Banging Caucasus Girls

Caucasus girls can be strikingly beautiful. With jaw-dropping exotic looks and feminine character, they truly are a breed apart from most girls you find in the Post-First.


But how does one go about bedding them?

Well here’s the problem. Their men are territorial and will not tolerate a member of an out-group dating one of their girls. Exceptions abound, but a talk with any serial daters within FSU countries that have Caucasus migrants will confirm that these exceptions simply prove the rule. You must always assume that the primary obstacle to dating a mountain girl is the mud man behind her that will literally try to break your ribs if you start making the moves on one of their women. Now, a conquering peoples always allows out-group mating for their own males, but enforces strict dating codes for its own females. This is nothing new, and it is happening now in Europe. White European women are being culturally-enriched in staggering numbers. But again, this is not mentioned in the media and even if it was, it is reasonable to assume that nothing would happen. Europeans, like all whites after all, exhibit pathological altruistic traits and out-group tolerance at levels that borders on the suicidal. One could argue that this is the result of out-breeding and the prohibition of cousin-marriages- a practice that continues in the dark world- leading to decreased sense of kinship among members of the European peoples. But that is the subject of another paper. Suffice it to say, you’re not going to get far with Muhammed or Shamil’s daughter unless you either bribe him with a goat, or do it on the sly.


Be careful though. From my own experience, Caucasus girls have a very powerful form of a shit-test indeed: they threaten to tell their family that you have been seeing them. This spells a beat-down (or worse) for you, and a beat-down for her. This is a nuclear shit-test, probably inherited from generations of bride-abduction tradition in the Caucasus. Dial the Alpha up to 110% because you are going to have to brag about how you can personally curb-stop all 22 of her cousins at once and that you aint afraid of nuffin. Caucasus girls are strange like that- they hate and are obsessed with their family at the same time. They long for Western society and to make the flight to freedom from over-bearing fathers, groping cousins and seedy uncles. Many of them lust for white men and if you have blond hair or blue eyes you will be a hot commodity indeed, but some of them are possessed with insane levels of guilt about seeing a non-Durka Durka man. They will eventually tell someone, and then you’re in for it. Be prepared to walk around, looking over your shoulder and forget about going to your local shawarma spot. You never know where her brother, or cousin will be and how could you- they all look the same anyway.

I would be remiss if I did not give you another warning.  If you ever piss her off or get caught with another lover, she may just tell her family that you forced yourself on her, and at that point I hope you have some buddies that can back you up. Understand this and proceed with caution.


Muzzies are very territorial of their women, and even the “westernized” women are kept under tight wraps. Their men however are free to date whoever, and treat them however they like if they are not Muslim. You won’t find many feminists complaining about how Muslims treat their women and the women of any country that was stupid enough to let them in in any significant number (Read: Every single white country in the world) but then feminists never seem to notice when transgressions occur and the perpetrators are not white men. The sand people are not the only group to be territorial of their women, Basketball-Americans exhibit some of these same tendencies when whites try to make a move on their women, even though they themselves spend most of their time lusting for “da white wimminz” and musing about, “where dey at.”

The benefits of banging a Caucasus girl are ephemeral. Mostly its a dare bang. You get a thrill from being a modern day vag-Crusader, and the satisfaction that you bagged a rare girl indeed. But if you do it at your place, and you have a falling out with the girl afterwards, be prepared for a restless couple of weeks indeed. I hope for your sake that you are packing heat. This is in no way an exhaustive guide to banging women from the Caucasus, in fact its a very niche topic. After all, how many people have Chechens living nearby in their neighborhood, or Dagestanis? But if your Conquistador blood gets roused one day, and you decide to mount an expeditionary raid into uncharted territory, bear in mind the warnings I have provided for you today. But then do it anyway, your ancestors will be sniggering and fist-bumping you from their graves. And really, what better incentive could you possibly need?

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  1. Where does this leave Levantine girls? Lebanese, Syrians and Jordanians. Never met a Jordanian but the Christian Lebanese and Syrian girls I have “known” seem to have a strong preference for fair features, almost as much as various mixed types from Latin America. Why it is that dusky women like the Blonde haired blue eyed devils has always intrigued me. Even more than the apathy of fair women toward fair men. Could it be as simple as an attraction to novelty? Or perhaps something more.

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