HuffPo Lies, Palermo Dies

The aspiring sophists over at Huffington Post regurgitated a Quartz article about how much refugees are doing to revitalize the economy in here in Sicily, specifically in the western city of Palermo.

Since I am at Catania on the island’s East coast, I decided to hop on a train and see this miracle myself. I am sorry to say, that Palermo’s Wirtschaftswunder isn’t quite what the reporter, Annalisa Merelli, says it is.

But before I get into dissecting the whole page-worth of talmudic libtard namastes, I’d like to point out one BIG thing.

The migrants/refugees/afro-zombies are PREDOMINANTLY  SWOLL DUDES. How this escapes everyone’s notice is beyond me. Even the statisticians at the UN admit so much. Check out these photos from my two hours of walking around Palermo:

Part of Greg Ritter’s series “Black Beefcakes in Europe, Escaping War and Oppression, brah”
The migrants are starting some businesses–albeit, predominantly hair-themed.
Rockin Bundeswehr pants. Wonder where he wants to go.
Gold watch with Dindu. How did he get past all the greedy human-traffickers with that bad boy?

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression though. I don’t know that any of these people were migrant-refugees. Perhaps they were tourists. And to be fair, I saw a few women here and there. I even saw a kid.

But the majority of the presumed refugees were healthy, fit men. If the West had any compassion, we would put them in camps, train them into an army, and send them back to their homelands to stop all the “war and oppression” and set up democracies. heh. I’m sure that would work out.

With that caveat, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

The article’s main point is that the city has fallen on hard times, especially the Ballarò market. And, predictably, that migrants are making everything better.

“While many locals [ie, whites] prefer the comfort of air-conditioned supermarkets to the hot, sunny market streets, there’s no shortage of other customers to replace them.”

Who are those customers? Annalisa, don’t tease me!

“Indeed, Ballarò teems with people of all ethnicities. The neighborhood is home to several cultural associations for immigrants…. Foreigners are both shop-owners and customers, and the market is a concert of different languages, dialects.”

Which is why, most of the vendors and customers in the Ballarò are non-White, right?

ballaro7 ballaro6 ballaro5ballaro1ballaro2

So I’m exaggerating a little. There were stalls run by Muzzies, there were Subcontinental shoppers. But, having sort of believed the HuffPo article, I was shocked by the Ballarò’s overwhelming Whiteness.

A Taste of the Third World.

There are actually two Ballaròs. The Real Ballarò and The Sprawl. The Real Ballarò is a SWPL-friendly farmers’ market like Annalisa describes–shaded, full of fresh fruit and headless sharks, with Sicilian vendors composing spontaneous and operatic solos in praise of their produce and mutilated seafood. All very charming.

Then there is The Sprawl, where vendors of all races display their junk-wares on grimy blankets. There are no umbrellas, awnings, fresh fruit or, sadly, decapitated Selachimorphs.

There’s the Diversity!

Instead, the vendors offer, as Annalisa puts it “household items and the occasional cellphone accessory.” I saw piles of old cellphone chargers among their other pickings–obviously plenty of supply, little demand.

Here, have a pile of plates for your uncovered wall-outlets.
Fuck cell-phone accessories. I want THAT phone.

I also watched packs of people combing through the garbage bins, and some vendors even set up right in front of the public trash collection. I admit, I did not watch a full production cycle (pick, wipe, display, sell), so maybe they got all their merchandise from suppliers.


It was truly third-worldy. Count on Huffpo to turn that into a plus.

The Mafia is the real problem.

The article drags its reader through a history of Palermo’s economy since the war. I’m sure a lot of its points are valid. Sicily has a mob problem. Its government is corrupt. But Annalisa attempts to blame all the economic problems on La Cosa Nostra.

“Salvatore Cusimano, a pharmacist who’s worked in the neighborhood for about 20 years, says its quality of life has declined. The run-down state of the area he thinks, keeps it poor and is fodder for the mafia: ‘if you want to move war against the mafia, you need to provide services,’ he says.”

uh huh. I’m sure Sal’s real scared of the mob. That’s why he’s blabbing. Or did you not tell him you were a reporter? Very unprofessional, Annalisa. More to the point, did you even ask him what he thought of the migrants?

“Look, Cecilia, a migrant! If he buys a watermelon, we can pay off the Don and have enough left over for a pack of cigs. We’re saved!”

So the solution is obviously to import thousands of ethnic foreigners to bring Sicily firmly under Rome’s control. Under no circumstances could the foreigners get into the crime business themselves, and operating as subordinates to the existing, ethnically Sicilian mafia.

A tirade of Economic Fallacies.

The article attempts to show the benefits of mass migration with the usual libtard question-begging.

“Sellers claim that these days business is no longer good. They blame competition from larger, cheaper stores with lower prices.” People like Walmart better than stinky, flea-ridden fish markets. Surprise.

“Alongside the traditional fare—fish, especially tuna, and sun-ripened fruit and vegetables—the market now sells more spices, and ingredients for curries.” A libertardian classic. The cheap-chalupa argument. We can’t have exotic foods without exotic people, right?

Annalisa quotes Giovanni Zinna, “A social entrepreneur who co-founded Millevolti Capovolti, a multicultural co-working space and restaurant right by Ballarò.” [ed. HA!]. He claims that, “The immigrants are godsend for the market, because they ‘resume businesses that we don’t do, and make them sustainable.'”

The “work whites won’t do” fallacy. Jesus Christ, read an economics book. People will do anything for a price. Just because the supply and demand lines intersect at a price you don’t wanna pay, doesn’t mean the commodity (in this case, labor) is impossible to obtain.

It would be like arguing, “Fathers are demanding higher bride-prices. That’s why we need bacha bazi boys. They fill a crucial need in the Afghan sex market. Without them, no one could have sex.”

But my autism is side-tracking me. Allow me to close by reiterating my main points. 1. SWOLL DUDES:


2. Two Ballaròs. One SWPLy, one Third-Worldy.


Feel free to show your libtard friends this “shower of authentic proof.” Watch them dismiss it as just the work of some biased, racist Nazi.

Whatever. Where’s muh Pulitzer?

5 thoughts on “HuffPo Lies, Palermo Dies”

  1. How’s the Mafia’s war on the migrant-invaders going? Judging by the photos, the Afro-invaders seem to be walking around in public undisturbed. WTF?!

    Also, have you ever read ‘The Leopard’ by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa? It’s set in Sicily. Don Fabrizio is a bit of a shitlord.

  2. So much for the Mafia being clannish. You think they would do something. It’s diversity hell everywhere. Eventually the money will run out and welfare state too when there aren’t enough whites. Look at Brazil. The cops are refusing to work. The Olympics will be hell I hope the globalist loving SWPLs who go all get killed. There is a great purging of European peoples the cosmopolitan element will disappear as it interbreeds with non whites or fails to reproduce due to city life. It will all end in low scale civil war. But how lo g it will take who Knows. In Brazil the favelas fight it out with rich areas and Whiter south Brazil wants to seceded and start a new country. Give me war give me it before im too old.

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