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Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea

Chads- or just bros, jocks, proles, simpletons- are mistakenly identified as natural allies of the coming TrumpenReich and by extension, the Alt-Right.

But the truth is that Chad culture is what engenders liberalism among a disaffected segment of American youth.

We talk a lot about virtue-signaling or counter-signaling in the Alt-Right and this concept will come in handy for our understanding of the Beta liberal male phenomenon.

It’s quite simple, really. All these slightly higher IQ beta males are repulsed by the dominant culture of drunken slovenliness and anti-intellectualism of the corn-fed All-American Chad.

They immediately knee-jerk against everything Chad stands for, both the good and the bad. They become “educated” and start counter-signaling against everything they perceived Chad to stand for in school.

Boorishness, aggressive displays of foam-finger patriotism, and inane “nuke the whales” sentiment repulses the slightly higher IQ kids and pushes them into the camp of liberalism- which is correctly perceived as being anti-Chad. The new Liberal acolyte also perceives himself as in fact being a rebel…Even though he simply becomes a cuck for the system in another way…

The reason for this is simple.

American culture to this day worships the Chad. And it is again, a totally American concept. I’ll give you a counter-example. Russia has a lot of Gopniks, and believe me there are no multi-million dollar budget films glorifying the Gopnik like there are the Chad in America.

The track-suit wearing simpleton is derided for…well being a simpleton. There’s no Friday Night Squats movies/shows with viewership in the millions.

The Chad is supposed to remain intentionally ignorant. It is looked down upon to know anything, to read anything, to do anything more sophisticated than grunt and let Stacy play with his hair on the hood of a red convertible at make-out cliff.

Promotion of the Chad archetype is also juxtaposed with portrayal of the Nerd. The Chad bullies the nerd and the nerd gets bitten by a spider, beating the shit out of Chad the next day at school with his super powers.

This whole antagonism between Nerds and Jocks is rather bizarre though, especialy when you compare it to other cultures.

Nerds and smart kids get way more rewards both culturally and in terms of the most important currency of all- women- in other countries.

In fact, in Eastern Europe, the concept of the Chad is completely alien. The Chad is the Alpha male that is completely part of the system and held up as like an idol for other young boys to aspire to. He’s an athlete, a varsity-jacket wearing, flag-flying, american soldier, that likes to drink beer and grill hot dogs with his bros.

There is no such comparison in Eastern Europe. The only comparable archetype is the tough bad boy that ditches school and gets all the girls. There is no Chad culture though. “Nerds” are just good students, something that most normal youth aspire to be. There is no denigration of being academically-minded. If you are not smart, people will call you a retard to your face, or in my case, if your Russian is good enough to not be noticed as a foreigner, but not good enough to be considered upper-tier, you get sneered at for talking like a Gopnik.

In America, the opposite is true.

“You like probably read like a lot of books, and stuff like right?”

Read that in a valley girl accent, and you will know what I am driving at. American Chad worship pushes so many good kids into hating their culture because of their belief that it rewards the worst in society with the best women, with movies and acclaim, with immediate social clout.

In America, it is the “Nerds” that have to hide in basements with their nerdy friends to not get stuffed in lockers. In Eastern Europe, it is the Gopnik that is driven away from school by broomsticks and dunce caps.

By reinforcing this boorish Chad culture, America has created generation of complete imbeciles. I mean, the rare smart Chad or  Hot Girl has to hide that he/she is smart to all the moronic friends in their peer circle or risk social ostracizement.

You have these bizarre social circles in school that form in lunch rooms around IQ or money or race…but thats another story.

American culture has promoted this concept of a complete dolt being the archetype of Americanness. You see it even in films like American Sniper. These are just “hoo-ah!” Americana patriots that never ever break from the script.

Now with the current culture war against White Alpha men in full swing, it may be tempting to view the older nostalgic concept of the Chad as a good ideological counter-weight.

But the truth is, that is a terrible idea. We must fight against the Chad archetype as well. It is a concept and an identity founded on ignorance and pride in anti-intellectualism.

Entire generations of anti-intellectual, pro-system cows were bred and now, we are simply seeing the next stage of the plan- to lead them to the slaughter.

