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As my computer was fried by hot car in this Predator 2 level, chimp out inducing, heat wave, I have not been able to write. However I am moving in a new direction towards a less HBD/autiste type of post to interview/man on the front line style that will cut to the point. I will be posting soon on my adventures with Our “Dandy” in chief (Guess who) as well as the most down to earth Folk Volk singer the Alt Right has to offer.

Until then keep conquering😉

Stormin Norman

The Black Pill is Bullshit

The Black Pill is in vogue now in the halls of the chattering Dissidenti.

From what I gather, it’s supposed to be a sort of Nihilistic lapse into despair engendered by the realization that no amount of muzzie terror attacks will elicit a change of heart among the POZ’d.

It really makes me gnash my teeth and want to pull my hair out when I am confronted with such stupidity coming from a movement that I hold near and dear to my heart.

It comes from the complete lack of understanding that the Right has about the nature of revolutionary struggle.

Say what you will about the Marxists, but the early revolutionaries, the Marxist-Leninists, Fidel’s movement, Mao and his partisans, these people really understood what they were doing.

They understood that there were implacable class rivalries and conflicts. They believed in Proletariat world struggle against the Bobos. And so they never really bothered trying to red-pill their enemies.

Sure, they had intellectuals from the classes they denounced who sympathized with and supported them, but they were always clear about who they were trying to recruit and against whom.

See, the Left is good at that, exploiting fissures within a society to effect a revolution. Their propaganda was aimed at igniting class consciousness and radicalization of the cadres they needed to form Revolutionary Vanguards.

They always knew that there would be the True Believers in the old system that would never ever see the light of their new teachings. They didn’t bother with these types. For them it was only natural that they would end up being the enemies and counter-revolutionaries. The early Revolutionaries never lapsed into despair when confronted with the unplacable hostility of the enemies of the Revolution.

They just shrugged and kept on agitating with the people they knew they could convince.

Which is why whenever I see Richard Spencer trying to create “safe-spaces” for European-Americans on campus’ I chuckle, but I know that nothing will come of it.

Did the Bolsheviks go into Orthodox Churches to proselytize about world-wide atheist communism? No, of course not.

They picked the targets for their agitprop well. These spindly, hook-nosed future commissars went to the factory workers- those peasants uprooted from their farms and their old way of life- and offered them something that they could understand. Better pay. A say in running the factory…stuff like that.

Then they went to the trenches. They told the soldiers, “we promise you land, bread and peace.” They encouraged desertion and started creating revolutionary cells within the disgruntled Imperial army. They played on the resentment that the rank and file had at being thrown against the enemy like cannon fodder. And for what? So that France could get some breathing room and Russia could honor its commitment to its allies? These soldiers understood none of that.

These greater geo-political concerns of the emperor were as incomprehensible to them as Evola or Spengler is to a normie.

To the Black-pillied: did you really think that you could convince the True Believers? Why did NRx coin the term- The Cathedral? *Synagogue would be more apt. Its simple, because the media, academic and political establishment and mass of proles that still trust these authority figures practice the religion of secular liberal humanism. You cannot sway the religious faith of those that have their entire career, lifestyle, worldview, peer-circle, shopping habits, etc completely in line with the ruling dogma.

You might get a few sympathizers here and there, but these Atomized individuals are incapable of forming any nucleus of resistance on their own. For the most part, they are confined by circumstance to “hiding their power level.”

Stop worrying about them.

The memes have done an amazing job so far. They’ve brought the edgy, the rebellious, the naturally counter-culture types squarely into our camp.

Meanwhile, Trump is mobilizing the naturally conservative Angry White Male ™ camp. (and married stay at home women as well).

Did we really think it would play out any other way?

Will the croissant-sniffing Bobo’s of France suddenly declare RAHOWA on the Muzzies after yet another terror attack?

No, of course not. It is their lot to be Counter-Revolutionaries. Understand this and do not despair. Chuckle instead into your Pepe- adorned coffee mug as you watch the Bobos and Hipsters get slaughtered en masse in Bataclan by their diversity pets.

Just because they are White does not make them your ally or mine. They are the GoodWhites and way before there is any RAHOWA, there will be an epic showdown between the GoodWhites and the BadWhites to decide where European Civilization goes from here.

