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Fallen Norman descended WASP with a dash or two of other Hanjal Periphery ethnies in my bloodline. I seek to conquer the Saracen, Mongoloid and mystery meat hordes not through direct combat as that would land me in jail but rather through cavorting with their women and in turn Cucking their men on a metaphysical and also physical level. FYI the Dindu is my spirit animal😉

Adapt or Die

Apathy and tolerance are the last virtues of a dying society.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the different personality types I’ve met in the Alt Right and how they differ (and how they don’t) from normal people. Truth be told the same affliction affects both parties. That of Apathy. To avoid any confusion I’m going to focus one white males exclusively as that is the perspective I know.

Your average normal American white male does not bat an eye when he sees a pretty blonde girl walk down the street under the arm of a man from a different race. Of course he has been conditioned not to and some might like myself feel a strong instinctual feeling of disgust. This probably comes as no surprise to most as we all understand that the white western man has been completely atomized and deracinated. However I have consistently observed the same triggering phenomenon among white males. In the Alt Right.

I routinely carouse and bar hop with some Boston Alt Righters I met at NPI. We also like to group text through the day kvetching about the state of things. I usually take it upon myself to snap pics of the many white females I see either dating or reproducing with nonwhite men and send them to the group. My hopes in doing this is to trigger a primal drive and inspire more guys in the group to adopt a realistic attitude toward white women and the territory they live in. Yes modern day nightlife and clubbing, bar hopping and tinder swiping may be degenerate but where else are you supposed to meet women? It’s hard to day game when you have a full time job and hitting on your coworkers is a recipe for disaster. As the old saying goes “don’t shit where you eat.”

Perhaps my views are skewed because I live in Boston which is the whitest major metropolitan area in the USA at 52% non-Hispanic white and also the most liberal aside from maybe San Francisco. The city has a huge student population of novo rich Chinese, Gulf Arab and East Indian princelings. Who love to throw around daddy’s money and try to snag or bang a white woman, the blonder the better. Of course there is also an equal or greater number of female students from these respective backgrounds. Naturally what do you do when everyman in the club or bar is hitting on the white blonde girl inflating her ego? Of course you go for the next most attractive woman which is more often than not the foreign women in the bar. If you’re lucky you could meet an Eastern European girl or white Brazilian. However if they happen to be fair and blonde every dark man in the establishment has already tried. For those of you who think that somehow Slavic women are immune to mudsharkery I can assure you they are not. I have yet to meet a recent immerge from Eastern Europe who did not sample the buffet of third world men once they were in a country where the white men allowed it. White women know that every race of man wants to sleep with them even if only out of conquest so they naturally act picky and bitchy. Yes and now you understand my conquistador ways. They are not by choice but given the situation and my low penchant for female insanity I am stuck picking the low hanging yet sadly more feminine fruit.

So what is the solution? Simple don’t let invaders come into your territory unopposed and take your women. Every other social mammal when confronted with invading males from another pack or tribe on their territory attempts to drive them off or neutralize them less they become neutralized themselves and have their females taken. wolves, lions, gorillas and chimps all do this. More importantly I have witnessed every race and ethnic group of men do this but white western men. The large asian presence in Boston means I inevitably end up chatting Asian girls at clubs or bars. Yet every time I do out of nowhere some Asian guy (usually Chinese) will come between us and try to prevent the girl from talking to me. If there is more than one mongoloid and they are in a group drinking they will very often act overtly aggressive and provoke a fight with the round eye trying to take their women. This same phenomenon can be seen with every other racial and ethnic group I have encountered when in the presence of mixed company with of course the obvious exception of White American men.

As the late Glayde Whitney PHD Behavioral Genetics said at Amren 2000
“Like any conquering group, the winners are taking the property, the land, and the women.”
“Mating between Hottentots and Negroid Blacks generally followed a pattern that is worth noting. Even though it was unusual, most of the crosses were of Hottentot women with Black men. The hybrid children were raised as Blacks, so most of the gene flow was from Hottentot to Blacks. This pattern is common among humans and among mammals generally, like the wolves and dogs mentioned earlier: When populations mix, it is usually males of the dominant group that take up with women from the subordinate group. Women are attracted to socially dominant males. In this instance, the dominant Blacks have been acquiring the land, the property, and the women of the Hottentot race that they are replacing.”-Glayde Whitney

More importantly there is a biological impulse at work here. In more primal times any man who did not look like the men of your tribe was usually killed or driven off. The only exceptions were (1) rare instances when outsiders where absorbed by the tribe for exceptional reasons or (2) when another tribe conquered your tribe in which case you were probably going to be killed or enslaved at best while your women were impregnated by the invaders. Women of course would have evolved cognitive behavioral mechanisms to best navigate these circumstances. So to put it in plain English the very fact that there are men of another race allowed to mix freely with your women makes it look to your women on a subconscious evolutionary biological level that they are the conquerors and higher status than the men of her own tribe or race. Naturally she will gravitate toward these men if the men of her own tribe do not defend their territory and women.

