Academic Interview 11: Ukraine’s Perpetual Crisis

Academic Interview 11: Ukraine’s Perpetual Crisis

What is going on in Ukraine? It’s been almost three years since the Euromaidan protests that would lead to the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych and Russia’s subsequent repossession of the Crimea. Since then, we’ve witnessed a civil war in the Donbass, with plenty of involvement from the Great Powers–NATO and Russia. The struggle is titanic, and far from resolved.

Vincent Law outlines the players and the facts. What do we know about the politicians, the commanders and the oligarchs on both sides? What is Ukraine’s role in the grand geopolitical game? Join him and Greg Ritter as they explore the conflict, its origins, and its possible outcome.

Ritter alludes to Russia’s despoilment in the ’90s at the hands of Lawrence Summers and his cronies. The best place to start is Steve Sailer’s “The Real Larry Summers Scandal” and “The Rape of Russia Explained by Anne Williamson.”


RED DAWN 26: Wut About Muh Jutland, Copenhagener Swine?

RED DAWN 26: Wut About Muh Jutland, Copenhagener Swine?

The Great Debate continues: Regionalism vs Empire. Natt is back to defend local loyalties. The AI regulars gang up on him and argue for super-nationalism. Natt then danesplains why he would rather live in a Zealander-free world.

Vince brings the discussion back to earth. How is the alt-right going to achieve any of this? Greg and Singh weigh in.


Conspiracy Theory: The Russia-Alt-Right Axis

The alt-right has a crush on Russia. We admire their political unity, their social normalcy, their stoic stand against Modernist degeneracy. Donald Trump has also expressed attitudes that are less than rabidly russophobic. The alt-right wagers that his administration would pursue detente with Moscow. A welcome change from the reflexive antagonism of Hillary Clinton and her neocon supporters.

But having a positive attitude toward Russia, and especially President Vladimir Putin, is a political liability in the West. Clinton knows this, which is why she tried to tie Trump and the alt-right to Putin in her August 25th speech.

The accusation is part of a larger pattern. Clinton and her backers in the media and political establishment have made a habit of trying to tar Trump and the alt-right as Russian stooges. The Clinton Campaign has (without presenting evidence) blamed Russia for hacking the DNC’s email servers, and insinuated that Trump was responsible, somehow. Trump was also accused of treason for suggesting that Russia could provide Hillary’s 30,000 lost emails to the public. Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was sidelined by the allegation that he had corrupt dealings when he was a businessman in Ukraine before the “Euromaidan” revolution. (See our latest podcast, detailing the Ukrainian situation).

As usual, this is mostly just posturing from Clinton and her allies in the Neocon establishment. To the Neocons, this is evidence of right-wing treachery. In their minds, Western and Russian interests are always opposed, and therefore anyone who would cooperate with Russia must be a traitor.  But the Neocons are flaunting their habitual black-and-white sophistry. They have no real arguments, so they screech “guilt by association.” Clinton pulled out this logical fallacy in her August 25 speech, quoting a Mexican proverb: “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.”

The rhetoric is nevertheless damaging to Trump, and the alt-right needs to be careful. The liberals and neocons are running out of rhetorical ammunition. Incessant accusations of racism seem to be losing their potency. So they have turned to Russia bashing. What better way to cast your opponent as weak than by posturing as the anti-Russia hard-liner? The tactic is a classic in American politics.

But it is not just rhetoric. There is something to liberal and neocon allegations. For the moment, the alt-right’s interests align with those of Russia. The alt-right would prefer for the US to adopt a less confrontational foreign policy. We see no reason to risk WWIII over the Donbas or Crimea. The alt-right also agrees with the vast majority of Russians in favoring tradition and the socially conservative policies that support it.

What’s more, Russia has every reason to support the alt-right, including the nationalists of Western Europe. (Indeed, France’s Front National has taken loans from Russian banks. Other far-right parties are often accused of accepting Russian money. The accusations have the ring of truth, as the European far-right is generally well disposed to Russia.) The more the alt-right’s influence grows, the better for Russia’s foreign interests. The rising right is also a boon to Russia domestically. Unlike the neocons, Trump and the alt-right have no reason to antagonize Russia over its social policies.

But if Russia supports the alt-right, why does RT, Moscow’s main media outlet in the West, not take a hard-right editorial line? RT’s programing often promotes leftist and libertarian views. It is broadly critical of corporatism and neoconservatism. It is certainly not alt-right. Similar attitudes prevail at Sputnik, another Russian media outlet aimed at an international audience.

