RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

Even model minorities bring social costs: ethnic nepotism, test scams, and market manipulation. East Asians and Indians can be more dangerous than they look. Ritter and Singh compare high- and low-achieving minorities, and learn that the Yellow Peril is real. Hunker down for the Asian immivasion!

Education Realist on cheating in China

On SAT scams

Radishmag on Slavery, probably the Alt-Right/Dark Enlightenment’s premier takedown of “The Narrative” on all things black.

UPDATE: WaPo article about a “Virginia Woman” who made a habit of buying high-end handbags and returning fake ones. An further example of Singh’s point about the deleterious effects of high-functioning minorities on social trust.

2 thoughts on “RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion”

  1. Dude, we’re being overwhelmed here. Like insects the Asians–mostly Chinese–are colonizing our towns and suburbs. The city of Irvine is basically a Chinese colony. Indeed, according to real estate agents I know, the Chinese call Irvine “the head of the dragon.” They’re using it as a beachhead for colonization. The Arabs and Indians aren’t much better.

    1. It’s the same in the suburbs of Boston. Lexington MA birthplace of the revolution is now 35% Chinese, I don’t know if this is even counting other Asians. They report 35% Chinese.

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