Towards a Strategy to Win Over Normies

To the initiated the following statements will sound extremely basic. But than again basic talking points are all average people can wrap their heads around.

We will become the third world. We give out more Visas every year than there are job openings. The media then tells these people that the traditional American population is a bunch of “evil” racist rednecks for opposing their own replacement. Americans as defined by the 1965 demographics, are being replaced by people who will not have the same sense of unity, honesty or fair play. And Im not speaking about the lower class immigrant groups like Mexicans, and other mixed race Latin Americans but the rich ethnocentric Tamil Indians, East Asians and Arabs who see White America as a bunch of useful idiots who will give them whatever they want no matter how much it destroys any future for their own families in terms of college admission, job creation or resources.

Of course the second traditional America raises any sort of opposition to their own replacement they are shut up by accusations of racism. There are plenty of rich ethnic groups who come here set up a bussiness and are allowed to hire only their own people or given preference in hiring by existing corporations. If a so called “White” American was to do the same they would be run out of bussiness finned or thrown in jail. The hypocrisy must end. I would not be allowed to move to their countries and take over so why should they be allowed to do it in my homeland?

So perhaps the best way to get cucked Civic minded White Americans to change their views is to point out a double standard. The current Trump administration should be coaxed to move toward an immigration policy based on equilibrium. Since an overtly racial preservationist or even Nationalist one will not be successful due to the evolved pathological altruism among Whites. If a country does not allow Americans to travel or emigrate there, than the United States should not allow citizens of such a country to come here for travel or immigration.

A strictly tit for tat strategy might be one way if not the only way to bring upper middle class cucks to oppose their own destruction.

The Eternal Normie

Let’s face it. The herd instinct is strong in us humans. Very few people are willing to break free from what is popular. Even more so very few people are even curious enough to question the merits of WHY something is popular. Repeatedly I meet otherwise high-IQ, high-performing huwyte Americucks who refuse to even hold a civil conversation about anything that goes against the “diversity is our strength” and “Jews are the chosen people” narrative. You would think a future medical school student, or a pharmacist, or graduate of a hard science like biology would be able to entertain the idea that evolution applies to humans as well as to other lifeforms.

Most people, after enough nuanced conversation, can be brought to understand basic HBD and admit that not all populations (i.e. racial and ethnic groups) behave the same. However, for huwyte Americans in particular, the status of Jews as unquestionably righteous in every aspect is unshakable. I really can’t blame normies for thinking this as I too once held identical beliefs. From the time I was in grade school, teachers, Hollywood, the news and even the modern Catholic church constantly beat it into my head that 1) Jews never did anything wrong EVER. 2) They are God’s chosen people 3) To criticize the Jewish narrative of history and reality makes you a NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILL6MILLIONJEWS!!!!

Over 70 years of social conditioning is hard to undo. For me, it took college statistics, thousands of hours reading evolutionary psychology texts, as well as years of noticing the over-representation of Jews in college social science departments, the media, finance, the legal profession and Hollywood that proportionally went far beyond their tendency toward a high verbal IQ. However it was the behavior of every-day Jews I encountered to really wake me up to what was going on. If not for me taking notice of Jews and their ensuing neurotic and subversive dialectic I would probably not be here.

But we all must remember–we are not normal, we are outliers on a bell curve of normalcy. Most people don’t notice the things I notice. Most people don’t realize that their evolved sense of morality is now being used against them. But what I still can’t understand is why, recently, a former friend of mine–who prides himself on logic, civility and nonviolence–suddenly became illogical, uncivil and aggressive when I made a slight joke about National Socialists’ uniforms being the product of a popular fashion designer who is now lauded by the homosexual “community.” I mean come on. What are you, homophobic?