Think like a Commie, think like a revolutionary.

Cough up that Black Pill, we’ve got work to do.

Stalin Did Nothing Wrong

I have a little thought experiment for the red-pilled. Do you notice any similarities in the following liberal narrative?


“Hitler was bad because he killed 6 million jews in the Holocaust.”

“Stalin was bad because he killed 50 million people from all over the Soviet Union.”

“Hitler was because he practiced National Socialism.”

“Stalin was bad because he practiced National Communism!”

“Hitler subverted German democracy.”

“Stalin subverted TRUE Communism!”

“Hitler tried to conquer all of Europe!”

Stalin conquered half of Europe!”

“Hitler was an anti-Semite!”

Stalin purged all the Jews out of the Communist Party!”

“Hitler created weird art that emphasized the cult of the healthy body!”

Stalin created weird art that emphasized the cult of the healthy body!”


Huh. Its funny. But all the Communists and Marxists in the United States absolutely hated Stalin…Why is that?

Here are two statements I want you to look at closely:

The United States defeated Nazi Germany. Since the United States is a bastion of human rights and liberal values in the world this is a good thing, and therefore, by definition, Nazi Germany was the bad guy.

The United States defeated Soviet Russia. Since the United States is a bastion of human rights and liberal values in the world this is a good thing, and therefore, by definition, Soviet Russia was the bad guy.

Would you be willing to take the red-pill on Stalin and the Soviet Union if I presented it to you, dear reader?


The Alt-Right Should Support Gentrification

Check out this video.

I’m a big fan of Black Pidgeon Speaks.

His latest video deals with an issue that I have been alluding to in several of my posts- the Suburban problem.

Suburbia is a prison for nations. It is simply a softer version of the Siberian Gulag.

BPS ties in car ownership with the Anglosphere Suburbia phenomenon, and he is right to do so.

Not only has car ownership been sold to the American public as the equivalent of owning “freedom,” but the Suburban lifestyle has been marketed as “The American Dream.”

Let me state this unequivacally: the Suburbs have to go.

There is no better way to atomize and soften a society than to ship them out of urban centers into the golden cage of Suburbia.

The castle becomes a prison because it creates a new generation of Bobby’s and soft WEIRDO whites.

I have no idea how a red-pill lite show like KOTH stayed on the air for so long
I have no idea how a red-pill lite show like KOTH stayed on the air for so long

Furthermore, contact with the Diversity is a massive red-pill suppository. Living away from it engenders Utopian visions of racial harmony.

Just look at the voting patterns for the Donald, its Whites that live near the Diversity that vote for him, while the Whites tucked away from it all that tout the benfits of Multiculturalism.

Is this not the most accurate description of SWPL society you've ever seen?
Is this not the most accurate description of SWPL society you’ve ever seen?

Now, dont get me wrong, Whites naturally have a way of making a paradise out of any Dystopia, and it is in the suburbs that you will find all-white schools, community churches, and bikes lying out unattended on green lawns…

But let us be clear about why the Suburbs came about. They initially came about during World War 1 and 2- to ship problematic German and Italian communities out of the cities where they could not cause trouble and to create a (((melting pot))) of Americana living.

They were then supplemented by waves of rich middle-class whites fleeing de-segregation in the cities.

And as usual, it was the Anglo countries that were the trend-setters in this regard.  Even now, the American Dream is being imitated in other countries by the upper-class Bobo elites.

But it is a retreat, born of cowardice and attempt to shut oneself away  from the harshness of the world.

Now, with the cheap credit and the unprecendented long period of peace that the Anglo-sphere has seen, the average suburban home has 3 TV’s, high-speed internet and 4 couches placed strategically around the house.

There is no great literature that came out of or is set in the suburbs- that belongs only to the cities and the countryside. High culture has always resided in the cities. Its where the monuments to a nation’s heroes stand, where the museums and the historic buroughs are on display to show a people’s acheivements.

The only problem is that Americans surrendered their cities to the Diversity a long long time ago.