Russia’s strategy is double-edged. Like any great power, it seeks to mold the political climate of its rivals. While Russia would prefer nationalists to hold power in the West, it is prepared for other outcomes. A right-wing West would be more amenable to Moscow. As it is, the ever leftward trend in Western society suits Russia just fine. A strong partner would be great, but Moscow will settle for a weak competitor.

As the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov explained: the key to political propaganda is not resisting your rivals’ ideological punches, but side-stepping them. Even better, one should pull the punch through, to let your opponent’s momentum put him in a compromising position. This is why Russian news does not take an anti-liberal line. In an ideological fight, it is best to encourage your rival to indulge his own worst inclinations. If the West continues to follow liberalism and equalism to their reductiones ad absurdum, it is doomed.

The alt-right is on the correct path. Just because some of our interests happen to align with Russia’s, does not mean we must abandon them. Reflexive russophobia, like that of the neocons, reflects our interests just as poorly as a slavishly pro-Russia attitude would. We can agree with Russia without being traitors. The alt-right–and Trump–speak for the vast majority of Americans when they advocate traditional values at home a more restrained policy abroad.

Some commentators suspect Russia will pull out all the stops to get Trump elected. There is even speculation that Russia will unleash an “October surprise.” I doubt it. Even if Moscow has damaging information on Clinton, why blow it before the election? Better to hold on to it to use as leverage if she wins. Moscow would prefer a President Trump, but they are prepared to deal with a Hillary victory.

So while Trump and the alt-right offer a fresh and reasonable position on Russia, we must remember a few things. Russia is a powerful, robust culture that sees itself in exceptional terms. As much as we admire and respect the Russians–they are our racial kin after all–they are rivals of Euro-American civilization. We wish them the best, but not at our expense.

Alt-Right: Hillary Clinton, Thank You for Your Help!

Hillary Clinton Button,
Alt Right posts Hillary Clinton Button,

Hillary Clinton helps the Alt-Right indeed! Acclaimed Bridgeport, CT mayor, showman, and 19th Century writer P.T. Barnum once said, “Any publicity is good publicity,” and this maxim appropriately depicts this election.

Hillary appeals to her millennial supporters with Pokémon Go jokes instead of addressing Generation Z’s financial future. She attempts a hip attitude while embodying the old One-World-Government zeitgeist of an establishment the American people want dead. The cherry on the Che Guevara sundae popped last night as she addressed the Alt-Right, a fatal error for her campaign.

Caught by the Alt-Right,

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

Anyone who’s spent enough time on image boards, forums, or comments sections knows not to feed the trolls. What are we Alt-Righters to the establishment? Trolls. And what does out-of-touch, Botox-ridden, crooked Hillary Clinton do? She feeds em. It’s great for us, as it’s another nail about to be driven in her campaign’s coffin.

And to think we, the defenders of Western Civilization and its posterity, have received Hillary’s POZ love brings us unceasing joy and blood-in-the-face dimples. So it’s only fit with the decorum of our race that we return the favor.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton for all you have done for us. We  on the Alt-Right love your campaign as it tries like the little engine that could[n’t] and clutches its multi-million-dollar Soros funded pearls on the string leading to the Oval Office window.

On behalf of the Alt-Right, the so-called “white supremacists,” we do not formally endorse you, but we would like to say thank you. As the news media read this article, seeing us lovin’ you up, we hope they return the praise to your campaign. Oh, we can see it now: HUFFINGTON POST: THE ALT-RIGHT LOVES HILLARY CLINTON.

Sum Nu Ju, Yahoo News
Alt-Right From Sum Nu Ju at Yahoo! News

We’re with P.T. Barnum on this one. We love your kind words, Hillary Clinton so keep the love comin’.

Oh, Hillz, you’re going to soar like the pure White Anglo-Saxon Princess you are!

RED DAWN 25: Natt and the Alt-Right: A Dane-splaining. Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Blood & Soil”

RED DAWN 25: Natt and the Alt-Right: A Dane-splaining. Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Blood & Soil”

Natt joins the AI bros to discuss the coming Purge. The alt-right is not big-tent. We are little-bunker. We have to kick out the degenerates and the intellectuals. Stop thinking and start acting.

Vince and Greg defend European super-nationalism, and Singh stands up for Thought, but Natt’s having none of it.

On this historic day, as Shillary, the puppet of Globalist tyranny, denounces the Altright, AI brings you this glimpse of the coming battles. We are the Resistance, we are right, we will triumph!

