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Academic Interview 10: Cucking for the Singularity

Academic Interview 10: Cucking for the Singularity

All these goddamn materialists think the Singularity is just around the corner. But they have never considered the mind-body problem. And Neuroscience is a bunch of bull. Ritter and Singh cover Descartes and idealism, logic and linguistics. What does metaphysics have to say about an infinite and perfect artificial intelligence? The Singularity Cucks would have us believe it’s all just a matter of grey matter. They want us all cucking for the Singularity by engaging in quantum gambling and majoring in STEM.

Hey, sometimes even autistes can be retards.

RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks

RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks

Stop watching sportsball, and start engaging in Sport. Professional and collegiate athletics is nothing more than the Cult of the Dindu. It undermines community, fosters weakness, and poisons your mind and body. Ritter and Singh talk about the ideal of sport: amateur, communal, educational.

As Hitler says in Mein Kampf part 2, chapter 2: “The People’s State ought to allow much more time for physical training in the school….Not a single day should be allowed to pass in which the young pupil does not have one hour of physical training in the morning and one in the evening; and every kind of sport and gymnastics should be included….It is not the purpose of the People’s State to educate a colony of æsthetic pacifists and physical degenerates.”

“This State does not consider that the human ideal is to be found in the honourable philistine or the maidenly spinster, but in a dareful personification of manly force and in women capable of bringing men into the world.”

And yeah, Episode 14.88. We’re that amateur.

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

Even model minorities bring social costs: ethnic nepotism, test scams, and market manipulation. East Asians and Indians can be more dangerous than they look. Ritter and Singh compare high- and low-achieving minorities, and learn that the Yellow Peril is real. Hunker down for the Asian immivasion!

Education Realist on cheating in China

On SAT scams

Radishmag on Slavery, probably the Alt-Right/Dark Enlightenment’s premier takedown of “The Narrative” on all things black.

UPDATE: WaPo article about a “Virginia Woman” who made a habit of buying high-end handbags and returning fake ones. An further example of Singh’s point about the deleterious effects of high-functioning minorities on social trust.

AI Academic Interviews are Back, Goyim! Leaving Rothbardland

AI Academic Interview Series 8: Leaving Rothbardland

Ritter interviews Singh on Austrian Economics. What are the shortcomings of libertarianism? How does a libertarian transition to being a fashy goy? Singh sketches the intellectual backgrounds and output of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard–their achievements in economics, and the excesses of their disciples. He also covers the libertarian fetish for the non-aggression principle, and victimless crime in Leaving Rothbardland

Also, The Jews and their three favorite logical fallacies.

RED DAWN 13: Confessions of a Former Libertard

Confessions of a Former Libertard

Singh has a confession to make: He was once a libertard. The Austrian School may be the only game Economics-town, but what happens when you open the gates? In come the Straussians and the Frankfurters. What’s an autiste to do? Singh guides Ritter through the morass of sophistry.

Also: The Propaganda organs are going all out on The Trumpenfuhrer, letting loose a fusillade of frivolous lawsuits and solipsism.

RED DAWN 7: Metaphysical Jewdaism

Ritter and Singh tackle the most difficult question in Western thought: Metaphysical Jewdaism. Why are some people, who appear to be Aryan, so goddamn Jewish in spirit? SJWs and academics, SWPLs and hipsters, is there something in the water?

Conversely, there are a few Jews who seem pretty Aryan–Jesus, Spinoza, Weininger, von Mises, Popper, Unz. How do you explain that?

Plus: Hitler reads Mein Kampf and and Shakh M. abdul R. A. ibn abi Sufyan gets autistic.

1:11 German Girl Video (TRIGGER WARNING)

4:06 Swedish Police flee after attempt to rescue 10-year-old Muslim boy from repeated rape by his coreligionists. (Note: This incident should not be confused with the rape of a 10-year-old Austrian boy by an Iraqi last week). Breitbart maintains an ongoing list of such incidents if you’re loosing track.

7:30 Boy-love Thursdays in the Afghan National Army

10:09 More Muzzie depravity. Mom-as-proxy.

11:12 The Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran: The Shaykh harnesses his Jew-hate to unleash the autism on Arabic linguistics. Surah 62, Ayat 6.

15:06 Metaphysical Jewdaism introduced. Jews as Mercurians–this idea comes from Stanford University professor Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century. And yes, he is a Jew. English Wikipedia calls him ‘Russian-American,’ Russian Wikipedia calls him ‘amerikansky,’ but German and French Wikipedias refreshingly note that his family is Juden/juifs.

19:11 Neocons/Judeocons/Neokykes mentioned. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Jerusalem Post.

24:27 Robert Conquest’s laws of conservatism.

36:50 Mein Kampf, vol 1, chapter XI, pp. 286-287. Manheim translation. First Mariner Books edition, 1999. See here, starting at 11th paragraph.

40:00 Aryans-in-Spirit. Jesus, Spinoza, Unz. Occidental Observer articles on Spinoza.

42:50 AI’s aspergery relationship with TRS–White Imperialism, Sikhs, Albanians. Unfortunately TRS fora got shoahed, so all references are gone.

46:55 Singh mentions TRS essay on women and liberalism.

53:53 Alternative Right: Racialism as Aristotelian Virtue.




RED DAWN 5: The Niggalypse

1.01 Democracy is gay

4.04 Anne Coulter article

5.57 Trump at WWE

9.11 (heh) Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran. Surah 8, Verse 22.

11.30 Steve Sailer Classic

12.34 NEET phenomenon

16.11 Great Negroes on Men: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations to Blacks. Feat: DMX, NWA, 50-cent, Juvenile and Mofart

21.20 White Nationalism, is it the Endlosung?

27.44 Sparta compared to antebellum South (modernist, but backs Vince’s point about masculinized Spartan women)

31.00 Uselessness of minorities, even Slavery

33.10 Islam as Zombie Apocalypse

David Chalmers

34.27 Back to Slavery

37.23 Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell mentioned

38.20 Cads vs Dads

45.09 Roosh; unfitness of all before Nordic chicks

46.47 Non-Agency of non-Whites

49.31 More HBD, West Hunter, Gregory Cockran, Henry Harpending, Nicholas Wade

52.05 Breivik-style Zionism

RED DAWN 3: Revise that History


RED DAWN 3: Revise that History!

Greg and Vince cover history’s greatest villains: Gandhi, MLK and Eisenhower(?) Vince argues for the rehabilitation of Stalin. AI’s Sikh mercenary, George Singh, joins in the revelry. Adolf Hitler also makes an appearance.

Straw poll: Which Western country will go ape-shit on the Hadjis first? Greg votes Germany, Vince argues for Ireland.

AI Academic Interview Series 1: Libertarianism

von mises

Ritter and Singh discuss libertarianism. Topics include: the fall of Reason Magazine, leftists vs rightists in the libertarian movement and the myth of the robber baron.

Straw poll 1: What will the next big SJW push be, polygyny or pederasty?

Straw poll 2: Will the economy collapse before or after Obama leaves office?

Quran Verse of the Week: Surah 9, verse 34.

Link regarding illegality of discrimination based on immigration status:…es_citizenship.cfm