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This one goes out to Patriamania, on the nature of PC anarchy- commenting over at Radix Journal.

PC has gotten away with its neo-control-freakism by offering limitless freedom for those who choose the ‘correct’ path. It offers blinkered anarchy for those who play by the rules. So, if you choose anti-white-male rhetoric, you can be as wild and crazy as you want to be, even making up rape hoaxes to smear college fraternities.

If you choose the way of Slut Pride, you can skank yourself out totally as an imitation Miley Cyrus.

If you choose the way of tattoos and body-piercing, you can turn yourself into a completely hideous-looking freak.

If you choose homo ‘pride’, you can act in ways that trample all over rules of decency and propriety. You can also work with the Globalists to push for WWIII against Russia because it won’t cave to homo poo-ride parades.

If you choose gender-fluidity, you can come up with new nano-gender-identities against ‘heteronormativity’.

If you choose black rage, you can fume all you want against the white gentile devil.

If you choose the mantra of Diversity or the bogeyman of ‘white privilege’, you can howl all you want to the moon until the cows come home. So, if you choose the correct cause or agenda, there is no limit to your freedom to hate, berate, throw tantrums, and act crazy.

This creates the impression that freedom is everywhere in our so-called ‘liberal democracy’.

Freedom becomes problematic ONLY IF you question, critique, and counter the holy writ of PC. Indeed, the globo-elites who control PC say that ‘hate speech’ isn’t free speech. If you practice free speech to counter the PC agenda, you are said to be ‘threatening’ the freedom of the PC crowd by making them feel ‘unsafe’. So, if you practice free speech against PC and if the PC crowd attacks you, YOU are to blame for aggressing against them because you made them feel ‘threatened’ even though they are the ones who attacked you physically.

Indeed. Well put. But I would add a caveat. There is less and less incentive for white men, even of a blue-pilled variety to play along. The carrot gets smaller and smaller every passing week now it seems.

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