My only guess is that with the death of Christianity in the West, a new religion of philo-Semitic diversity has taken its place. In this religion Jews are God and Hitler is Satan. To even joke about these issues is to speak heresy and risk a public stoning.

Chic No?
Chic No?

Whose Fault Is IT?


There are two types of movements those that originate from the bottom up and those that are originate from the top down. The Frankfurt school was a top down movement being born out of the minds of a few hyper neurotic and subversive Jews who imposed their will on the masses via a slow takeover of the Ivy League. The original Communist Revolution was also a top down revolution with certain high profile organizers leading the masses in Czarist Russia. However reactionary movements have never been top down they have always been bottom up. All the great reactionary movements from the American Revolution, to the far Right European Nationalist movements of the 1800s and even the National Socialist takeover of Germany, came about from the awakening of the common man. They came about by groups of men meeting up, carousing, drinking and occasionally sharing some ideas about what should be done about the state of things.

As the plebian intellectual origins of these movements cannot be denied, it does not bode well for the Alt Right as a movement if our more prominent and erudite “leaders” show their disdain for what they consider The Proles. I’m not going to name names for fear of excommunication but use your imagination and try to envision the disingenuous individual or individuals I may be referring too. Whether it be Iowa farmers, the Amish, Mormons, Montana ranchers or just joe six pack down at the local bar; these salt of the earth types are the glue that kept this nation going. The deracinated and degenerate state of society is no more their fault than it is the old East Coasts establishments fault. All tribal or national groups have their common pole types and their more charismatic leading intellectual types. Just as a beehive or ant colony has specialization among its members so too do people. As such, the blame for white Americans losing their nation and birth right falls solely on our intellectual, educated class. As with the upper classes everywhere they considered themselves above low brow tribal behavior. They were not willing to get their hands dirty or loose the moral high ground in the face of more aggressive and subversive groups taking over the educational, media and government complex.

As our intellectual class has bought the religion of Cultural Marxism hook line and sinker it will be up to intellectual proles to retake this nation. Only a SWPL PHD student from a millionaire family could be capable of convincing themselves that diversity does not threaten them as they have always surrounded themselves with outlier types within their very sheltered educational bubbles or gated communities. Proles on the other hand mix more freely with all types as they are forced to in order to earn a living. I have yet to meet a working class white in a major metropolitan area in the USA that did not show some form of ethnic solidarity with those that look like him when shit hits the proverbial fan.

I have worked in both blue collar and white collar jobs. Both of which were anywhere from 20% TO 80% nonwhite. It was only in the white collar jobs where the deracination seemed to take complete hold over white Americans. I suppose working with the higher IQ ethnic types reinforced their indoctrination in the we are all the same mentality. Where in blue collar jobs the theft, backstabbing and very confrontational nature of such a lower IQ, lower trust “diverse” workplace is unavoidable.

The educated class of whites will be able to maintain the lie until they cannot longer earn a living in academia or government. Even stem degrees are increasingly worthless these days as there are already more graduates than jobs in these fields in combination with the importation of ever more Chinese and Indian doctors, engineers, scientists and IT professionals. Where the animosity among blue collar whites has been rising for a while the cauldron has only begun to boil over for the increasingly overeducated class. For all I know it may have already but these SWPLs are just too ashamed of their own bad thoughts to admit it.

Gays As A Leavening Agent “The GQ”

In my quest to understand the chaos that is the modern world I try and remind myself to not let personal biases creep in to my thought process and examine all from a biological basis for human behavior. I am only concerned with the truth and the reasons for how and why the world is the way it is.

Let’s now apply the same logic to the HQ the Homo Question.

Why does Homosexuality exist?

Why are homosexuals drawn to the Alt Right?

Should homosexuals be allowed in the Alt Right?

What precedent exists in history for such a cadre in an otherwise Pro Natalist movement.

Is Richard Spencer a homosexual?

Is Jack Donovan really a homosexual? Or is he just using it for cover as he metaphysically sacs the citadel that is feminism, multiculturalism, anti-masculinity and the degenerate forces of our latter day Roman Empire
These are far too many questions to attempt to answer in a simple blog post so I will deal with only the cause of Homosexuality for now and leave the rest for future posts.

