Academic Interview 11: Ukraine’s Perpetual Crisis

Academic Interview 11: Ukraine’s Perpetual Crisis

What is going on in Ukraine? It’s been almost three years since the Euromaidan protests that would lead to the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych and Russia’s subsequent repossession of the Crimea. Since then, we’ve witnessed a civil war in the Donbass, with plenty of involvement from the Great Powers–NATO and Russia. The struggle is titanic, and far from resolved.

Vincent Law outlines the players and the facts. What do we know about the politicians, the commanders and the oligarchs on both sides? What is Ukraine’s role in the grand geopolitical game? Join him and Greg Ritter as they explore the conflict, its origins, and its possible outcome.

Ritter alludes to Russia’s despoilment in the ’90s at the hands of Lawrence Summers and his cronies. The best place to start is Steve Sailer’s “The Real Larry Summers Scandal” and “The Rape of Russia Explained by Anne Williamson.”


8 thoughts on “Academic Interview 11: Ukraine’s Perpetual Crisis”

  1. Thanks for the podcast. It was informative and well-explained without exaggerations or excessive theorizing and guesswork. It’s a pleasure to listen to two well-traveled and intellectually curious alt-righters.

  2. would it be possible to post the UnzReview article on the rape on Russia, referred to by Greg Ritter? Would be much appreciated.
    The vicious character of the period was only made clear to me by way of my reading Satter’s Darkness at Dawn — that book also revealed to me just how pernicious people like Berezovsky and Khodorovksy were.
    Excellent podcast!

    1. Thanks, Walt Moss. The link has been added to the article.

      Vince, it was Sailer. I read “The Real Larry Summers Scandal” a year or two ago, so the facts were not fresh in my mind when we did the podcast. It’s well worth a read too.

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