RED DAWN 29: Finngolian Lights

RED DAWN 29: Finngolian Lights

Finland straddles the fault betwixt the world of the Faustian and the Slav. Against the ambitions of their mighty neighbors, the Finns have struggled to maintain their identity and independence for centuries. Notoriously reclusive, they possess an intense inwardness that we can glimpse in the music of Sibelius and the poetry of The Kalevala (for you language-autistes, here’s a sample in Finnish with English word-by-word translations and grammatical explanations).

Vince the Slav and Sven the Swede trek to Helsinki. They take stock of the land, and interview a local nationalist “Suomi.”

Intro music is the “Sillanpään marssilaulu.” Outro is “Njet Molotoff.”

That badass in the picture is Simo Häyhä, 505 confirmed kills. He got his jaw blown off by a Russian bullet in the last days of the 1940 Winter War.

And yes, Finns, we know you’re not Mongoloids. Still gonna make fun of you for it tho.

RED DAWN: India: Trash-heap of Nations. Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Shlomo”

RED DAWN: India: Trash-heap of Nations. Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Shlomo

India–land of a thousand contrasts. Storminnorman breaks out the spreadsheets on Indian biodiversity. After surveying the Subcontinent’s genetic history, Singh joins in to discuss the caste-system.

The bros start out with a quick overview of the Trump-Shillery debate, and then delve into scientific racism. The episode ends with Mr. Bond’s latest hit “Shlomo” at 57:30.

Indulge your orientalism. And don’t forget to poo in the loo.

Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea

Chads- or just bros, jocks, proles, simpletons- are mistakenly identified as natural allies of the coming TrumpenReich and by extension, the Alt-Right.

But the truth is that Chad culture is what engenders liberalism among a disaffected segment of American youth.

We talk a lot about virtue-signaling or counter-signaling in the Alt-Right and this concept will come in handy for our understanding of the Beta liberal male phenomenon.

It’s quite simple, really. All these slightly higher IQ beta males are repulsed by the dominant culture of drunken slovenliness and anti-intellectualism of the corn-fed All-American Chad.

They immediately knee-jerk against everything Chad stands for, both the good and the bad. They become “educated” and start counter-signaling against everything they perceived Chad to stand for in school.

Boorishness, aggressive displays of foam-finger patriotism, and inane “nuke the whales” sentiment repulses the slightly higher IQ kids and pushes them into the camp of liberalism- which is correctly perceived as being anti-Chad. The new Liberal acolyte also perceives himself as in fact being a rebel…Even though he simply becomes a cuck for the system in another way…

The reason for this is simple.

American culture to this day worships the Chad. And it is again, a totally American concept. I’ll give you a counter-example. Russia has a lot of Gopniks, and believe me there are no multi-million dollar budget films glorifying the Gopnik like there are the Chad in America.

The track-suit wearing simpleton is derided for…well being a simpleton. There’s no Friday Night Squats movies/shows with viewership in the millions.

The Chad is supposed to remain intentionally ignorant. It is looked down upon to know anything, to read anything, to do anything more sophisticated than grunt and let Stacy play with his hair on the hood of a red convertible at make-out cliff.

Promotion of the Chad archetype is also juxtaposed with portrayal of the Nerd. The Chad bullies the nerd and the nerd gets bitten by a spider, beating the shit out of Chad the next day at school with his super powers.

This whole antagonism between Nerds and Jocks is rather bizarre though, especialy when you compare it to other cultures.

Nerds and smart kids get way more rewards both culturally and in terms of the most important currency of all- women- in other countries.

In fact, in Eastern Europe, the concept of the Chad is completely alien. The Chad is the Alpha male that is completely part of the system and held up as like an idol for other young boys to aspire to. He’s an athlete, a varsity-jacket wearing, flag-flying, american soldier, that likes to drink beer and grill hot dogs with his bros.