Europe didn’t have this Suburban phenomenon for a long time, and as a result its civic infrastructure is far more developed. Convenient trains, buses, and bike lanes. Beautiful parks sprinkled in here and there to give the city-dwellers some nature relief…

All of this is changing in Europe now, but where there were once majority whites, there were also incredibly comfy cities.

So what is the solution? In short, Gentrification. We need to take the cities back.

Bizarelly, its the hipster types that are leading the charge and doing the most damage to the ‘groid occupation.

They just move in and make things nice, safe and huwhyte. Prices rise and the nogs are forced out into the suburbs. The musical chairs switcheroo is ongoing. I admire the ends, and the means, even if I can’t stand the people doing it.

Have you ever been to the black parts of DC or Baltimore or similar East Coast cities? There are some really nice old parts of town that that nogs took over. With a little clean-up, they can be nice again.

This is White people taking BACK the inheritance of their ancestors.
This is White people taking BACK the inheritance of their ancestors.

No great music or “scenes” are developed in the Suburbs, and that is because of the extreme atomization that they breed. Putnam’s Bowling Alone blamed America’s fraying civic culture on TV’s and the Suburbs. The Alt-Right blames it on race. I believe its a bit of both.

Cities facilitate culture or in our case- Counter-Culture. We need the shitlords to start moving in and carving out shitlord neighborhoods. No more of this running away innawoods or to Cascadia. Fight the atomization, fight the cultural death of Suburbia.

Take back the cities through Gentrification… even if you have to wear skinny jeans to blend in while doing it.

Yes, yes Gentrification does. And I approve whole-heartedly.



I’ve been really inspired by my time in St. Petersburg. The time I’ve spent in other cities has been great, but not as artistically stimulating…

Until I visited Viborg. The city sits on the border with Finland and was built by Swedes, controlled by the Finns and is now Russian. If Russia were to annex Stockholm, I imagine it would look a little like Viborg.

Little delapidated Europe
Probably an abandoned warehouse



Small European streets

The Russification has taken hold of the city. Its got the same urban decay all over it. Missing walls, crumbling buildings, delapidated courtyards…


But- and believe me on this- its a really beautiful kind of decay. I’ve seen sections of small American cities crumbling within the Appalachian rust belt, and it was a deeply disconcerting experience.

But Viborg is completely different.


It’s a magical kind of feeling, the decay is there, but the city is not dead. Rather, the decay becomes charming because its an indicator of life! It’s like the smattering of mud that has been sprayed across the facade of the city, really made it come alive. It felt like a really dirty Jeep with big wheels being advertised on TV. In its element, off road and tearing up the dirt paths, it looks more appealing than the glistening showroom model.

Perfectly restored.

Viborg felt like a city half-decayed and half-in use.

Almost 9 pm in the square. I missed the train and would have to spend the night there. Luckily it was never really dark.

The kids played in the ruins, and near ancient churches. They would kick up water in fountains surrounded by crumbling cobblestone plazzas!

Felt just like the river in Stockholm

People bathed in the river, jumping in without any special swimwear. The Russian way!

The port still worked, and I watched the ships get loaded and unloaded for a bit from the embankment. The embankment was ancient,  but delapidated. It didn’t make me sad, rather it filled me with a feeling of…opportunity?

Doesn’t look Russian does it?

With all the new places opening in Viborg, all the new tourists and efforts to beautify the city, I realized that it would be only a matter of time before this lonely decrepit embankment would be refurbished and filled with people…That’s the thought that made me feel slightly sad.

The main attraction- the Castle. Swedish, taken by Russians.

“It’s such a nice little decayed city, lost in time and forgotten by almost everyone, why can’t I have it, make it all mine?”- that’s what I thought.

Someone had already bought the ruin up. It will probably be converted into several bars in the coming years. Like in St. Petersburg.

Everytime I saw a dilapidated staircase leading into an ancient decayed building I smelled opportunity. “I could do something here!” I thought. “I could be a part of the revival…”

It felt like what Stockholm’s old town will probably look like by the end of this decade. But whereas Stockholm and Scandinavia is facing the abyss, it seems that Viborg, and Russia have lived through it all already. A true cataclysm that all of Russia bears reminders to. And its all around you, no matter where you go in Western Russia.

