.

That’s why we get the occasional sympathetic conservative op-ed about us. Put simply, we are much closer to them than the “salt of the earth” middle americans that most liberals are legitimatly scared off.  Hard core nationalists never get that kind of leniency. Heimbach gets heaps of scorn thrown his way all the time from both sides. Yeah, he’s a swarthy neckbeard, but mostly he’s just too prole-y

And maybe its time I acknowleded my inner Bobo as well. After all, I’m writing this, tucked away in a Hipster cafe downtown. I’m drinking a Mochachino and after that I’ve got some Oolong tea in a pot brewed up and ready to go. There’s a cute Russian Bobo girl coming by in a bit. I think we’ll talk about Jungian archetypes and about some new bar thats opening up this week.

Maybe we’ll get a martini later tonight.