There is no such comparison in Eastern Europe. The only comparable archetype is the tough bad boy that ditches school and gets all the girls. There is no Chad culture though. “Nerds” are just good students, something that most normal youth aspire to be. There is no denigration of being academically-minded. If you are not smart, people will call you a retard to your face, or in my case, if your Russian is good enough to not be noticed as a foreigner, but not good enough to be considered upper-tier, you get sneered at for talking like a Gopnik.

In America, the opposite is true.

“You like probably read like a lot of books, and stuff like right?”

Read that in a valley girl accent, and you will know what I am driving at. American Chad worship pushes so many good kids into hating their culture because of their belief that it rewards the worst in society with the best women, with movies and acclaim, with immediate social clout.

In America, it is the “Nerds” that have to hide in basements with their nerdy friends to not get stuffed in lockers. In Eastern Europe, it is the Gopnik that is driven away from school by broomsticks and dunce caps.

By reinforcing this boorish Chad culture, America has created generation of complete imbeciles. I mean, the rare smart Chad or  Hot Girl has to hide that he/she is smart to all the moronic friends in their peer circle or risk social ostracizement.

You have these bizarre social circles in school that form in lunch rooms around IQ or money or race…but thats another story.

American culture has promoted this concept of a complete dolt being the archetype of Americanness. You see it even in films like American Sniper. These are just “hoo-ah!” Americana patriots that never ever break from the script.

Now with the current culture war against White Alpha men in full swing, it may be tempting to view the older nostalgic concept of the Chad as a good ideological counter-weight.

But the truth is, that is a terrible idea. We must fight against the Chad archetype as well. It is a concept and an identity founded on ignorance and pride in anti-intellectualism.

Entire generations of anti-intellectual, pro-system cows were bred and now, we are simply seeing the next stage of the plan- to lead them to the slaughter.

I haven’t seen much of a Chad revolt against Political Correctness. Instead, I have seen the rise of the PC Bro- which funny enough matches up pretty well with the South Park joke about SJWs. I see these corn-fed bona fida Americana males grunting out PC platitudes with great consernation- not really understanding what they are saying of course. They have no concept of history, who they are, or what is happening to them.

All they know is, “yo, i got totally fucking smashed last night bro huehueheu…”

They are just pigs at the trough, grunting and worrying about why the slop is disappearing faster and faster every year.

In general, American culture has created this artificial conflict between “nerds” and jocks and now we are seeing the political results of this conflict.

This is why the Alt-Right is so important to reforming American culture. Most of its members belong to the repulsed liberal camp that then rejected liberalism itself- but not intellectualism. They then started getting into male self-improvement because they understood the importance of emulating some of the traits of Alpha males to become counter-culture leaders against the onslaught of the POZ.

In short, they have made the full-circle, but are now intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and striving to become Alpha through self-improvement.

This is admirable. This is what befits an honored descendant of our European ancestors. Becoming a drunken slob that can occasionally remember to vote Republican is a joke.

If we ever get our hands on the levers of power, we need to reform not just the Liberal indoctrination, but the Chad indoctrination in America as well.


The Eternal Finn: A Trip to Finland

One story in particular stands out from my recent trip to Finland. I was sitting on the steps leading up to a Freemason church in the square dedicated to Alexander II in the heart of the downtown. I was chatting with a Russian girl- this was after several failed attempts to chat with native Finns- and two Finnish girls came up, asking for the cigarettes that we were smoking.

I reached in to my pocket and handed them the pack, and turned to finish what I was saying to the Russian girl. As I turn back, I see that the Finns have started to leave.

I let out a yelp of dismay. They had taken the whole pack and started to leave.

They turned around and said something along the lines of, “oh, did you still want the pack?”

This floored me. Who takes an entire pack of smokes when bumming for a cigarette? I emphatically told them to take just two.

“So, can you tell me what places I should see here?” I asked as they started picking them out. “Somewhere where students like to hang out.”

They shrugged and looked at me strangely.

“No, we have to go.” They said. And left.

I looked aghast at them at this breach of social convention, and then turned to the Russian girl again.