Reminders of Victory

I was told that the ruins were all the way back from the war. What war they were referring to in this particular case, I didn’t ask. Probably the Civil War that was Russia in the 90’s.

But there’s also a feeling that all it is the past now. It’s springtime in Russia.

The only glaringly obvious delapidated Soviet building I saw. It was so ugly it stood out immediately. So ugly that it actually became interesting. I saw a lot of that in Viborg

Pensioners sell you berries and old Soviet paraphenelia. There are local mastershops that sell handicrafts made by people in the neighboring villages. This is part of a big renewal that I’ve noticed in all the places I’ve visited in Russia (except Novosibirsk).

The old marketplace is stocked with Finnish and perhaps Swedish goods. I recognize some of them, and perused the aisles with great interest. Apparently people from St. Petersburg like to do their shopping here.

Its actually an impressive and imposing castle. The island its on is super medieval feeling. They have re-enactments there and Game of Thrones cosplay events.
Its actually an impressive and imposing castle. The island its on is super medieval feeling. They have re-enactments there and Game of Thrones cosplay events.

There are even the signs of Bobo SWPL-flication starting up in the square closest to the Viborg castle. A couple of nice cafes opened up there- young faces. I even saw one boutique having a sale.

I think I’d like to spend some time here. Its incredibly cheap, and I want to spend some more time exploring all the ruins….

I was always struck by Fight Club. In the movie, the narrator basically becomes a Russian as the story progresses further.

He starts smoking, drinking cheap beer, dressing eccentrically, picking fights with strangers, starts a small business, lives in a delapidated house, becomes a pyro, gets arrested, and ends up seriously maiming himself.

The fact that Chuck Palahniuk is Ukrainian himself, leads me to believe that the movie was really just about the narrator (Chuck) getting in touch with his inner Slav.  Palahniuk got gay as time went on- I blame the corrosive influence of San Francisco- but its too bad he didn’t make a run for Viborg when he got the chance.

The Altai- Russia’s Yellowstone

Altai was amazing!

But before I got there, I made a pit-stop in Barnaul. I would end up spending a night there waiting for a plane, making my time in Barnaul a neat 24 hours total, so I may as well give my impressions of the city.

Typical “Khrushevka” in the center of town.
American parks are filled with bums. Russian parks are filled with playing kids.
Speakers in the park play music. I don’t know why, but thats a thing in some of these small towns. Makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

First of all its a town not a city. Small and nice. Most towns in Russia have the trees painted white at the base. Its an insect-repellant or something. But thats how you know you’re in a town.

Its slow, and relaxing. There’s only a few cafes, but they’re top-tier in service and food quality. All the well-to-do Russian women were there with their husbands or boyfriends or just girls day out.

The city is pretty comfy. A tramway track runs down the central road, and you can ride it and see pretty much everything Barnaul has to offer in 20 minutes.

The diversity is there. But its the native peoples, not the Hachis from the Stans. Also to those who believe Russia is being overrun by Muslims I recommend Anatoly Karlin’s work on the topic. I wish I had read his blog before coming over to Russia- a lot of bullshit about Russia is debunked, and it would have saved me all that cognitive dissonance I experienced when I realized how not shitty Russia actually was.

A lot of these signs around town. It reads “260 years together!” …. The subtext reads- “And don’t you forget it.”

But yeah the Natives. They’re benign…unless they get drunk.

There were few gopniks here. That phenomenon seems confined to cities with larger concentrations of commie blocks. By that I mean Novosibirsk, of course.

I took a marche-routka to Gorno Altai and from there I got a taxi to the lodge I was staying in the first two days. It was a bumpy journey and since all the drivers in Russia are the scum of the earth, they tried to gouge me. I haggled and managed to save a couple of hundred roubles.

The place I was staying in was alright- it was a yurt. I didn’t do much but sleep there in between exploring and getting food. After I finally found a trustworthy company to rent a car from (read: Russian, not local), that didn’t have the wheel on the wrong side (in Siberia they get Japanese cars), I was ready to go.

I was planning to go south for a whole day and explore the wilder parts of the region. I couldn’t go to the mongolian or chinese borders because those were DMZ’s and I could get arrested, being a foreigner and all…

What else is there to say about Altai except how beautiful it was? It was wild, and yet I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the roads were built, and how non-rowdy it was. It felt like I was at a top-tier resort. And the Russians were all very kind, open and warm- as I find they generally are.

