A Merry Christmas to You From AI

Merry Christmas to everybody. We say “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays” for a reason. We are not Jewish and we do not celebrate Hanukkah- which from what I can gather is a celebration of oil lasting longer than it should have, in other words a holiday akin to making it to the gas station on an empty tank. And we don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, because its a failed made up holiday-probably less successful than Festivus- and everybody knows it, even the people who celebrate it.

No, we say “Merry Christmas” to you and wish you the best in the upcoming New Year. If you are a European, or are of European ancestry- Christmas is a special holiday. A unique blend of pagan and Christian tradition. Of Greek spirituality, Roman solstice celebration and German folklore. Unsurprisingly, like everything European, it has become the best, most looked forward to holiday, and that is yet another thing to be proud of if you can trace your ancestry to Europa or its colonies.

Many people know about the Christmas Day Armistice. About how during WWI German, French and British soldiers came out of their trenches and sang Christmas songs together, shook hands, smoked cigarettes and realized just how much they had in common. In short, it was one of those rare moments in European history when we stopped butchering each other long enough to realize that we had more in common with each other than the people ordering us to fight one another. I am certain that given enough time, the history books will list World War I and II as the Great Fratricidal Wars- akin to Sparta and Athens destroying each other in the Greek Civil Wars…

In short, Christmas became a chance for rest, reflection and reconciliation for those soldiers. One could even say that the Armistice reflected a moment of European solidarity- or an awakening of a pan-European identity that could transcend the national borders of the Great European Nations. We hope that we can be like those soldiers this Christmas, and remember just how much the sons and daughters of Europe have in common with one another. It is my hope that all Europeans, European-Americans, Commonwealth Countries, etc can come together on this most unique and sacred of our holidays to celebrate who we are.

Merry Christmas from AI.

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