I haven’t seen much of a Chad revolt against Political Correctness. Instead, I have seen the rise of the PC Bro- which funny enough matches up pretty well with the South Park joke about SJWs. I see these corn-fed bona fida Americana males grunting out PC platitudes with great consernation- not really understanding what they are saying of course. They have no concept of history, who they are, or what is happening to them.

All they know is, “yo, i got totally fucking smashed last night bro huehueheu…”

They are just pigs at the trough, grunting and worrying about why the slop is disappearing faster and faster every year.

In general, American culture has created this artificial conflict between “nerds” and jocks and now we are seeing the political results of this conflict.

This is why the Alt-Right is so important to reforming American culture. Most of its members belong to the repulsed liberal camp that then rejected liberalism itself- but not intellectualism. They then started getting into male self-improvement because they understood the importance of emulating some of the traits of Alpha males to become counter-culture leaders against the onslaught of the POZ.

In short, they have made the full-circle, but are now intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and striving to become Alpha through self-improvement.

This is admirable. This is what befits an honored descendant of our European ancestors. Becoming a drunken slob that can occasionally remember to vote Republican is a joke.

If we ever get our hands on the levers of power, we need to reform not just the Liberal indoctrination, but the Chad indoctrination in America as well.


Whose Fault Is IT?


There are two types of movements those that originate from the bottom up and those that are originate from the top down. The Frankfurt school was a top down movement being born out of the minds of a few hyper neurotic and subversive Jews who imposed their will on the masses via a slow takeover of the Ivy League. The original Communist Revolution was also a top down revolution with certain high profile organizers leading the masses in Czarist Russia. However reactionary movements have never been top down they have always been bottom up. All the great reactionary movements from the American Revolution, to the far Right European Nationalist movements of the 1800s and even the National Socialist takeover of Germany, came about from the awakening of the common man. They came about by groups of men meeting up, carousing, drinking and occasionally sharing some ideas about what should be done about the state of things.

As the plebian intellectual origins of these movements cannot be denied, it does not bode well for the Alt Right as a movement if our more prominent and erudite “leaders” show their disdain for what they consider The Proles. I’m not going to name names for fear of excommunication but use your imagination and try to envision the disingenuous individual or individuals I may be referring too. Whether it be Iowa farmers, the Amish, Mormons, Montana ranchers or just joe six pack down at the local bar; these salt of the earth types are the glue that kept this nation going. The deracinated and degenerate state of society is no more their fault than it is the old East Coasts establishments fault. All tribal or national groups have their common pole types and their more charismatic leading intellectual types. Just as a beehive or ant colony has specialization among its members so too do people. As such, the blame for white Americans losing their nation and birth right falls solely on our intellectual, educated class. As with the upper classes everywhere they considered themselves above low brow tribal behavior. They were not willing to get their hands dirty or loose the moral high ground in the face of more aggressive and subversive groups taking over the educational, media and government complex.

As our intellectual class has bought the religion of Cultural Marxism hook line and sinker it will be up to intellectual proles to retake this nation. Only a SWPL PHD student from a millionaire family could be capable of convincing themselves that diversity does not threaten them as they have always surrounded themselves with outlier types within their very sheltered educational bubbles or gated communities. Proles on the other hand mix more freely with all types as they are forced to in order to earn a living. I have yet to meet a working class white in a major metropolitan area in the USA that did not show some form of ethnic solidarity with those that look like him when shit hits the proverbial fan.

I have worked in both blue collar and white collar jobs. Both of which were anywhere from 20% TO 80% nonwhite. It was only in the white collar jobs where the deracination seemed to take complete hold over white Americans. I suppose working with the higher IQ ethnic types reinforced their indoctrination in the we are all the same mentality. Where in blue collar jobs the theft, backstabbing and very confrontational nature of such a lower IQ, lower trust “diverse” workplace is unavoidable.

The educated class of whites will be able to maintain the lie until they cannot longer earn a living in academia or government. Even stem degrees are increasingly worthless these days as there are already more graduates than jobs in these fields in combination with the importation of ever more Chinese and Indian doctors, engineers, scientists and IT professionals. Where the animosity among blue collar whites has been rising for a while the cauldron has only begun to boil over for the increasingly overeducated class. For all I know it may have already but these SWPLs are just too ashamed of their own bad thoughts to admit it.

