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RED DAWN 15: Frankreich Erwache!

RED DAWN 15: Frankreich Erwache!

France, Austria and Italy are on the brink, who will crack first? Battle lines are forming… What forces will shape Western politics in the coming decades? With the white power-structure is crumbling, ethnic cadres are waiting in the wings. Do whites stand a chance? Greg and Vince take bets with Malphete on the future of Europe. Frankreich Erwache! May France Awaken!

And: Vince recounts his time at Russia’s Victory Day celebration.

*Sorry about the puffs of breath in the headlines. I’m AirBnBing with a bunch of hipster Swedes, so I had to record sitting on a bench next to the train tracks. People walked by. It was awkward.

A French Patriot Declares War

Eugene de Malphete, a true French patriot, declares war on the ideology of white ethnocide. Mssr. Malphete has appeared on AI before, in RED DAWN 11, where he discussed the European situation with G. Ritter and V. Law. In the following essay, he outlines the threats Westerners face, and what we can do to counter them:

The whole Occident is in trouble. Europeans have the same problems as exist in the United States of America. In fact, the POZ is even worse in Europe. If whites want to save themselves, we must realize the commonality of our problems. European and American patriots need to work together. But too often we do not understand that we face the same problems. Europeans’ fight is Americans’ fight too. So as a Frenchman, I would like to offer my take on the West’s issues, so that my American comrades might better comprehend our shared predicament.

Europe specifically faces three mortal threats: radical Islam, loss of identity, and disastrous political decision-making. All these factors lead to occidental submission and, eventually, the destruction of Western Civilization.

First, I intend to give a simple idea of our enemies’ political ideology, and to offer several illustrations of it. This ideology relies on the Strategy of Destruction and the Strategic Deconstruction Model. Then I will explain how these ideas have led to our current situation. In using the word “deconstruction” to describe the intentional dismantling of a culture, I follow French journalist Eric Zemmour, author of The French suicide (2014).

The Plan

Our enemies seek the destruction of the nation-state. The nation-state has 3 components: its People, its Geography, and its Leader, whether he is a king, prime minister or president. But nowadays, the people are no longer sovereign, their leaders do not serve the people’s interests, or even the interest of the state. Territories do not have borders anymore and governments obey to super-national political and legal entities such as the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. By destroying the nation-state’s components, our enemy seeks to bring about the deconstruction of humanity.

They mask their strategy with propagandistic claims such as::

  • That there is no need to inherit your own culture in order to become part of the national community. Rather, one must inherit the culture of others, in fact it must be transmitted to you, and the state should even encourage it!
  • That we must accept racial interbreeding and alien traditions and customs. We are compelled to tolerate and celebrate non-European religions, eating habits (Hallal, Vegetarianism, etc), and even languages (or just bastardizations of European tongues). Of course, the immigrants bring nothing in the way of new technologies, nor capital provisions–only cultural corruption.

This was the birth of what the Americans have called “multiculturalism.” Through this ideology, all cultures and all people are equal. Multiculturalism has, by the logic of Marxian dialectic, become a kind of communism.

The ideology uses different means to achieve the destruction of the nation-state:

  • The abolition of the concept of national preference. Thus, European citizens have exactly the same rights than foreigners from anywhere.
  • The moral and political enfeeblement of the People. We have been morally corrupted through mechanisms such as degenerate television programming and legalized vice. Our political degradation has been achieved via the abolition (restriction?) of the referendum, which until recently was the best means for the people to assert their will, and thereby resisting multiculturalism.
  • Xenophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism are held up as the ultimate evil.
  • The use of gross sentimentalism to distort the People’s historical memory. To achieve this end, the Strategy of Destruction relies on never-ending commemorations and public repentance for colonialism, the holocaust, racism etc. The maxim “Homo homini lupus est,” ie “A man is a wolf to another man,” has given way to “Europaeus omnibus lupus est.”

How did the Occident become susceptible to multiculturalist deconstruction? How could such a preposterous ideology seep into our thinking? Multiculturalism does not attack one’s reason, but one’s emotions and sense of morality. It exploits’ whites’ inclination toward guilt and shame. It also manipulated long-standing ideas about philosophy, sociology and history, in order to destroy the nation-state and its People.

I intend to write a series of essays to elucidate the “strategic deconstruction model” and how it has achieved ideological dominance over Western Civilization. The SDM attempts to remake man–by building a creature who will blindly follow the instructions given by the common ideology. This ideology is nothing less than a despotism of the mind.


RED DAWN 11: Et tu, Europa?

RED DAWN 11: Et tu, Europa?

A French patriot joins Vince and Greg to discuss Europe–The Islamic invasion, the Liberal Establishment ant their Antifa enforcers. Mssr. Malphete brings a first-hand account of the Muzziepocalypse in Europa. The gang also cover Trump in Chicago, the Anglosphere, and French novelist Michel Houellebecq.

Happy Ides of March, goyim! May Caesar return!