First off there are several biological theories surrounding homosexual behavior and why it exists. There is the Gay Germ theory which states that a yet unidentified pathogen or pathogens cause deviant behavior in order to spread from host to host through sexual contact. There is some evidence for this with a strain of vaginal yeast that seems to cause increase sex drive in women and a rise in homosexual behavior. Additionally, HPV seems to lead to a rise in preference among individuals for certain sexual behaviors of a non-reproductive nature, AKA Oral Sex. There is also evidence that in England the fetish of cuckoldry was unheard of before contacts with West Arica during the age of exploration. The theory being that a pathogen causes cuckoldry seeking behavior in men to more efficiently pass from host to host via promiscuous sex. A pathogen would pass much more efficiently in a society with the sexual morays of low pair bonding pre Christian West Africa than say 1800’s Victorian England.

With all this evidence for pathogens manipulating human sexual behavior is it really that farfetched to think one or several could induce homosexual behavior in people? The United States military thought it so convincing that they even put top scientists on the job to try and create a “Gay Bomb” for use on our enemies. I guess homosexuality really is a bio weapon. Maybe all Jack Donavan needs to become a respectable family man is a cycle of powerful antibiotics.

A certain east German scientist by the name of Dr. Gunter Doner devoted his life to proving the theory that hormones in utero lead one to become gay or straight. He theorized that too much or too little of the right sex steroids changed the way the brain developed at critical stages before birth. Certain environmental stressors to the mother could in turn upset this development. Doner cited the rise of homosexuality among children born to mothers who were pregnant during the Dresden Firebombing of WW2 as proof that extreme stress while pregnant could trigger homosexuality. More over Doner further claimed amniocentesis could be used to detect homosexuality before birth and that the right dose of hormones administered to the pregnant mother at critical stages of development could counteract it. Considering how complex the human brain and endocrine systems are this theory seems entirely plausible. Maybe gays just have their wires crossed like a malfunctioning computer.

However, I am about to propose a more metaphysical explanation for homosexuality. What if homosexuality exists in populations as a “leavening agent” to remove mal adaptive genes from a particular tribe? Just think how weak willed your AVERAGE homosexual is? They are very poor at controlling their baser instincts, delaying gratification and adhering to non-self-destructive behavior. I am inclined to believe in Social Biology and the group evolution of genes. No one person is an island and we certainly do not evolve in isolation but instead as breeding, interacting, relatively endogamous populations. So what if evolution produced homosexuality to help remove certain mal adaptive genes from a breeding population? Homosexuals have much lower fertility rates than straight individuals and in times before modern medicine they would have had higher death rates from venereal disease as well. So perhaps homosexuality is nature’s way of keeping a population healthy by pruning the degenerate branches from the tree. There has to be some evolutionary basis for homosexuality otherwise it would be continuously purged from the gene pool or in the case of gay pathogens immune defenses should develop towards such mind altering pathogens.

Though as there are obviously some very high functioning and productive homosexuals, they may exist in part as a way of allowing experimentation on the creativity or cognitive functioning of certain members within the population. Many homosexuals seem to be highly creative and it does seem that this creativity goes hand in hand with their homosexuality (just think of the art world). Perhaps the ability to interpret the world through gay colored glasses allows them to produce the way they do. Certainly in the case of Jack Donovan his very ability to attack the degenerate, anti tribal, anti natalist forces of feminism and its push for white male pacification, may very well come from his ability to see the world from a different perspective.

An Announcement

As my computer was fried by hot car in this Predator 2 level, chimp out inducing, heat wave, I have not been able to write. However I am moving in a new direction towards a less HBD/autiste type of post to interview/man on the front line style that will cut to the point. I will be posting soon on my adventures with Our “Dandy” in chief (Guess who) as well as the most down to earth Folk Volk singer the Alt Right has to offer.

Until then keep conquering😉

Stormin Norman

It’s Attention Stupid!

Subjects identified the left-hand image as a woman and the right-hand one as a man. Yet the two images differ only in skin tone. Study by Richard Russell, Sinha Laboratory for Vision Research, MIT
Subjects identified the left-hand image as a woman and the right-hand one as a man. Yet the two images differ only in skin tone. Study by Richard Russell, Sinha Laboratory for Vision Research, MIT

Unless you have been living under a rock (or an autiste living in a basement) you will have noticed that there is something severely wrong with white women in America and the Anglo Sphere as a whole. The second a young man enters the dating/hookup scene that is the USA he realizes this. All the lies Hollywood has fed you about the nice guy getting the girl in the end are completely fabricated. There are exceptions if you are exceptionally good looking but for most white men these days finding a white woman who is at an equal level of attractiveness or above his own is near impossible unless engage in a never ending battle of “game” with her. For celebrities or the top 1% of earners this rule does not apply.

