Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea

Chads- or just bros, jocks, proles, simpletons- are mistakenly identified as natural allies of the coming TrumpenReich and by extension, the Alt-Right.

But the truth is that Chad culture is what engenders liberalism among a disaffected segment of American youth.

We talk a lot about virtue-signaling or counter-signaling in the Alt-Right and this concept will come in handy for our understanding of the Beta liberal male phenomenon.

It’s quite simple, really. All these slightly higher IQ beta males are repulsed by the dominant culture of drunken slovenliness and anti-intellectualism of the corn-fed All-American Chad.

They immediately knee-jerk against everything Chad stands for, both the good and the bad. They become “educated” and start counter-signaling against everything they perceived Chad to stand for in school.

Boorishness, aggressive displays of foam-finger patriotism, and inane “nuke the whales” sentiment repulses the slightly higher IQ kids and pushes them into the camp of liberalism- which is correctly perceived as being anti-Chad. The new Liberal acolyte also perceives himself as in fact being a rebel…Even though he simply becomes a cuck for the system in another way…

The reason for this is simple.

American culture to this day worships the Chad. And it is again, a totally American concept. I’ll give you a counter-example. Russia has a lot of Gopniks, and believe me there are no multi-million dollar budget films glorifying the Gopnik like there are the Chad in America.

The track-suit wearing simpleton is derided for…well being a simpleton. There’s no Friday Night Squats movies/shows with viewership in the millions.

The Chad is supposed to remain intentionally ignorant. It is looked down upon to know anything, to read anything, to do anything more sophisticated than grunt and let Stacy play with his hair on the hood of a red convertible at make-out cliff.

Promotion of the Chad archetype is also juxtaposed with portrayal of the Nerd. The Chad bullies the nerd and the nerd gets bitten by a spider, beating the shit out of Chad the next day at school with his super powers.

This whole antagonism between Nerds and Jocks is rather bizarre though, especialy when you compare it to other cultures.

Nerds and smart kids get way more rewards both culturally and in terms of the most important currency of all- women- in other countries.

In fact, in Eastern Europe, the concept of the Chad is completely alien. The Chad is the Alpha male that is completely part of the system and held up as like an idol for other young boys to aspire to. He’s an athlete, a varsity-jacket wearing, flag-flying, american soldier, that likes to drink beer and grill hot dogs with his bros.

There is no such comparison in Eastern Europe. The only comparable archetype is the tough bad boy that ditches school and gets all the girls. There is no Chad culture though. “Nerds” are just good students, something that most normal youth aspire to be. There is no denigration of being academically-minded. If you are not smart, people will call you a retard to your face, or in my case, if your Russian is good enough to not be noticed as a foreigner, but not good enough to be considered upper-tier, you get sneered at for talking like a Gopnik.

In America, the opposite is true.

“You like probably read like a lot of books, and stuff like right?”

Read that in a valley girl accent, and you will know what I am driving at. American Chad worship pushes so many good kids into hating their culture because of their belief that it rewards the worst in society with the best women, with movies and acclaim, with immediate social clout.

In America, it is the “Nerds” that have to hide in basements with their nerdy friends to not get stuffed in lockers. In Eastern Europe, it is the Gopnik that is driven away from school by broomsticks and dunce caps.

By reinforcing this boorish Chad culture, America has created generation of complete imbeciles. I mean, the rare smart Chad or  Hot Girl has to hide that he/she is smart to all the moronic friends in their peer circle or risk social ostracizement.

You have these bizarre social circles in school that form in lunch rooms around IQ or money or race…but thats another story.

American culture has promoted this concept of a complete dolt being the archetype of Americanness. You see it even in films like American Sniper. These are just “hoo-ah!” Americana patriots that never ever break from the script.

Now with the current culture war against White Alpha men in full swing, it may be tempting to view the older nostalgic concept of the Chad as a good ideological counter-weight.

But the truth is, that is a terrible idea. We must fight against the Chad archetype as well. It is a concept and an identity founded on ignorance and pride in anti-intellectualism.

Entire generations of anti-intellectual, pro-system cows were bred and now, we are simply seeing the next stage of the plan- to lead them to the slaughter.

I haven’t seen much of a Chad revolt against Political Correctness. Instead, I have seen the rise of the PC Bro- which funny enough matches up pretty well with the South Park joke about SJWs. I see these corn-fed bona fida Americana males grunting out PC platitudes with great consernation- not really understanding what they are saying of course. They have no concept of history, who they are, or what is happening to them.

All they know is, “yo, i got totally fucking smashed last night bro huehueheu…”

They are just pigs at the trough, grunting and worrying about why the slop is disappearing faster and faster every year.

In general, American culture has created this artificial conflict between “nerds” and jocks and now we are seeing the political results of this conflict.

This is why the Alt-Right is so important to reforming American culture. Most of its members belong to the repulsed liberal camp that then rejected liberalism itself- but not intellectualism. They then started getting into male self-improvement because they understood the importance of emulating some of the traits of Alpha males to become counter-culture leaders against the onslaught of the POZ.

In short, they have made the full-circle, but are now intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and striving to become Alpha through self-improvement.

This is admirable. This is what befits an honored descendant of our European ancestors. Becoming a drunken slob that can occasionally remember to vote Republican is a joke.

If we ever get our hands on the levers of power, we need to reform not just the Liberal indoctrination, but the Chad indoctrination in America as well.


10 thoughts on “Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea”

  1. why are you always trying to portray russia as something it is not? You are always coming up with these lies about russia or russiab culture. I dont see your reason for it other then to shit on western culture.

  2. I’d like to know what the author thinks about the podcast “Exodus/Americanus” which is specifically for ‘chads.’ But they’re generally quite intelligent. The idea for them seems like giving a place for chads who hold these views, but feel really out of place in the alt-right.

    I don’t support the ‘dumb strong alpha’ thing personally. I don’t think it’s necessary. However, there were no ‘nerds’ or ‘jocks’ when I was growing up. It’s simply just not something I’ve experienced. I think that your assessment of the situation would be true in the 90s, but I’m just not feeling it for today as accurate. Chad nationalism is about giving chads a place in the alt-right, not idealizing being a chad.

    I could be wrong, but that’s what I’ve sussed out so far.

    1. I think the Chads need to assert themselves and by doing so, remove the veneer of nerdiness attached to the Alt-Right.

      I also haven’t heard of the podcast, feel free to link me.

  3. I think we should be smart and strong. The whole Chad/Nerd dichotomy is very Jewy to begin with. It seperates our positive traits into two, saying you can only have one or the other, and then accompany your positive half by a host of negative behaviors that form the other half of your personality. In the case of Chads, the negative half is ignorance and hedonism, in the case of Nerds, weakness and cowardice.

    1. I think JP is moving in the right direction.

      I think every single “Man of the Right” should strive everyday to be an intellectual/warrior/aristocrat/leader.

      The Chad aesthetic is not merely being able to kick sand in the face of an SJW nerd on the beach, its being able to beat them into the ground with their own pseudo-intellectual intersectional sophistry. We should be able to out-write, out-fight, out-argue, and out-arm-wrestle any leftist we meet…. that’s just how it should be.

      All of us should be capable of:

      1) Debating the finer points of Carlyle
      2) Deadlifting 2x our bodyweight
      3) Running a six minute mile
      4) Butchering a deer
      5) Reading Xenophon in the original tongue
      6) Leading such that men will follow
      7) Dressing tastefully yet modestly

      Genetics will certainly affect where our greatest strengths lie; some of us will be more Chad-ish and some will be more Intellectual, but the point is that we all strive to be better than we are today.

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