“Can you believe that?” I demanded.

She nodded her head knowingly and rolled her eyes.

“They’re all like that.” She said….

Do you see what happened there, dear reader? No? Let me explain it to you. You cannot just bum a cigarette off someone and leave like that in Russia. That’s a social faux pas. Even more so when its a tourist thats come to your country and is asking you where to go and what to see. That’s just low and mean- at least by Russian standards.

But they didn’t seem to be doing it out of malice or spite. Nor did they strike me as particularly socially autistic. The Russian girl confirmed that this was just standard behavior for Finns…

Which leads me to conclude that Finns are not pathological altruists.

Neither are the Swedes for that matter.

I didn’t experience any of that fabled pathological altruism when I was in Finland. In fact, there was outright disgust when I told some of them I was from Russia…

Ooga booga! The Russkies are coming!

I thought the East Coast was bad, but it has nothing on Scandinavia.

Seriously, the PA theory is flawed. No Finn told me:

“Here have a drink, tell me about yourself, oh blessed foreigner.”


“Here, have my woman and some free money you foreign Other!”

I have heard about this “village mentality” before making my trips, but only now do I finally understand what people mean by that. The whole society operates on a sort of social circle, group-think, consensus based model. To a tourist it comes off as being snobby, but I suppose the better way to describe it is the attitude of a small and insular peoples.

In fact, they explicitly make you feel like an Other the minute you step foot in their country.

…Except on the Metro. They don’t have turnstiles and you can ride it for free because no one checks. Makes you feel like a local. I’m telling you, Helsinki is just a large village!

In general, the Finnas are some of the most closed-off and social circle oriented people in the world. They’re nowhere on the level of Swedes, but still, this PA theory can be debunked by spending 24 hours in Finland.

The Swedes of course, have refined this to a higher art. But the more time I spend in Scandinavia (does Finland count?) the more I realize that these northern people’s are just conformists, full stop.

You see it in the way they act, the way they talk and the way they dress, and the attitudes they have.

So many basic bitches roam the city of Helsinki with their color co-ordinated athletic outfits. The yoga pants, sneaker, headband combo is the official look of the platinum-haired Finnish blonds roaming the city.

It feels like a hotter version of Washington, DC.

The men were much less faggy than the Swedes I saw in Stockholm,  but also struck me as incredibly introverted and adverse to meeting new people.

Don’t get me wrong. Few of them will be outright rude to you if you start a conversation. But don’t expect it to go anywhere. Talking to a man in Finland feels like picking up a hot chick, prepare to do 90% of the talking as he looks at you judgingly and nods his head from time to time.

These people will not buy you a drink, they will not show you around, and they definitely won’t leave you thinking that you can be a Finn if you adopt their SWPL values.

Naturally, this wouldn’t be an AI trip without a night out in the bars and clubs. I went with Sven Garrison- a patriot I met in Sweden- and we hit up a few places over 2 nights. Honestly, I know cafes in Russia that play louder and more upbeat music than the clubs and bars we went to. It was shockingly quiet and tame, everywhere we went.

You even notice it in the layout of the bars and clubs- the village mentality that is.

The tables and seats are arranged in these little circles all around the club. They are occupied by groups of Finns out for a night of tepid fun. Just like the society at large, the little rings of seats are closed off to the other patrons of the club. Its little parties within the larger party, Finns just chatting (at a low murmur) and relaxing with their group for the night.

The most high energy thing we heard was some local Finnish rap. It was pretty bad.

While I was waiting for Sven to arrive the first night, I headed down to Kallio and started chatting with tipsy Finns about to head out to party.

These were the hipsters and the trendy types, so I figured they would be more laid back at least. The men straight-up ignored me, but I got to talking with this one girl and she was pretty laid back even if a bit cold and distant. She told me that she was leaving Finland soon because she didn’t like it there.

“Where are you going to go?” I asked.

“Australia or New Zealand,”  she replied.

Hmm. They never seem to say Kenya do they?

