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Whose Fault Is IT?


There are two types of movements those that originate from the bottom up and those that are originate from the top down. The Frankfurt school was a top down movement being born out of the minds of a few hyper neurotic and subversive Jews who imposed their will on the masses via a slow takeover of the Ivy League. The original Communist Revolution was also a top down revolution with certain high profile organizers leading the masses in Czarist Russia. However reactionary movements have never been top down they have always been bottom up. All the great reactionary movements from the American Revolution, to the far Right European Nationalist movements of the 1800s and even the National Socialist takeover of Germany, came about from the awakening of the common man. They came about by groups of men meeting up, carousing, drinking and occasionally sharing some ideas about what should be done about the state of things.

As the plebian intellectual origins of these movements cannot be denied, it does not bode well for the Alt Right as a movement if our more prominent and erudite “leaders” show their disdain for what they consider The Proles. I’m not going to name names for fear of excommunication but use your imagination and try to envision the disingenuous individual or individuals I may be referring too. Whether it be Iowa farmers, the Amish, Mormons, Montana ranchers or just joe six pack down at the local bar; these salt of the earth types are the glue that kept this nation going. The deracinated and degenerate state of society is no more their fault than it is the old East Coasts establishments fault. All tribal or national groups have their common pole types and their more charismatic leading intellectual types. Just as a beehive or ant colony has specialization among its members so too do people. As such, the blame for white Americans losing their nation and birth right falls solely on our intellectual, educated class. As with the upper classes everywhere they considered themselves above low brow tribal behavior. They were not willing to get their hands dirty or loose the moral high ground in the face of more aggressive and subversive groups taking over the educational, media and government complex.

As our intellectual class has bought the religion of Cultural Marxism hook line and sinker it will be up to intellectual proles to retake this nation. Only a SWPL PHD student from a millionaire family could be capable of convincing themselves that diversity does not threaten them as they have always surrounded themselves with outlier types within their very sheltered educational bubbles or gated communities. Proles on the other hand mix more freely with all types as they are forced to in order to earn a living. I have yet to meet a working class white in a major metropolitan area in the USA that did not show some form of ethnic solidarity with those that look like him when shit hits the proverbial fan.

I have worked in both blue collar and white collar jobs. Both of which were anywhere from 20% TO 80% nonwhite. It was only in the white collar jobs where the deracination seemed to take complete hold over white Americans. I suppose working with the higher IQ ethnic types reinforced their indoctrination in the we are all the same mentality. Where in blue collar jobs the theft, backstabbing and very confrontational nature of such a lower IQ, lower trust “diverse” workplace is unavoidable.

The educated class of whites will be able to maintain the lie until they cannot longer earn a living in academia or government. Even stem degrees are increasingly worthless these days as there are already more graduates than jobs in these fields in combination with the importation of ever more Chinese and Indian doctors, engineers, scientists and IT professionals. Where the animosity among blue collar whites has been rising for a while the cauldron has only begun to boil over for the increasingly overeducated class. For all I know it may have already but these SWPLs are just too ashamed of their own bad thoughts to admit it.

An Announcement

As my computer was fried by hot car in this Predator 2 level, chimp out inducing, heat wave, I have not been able to write. However I am moving in a new direction towards a less HBD/autiste type of post to interview/man on the front line style that will cut to the point. I will be posting soon on my adventures with Our “Dandy” in chief (Guess who) as well as the most down to earth Folk Volk singer the Alt Right has to offer.

Until then keep conquering😉

Stormin Norman