Alt-Right: Hillary Clinton, Thank You for Your Help!

Hillary Clinton Button,
Alt Right posts Hillary Clinton Button,

Hillary Clinton helps the Alt-Right indeed! Acclaimed Bridgeport, CT mayor, showman, and 19th Century writer P.T. Barnum once said, “Any publicity is good publicity,” and this maxim appropriately depicts this election.

Hillary appeals to her millennial supporters with Pokémon Go jokes instead of addressing Generation Z’s financial future. She attempts a hip attitude while embodying the old One-World-Government zeitgeist of an establishment the American people want dead. The cherry on the Che Guevara sundae popped last night as she addressed the Alt-Right, a fatal error for her campaign.

Caught by the Alt-Right,

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

Anyone who’s spent enough time on image boards, forums, or comments sections knows not to feed the trolls. What are we Alt-Righters to the establishment? Trolls. And what does out-of-touch, Botox-ridden, crooked Hillary Clinton do? She feeds em. It’s great for us, as it’s another nail about to be driven in her campaign’s coffin.

And to think we, the defenders of Western Civilization and its posterity, have received Hillary’s POZ love brings us unceasing joy and blood-in-the-face dimples. So it’s only fit with the decorum of our race that we return the favor.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton for all you have done for us. We  on the Alt-Right love your campaign as it tries like the little engine that could[n’t] and clutches its multi-million-dollar Soros funded pearls on the string leading to the Oval Office window.

On behalf of the Alt-Right, the so-called “white supremacists,” we do not formally endorse you, but we would like to say thank you. As the news media read this article, seeing us lovin’ you up, we hope they return the praise to your campaign. Oh, we can see it now: HUFFINGTON POST: THE ALT-RIGHT LOVES HILLARY CLINTON.

Sum Nu Ju, Yahoo News
Alt-Right From Sum Nu Ju at Yahoo! News

We’re with P.T. Barnum on this one. We love your kind words, Hillary Clinton so keep the love comin’.

Oh, Hillz, you’re going to soar like the pure White Anglo-Saxon Princess you are!

An Announcement

As my computer was fried by hot car in this Predator 2 level, chimp out inducing, heat wave, I have not been able to write. However I am moving in a new direction towards a less HBD/autiste type of post to interview/man on the front line style that will cut to the point. I will be posting soon on my adventures with Our “Dandy” in chief (Guess who) as well as the most down to earth Folk Volk singer the Alt Right has to offer.

Until then keep conquering😉

Stormin Norman

The Black Pill is Bullshit

The Black Pill is in vogue now in the halls of the chattering Dissidenti.

From what I gather, it’s supposed to be a sort of Nihilistic lapse into despair engendered by the realization that no amount of muzzie terror attacks will elicit a change of heart among the POZ’d.

It really makes me gnash my teeth and want to pull my hair out when I am confronted with such stupidity coming from a movement that I hold near and dear to my heart.

It comes from the complete lack of understanding that the Right has about the nature of revolutionary struggle.

Say what you will about the Marxists, but the early revolutionaries, the Marxist-Leninists, Fidel’s movement, Mao and his partisans, these people really understood what they were doing.

They understood that there were implacable class rivalries and conflicts. They believed in Proletariat world struggle against the Bobos. And so they never really bothered trying to red-pill their enemies.

Sure, they had intellectuals from the classes they denounced who sympathized with and supported them, but they were always clear about who they were trying to recruit and against whom.

See, the Left is good at that, exploiting fissures within a society to effect a revolution. Their propaganda was aimed at igniting class consciousness and radicalization of the cadres they needed to form Revolutionary Vanguards.

They always knew that there would be the True Believers in the old system that would never ever see the light of their new teachings. They didn’t bother with these types. For them it was only natural that they would end up being the enemies and counter-revolutionaries. The early Revolutionaries never lapsed into despair when confronted with the unplacable hostility of the enemies of the Revolution.

They just shrugged and kept on agitating with the people they knew they could convince.

Which is why whenever I see Richard Spencer trying to create “safe-spaces” for European-Americans on campus’ I chuckle, but I know that nothing will come of it.

Did the Bolsheviks go into Orthodox Churches to proselytize about world-wide atheist communism? No, of course not.