As a white man who has traveled abroad to more traditional homogenous white countries and partaken in the company of many a nonwhite women in America, I can tell you that the maladaptive behavior of your typical white American female is not normal in most societies or considered healthy for that matter. The real question is WHY the average white American woman is this way?

There are several reasons including anti-white male Cultural Marxist / Feminist indoctrination in the public schools, media, Hollywood and College. But brainwashing can only go so far. Since the time that Edward Bernay’s began marketing to the emotional nature of women with his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s theories in the 1920s, women had begun to enter into the workplace and make their own money. This was partially driven by new inventions that lightened household work like the washing machine and gas stove but also by the need for factory labor with the men engaged in World War One. The great depression halted their takeover of traditionally male white collar jobs but World War Two and the ensuing 1960s Cult Marx march through the institutions saw the eventual inundation of the once mostly male labor force, ending in workplace quotas and female only monetary incentives to attract more women to majority male fields. The Coup de gras for white American men however was the importation of millions of more aggressive, less empathetic, more R selected, MELANIN enriched third world men.

Women are attracted to aggression, outgoing natures and nonchalant Cad like behavior in men. Read any book on evolutionary psychology and sex differences if you want to know more about human reproductive strategies. But to sum it up men with these traits in ancestral environments were more able to outcompete members within the tribe for resources and mates. As such women evolved to be attracted to these behaviors.
But here is the catch as humans migrated into colder regions of the world a new set of k selected behaviors began to arise (read Phil Rushton and E.O. Wilsons work on R vs K strategy if you’re not familiar). In the frozen northern latitudes, especially during the European Ice Age, Cad like behavior would not allow a man to pass on his genes. It was not enough that you could attract a woman with showy R selected behavior, you had to also feed and protect her and whatever children she bore you. As woman did not evolve to hunt large mammals but gather plant based food or scavenge, they were forced to select men who would stay around and provide for them and their children in the cold barren environment.
For the first time in human history during the European Ice Age the selective pressure for attractive features fell on women and not men. As large numbers of men died while hunting and the ones who remained could not provide for more than one wife, like men in warmer climates could or where women could provide for themselves. This change led to two things.
1) The evolution of eye catching features such as diverse types of light eyes and hair among European women to stand out from their female rivals. Neotonous or childlike features also evolved like small noses, mouths and high foreheads as men are attracted to youthful traits as a sign of fertility.
2) A genetic tendency toward high empathy towards women and children among European men.
In the warmer parts of the world women did not need men as much and so selected for the most Cad like aggressive, dominant behavior and naturally harems formed as the few most valuable or dominant men reproduced with all the women. Geneticists estimate that of those people who survived to adulthood since the birth of our species only 40% of men managed to mate and leave offspring whereas over 80% of women did. The percentage of course varied by region and polygamy rates.
Paternal investment was also high in the Asian and North American Artic. But as Asia was not glaciated like Europe there was more food and lower male mortality rates. The same can be said of the population that eventually crossed into the Americas. This prohibited the selective pressures that would have led light eyes and hair to evolve. It would have also selected for less empathy among men as there was a more even sex ratio in these populations when compared to Europe. Though Asian females did evolve high levels of neotony due to the cold and the attractiveness that comes with it.

But what does all this mean for modern America and European populated countries today? What does it mean for white men?
Simple it means that nonwhite men will be more attracted to white women than their own kind. They will also be more outgoing and aggressive when approaching white women than white men. Of course this does not bode well for white men. With the increasing male attention from majority male none white immigrant groups, even the fat and plane white women get attention from these R selected males. It boosts their ego and makes them think they are more attractive than they are. White men on the other hand have fairly high requirements for starting a serious relationship with a woman, especially if it is to end in children. As a result white men are forced to abandon white women as they are either taken by more assertive nonwhite men or are driven out of the dating pool for all but the highest value white men due to their inflated opinion of their own value, as a result of this increased nonwhite male attention. As it stands 1 in 5 white women may be reproducing with a nonwhite man. The exact nature of these statistics is debatable as white now includes Middle East / North African populations and large numbers of mixed race white identifying Hispanics. Additionally according to anthropologists Peter Frost…..
“from statistics on children born to White American women, specifically the proportion fathered by a non-White partner. For the U.S. as a whole the proportion in 2013 was between 11% and 20% (the uncertainty is due to 190,000 births for which the father’s race was not stated). By comparison, the proportion in 1990 was between 5% and 13% (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013; see also Silviosilver, 2015).”