Featuring Mr. Bond’s latest single “Blood & Soil,” a parody of Mase’s 1997 “Lookin’ at Me” at 49.50.

Greg mentions the book “Three Faces of Fascism” by Ernst Nolte, which defines fascism negatively. “Fascism is anti-marxism which seeks to destroy the enemy by the evolvement of a radically opposed and yet related ideology…within the unyielding framework of national self-assertion and autonomy.”

CIA support for 60s leftist radicals.

Germany is thinking about regs for zoophilia brothels.

Ricky Vaughn’s observation that among white Republicans, Trump support tends to come from non-Germanics.


Russia’s Liberal Intelligentsia

Russia’s liberal intelligentsia really stands out from the crowd of regular liberals as we understand them in the West.

The Russian liberal is defined by a sort of refined self-loathing. He looks at Russia and despairs. Its too wild, too un-european for him. He wants to bring Russia up to European standards. Only he rarely has any conception of what European standards are, or what it means to be a European.

They are young, predominantly, but there are still old-school liberal intellectual cadres that form the intellectual backbone. They copy Western styles- which means Hipsterdom reigns among the chattering classes of St. Petersburg.

Ah yes, my beloved city. It has unfortunatly been infested with Russian liberals since its founding. And the Hipster plague is ravaging the city’s youth.

Spengler- the patron saint of this humble blog believed that the Russian soul was split into two parts. The European-looking elite and intelligentsia was infected with a Peterine desire to remold Russia into Europe. Tolstoy, was a great example of this line of thinking. Having read a lot of Tolstoy, and once being enamored of this world-view I completely understand on an intuitive level what Spengler was getting at…

“The Russian soul is not the same as the Western Faustian, as Spengler called it, the ‘ Magian’ of the Arabian civilisation, or the Classical of the Hellenes and Romans. The Western Culture that was imposed on Russia by Peter the Great, what Spengler called Petrinism, is a veneer. The basis of the Russian soul is not infinite space – as in the West’s Faustian  imperative, but is ‘the plain without limit’. The Russian soul expresses its own type of infinity, albeit not that of the Western which becomes even enslaved by its own technics at the end of its life-cycle.”

And Dostoevsky was the complete anti-thesis to Tolstoy, the harbinger of the awakening Russian soul. I never read Dostoevsky. I always thought it was too dark and complex. But now, as I find myself relating to this cleave within the Russian psyche between the Peterites and the genuine Russians, I find myself wanting to give Dostoevsky another shot, despite him hating on my beloved bobo paradise city.

“‘Petersburg’, says Dostoyevski, ‘it is the most abstract and artificial city in the world’. After this everything that arose around it was felt by the true Russdom as lies and poison. A truly apocalyptic hatred was directed on Europe, and ‘Europe’ was all that was not Russia… ‘The first condition of emancipation for the Russian soul’, wrote Aksakov in 1863 to Dostoyevski, ‘is that it should hate Petersburg with all this might and all its soul’. Moscow is holy, Petersburg Satanic.” 

Alright, but that’s just like your opinion, maaan…

I find it the Spengler explanation a better frame of reference to explain Russia’s liberal intelligentsia than any traditional Left/Right explanation that would be more at home in Continental Europe, or Whig/Tory divide that might explain the Anglo-sphere.

These Russian Liberals aren’t really “liberals” in the Western sense of the word. In more ways than one, they are the true elan of Russian society- always have been. They are well-educated, well-mannered and well-meaning. Their liberalism stems from shame for their country and their desire to see Russia be accepted into Europe. They long to show you, the Westerner, how Western they are as well.

And when they try, they can really dazzle you. Take the entire city of St. Petersburg. Built by Italians to put anything Europe had at the time to shame. I can honestly say, that they succeeded. Versailles is cute and pretty. Peterghoff is awe-some and stunning.

See what we Russians can do when we put our minds to it!?” – it screams.

But lets not forget our group of Russian liberal intelligentsia, drinking tea and hanging out in their favorite SWPL haunt…

“We’re for free-speech!” they proclaim,

How adorable.

They don’t know that the West has left that part of its history behind already in favor of speech codes and stifling PC shame culture.

“We are for European Civilization!” they exude.

How cute. Not even Europe believes in European civilization anymore.

But here in Russia?

“We believe gays should be tolerated and not persecuted!”


How pass-aayyy! Don’t they know that tolerance was in the 90’s? Now its abject worship- and dont you forget it!

