On Far-Right Bitching

Girls love to complain. Its a deeply cathartic experience for them. They snuggle up to you real close so you can feel their body pressed up against yours, their scent washes up unnoticed at first, but pleasant, familiar and laced with estrogen… Just when you’re relaxed and ready to doze off, she starts breathing irregularly, and shaking. She looks up, her eyes shrink-wrapped in tears and unleash a torrent of doubt and deep-seated insecurity that rocks you to the core.

“Where did this come from?”

Its hard to make any logical sense of the situation, so you just start asking questions. “What is wrong? Why this sudden burst of emotion? Why can’t we logically address your concerns and fix the situation?”  In response, you of course get more tears and hysterics about how you are supposed to be on her side, and how you are a bad boyfriend.

Girls don’t want to hear you offer well-thought out solutions. They just want you to be there for them. They need a vessel to emotionally offload onto. The more unstable the girl, the more vitriol is unleashed when the floodgates are opened. You gotta talk with them too, give helpful prompts here and there, but mostly just soak it all in. At the end of couples therapy, nothing is solved, but nothing matters. She sniffles up and feels better after awhile and all is well…Until next week when the exact same biblical flood wells up and threatens to wash away your last buttresses of sanity…

I’ve noticed some parallels between weepy women and the Dissident Right. Baby steps towards moving to our goals are met with shrill cries of complaint, and accusations of being one of (((them))). “Its just a FBI honey-pot, a kike scam, or a gay gangbang.” That’s what the shills will say regardless of the organization trying to make even the slightest effort to going beyond posting Pepe Memes.

These Radical Defeatists even tried to shit on Trump in the early days. Thankfully, Generation Trump put them in their place.

The Left is similar in this sense, it is worth pointing out that many radicals on the far left are constantly pushing their agenda down the throats of moderate liberals who lack the testicular fortitude and philosophical grounding to stand up to the fringe. So they get co-opted and used by the Radical Left.

If they just kept quiet and let the liberal creep continue unabated they would have all their anti-white goals achieved within 30 to 40 years anyway. Now instead of boiling the frog softly with little complaint, they have started to cajole Corn-fed, Comfy and Complacent Middle America into making a wobbly stand against the liberal agenda.

There are elements on the Right that just want to rage, rage, rage at the jewish nightmare of a world that we live in BUT also to rage at anyone offering a semblance of a plan to dig our way out of the mess. The scorched-earth “just wait for Hitler” mentality, and its counter part, “let it all burn” brother ideology are mentalities that the Alt-Right should actively oppose.

Complaining is the first step and deeply cathartic for many Westerners. I don’t mean to knock it. It takes guts to start bitching in the West, because your whole life, you have been told that everything is fine and that anyone who isn’t ecstatic 24/7 deserves to be put on medication until they can show them pearly whites for the camera again.

I wish I was exaggerating, but travelling around and seeing different European cultures has shown me just how weird the Anglo-sphere is. In places like Russia, bitching about shit is a way of life.  You meet a friend, have some drinks and gripe a bit. There’s no psychiatrist, no mind-altering pills, just some vodka and a nice bitch session.

And you know what? It works!

Americans are the only people I know that habitually cry when they are drunk. Men and women. I thought this was normal for awhile, until I realized it’s not. And it may not necessarily be a macho thing between feminized America vs rough Russia, but a mental health thing instead. Basically, repressed emotion breaking out in the only way it knows how.

So thats fine, I get it, start bitching. Its a good first step. Say that you’re pissed, and that you know why. Not self-destructive whining, or helpless nihilism, but constructive bitching. Go for it, man.

But very soon, shit is going to have to get done, and get done fast. So get your shit together quick.

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  1. Hey uh, I created the art at the top of this article (the three roman statues bleeding). I’d prefer if you would ask for permission for the use of my artwork rather than using it without asking.

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