I’ve noticed this phenomenon among the youth in Sweden and Finland and even the hipster circles of St. Petersburg. They all want to leave and go to Australia.

I dub it- “Implicit White Flight.”

Although, the Helsinkians and Peterburgians don’t really have much cause to run away, both cities are still pretty white. Helsinki was nowhere near Stockholm levels of Diversity, even if it didn’t match up to the St. Petersburg gold standard.

You want the truth about Finns and Scandinavians in general?

They are the epitome of everything I hate.

Now, I suppose thats a little harsh…  Especially considering that we met a local patriot there.  He was fun to chat to, but its hard to consider him a Finn. He was part of the TRS nation- which is a separate entity entirely. Being a TRS goy is like being part of a secret society. You immediately understand and relate to a goy you just met with barely any introduction.

It’s like meeting an old friend, the guard goes down after a few probing questions and you just cut the shit in lingo that few of the patrons around you would understand even if they overheard you.

Which is why meet-ups are so fun and mentally relaxing.

But yeah, the Finns… I really can’t stand the mentality of these strange snow-peoples.

How can they be so…quiet and repressed, conformist and group-thinking, cold and unwelcoming? It doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel human!

What the fuck went wrong with these blue-eyed devils?

Snootiness and blandness are not synonymous with high civilization. Rather, I’d say its an indicator of a petty bougy mentality…

But perhaps the Anglos are somehow to blame? After all, everything in Finland is a carbon copy of some American suburb. The metro stations look like some dystopian Brutalist fantasy artwork. There is almost no difference between most of Helsinki and some upscale suburb in the US.

The few nice buildings clustered downtown are a mix of Italian style Northern Baroque (I think) and I suspect built by the Russian emperors.

Otherwise, Helsinki is just a tiny little city with non-descript suburbs.

It’s got its fair share of Diversity, but if you expect Walking Dead levels of Dindus, you need to head over to Stockholm’s suburbs or the city of Malmo. As for the POZ? I only saw 2 trannies and one flamboyant homosexual. Not bad.

Our Race War Safari basically turned into a pleasant weekend trip that both Sven and I needed to just relax and catch up.


Academic Interview 12: Putin’s Prophet

Academic Interview 12: Putin’s Prophet

Nikolai Starikov is something of a Shaman. An insider with the ear of the Kremlin, he has upended conventional thinking about history. In his view, Hitler was no mere tyrant, but the tool of a grander Anglo-American scheme to dismember Russia. A crazy conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But Starikov is no Alex Jones. Like many of us, he sees something sinister in the West’s current predicament. And his explanations are always one step ahead.

Further reading:

Some translations of Starikov’s blog by fans

Starikov’s blog (in Russian)

The Russian Red Pill

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile, but my day job and evening studies have been getting in the way far too much for my liking.

I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people, and embracing a complete re-orientation of my worldview yet again from my time in Russia.

It’s like taking a second red pill, or an “Infrared” Pill as I’ve dubbed it. This time, the pill went down smoothly and no great depression followed afterwards, only an uneasy feeling in my stomach. By accepting this new information and shifting my world view again, I knew I would potentially be alienating the only people that I respected and admired in the West- the Alt-Right.

But whatever, I got into all of this because of intellectual curiousity, I’ll be damned if I self-censor myself now. So here goes.

Germany lost a war. Never lose a war.

Much of the de-Nazification efforts carried out within Germany were done to instill a deep sense of shame and guilt within the German people. They were systematically hounded into hating themselves by constant stories of war crimes, some true, and some not. (Like the Lolacaust)

This deep feeling of guilt led to arguably a generation of the most pathetic white men in history. It led to the refugee crisis, and possibly the end of the German nation as it stands now. In my eyes, Germany was systematically dismantled, and led like a lamb to this sacrificial slaughter by the Anglos. I don’t parcel out the blame on the Russians as much because East Germany- for all of its problems- remains the least cucked part of Germany to this day, so I figure the Soviets must have done something right…

But quibbles aside, the point remains. Germany’s proud soul was ruthlessly torn apart and now look at it. Germany has no independent foreign policy, its people are being reduced to dhimmitude, and there seems to be no end in sight.