Yes white man you women are being taken from you because you are too cucked to do anything about it. And more importantly YOU have let the women of your tribe become sperm receptacles for every savage tribe of men from the world over. Again Peter Frost draws attention to this with the following fact.
“Young women are more likely to be sexually active than young men. This is crudely seen in infection rates for chlamydia—the most common sexually transmitted disease. Hispanic Americans still show the traditional pattern of greater sexual activity among men than among women, the rates being 7.24% of men and 4.42% of women. White Americans display the reverse: 1.38% of men and 2.52% of women (Miller et al., 2004).”

So in essence white American women are whores and white American men are increasingly celibate.

Two other factors are amplifying this trend.
1) There are 105 white European descended men born for every 100 white women. This is not true for non-European descended populations with populations evolved toward warmer climates having equal sex ratios at birth or more women born than men. The current lack of wars and low male mortality in general leads to an oversupply of men in Western countries. Not to mention the majority male immigration into Western countries.
2) The men of all ethnic groups are darker than their female peers due to having more hemoglobin in their blood, subcutaneous body fat and eumelanin in their skin. As such women have evolved tendencies to see dark coloration with being more masculine. Which leads women to see white men as weaker and less dominant. See Peter Frosts Fair Women Dark Men
So the situation as you can see is grim if you’re a white male looking for a white female. White females and in particular blondes are in demand by men from every race be it East Asian, African, Arab, Asian Indian or the varying masses of mixed race groups from Latin America.

The real question is white man what are you going to do about it?
Two faces male female

Why Blondes Are Cucked

I can’t help but wonder if the pigmentation of the Swedes (being the most Nordic of the Scandinavians and fairest haired) has something to do with their cucked personality traits. Both Carleton Coon and the research of Rushton and Templar show personality traits are influenced by pigmentation. Melanocortonoids have a feedback mechanism with adrenaline and androgens. Also Coon found a plethora of research among eye doctors to show that lighter eyed individuals are more “self paced” where darker eyed individuals were more “reactive.” Basically this means lighter individuals are more tame and react less strongly to adverse stimuli which prevents them from temper tantrums, or fits of rage in the especially melanin enriched. Strangely enough green eyes had a combination between the two. The reason for this was the amount of light let into the brain by the pupil. The more light the more of certain hormones the pineal gland produced. This might serve some evolutionary purpose linked with the change of seasons I hypothesize. Here is Harvard Anthropologists Carelton Coon’s take on the phenomenon.

“Behavioral variations are focused on the differences between “self-paced” and “reactive” responses to sudden stimuli. In the first subjects follow a well-known plan of animal behavior of pausing and deliberating before decision. In the second the subject flies into instant action (in animals), to attack or to flee. Of course, these behaviors are elaborated in man to govern many more-complex and subtler actions in speech and deed.

Light-eyed subjects are more likely to be self-paced, dark ones reactive. These differences are statistically significant and are patently genetic because they are equally represented in all age groups from kindergarten through professional life. When the iris color categories are extended from two to three, the subjects in the middle, with the mixed, green-to-hazel eyes, are found to share the benefits of the two extremes.

In one experiment ten of each of blue-eyed male, brown-eyed male, blue-eyed female, and brown-eyed female college students were wired to polygraphs and shown arousing pictures of sex and violence with appropriate sound effects. The brown-eyed subjects and the females responded more emotionally than the blue-eyed and male ones did.

In another test, the same investigator gave Rorschach tests to forty blue-eyed and forty brown-eyed males. The blue-eyed ones fared better with form than with color and vice versa. In both tests only pure blue-eyed and pure brown-eyed persons were used.

Few people other than ophthalmologists seem to have looked at retinas, nor to have considered it remarkable that the fundus is of virtually the same color as the person’s skin and for obvious reason that the underside of the retina is epidermis

The Negro and the mulatto get 1.75 fcp; the Hindu and the American Indian 1.16 fcp; the brunet European 0.66 fcp; and the Chinese, the blond and the albino get 0.22 fcp. The Negro’s and the mulatto’s retinas let through eight times as much light as did those of the Chinese, the blond, and the albino.