“Please, please don’t lump us in with those rubes that like to swear, drink and brawl that compromise the mass of the Russian lumpenproletariat!”

Ah! Now we’re getting somewhere.

They don’t want to be considered “Russian” in the way Westerners consider Russians to be. In short, all the values that we think will save Russia in the long-run. Its ability to still be brutal, harsh and unwelcoming of the other…these are the values that Russia’s liberals turn their noses up towards.

They want to be accepted as Europeans, so no wonder they preach tolerance- not of Hachi’s and other browns, mind you- no, they can’t stand those people either. Rather, they preach for a cessation of hostilities between Russia and the West.

“Why can’t our government act civilized?” they moan.

The thought that the West might have absolutely zero intentions of ever welcoming them into the European family as equals simply does not register in their minds. Nor does the fact that Russia is largely blameless in the post-Cold War world environment register either.

Their entire world-view is premised on the idea that if Putin or whoever acted with more deference to Europe, surely then they would be accepted as European and not as the great Other.

How naive.

Many hold views that would make even the Recucklican party label them as bigots and neo-nazis. But they, of course, think that they are actually progressives.

And of course, they seem unaware that Russians remain the only group of people in the West that it is absolutely OK to hate on with near-genocidal intensity.

Whether its Neo-Cons, Cold Warriors, or now- Western liberals, the great white threat of Russia is the only safe target for Western scorn and feelings of faux patriotism.

Truly, the ground is fast-disappearing under the feet of Russian liberals. They are so thoroughly discredited, that they are only trotted out from time to time on Channel 1 so that Soloviev and Zirinovsky can bellow at them about what traitors the Yabloko liberal party of the 90’s was.

I enjoy those moments.

But there is an awakening occuring in Russia. And I am thankful for every glimpse of it that I catch. The awe and respect that the masses used to have for these intellectuals is waning- noticeably so. They are growing independent of the consensus of the liberal elite and finding their own voices.

They do so independently of these old social circles. I notice it when I travel out of St. Petersburg especially. The Moscovites don’t give a shit about being more European, they’re quite content to be Russian. You can just feel the difference in the way they talk to you.

Its even more pronounced in Siberia. I was lucky to meet some local patriots in the places I visited. They couldn’t care less about impressing me, or showing me how Western they are.

They knew that Europe was killing itself. And they explicitly said so.

“Russia needs to finally be Russian.” – thats what these people told me.

Powerful words. Here are some more prophetic words by Gogol.

“‘Wait, the time will come when ye shall learn what the orthodox Russian faith is! Already the people scent it far and near. A Tsar shall arise from Russian soil, and there shall not be a power in the world which shall not submit to him!’ – Taras Bulba

Russia is a nation that is just starting reach an understanding of itself. The liberals are feeling this veritable groundswell and are getting jittery. They know that something is happening and their days are numbered. So, they try their best to cuck against Putin and hope that some Western institution invites them to come over as some Dissident a la Pussy Riot to become a propaganda piece back home.

Good riddance.

Russia is finally molting out of its artificial Peterine shell. What will happen next, its hard to say. But you can feel it. Russia is changing. Russia is evolving. Russia is coming into its own. Russia’s Liberal intelligentsia is scurrying out of the way…

And I think, the world is about to feel the arm.



RED DAWN 24: Clarissa, You Ignorant Slut

RED DAWN 24: Clarissa, You Ignorant Slut

Race-Tour 2016 recap: Muzzies in Lesbos and Kosovo. But where’s Clarissa, the MSM’s premier Arabist-LARPer? Not in the weeds like Greg Ritter, talking real Arabic with real rapefugees. Plus: Vince recounts Siberia.

AND SWEDEN. Greg and Sven attend a gay-pride parade in li’l Mogadishu. Milo was gonna come, but he pussed out.

swede march14

Finally, the bros break down the edgiest POZ: trannyism. What the hell is wrong with Chris Chan?

Feat: Lazerhawk “Star Hustler.” Outro: “Cara al Sol,” anthem of the Falange.

Photos to be posted.

Police Kill Four Suspected North Caucasus Militants in St Petersburg

From Sputnik news:

Four suspected militants were killed on Wednesday in special police operation in St. Petersburg, Russia’s Investigative Committee said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to committee’s spokesman Vladimir Markin, the militants, who were on a wanted list for suspected militant activities in Russia’s North Caucasus, holed up in an apartment and offered resistance, opening fire at police officers.

“There are no casualties among policemen or civilians,” Markin said.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on charges of illegal possession of weapons and attack on law enforcement officers, the official added.