I went horseback riding in the fields and valleys. Rented a car and drove 8 hours south, soaking it all in along the way. Bizarrely, I even took a dip in the pond formed by an abandoned Soviet-era dam.

Along the way, I stopped a lot in old Russian villages.

Russian villages
Russian villages


Its a pretty big sprawl


Little dirt roads that led into the mountains

These were well-kept and quaint-looking, as opposed to the bleaker and more dilapidated Native villages. Granny’s drew water from wells and offered me a drink. It was tasty.

It’s not exacly a village in Bavaria. But there is something relaxing and refreshing in its less than orderly state.
The village from the shore of the Katyn river
Another angle from the river.

Russians from Moscow and Novosibirks have been buying up land in Altai and investing into making it a top-tier get away. A lot of the development is visible, but Altai remains wild. It also helps that the Altai is about the size of France…

Faustian Spirit
Bathing in a small lake. All Russian tourists.
The Golden Mountains
View from a small cliff I hiked up
Quaint little Russian village
The Katyn River. It’s incredible dangerous to swim in it. Naturally, all the Russian tourists do.
More little homesteads. They dot the main road heading North/South through Altai.
As I went further South, it got more arid and the elevation increased. This is where the Mongol peoples live.

Again, I am struck by how much these Native peoples probably pull down Russia in its ratings for just about everything probably- drunkeness, public order, standard of living, life expectancy, etc.

These are the fields right outside a Native village. Its hard to see, but they are completely covered in trash. Cows graze among the refuse. It stinks and they live right across the road from this arid open air dump.

I suspect the liberals who trot out the doomsday stats about Russia know that they are being disengenious…

The entrance to the Native village was noticeably dirtier, the roads were shitier, and covered in trash. I didn’t drive any further in.

But yeah, they’re (((liberals))) so they do what they always do best: Demoralize.

The hippies set up shop further North, selling local handicrafts. All handmade- or so they say. A lot of pagan imagery, part of the whole Roots phenomenon going on in Russia. Russians are getting pretty into Slavic folk culture, and many now want to run off to villages to live traditional lives. Its a thing.

I noticed that there are a lot of white hippies in Altai, but they’re not so bad. I mean they’re hippies, but they actually make local crafts- because the Natives don’t really give a damn about their own culture, they have been very effectively “Sovietized.”  So as usual, its the Whites culturally appropriating Native culture, making busineses out of it, preserving it for future generations. You know, the same thing that we do everywhere.

With the exception of Novosibirsk, I have seen little to merit all the stereotypes about bleak and barren Russia. I mean, when people think of America, do they think of Detroit? Or Chiraq? Show Russians how people live in Appalachia and watch their eyes widen with surprise.

The sun came down over the scene like a curtain

“It looks like Section 12!” One girl told me. She was referring to the Hunger Games, and I had to admit she had a point.

America has its dark spots- like half of DC, New York, most of Baltimore, Pittsburg, everything off Northwestern’s Campus in Chicago, Detroit, most of LA, north Charleston, inner Richmond… You know, just places I’ve accidentaly taken the wrong turn off the highway into…

Russia is better in that regard. Having spent considerable time in St. Petersburg and Moscow- I am blown away by how huge the good part of town is.  There are a few immigrant projects on the far edges of the city (construction workers, drivers mostly) but otherwise its just so incredibly safe and beautiful…like Altai.

But I’ll save all the ruminations on city life in Russia for another post. Next up: The City of Viborg-the Blueprint for Russian Annexation of Sweden.

RED DAWN 23: Knifing Today, Bombing Tomorrow, JIHAD FOREVER!

RED DAWN 23: Knifing Today, Bombing Tomorrow, JIHAD FOREVER!

Are the Muslims just dull, or does random terrorism help their demographic jihad? The Alt-Right notices who the perps are, but what about the victims? Why are bobo, liberal Westerners the target of most attacks, and not patriots? Join the discussion with Vince the Slav, Sven the Swede and Greg the orientalizing Italo-German.