Once inside the cranial cavity, neural impulses produced by the visible light that has passed through the retinal screen follow one of two paths. One lot goes to the hypothalamus…This part of the brain is the primary control tower of the central nervous system for almost all of the self-starting and self-regulating activity of the body-the sleep cycle, body temperature, the digestive process, fighting and loving.”
-Carelton Coon

Also there seems to be a direct correlation with a woman’s natural skin color or level of seasonal tanning and her promiscuity. Darker women are more emotional and are more prone to give into their emotions should a sexy, exotic or novel looking man tickle her fancy. I myself have taken advantage of this tendency and noticed it long before my intro to HBD and physical anthropology. Using my observation I have more or less plundered the Levant, Sub Continent of India and mystery meat of Latin America. I have also explored the Dark Continent which might trigger a few shitlords in the comment section.

Coincidentally the only woman to have ever punched me was a Dinduess (mulatto) whereas Christian Arab women and Latinas have slapped me senseless. White women have been less physical and usually give the cold shoulder. They will either nag or ignore you but rarely get physical during an argument. Blondes are the iciest along with North East Asians. They will leave you at a moment’s notice without even an explanation. It seems with natural blondes the less attention you show them the more they like you. But that’s the Nordic tendency towards gender equality, it makes dominant assholes seem appealing and more alpha to the detriment of society and your tribe. You always want what you can’t have. For women the man who does not shower her with attention will gain her intrigue as it will appear to her that he is of a higher status than her or “superior” to her on a subconscious level.

On a personal note I had a fling with a half Syrian natural blonde (father was Scotch Irish). I also had extended relationship with a natural blonde who was in part Basque of Colombian extraction. She had an olive skinned brunette mother and blonde father, both of whom had Caucasian facial characteristics. Both exhibited the tameness of your average natural Nordic blonde despite their admixture from stereotypically non blonde groups. Both inherited their blondness from their father’s side. Girls seem to inherit pigmentation from their father more so than their mother. Boys seem to routinely inherit it more from their mother.

As far as red heads are concerned they seem to be a different animal all together and the myth of the feisty red head holds true from my personal experience. In layman’s terms Red Heads are sluts. I would estimate my closing ratio with them is near 70% or higher on the first day. Red Headed men also seem especially cantankerous and ornery from a personality standpoint. Let’s just call them the wild men of the white race. Though I have no hard scientific evidence to back up my assertion for red heads being feisty, outside a few small studies. It would seem to go against the general theory of lighter individuals being passive and tamer. But keep in mind the pigment that causes red hair is different than blonde and also caused by a gene which influences anesthesia tolerance.

I highly suggest our readers check out the following links for more information.

Are women who tan sluts?

J. Philippe Rushton Says Color May Be More Than Skin Deep

Strike up the Pipes and Bang the Drums of War!

I have an Idea. Like all great ideas it’s been done before. For millennia the pipes and drums have summoned men to war. Long ago in more tribal, more uncertain times when a Western man heard a horn, bagpipes or most importantly drums it was a call to arms. It meant that soon men from another tribe would come and try to conquer their own. In other cases it meant that they would be called on by a chieftain to conquer another tribe. Either way there is good reason to think that ominous battle hymns are capable of evoking a long since dormant nature in our collective consciousness.
What I propose is for members of the Alt Right or simply just those who consider themselves Trump’s Pretorian guard, begin using pipes and drums at Trump rallies and events. If anyone has ever been to a St Patrick’s Day parade one understands how the pipe and drum column from the Ancient Order of Hibernians is capable of silencing a crowd or bringing them to raucous attention. Rhythmic music has been shown by studies to sync the heartbeats of those listening. Certainly the marching drums of long ago European armies were capable of bringing men to act as a single obedient organism and march off to war.
What I value most about bagpipes and drums though is the fear they can instill in our enemies. Organized militaristic music is a fairly unique Western phenomenon. Yes Bantu tribes had war drums and Ottoman Kebabs had pipes. Even the Jews had the horns that brought down the walls of Jericho. But these were nothing more than loud noise to scare other tribes. The battle hymns of our people were different they were organized, they were disciplined. European men marching off in unison to an organized toon of pipes and drums use to instill terror in the hearts of less organized people the world over. I feel it’s time we bring back this great and terrifying tradition. For that is what Western men are. We are order, we are cooperation, we are loyalty. The rest of the world is chaos and nothing terrifies chaotic people like an organized army of men acting as one and marching their way. Just imagine those rent seeking Mexican orcs losing their nerve as the pipes and drums started up.