Comment of the Week Winner: Takimag

“Scouring the comments sections of the Dissidenti Network so you don’t have to. “

This one goes to Takimag and commenter Alec Leamas:

“There is definitely the feeling of a “preference falsification” under which whites have for decades been required to accept aggression’s and humiliations cheerfully as the price of entry and acceptance in polite and respectable society while only softly whispering their true thoughts and feelings to trusted compatriots of known like mind. Lately and particularly during the Obama years the Left has felt emboldened to destroy careers and lives for minor infractions of a code of speech and conduct the outer limits of which are nebulous, unspoken, and capriciously enforced.

So along comes Trump, who when branded as a racist for the crime of promising a good faith effort to enforce existing, duly enacted law he refuses to retreat. And so in some way he may have been the catalyst for a “preference cascade” where people feel free to cease falsifying their preferences and instead reveal their true thoughts on a matter of importance. One of the more satisfying aspects has been the news and entertainment media’s disbelief that their power to police speech and thoughts by applying the “racist” label and marshaling their flying monkey brigade has been seen to be impotent.”

Indeed.  The jeer of “racist!” is starting to lose its edge. At least on the interwebs. Whether this represents a swing to the right in American values or just years of thick skin developed by the proliferation of cyber bullying remains unclear. We, however, welcome these changes with open arms. Knowing the left however, its only a matter of time before the Great Shutdown of 2016 claims its next victim. It feels like Russian Roulette on the Dissident Right. Will the winter crackdown lead to a spring thaw? Only time will tell.

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  1. Taking was my intro to my inevitable trip down the Red Pill Rabbit hole. There is life before and after Takimag

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