They picked the targets for their agitprop well. These spindly, hook-nosed future commissars went to the factory workers- those peasants uprooted from their farms and their old way of life- and offered them something that they could understand. Better pay. A say in running the factory…stuff like that.

Then they went to the trenches. They told the soldiers, “we promise you land, bread and peace.” They encouraged desertion and started creating revolutionary cells within the disgruntled Imperial army. They played on the resentment that the rank and file had at being thrown against the enemy like cannon fodder. And for what? So that France could get some breathing room and Russia could honor its commitment to its allies? These soldiers understood none of that.

These greater geo-political concerns of the emperor were as incomprehensible to them as Evola or Spengler is to a normie.

To the Black-pillied: did you really think that you could convince the True Believers? Why did NRx coin the term- The Cathedral? *Synagogue would be more apt. Its simple, because the media, academic and political establishment and mass of proles that still trust these authority figures practice the religion of secular liberal humanism. You cannot sway the religious faith of those that have their entire career, lifestyle, worldview, peer-circle, shopping habits, etc completely in line with the ruling dogma.

You might get a few sympathizers here and there, but these Atomized individuals are incapable of forming any nucleus of resistance on their own. For the most part, they are confined by circumstance to “hiding their power level.”

Stop worrying about them.

The memes have done an amazing job so far. They’ve brought the edgy, the rebellious, the naturally counter-culture types squarely into our camp.

Meanwhile, Trump is mobilizing the naturally conservative Angry White Male ™ camp. (and married stay at home women as well).

Did we really think it would play out any other way?

Will the croissant-sniffing Bobo’s of France suddenly declare RAHOWA on the Muzzies after yet another terror attack?

No, of course not. It is their lot to be Counter-Revolutionaries. Understand this and do not despair. Chuckle instead into your Pepe- adorned coffee mug as you watch the Bobos and Hipsters get slaughtered en masse in Bataclan by their diversity pets.

Just because they are White does not make them your ally or mine. They are the GoodWhites and way before there is any RAHOWA, there will be an epic showdown between the GoodWhites and the BadWhites to decide where European Civilization goes from here.

Think like a Commie, think like a revolutionary.

Cough up that Black Pill, we’ve got work to do.

The Alt-Right Should Support Gentrification

Check out this video.

I’m a big fan of Black Pidgeon Speaks.

His latest video deals with an issue that I have been alluding to in several of my posts- the Suburban problem.

Suburbia is a prison for nations. It is simply a softer version of the Siberian Gulag.

BPS ties in car ownership with the Anglosphere Suburbia phenomenon, and he is right to do so.

Not only has car ownership been sold to the American public as the equivalent of owning “freedom,” but the Suburban lifestyle has been marketed as “The American Dream.”

Let me state this unequivacally: the Suburbs have to go.

There is no better way to atomize and soften a society than to ship them out of urban centers into the golden cage of Suburbia.

The castle becomes a prison because it creates a new generation of Bobby’s and soft WEIRDO whites.

I have no idea how a red-pill lite show like KOTH stayed on the air for so long
I have no idea how a red-pill lite show like KOTH stayed on the air for so long

Furthermore, contact with the Diversity is a massive red-pill suppository. Living away from it engenders Utopian visions of racial harmony.

Just look at the voting patterns for the Donald, its Whites that live near the Diversity that vote for him, while the Whites tucked away from it all that tout the benfits of Multiculturalism.

Is this not the most accurate description of SWPL society you've ever seen?
Is this not the most accurate description of SWPL society you’ve ever seen?

Now, dont get me wrong, Whites naturally have a way of making a paradise out of any Dystopia, and it is in the suburbs that you will find all-white schools, community churches, and bikes lying out unattended on green lawns…

But let us be clear about why the Suburbs came about. They initially came about during World War 1 and 2- to ship problematic German and Italian communities out of the cities where they could not cause trouble and to create a (((melting pot))) of Americana living.

They were then supplemented by waves of rich middle-class whites fleeing de-segregation in the cities.

And as usual, it was the Anglo countries that were the trend-setters in this regard.  Even now, the American Dream is being imitated in other countries by the upper-class Bobo elites.

But it is a retreat, born of cowardice and attempt to shut oneself away  from the harshness of the world.