But Germany wasn’t the only power to lose a war to the Anglo-sphere.

Russia did as well.

At the end of the Cold War, after the Soviet Union voluntarily disintegrated as a result of the deft political manoevering/treachery of Boris Yeltsin, the exact same demoralization campaign began to materialize.

Just like after Khrushchev came to power, so too were the flood gates of information suddenly opened, and the Russian people were exposed to some really demoralizing information. This, coupled with the anarchy, looting, and complete collapse of the 90’s led to a situation comparable to Germany immediatly after the war.

The horror is hard to explain. People’s entire world views were shattered. The Soviet Union went from being a force of good in the world to being the evil empire- I imagine its like finding out you’re not actually a human, but a Cylon sleeper agent sent ahead of time to infiltrate the Colonial starfleet and that all your memories were false implants to make you blend into Colonial society… Looking at you, Boomer.


Revisionist minorities started trotting out all sorts of horror stories because they sniffed weakness in the air and sensed the opportunity to get Gibs. The Liberals were all too keen to take up their cause, and the West was all too keen to give it a megaphone in the press. And so all of a sudden we found out about how horrible the Russians were to every single peoples within their empire.

We need mo’ money fo dem’ programs!

Whether it was Butthurt Balts who forgot about centuries of German colonization/abject helotry and instead started bitching about all the high-tech industry the soviets set up in their country, or the Ukrainians who bitched about the actual state that the Soviets had created for them, or Kazakstan bitching about all those hospitals, and factories that the Soviets had created where there was only naked steppe before. Georgians bitching about repression- never mind that one of theirs would have been the one doing the repressing… Poles conveniently forgot about deliberately starving about 80 thousand Russian POWs to death in the Polish-Soviet war and their plans to create a Baltic-Black sea empire. Galicians forgot about how their partisans massacred about 100k Poles. Crimean Tatars whined about being sent into Siberian exile, never mind that they had switched sides and supported Germany in the war, (I guess TGSNT was right, the Nazi’s were a truly multi-cultural force of good!!!). Jews whined about getting 35 centimeters of wood rammed up their ass by Stalin’s russification efforts of the Soviet government and finally the Uzbeks conveniently forgot that they were subhumans etc, the list goes on and on.

People stopped fact checking the sources, because it seemed that the Liberals, both Western and domestic, commanded all the moral authority. Yeltsin was held up as a great liberalizer and reformer as Russia slipped into destitution and ruin.

How much of the information was true though? Did 80 million or 50 million or 20 million really die under Stalin? Where are the sources for these amazing figures??

To this day, no one knows. Did the Gulags exist? Of course they did. Was everybody in them an innocent Solzhenitsyn? Dubious. Russia found that out the hard way when the zeks were all released in the 90’s and a crime wave the size of a Cat 5 chimpout spread through the country.

The Nazis and the Liberals are a match made in heaven

To the victor go the spoils, and the Liberals were full of glee as they started chipping away at everything that underpinned the fabric of Soviet society. “Its all rotten, its all worthless, lets just destroy, smash and loot the damn place.” – that was their ideology. This should sound familiar to Americans.

“American soldiers are baby-killers!” – same strategy taken from the same playbook with the same goal. Demoralize, demoralize, demoralize.

So where does the Alt-Right stand? Because of the Hitler-philia, the Alt-Right has been all too keen to pick up the numbers and horror stories dug up by the Liberals and run with it to do…what exactly? Prove that Hitler wasn’t that bad by making Stalin seem worse by comparison?

