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Heimbach Better Be Careful

Apart from his obvious Russo-philia (which I can totally get behind), I want to point out that Heimbach has clearly been reading Marxist literature and understands some key ideas.

The concept behind squeezing the center out and allying with fringe groups diametrically opposed to your group because they squeeze out the center is pretty Marxist revolutionary theory stuff.

Frankly, while Trump’s run is great for White Nationalism (overton window and all that), him winning the election might not be.

See Trump is competent enough to salvage the situation, muzzle BLM and keep this thing limping along for a bit longer with a centrist policy and non-ideolological based governing.

…Which we don’t really want when you get right down to brass tacks. We LOVE BLM because they prove all our points about criminal minorities. (just an example).

Trump’s competent reign might get ppl to calm down and relax again. Which is the last thing a movement on the fringe like ours wants.

See the far Left wants a total revolution, and the far Right wants a total revolution… And post-war politics in the West existed purely to keep the far left and the far right out of power. So from our perspective, the Far Left is doing a lot of leg work for us.

Lenin famously said, “the worse things are, the better.”

And thats true, from our perspective and from theirs. Only they are better mobilized, and better funded and since society has skewed so far to the left, they are seen as more socially acceptable… So careful what we wish for, here on the Far-Right.

I wish we had more people with an understanding of revolutionary theory. Say what you will about Marxism. But the Marxists knew how to start a revolution. And you know what they say, former Marxists make for the best Nationalists. (Heimbach, Bowden, Kai Murros, Vincent Law;^)

I think Heimbach sees himself as a right-wing Lenin. But above the labels of Right and Left. An anti-Globalist above all else.

Still, he’s a traitor to the concept of the state known as the United States in the same was as Farrakhan (the black nationalist) was. Far more fringe than ANY Jared Taylor type, who simply describes himself as a White Advocate.

There are doubtless actual American civil patriots still in the state apparatus that want to keep this thing together. And they will never suscribe to balkanizing the US ie. White Nationalism OR Black Nationalism for that matter.

See, the establishment doesnt mind the country being a mess and divided and all that jazz…

They would however, mind if the whole project went the way of Yugoslavia and balkanized. (Americans funded far-right croat groups to achieved thats just a daily reminder that Right isnt always right)

Which is why Heimbach should should be careful… He’s more dangerous than anyone on the Dissident Right to the US project.

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