Now, with the cheap credit and the unprecendented long period of peace that the Anglo-sphere has seen, the average suburban home has 3 TV’s, high-speed internet and 4 couches placed strategically around the house.

There is no great literature that came out of or is set in the suburbs- that belongs only to the cities and the countryside. High culture has always resided in the cities. Its where the monuments to a nation’s heroes stand, where the museums and the historic buroughs are on display to show a people’s acheivements.

The only problem is that Americans surrendered their cities to the Diversity a long long time ago.

Europe didn’t have this Suburban phenomenon for a long time, and as a result its civic infrastructure is far more developed. Convenient trains, buses, and bike lanes. Beautiful parks sprinkled in here and there to give the city-dwellers some nature relief…

All of this is changing in Europe now, but where there were once majority whites, there were also incredibly comfy cities.

So what is the solution? In short, Gentrification. We need to take the cities back.

Bizarelly, its the hipster types that are leading the charge and doing the most damage to the ‘groid occupation.

They just move in and make things nice, safe and huwhyte. Prices rise and the nogs are forced out into the suburbs. The musical chairs switcheroo is ongoing. I admire the ends, and the means, even if I can’t stand the people doing it.

Have you ever been to the black parts of DC or Baltimore or similar East Coast cities? There are some really nice old parts of town that that nogs took over. With a little clean-up, they can be nice again.

This is White people taking BACK the inheritance of their ancestors.
This is White people taking BACK the inheritance of their ancestors.

No great music or “scenes” are developed in the Suburbs, and that is because of the extreme atomization that they breed. Putnam’s Bowling Alone blamed America’s fraying civic culture on TV’s and the Suburbs. The Alt-Right blames it on race. I believe its a bit of both.

Cities facilitate culture or in our case- Counter-Culture. We need the shitlords to start moving in and carving out shitlord neighborhoods. No more of this running away innawoods or to Cascadia. Fight the atomization, fight the cultural death of Suburbia.

Take back the cities through Gentrification… even if you have to wear skinny jeans to blend in while doing it.

Yes, yes Gentrification does. And I approve whole-heartedly.



I’ve been really inspired by my time in St. Petersburg. The time I’ve spent in other cities has been great, but not as artistically stimulating…

Until I visited Viborg. The city sits on the border with Finland and was built by Swedes, controlled by the Finns and is now Russian. If Russia were to annex Stockholm, I imagine it would look a little like Viborg.

Little delapidated Europe
Probably an abandoned warehouse



Small European streets

The Russification has taken hold of the city. Its got the same urban decay all over it. Missing walls, crumbling buildings, delapidated courtyards…


But- and believe me on this- its a really beautiful kind of decay. I’ve seen sections of small American cities crumbling within the Appalachian rust belt, and it was a deeply disconcerting experience.

But Viborg is completely different.


It’s a magical kind of feeling, the decay is there, but the city is not dead. Rather, the decay becomes charming because its an indicator of life! It’s like the smattering of mud that has been sprayed across the facade of the city, really made it come alive. It felt like a really dirty Jeep with big wheels being advertised on TV. In its element, off road and tearing up the dirt paths, it looks more appealing than the glistening showroom model.

Perfectly restored.

Viborg felt like a city half-decayed and half-in use.

Almost 9 pm in the square. I missed the train and would have to spend the night there. Luckily it was never really dark.

The kids played in the ruins, and near ancient churches. They would kick up water in fountains surrounded by crumbling cobblestone plazzas!

Felt just like the river in Stockholm

People bathed in the river, jumping in without any special swimwear. The Russian way!

The port still worked, and I watched the ships get loaded and unloaded for a bit from the embankment. The embankment was ancient,  but delapidated. It didn’t make me sad, rather it filled me with a feeling of…opportunity?

Doesn’t look Russian does it?

With all the new places opening in Viborg, all the new tourists and efforts to beautify the city, I realized that it would be only a matter of time before this lonely decrepit embankment would be refurbished and filled with people…That’s the thought that made me feel slightly sad.

The main attraction- the Castle. Swedish, taken by Russians.

“It’s such a nice little decayed city, lost in time and forgotten by almost everyone, why can’t I have it, make it all mine?”- that’s what I thought.

Someone had already bought the ruin up. It will probably be converted into several bars in the coming years. Like in St. Petersburg.