The bros also tackle the American political scene. The press is trying to derail the Trump Train with pessimistic and mendacious headlines. Does the Right have the wherewithal to wait them out?

Articles mentioned:

Pat Buchanan says The God-Emperor is still in the game! Unz commentariat has defeatist melt-down.

Zerohedge: Clinton’s lead over Trump evaporates

Chinese athletes caught in crossfire in gang gunfight in Rio

Viktor Suvrov’s book Spetznaz explains the role of world-class athletes in the Soviet military.

Bataclan attacks aftermath: “French” man who hosted terrorists led away by police during interview

Correction: One hundred and eighteen Russian athletes have been banned from competing in the Olympics, not all of them.





Novosibirsk- White Dystopia

Novosibirsk was awful.

The whole city was a giant civic nightmare with the absolute worst of communistic and capitalistic city-building techniques represented.

So its not just about having white people. You need to have civic architecture. Squares, fountains, statues, parks, cheap cafes, well-thought out commie-blocks, sidewalks… fuck it maybe even bike lanes.

I wouldn’t even know where to start with Novosibirsk- just knock it all down and start afresh…

A Soviet era attraction ride. It was made of wood and looked unsafe.

I made my way to the Waterfront, because 9 times out of 10 thats the place to be. But it wasn’t very nice.

Nicest pic I snapped there

I saw some agitprop down by the river though. It reads: 14/88 Put the Hachi in the Ovens. Hachi=Browns. 20160711_175143

Again, the waterfront could and should be beautiful. Instead its an overgrown, dirty mess.

And flooded.

I didn’t see much diversity. Very little in fact. But it still shows that having whites isnt enough. A city must care about its civic infrastructure. Suburbia may be the bane of American existence- it reduces us into soft, sheltered little consumers. But the Soviet city may be the bane of FSU existence. The disgusting brutalism is on display everywhere. I try to tell Russians to be proud of their nation and that they have it really good in many ways. But this only works in the charming little towns and impressive cities of the European part of Russia.

Also by the waterfront. Typical bleak street.
Locals on one of the many concrete sprawls doing tricks on scooters, mopeds and bikes.
Not much to photograph, so meh here you go.


I’d say this is what you’d be looking at in Novosibirsk 90% of the time

Commie blocks can be really comfy if done right. Novosibirsk however is not done right. They didn’t even try…

So I decided to head to the main square. I was met by a familiar face.

Lenin- obviously

And his friends.

The pic doesn’t really accurately show how ugly the statues are

They literally just built this city bit by bit without thinkig it through. Case in point, there is this little village in the center of town. This isn’t on the edge of town, this is right smack dab in the October Revolution section.


They just built high-rises all around it. One sec you’re in a city, the other in a dilapidated Russian village.

There is little to see there for a tourist. Still, I managed to find the most upper class petty bourgeios place in the city to have my dinner the second night there.

Scenic views

The women weren’t even that good-looking. They were coarser, and while not grating on the eyes, they seemed to not take as much care in their appearance as other Russian city girls.

Still, because of how shitty, dirty and oppressive the city felt, I couldn’t help but try to rationalize some good aspects of it that I might have been missing.

One of not so many churches in Novosibirsk.

I did see a lot of Christian promotion posters…

Neo-Pagans get the fuck off my blog.

And lots of WWII posters commemorating the heroes that died fighting Hitler.

Almost every subway station has some memorial to war hero’s, not just World War 2

Lots of tough looking white Russians, and literally no hipster faggotry. (I even got a smoothie at a vegan cafe! No hipsters there either!) So at least that was refreshing from my time in St. Petersburg.

The Church parters with the local Cossaks. Russia is experiencing a Cossak revival. Everyone wants to call themselves a Cossak.

Perhaps this is Russia’s Salasus Secundis. A breeding place for tough urban Russians. A cauldron of russification and hard-core manliness.

In which case, Novosibirsk serves a purpose.

…But I think I might be stretching with this one.

Then it was off to Barnaul and the Altai Krai!

Otto Weininger: The Jew Who Saved Me

TRIGGER WARNING: The following article contains nuclear-grade Real Talk. If you haven’t taken your iron-pill today, you might want to read something else. Even for hard-core Stormfront proles, the conclusion may be tough to swallow.