“See! Hitler wasn’t that bad because Stalin was worse! He killed 20- No!- 50!- No wait!- 80 million Russians! I mean, yeah the Fuhrer thought of Slavs as sub-humans and made plans to deliberately whittle down their population, colonize them and kill huge swaths of their population…Wait what was my point again? Ah yes! The threat of Russo-Gommunisssm! Nazism isn’t as bad as its made out to be because Hitler did NOT kill 6 million Jews- thats a blatant exaggeration and just Allied propaganda! Even though he should have because Jews are parasites and Hitler was the ONLY leader in the entire history of the white world who was an anti-semite. Which is why anyone who is pro-White needs to religiously imitate this 10 year period of German history- of all the moments in White history, this is the only one that counts- otherwise they are a Jewish plant. PS- Remember the 100 trillion victims of Stalin’s Hellstorm campaign.”

The Alt-Right has no problem doubting the numbers that Liberals throw at them about German war crimes. Why don’t they ever stop to check the numbers Liberals throw at them about Russian war crimes?

Oh right. Because it jibes pretty well with their Nazi-philia.

Putin the Savior

But back to our little story about Post-Soviet Russia. The Demoralizers of Russia found their first real challenge with the emergence of Vladimir Putin and the Second Chechen War. After the humiliating campaign that Boris “Bydlo” Yeltsin launched against the Chechens, Putin had his work cut out for him. He had to bring Chechnia to heel because if he didn’t, he risked losing the whole Caucasus and other separatist Republics.

And the Liberals were livid. “Russians are baby-killers!”- they cried and pearl-clutched. “The horror, the horror!”- Masha Geshen kvetched.

Nowadays of course, the Liberals decry the “criminal nations of the Caucasus” and are in alliance with the Nationalists, who want to let these territories secede and make “Russia for the Russians.” An alliance made in hell if ever there was one.

It was a bloody, but successful war. Russia took pride in its victory. Putin started on an entire campaign of rehabilitation of Russia’s self-image. The old Soviet war symbols started coming back, as did the symbols of Imperial Russia.

“Putin is revitalizing the cult of Stalin!”- the West and the Liberals moaned.

The 14/88 part of the Alt-Right has no qualms about taking up this Liberal talking point and running with it.

“See, Putin is a commie Jewish plant!”- say the sub 80 iq storm-proles.

Do they ever stop to consider why their talking points seem so in line with the Liberals? I am willing to consider that some are misguided, but others, I suspect, genuinely hate Russia.

And so when the Russkies started fighting against the Demoralization and start rehabilitating their history, it is little suprise that the Anglo-sphere and the Global Liberal Homo Elite would collectively shudder.

But why should the Alt-Right?

We claim to be for Nationalism of all peoples everywhere…well here is the Russian version of it. A mix of Soviet and Imperial history- all rehabilitated, all raised up as symbols of pride for the Russian people and with greater appeal to non-Russians living within the borders of the Russian Federation.

We’ve taken the red-pill on Hitler, why not extend the same courtesy to Stalin?

RED DAWN 27: Get off that Waifu and Find a Mannerbund

RED DAWN 27: Get off that Waifu and Find a Mannerbund

No society is built on the family. It’s the Mannerbund, stupid. Greg and Singh discuss this building-block of civilization. They cover the sublime theories of historical philosophers like Peter Turchin, and the less refined practices of certain alt-righters. The Greeks, the Vikings, and the Brownshirts also come in for praise and criticism.

AND: A lot of people conflate male-solidarity with homosexuality. Where do you draw the line, goyim? AI refutes this typically Yiddish fallacy. It’s not gay. It’s homoerotic.

The Occidental Observer on hypermasculinity in ancient Scandinavia.

Music: Intro: Fyrdung’s Folk i Gevär (as usual). Future Fash Intermission: It’s my 80’s (Perturbator / Dance with the Dead music). Outro: Die Braune Kompanie. Also Laibach “Opus Dei” (Life is Life) back-drop to the classic “precious bodily fluids” rant from Dr. Strangelove.


Whose Fault Is IT?


