AI Academic Interview Series 9: Putin against the Atlanticists

AI Academic Interview 9: Putin against the Atlanticists

Russian geopolitics in all its intricacies. Vincent Law explains the Ukrainian situation, the 2008 war with Georgia, and political swordplay in Moscow. What is Putin doing to build Russian civil culture? He has to deal with an aggressive media, US-funded “protest” groups, and the corruption of his own officials.

Vince also discusses The Saker Theory: Putin’s coming purge of Russia’s pro-American faction, the so-called “Atlanticists.” What should the Alt-right’s position on Russia be? Are any groups in Russia our natural allies?

When you need to know about Russia, you can’t trust faggots like Anne Applebaum. But you can count on AI to bring you the most succulent morsels of Kremlinology.

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    Get ready for next week’s episode, “RED DAWN 15: Sportsball.” It’s gonna be YUGE!

    Pray for/to the God-Emperor tonight. May his Victories trigger 6 million SJWs!

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