AI Presents: RED DAWN 2

Muffy Aldrich

RED DAWN 2: Where Did All the WASPs Go?

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants–America’s original elite. How many are left? Greg, Vince and Norman ponder the Anglo Question. How do the WASPs compare with other elite ethnic groups like the Spanish in Latin America or the Aryans in Iran? Norman, a true-blue Anglo himself, brings personal experience of WASP life in one of his breed’s last redoubts: Boston.

The AI bros also tackle the issue of normies. Can they be cured by a hard encounter with racial reality? Or are they damned to liberal zombietude?

Articles mentioned in this week’s episode:

Ron Unz on Jews in the Ivy League,

Steve Sailer’s review of Houellebecq’s Submission

Women in Iran

Edward Bernays

One thought on “AI Presents: RED DAWN 2”

  1. I just listened to the fascinating conversation about where the WASPs went. It’s a subject close to my heart. In fact, I wrote a book about it that explores the biocultural evolution, present predicament and future prospects of that now “invisible race”.

    It’s called The WASP Question ( London: Arktos, 2011)

    Kevin MacDonald wrote a review in the first issue of Radix Journal entitled “The Dispossessed Elite”

    Despite the yawning generation gap between us, I’m guessing that either the book or the review will appeal to millennials suffering from “the WASP disease”.

    Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia is a peculiar ethno-pathology endemic among other-directed WASPs pozzed by the (((cult of the Other)))-the established religion of the transnational corporate welfare state.

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