There are two types of movements those that originate from the bottom up and those that are originate from the top down. The Frankfurt school was a top down movement being born out of the minds of a few hyper neurotic and subversive Jews who imposed their will on the masses via a slow takeover of the Ivy League. The original Communist Revolution was also a top down revolution with certain high profile organizers leading the masses in Czarist Russia. However reactionary movements have never been top down they have always been bottom up. All the great reactionary movements from the American Revolution, to the far Right European Nationalist movements of the 1800s and even the National Socialist takeover of Germany, came about from the awakening of the common man. They came about by groups of men meeting up, carousing, drinking and occasionally sharing some ideas about what should be done about the state of things.

As the plebian intellectual origins of these movements cannot be denied, it does not bode well for the Alt Right as a movement if our more prominent and erudite “leaders” show their disdain for what they consider The Proles. I’m not going to name names for fear of excommunication but use your imagination and try to envision the disingenuous individual or individuals I may be referring too. Whether it be Iowa farmers, the Amish, Mormons, Montana ranchers or just joe six pack down at the local bar; these salt of the earth types are the glue that kept this nation going. The deracinated and degenerate state of society is no more their fault than it is the old East Coasts establishments fault. All tribal or national groups have their common pole types and their more charismatic leading intellectual types. Just as a beehive or ant colony has specialization among its members so too do people. As such, the blame for white Americans losing their nation and birth right falls solely on our intellectual, educated class. As with the upper classes everywhere they considered themselves above low brow tribal behavior. They were not willing to get their hands dirty or loose the moral high ground in the face of more aggressive and subversive groups taking over the educational, media and government complex.

As our intellectual class has bought the religion of Cultural Marxism hook line and sinker it will be up to intellectual proles to retake this nation. Only a SWPL PHD student from a millionaire family could be capable of convincing themselves that diversity does not threaten them as they have always surrounded themselves with outlier types within their very sheltered educational bubbles or gated communities. Proles on the other hand mix more freely with all types as they are forced to in order to earn a living. I have yet to meet a working class white in a major metropolitan area in the USA that did not show some form of ethnic solidarity with those that look like him when shit hits the proverbial fan.

I have worked in both blue collar and white collar jobs. Both of which were anywhere from 20% TO 80% nonwhite. It was only in the white collar jobs where the deracination seemed to take complete hold over white Americans. I suppose working with the higher IQ ethnic types reinforced their indoctrination in the we are all the same mentality. Where in blue collar jobs the theft, backstabbing and very confrontational nature of such a lower IQ, lower trust “diverse” workplace is unavoidable.

The educated class of whites will be able to maintain the lie until they cannot longer earn a living in academia or government. Even stem degrees are increasingly worthless these days as there are already more graduates than jobs in these fields in combination with the importation of ever more Chinese and Indian doctors, engineers, scientists and IT professionals. Where the animosity among blue collar whites has been rising for a while the cauldron has only begun to boil over for the increasingly overeducated class. For all I know it may have already but these SWPLs are just too ashamed of their own bad thoughts to admit it.

Public and Obsequious Pro-Trumpism

Rome was not founded as a city. Like the platonic state, it was founded, not on some cucked structure like “the family,” but on something far stronger–the Männerbund. The city was just the backdrop to what was, at its core, a politically ordered brofest.

What an awesome arrangement. But all good things must come to an end. One morning, Romulus woke up with a forehead-searing, wine-induced hangover (those are the worst) and, like Jupiter, his temple gave birth to an Idea: To continue the brofest, we need to have another generation. New generations require chicks. Therefore, we need girls.

So the Romans went to the next tribe over and abducted their daughters. This event went down in history by the hyper-triggering name “The Rape of the Sabine Women.”

The alt-right Männerbund is at this same juncture. We need to get girls to support our political goals, as much as it pains me to say so. This does not mean that we need thousands of SWPL American females shit-posting on /pol/. That will never happen, nor do we want it to. The alt-right needs to remain a Männerbund–the ideological shock troops of our people. Just as it is preposterous to have women on the front-line in war, it is so in metapolitics (Ann Coulter and Lana are cool though).