I guess the Hachi problem persists in St. Petersburg.

But fuck it if I know. The Diversity that I see is pretty low, but I don’t live on the Krai-far edge of town.

And the police are constantly harrasing the browns around town, asking for their papers, hauling them away…

Its nice to live in a city that isn’t 100% safe from Muslim attacks but instead seems to be hands on in combating the problem.

The FSB pre-empted a possible attack, which puts them a few rungs higher than their French counterparts that had to engage in a shoot out to bring the Muzzies down in the suburbs of St. Dennis.

Russia has its fair share of problems, but its head screwed on straight about how to deal with them.

Pax Americana

The “Invade the world, invite the world” approach to US Foreign Policy is actually a powerful tool of empire-building.

There are many ousted revisionist groups that have to flee their countries as political refugees. And the United States government can actually be picky about who it lets into the United States and why.

It lets in Cuban political dissidents, Iranian dissidents, Chinese dissidents, Ukrainian dissidents, Georgians, Armenians, Russian Jews, and many many other disgruntled ethnic groups.

After Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States started to accept thousands of Iraqi’s and Afghans. (Collaborators and their families who would be strung up if they were allowed to stay.) This is tied in with keeping America’s word to these local populations- and establishing a reputation as a trustworth partner. It gives local collaboraters an incentive to cooperate if they know you’re not going to throw them to the sharks after the fact.

This may at first strike you as a bad policy (and it is in some ways) but it is not an illogical policy.

The United States functions as an empire, and likes to do what many empires used to do- use Auxillaries in the service of the state.

Whether its Iranians that got ousted by the Ayatollah, or disgruntled Cubans, these are all useful Governments in Exile.

They are allowed to resettle in the United States and then work as spies, as consulting experts, as useful pawns to destabilize the regime back home.

In many cases, they are actively prepared to replace the government should a colored revolution happen.

In many cases, they are taught to feel a weird hybrid of Liberal Nationalist sentiment.

Like all immigrants, their children either drown in consumer cosmopolitanism or develop a powerful sense of Nationalism for their home-country. They feel the need to rediscover their identity, and so they latch on to the identity of their homeland, and become even stronger patriots than their parents- who’s idealistic view of their home country has been tempered by actual experience with their own countrymen.

Their children do not have these experiences, and have in fact been presented with the best of their culture from a little suburban time-capsule that their parents and the expat community have provided for them since early childhood.

These kids grow up adopting Western habits though, thought-patterns, values and develop either an animosity or a loyalty to the United States. Either way, they can be used. Their Nationalism or their Liberalism can be tapped, and their feelings of rootless volkwanderung can be used to effect social and political changes back in the Urheimat.

Conversely, the home countries can use these emmigres as spies and informants for their own ends. But the United States doesn’t worry so much about that. Its a bit of a game for them, really, and the most problematic peoples usually don’t make it past the border anyway.

The astute Autiste would point out the obvious exception of the Mexican diaspora at around this point. Its true, they don’t really fit the mold. Nor do many other groups that are allowed into the United States. There are several factors at work here, cheap immigrant labor, charities run by Christian churches and yes, exploitation of the immigration system through family loopholes.

But thats not the point of this post.

I’m talking about the Expats. Exiled communities of political dissidents from sensitive hot spots around the world where US Foreign Policy has taken an interest.

The United States lets in these poor huddled masses longing for a coup in their homeland to restore them to power in the future and prepares them for the spotlight.

This used to work well- and arguably still works. But you need to have a powerful vision of Empire that you sell to these people to make them loyal. If the Empire starts losing faith in itself, and its values, its Auxillaries start losing their loyalty.

Omar Mateen’s family was from Afghanistan, from a pashtun tribe. His father is an open supporter of the Taliban who emmigrated to the United States in the 80’s.

Now why would the United States be allowing Taliban sympathizers (and actual Taliban) into the United States in the 1980’s?

What goes around, comes around.
What goes around, comes around.

Oh yeah, thats why.

It’s your Pax Americana, dear reader. May as well get to know how it works.

An Announcement

As my computer was fried by hot car in this Predator 2 level, chimp out inducing, heat wave, I have not been able to write. However I am moving in a new direction towards a less HBD/autiste type of post to interview/man on the front line style that will cut to the point. I will be posting soon on my adventures with Our “Dandy” in chief (Guess who) as well as the most down to earth Folk Volk singer the Alt Right has to offer.

Until then keep conquering😉

Stormin Norman