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AI produces two semi-weekly shows

RED DAWN is a larpy hour of bro high-culture, featuring Greg Ritter, Vincent Law, George Singh, Storminnorman and their guests. Each episode usually has two or three participants. Topics include history, news, politics, philosophy, art and, of course, more earthly concerns. Occasional features include readings from Mein Kampf and The Quran.

AI Academic Interview Series is an hour of more serious and autistic discussion between Greg Ritter and a guest. Topics have included economics, HBD and Russian politics. Planned episodes will provide more coverage of history, literature, philosophy and science.


AI Presents: RED DAWN


Our new signature podcast.

Featuring: Greg and Vince larping with AI bros. AND: commie music, headlines, sound effects, humor. A real professional production.


Topics: What is the future of the West? Can SWPLs take the red pill? Will (godforbid) our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump, be assassinated?

Themes: Hitler as Hannibal, Russian knowledge of European culture, the Japs, autocracy vs democracy, Eskimo infiltration of the Anglo guard, coups d’etat, the Gracchi brothers, A Category 5 Happening.

AI Podcast 2: Cucks, WASPs and Civilization


AI Podcast 2: What is the average man of the West to do? Greg and Vince discuss Spengler’s civilizational model, and how it might explain our current malaise. Plus: who is the Alternative Right? How does it differ from the liberal-conservative mainstream? Finally, some thoughts on the Alt-Right’s religious divide between Christians and Neo-Pagans.

AI Academic Interview Series 1: Libertarianism

von mises

Ritter and Singh discuss libertarianism. Topics include: the fall of Reason Magazine, leftists vs rightists in the libertarian movement and the myth of the robber baron.

Straw poll 1: What will the next big SJW push be, polygyny or pederasty?

Straw poll 2: Will the economy collapse before or after Obama leaves office?

Quran Verse of the Week: Surah 9, verse 34.

Link regarding illegality of discrimination based on immigration status:…es_citizenship.cfm