The Jewish Question and the Woman Question are rather tedious. Both issues are intrinsically ‘low.’ People of common intellect find them interesting only because of their tendentiousness. Serious intellectuals, on the other hand, tend to shy away from such subjects, lest they be distracted from matters of greater philosophical depth. While acknowledging the bad, one should, like Xenophon’s Socrates, focus on the good. However, these two questions–on Jews and women–cannot be avoided. They are of critical import in dealing with history, political philosophy and sociology. For a man to have any understanding of his world, he is forced to grapple with these two most mundane of issues.

As expected, given the generally lower intellects attracted to them, most of what is said about Jews and women is utter garbage. Just check your local university. So it is rare to find an author who addresses either question with the appropriate gravity. Such an author is Otto Weininger (1880-1903), who tackles both issues in his magnum opus Sex and Character. Weininger was an Austrian Jew who committed suicide at 23, but who, despite his short life, attained an unusually mature level of philosophical development. The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein went so far as to call him a genius (albeit with certain reservations). Sex and Character is nowadays universally panned as misogynist, anti-Semitic and all-around evil. So you know it has to be good.

Continue reading Otto Weininger: The Jew Who Saved Me

Donald Trump: Tribune of the People

(The following essay is also available as a lecture on AI’s Soundcloud. It is republished as an article because the editor felt that its thesis has gained relevance since its original publication. Plus some people prefer reading to listening.)

Three generations after crushing its main economic rival in two bloody wars, expanding its power across the sea, and coming into conflict with major eastern empires, the republic finds itself in a political crisis at home. All of its military success has brought streams of low-wage foreign labor to the homeland, undercutting the economic prospects of the native lower classes and allowing the rich to accumulate ever vaster stores of wealth. At the same time, the military establishment finds recruiting more and more difficult, as the sturdy and loyal native small-holders are driven off their property and forced into the cities to live on the dole.

If this sounds to you like a description of early 21st century America, you’d be right. But it also describes the Roman Republic in the last decades of the 2nd century BC. Bu the 130s, Rome could look back on a century of uninterrupted success. Instead of Germany, Rome’s world wars had been fought against Carthage. Instead of the USSR, her eastward imperial expansion had come at the expense of the Hellenistic kingdoms. But like in the US, Roman imperial success had the same destructive effects at home, leading to the rise of a populist reaction in the mold of Donald Trump.

In this lecture, I will describe the situation in Rome in the late 2nd century BC. I will focus on the the economic and political circumstances that lead to popular discontent, and the eventual rise of a pair of populist politicians–the Brothers Gracchi, who managed to implement some reforms. I will assess the effectiveness of these reforms. Finally I will compare the rise of the Gracchi at Rome to recent American history, and offer some predictions about how “The Trumpening” will play out.

Three forces allowed the rise of the Gracchi-imperial overreach, economic centralization and imposed diversity. First, to explain the terminology. I realize these terms have a modern ring to them. I think these three terms–imperialism, economic centralization and imposed diversity–are appropriate to the Roman situation in that they describe the Republic’s problems in a general way, and provide ready analogies to our world. I do not mean to suggest any particular historico-philosophical Cause. The factors are of course interrelated and their effects were reciprocal. So you autistes can put the Hegel and von Mises away, at least for the first part of this lecture. Toward the end, I’ll indulge you with some macro-historical speculation. But for now–imperialism, economic centralization and imposed diversity.

Roman Expansion

First, imperial overreach. Rome defeated Carthage–her major rival for domination of the Western Mediterranean–at Zama in 202 BC–the Roman 1945. She then embarked on a program of accelerated expansion in the lands that had comprised the Carthaginian Empire. Roman Armies, following in the footsteps of Scipio Africanus, spent the better part of the next two centuries reducing the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish campaigns were grueling, but there was no shortage of Roman patricians eager to lead a few legions into the abyss. The temptation of martial glory was simply too great for anyone to bother with cost-benefit-analysis. Besides, Spain’s silver mines were making a lot of powerful men obscenely rich, so no one objected to throwing a few thousand more legionaries into the meat-grinder.

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