AI Academic Interviews are Back, Goyim! Leaving Rothbardland

AI Academic Interview Series 8: Leaving Rothbardland

Ritter interviews Singh on Austrian Economics. What are the shortcomings of libertarianism? How does a libertarian transition to being a fashy goy? Singh sketches the intellectual backgrounds and output of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard–their achievements in economics, and the excesses of their disciples. He also covers the libertarian fetish for the non-aggression principle, and victimless crime in Leaving Rothbardland

Also, The Jews and their three favorite logical fallacies.

2 thoughts on “AI Academic Interviews are Back, Goyim! Leaving Rothbardland”

  1. I have a great Merchant meets Dravidian story. I’d like to share with you all. As well as some serious signaling on the part of the merchant to try and detect merchant ancestry in me during a job interview.

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