Everytime I saw a dilapidated staircase leading into an ancient decayed building I smelled opportunity. “I could do something here!” I thought. “I could be a part of the revival…”

It felt like what Stockholm’s old town will probably look like by the end of this decade. But whereas Stockholm and Scandinavia is facing the abyss, it seems that Viborg, and Russia have lived through it all already. A true cataclysm that all of Russia bears reminders to. And its all around you, no matter where you go in Western Russia.

Reminders of Victory

I was told that the ruins were all the way back from the war. What war they were referring to in this particular case, I didn’t ask. Probably the Civil War that was Russia in the 90’s.

But there’s also a feeling that all it is the past now. It’s springtime in Russia.

The only glaringly obvious delapidated Soviet building I saw. It was so ugly it stood out immediately. So ugly that it actually became interesting. I saw a lot of that in Viborg

Pensioners sell you berries and old Soviet paraphenelia. There are local mastershops that sell handicrafts made by people in the neighboring villages. This is part of a big renewal that I’ve noticed in all the places I’ve visited in Russia (except Novosibirsk).

The old marketplace is stocked with Finnish and perhaps Swedish goods. I recognize some of them, and perused the aisles with great interest. Apparently people from St. Petersburg like to do their shopping here.

Its actually an impressive and imposing castle. The island its on is super medieval feeling. They have re-enactments there and Game of Thrones cosplay events.
Its actually an impressive and imposing castle. The island its on is super medieval feeling. They have re-enactments there and Game of Thrones cosplay events.

There are even the signs of Bobo SWPL-flication starting up in the square closest to the Viborg castle. A couple of nice cafes opened up there- young faces. I even saw one boutique having a sale.

I think I’d like to spend some time here. Its incredibly cheap, and I want to spend some more time exploring all the ruins….

I was always struck by Fight Club. In the movie, the narrator basically becomes a Russian as the story progresses further.

He starts smoking, drinking cheap beer, dressing eccentrically, picking fights with strangers, starts a small business, lives in a delapidated house, becomes a pyro, gets arrested, and ends up seriously maiming himself.

The fact that Chuck Palahniuk is Ukrainian himself, leads me to believe that the movie was really just about the narrator (Chuck) getting in touch with his inner Slav.  Palahniuk got gay as time went on- I blame the corrosive influence of San Francisco- but its too bad he didn’t make a run for Viborg when he got the chance.

Novosibirsk- White Dystopia

Novosibirsk was awful.

The whole city was a giant civic nightmare with the absolute worst of communistic and capitalistic city-building techniques represented.

So its not just about having white people. You need to have civic architecture. Squares, fountains, statues, parks, cheap cafes, well-thought out commie-blocks, sidewalks… fuck it maybe even bike lanes.

I wouldn’t even know where to start with Novosibirsk- just knock it all down and start afresh…

A Soviet era attraction ride. It was made of wood and looked unsafe.

I made my way to the Waterfront, because 9 times out of 10 thats the place to be. But it wasn’t very nice.

Nicest pic I snapped there

I saw some agitprop down by the river though. It reads: 14/88 Put the Hachi in the Ovens. Hachi=Browns. 20160711_175143

Again, the waterfront could and should be beautiful. Instead its an overgrown, dirty mess.

And flooded.

I didn’t see much diversity. Very little in fact. But it still shows that having whites isnt enough. A city must care about its civic infrastructure. Suburbia may be the bane of American existence- it reduces us into soft, sheltered little consumers. But the Soviet city may be the bane of FSU existence. The disgusting brutalism is on display everywhere. I try to tell Russians to be proud of their nation and that they have it really good in many ways. But this only works in the charming little towns and impressive cities of the European part of Russia.

Also by the waterfront. Typical bleak street.
Locals on one of the many concrete sprawls doing tricks on scooters, mopeds and bikes.
Not much to photograph, so meh here you go.


I’d say this is what you’d be looking at in Novosibirsk 90% of the time

Commie blocks can be really comfy if done right. Novosibirsk however is not done right. They didn’t even try…

So I decided to head to the main square. I was met by a familiar face.

Lenin- obviously

And his friends.

The pic doesn’t really accurately show how ugly the statues are

They literally just built this city bit by bit without thinkig it through. Case in point, there is this little village in the center of town. This isn’t on the edge of town, this is right smack dab in the October Revolution section.