But white women have a role to play. They need to vote for Trump. They are the demographic where The Emperor has the richest prospects for gains. But despite our early optimism, it does not look like Trump will be able to break a significant number of blacks off of the democratic “coalition of the fringes,” to use Steve Sailer’s phrase. The democrats and the press have succeeded in pushing the BLM bullshit enough to quash any interest on the part of blacks in having a fair shot in the low-wage labor market. Asian minorities are too few to matter much, and they are smart enough to know their political and economic interests are served by importing more of their co-ethnics. So, it’s come to this. Whites vs all.

So how do we get white girls to get on board? Trump seems to be making moves in this direction. How can the alt-right help?

Psychology. Let’s put those years of Chateau-reading and gaming to good use. This is our big advantage. We understand girls, and they can never understand us. Women will vote for someone who either 1) is an alpha male, 2) has the sanction of the establishment. Obviously we’re good on #1. Unfortunately, Hillary has #2. So we need to tip the scales in his favor. It’s all about perception. Women need to feel that Trump is more powerful, more likely to win.

To that end, I propose:

Public and obsequious pro-Trumpism.

We need to turn America into a continent-spanning pro-Trump echo-chamber. Memes are great for online interactions. Dropping hatefacts and pithy arguments on Facebook and Twitter have gotten us where we are. But I’m sorry autistes, Real Life still matters more to women. We need to immerse them in our mental world. We need to make it so that women cannot escape our meme-space, our “memensraum.” And because the Platonic woman has no being or interests, what little being Real women do have will be inadequate to resist the pro-Trumpism. They will believe. IRL.

Let yourself be overheard having outrageously pro-Trump conversations on your cell. “Hey bro, did you hear The Emperor’s speech? Man, when he said he’d enforce immigration law, I was sieg heiling so hard, for realz.” Naturally, this sort of rhetoric will cause any liberal goodgirl to recoil, at least the first time. But she’ll come around the tenth time she hears a swoll, well dressed, confident man commenting casually about “Vishnu’s American incarnation.”

Blare The Trump Song and Mr. Bond out the car window.

“Accidentally” let women see your phone/computer background. I vacillate between:



trump pink hat

mmm… dreamy. The reaction from females is invariably faux-outrage, which is really just an invitation to double down in the expression of your schoolgirl-like crush. “I just get lost in those eyes. MAGA.”

Fanboydom is, of course, usually a vibe-killer, as le Chateau has taught us. But over-the-top fanboydom for a super-alpha is intriguing. The only problem is her interest won’t be directed exclusively at Trump. But that’s a piddling concern. Her mental process will register, “This guys is such a jerk to me, but he loved DJT…”  And, by transitive property of girl-syllogism, this means “Trump must be high status. I should vote for him.”

It is now clear. The purpose of us–the alt-right–learning game was not to get laid. Ok, so some of us, not pointing fingers, had a lot of fun in the hyper-degeneracy of 2008-14/15. But those days are over. Now it should be obvious to all of us that the “hookup culture” leads to social and racial pollution. The more random bros a girl hooks up with, the less suitable she is for motherhood. But game can be used for good too. It is how we will win our women back to our (and their) own side.

We are now engaged in a society-wide act of seduction. Convincing your girlfriend or wife is not nearly enough. There are too many cucks out there, and too many single sluts. We have to make a mass-effort. The flocks of manless women need a shitlord to be like a shepherd onto them.

So, in this act of mass-seduction, it’s time to move from Tinder and fuck-close. Put less time into Twatter and more into real-life. Be publicly and obsequiously pro-Trump. Saturate the public sphere. The endgame is not getting laid. The stakes are way higher. We must reassert control over our societies if we are to ensure our collective survival. Convincing our women is the next step.

Back to the Trumpean autistic meme-plex, sluts!

Once we take back our women, the alt-right will have control of the political landscape. When the cucks come to get their women back, we won’t even have to fight. It’ll be 753 BC all over again.