Gays As A Leavening Agent “The GQ”

In my quest to understand the chaos that is the modern world I try and remind myself to not let personal biases creep in to my thought process and examine all from a biological basis for human behavior. I am only concerned with the truth and the reasons for how and why the world is the way it is.

Let’s now apply the same logic to the HQ the Homo Question.

Why does Homosexuality exist?

Why are homosexuals drawn to the Alt Right?

Should homosexuals be allowed in the Alt Right?

What precedent exists in history for such a cadre in an otherwise Pro Natalist movement.

Is Richard Spencer a homosexual?

Is Jack Donovan really a homosexual? Or is he just using it for cover as he metaphysically sacs the citadel that is feminism, multiculturalism, anti-masculinity and the degenerate forces of our latter day Roman Empire
These are far too many questions to attempt to answer in a simple blog post so I will deal with only the cause of Homosexuality for now and leave the rest for future posts.

First off there are several biological theories surrounding homosexual behavior and why it exists. There is the Gay Germ theory which states that a yet unidentified pathogen or pathogens cause deviant behavior in order to spread from host to host through sexual contact. There is some evidence for this with a strain of vaginal yeast that seems to cause increase sex drive in women and a rise in homosexual behavior. Additionally, HPV seems to lead to a rise in preference among individuals for certain sexual behaviors of a non-reproductive nature, AKA Oral Sex. There is also evidence that in England the fetish of cuckoldry was unheard of before contacts with West Arica during the age of exploration. The theory being that a pathogen causes cuckoldry seeking behavior in men to more efficiently pass from host to host via promiscuous sex. A pathogen would pass much more efficiently in a society with the sexual morays of low pair bonding pre Christian West Africa than say 1800’s Victorian England.

With all this evidence for pathogens manipulating human sexual behavior is it really that farfetched to think one or several could induce homosexual behavior in people? The United States military thought it so convincing that they even put top scientists on the job to try and create a “Gay Bomb” for use on our enemies. I guess homosexuality really is a bio weapon. Maybe all Jack Donavan needs to become a respectable family man is a cycle of powerful antibiotics.

A certain east German scientist by the name of Dr. Gunter Doner devoted his life to proving the theory that hormones in utero lead one to become gay or straight. He theorized that too much or too little of the right sex steroids changed the way the brain developed at critical stages before birth. Certain environmental stressors to the mother could in turn upset this development. Doner cited the rise of homosexuality among children born to mothers who were pregnant during the Dresden Firebombing of WW2 as proof that extreme stress while pregnant could trigger homosexuality. More over Doner further claimed amniocentesis could be used to detect homosexuality before birth and that the right dose of hormones administered to the pregnant mother at critical stages of development could counteract it. Considering how complex the human brain and endocrine systems are this theory seems entirely plausible. Maybe gays just have their wires crossed like a malfunctioning computer.

However, I am about to propose a more metaphysical explanation for homosexuality. What if homosexuality exists in populations as a “leavening agent” to remove mal adaptive genes from a particular tribe? Just think how weak willed your AVERAGE homosexual is? They are very poor at controlling their baser instincts, delaying gratification and adhering to non-self-destructive behavior. I am inclined to believe in Social Biology and the group evolution of genes. No one person is an island and we certainly do not evolve in isolation but instead as breeding, interacting, relatively endogamous populations. So what if evolution produced homosexuality to help remove certain mal adaptive genes from a breeding population? Homosexuals have much lower fertility rates than straight individuals and in times before modern medicine they would have had higher death rates from venereal disease as well. So perhaps homosexuality is nature’s way of keeping a population healthy by pruning the degenerate branches from the tree. There has to be some evolutionary basis for homosexuality otherwise it would be continuously purged from the gene pool or in the case of gay pathogens immune defenses should develop towards such mind altering pathogens.

Though as there are obviously some very high functioning and productive homosexuals, they may exist in part as a way of allowing experimentation on the creativity or cognitive functioning of certain members within the population. Many homosexuals seem to be highly creative and it does seem that this creativity goes hand in hand with their homosexuality (just think of the art world). Perhaps the ability to interpret the world through gay colored glasses allows them to produce the way they do. Certainly in the case of Jack Donovan his very ability to attack the degenerate, anti tribal, anti natalist forces of feminism and its push for white male pacification, may very well come from his ability to see the world from a different perspective.

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