They just built high-rises all around it. One sec you’re in a city, the other in a dilapidated Russian village.

There is little to see there for a tourist. Still, I managed to find the most upper class petty bourgeios place in the city to have my dinner the second night there.

Scenic views

The women weren’t even that good-looking. They were coarser, and while not grating on the eyes, they seemed to not take as much care in their appearance as other Russian city girls.

Still, because of how shitty, dirty and oppressive the city felt, I couldn’t help but try to rationalize some good aspects of it that I might have been missing.

One of not so many churches in Novosibirsk.

I did see a lot of Christian promotion posters…

Neo-Pagans get the fuck off my blog.

And lots of WWII posters commemorating the heroes that died fighting Hitler.

Almost every subway station has some memorial to war hero’s, not just World War 2

Lots of tough looking white Russians, and literally no hipster faggotry. (I even got a smoothie at a vegan cafe! No hipsters there either!) So at least that was refreshing from my time in St. Petersburg.

The Church parters with the local Cossaks. Russia is experiencing a Cossak revival. Everyone wants to call themselves a Cossak.

Perhaps this is Russia’s Salasus Secundis. A breeding place for tough urban Russians. A cauldron of russification and hard-core manliness.

In which case, Novosibirsk serves a purpose.

…But I think I might be stretching with this one.

Then it was off to Barnaul and the Altai Krai!

Shittiest Race War Ever

I just fucking missed it. I was in Munich this morning. This afternoon, it happened–somebody started shooting up a shopping mall in the Bavarian capital.

This is literally the shittiest race-war ever. I came to Europe fantasizing that this summer, it would be all in the open. I could hook up with some Serbian death squads and go full-Srebrenica on some kebabs. But instead we have this.

There’s simmering racial tension, frequent attacks in random locations, and consummately triggering race-cucking–about which we can do nothing but meme and dream.

As I wandered through Munich’s Hadji-infested boulevards over the last three days, I kept expecting a bomb to go off 100 meters in front of me. The city is so idyllic, so clean, so German–yet so diverse, it was only a matter of time.

A Munich street-scene. Taken two days ago.
A Munich street-scene. Taken two days ago.

But then I thought, “No way. No hadji would be retarded enough to set off a bomb here. He’d kill too many of his coreligionaries. If I were a Muzzie, I’d attack with rifles. I’d pull a Bataclan.”

Today it fucking happened. Someone(s) went in and shot up a shopping mall. No word yet on the shooter’s race, but longer we go without a pronouncement, the more likely it is that the shooter was a non-White, as has so helpfully pointed out.

And I just missed it. What does it take to be a hero or a martyr? Timing apparently.

The press is reporting multiple shooters. I find that unlikely. The fog of war obscured the singular nature of the Dallas shooting too. But if it is multiple shooters, ala Bataclan, you can be sure it was Muzzies.


I agree with the NSA-section known as Andrew Anglin. I feel no sympathy for the victims of this (unless they were righteous racists). It is past time to stop mourning and start fighting. These attacks are not acts of God. They are assaults by an Enemy.

The BBC is reporting, that among other forces responding to the attack, there was, “an elite border security unit, GSG9, is heading for Munich with several helicopters.”

“Elite border security unit.” heh. I’m sure the Roman state was still passing out medals to Limitanei formations in the fifth century for “outstanding service in maintaining border security.” God, when will they wake up?

So instead of an honest-to-god fight, we have this. Some weird form of quasi-warfare. I’m sure some Johns Hopkins Global Security Studies faggot has already written a dissertation on it: “5th Gen Warfare: Mastering the psycho-cyber battlezone.”

It looks like we have to double down. Keep posting those memes. But even more importantly, keep hammering your normie friends. Every serious, face-to-face conversation is worth a hundred shit-posts. You may be surprised at how receptive people are to our message–when it is presented with a clear conscience, and a sincere heart.

We are right. The Truth will win. We will win.



(Editor’s note: Further Essays in Greg’s ongoing series “Race-Tour 2016” will come out in the next couple days. Tomorrow–a report on Munich; and the next day, a recap of the summer, focusing on intra-White differences. Tomorrow we will also release our podcast Red Dawn 22, featuring Vince’s Siberian adventures.)