It’s Class War, Stupid

Ethno-nationalism is all well and good, but it won’t take hold with the plush SWPL-class here in the USA.

If you’ve got enough money to avoid the Diversity for another year, you’re not going to risk it. You’ll instead pay a Danegeld to the local tolerance commissars, vote for Ted Cruz and move to the next unsullied suburb.
Hell, most of the people I’ve ever studied with while brushing shoulders in Pozland have been chauffeured by Mexican nannies, go to Lax camp in between visiting their island in Jamaica, and live in neighborhoods that no one but a multi-millionaire can afford.
These Huwhyte People will never give two shits about demographics, about cultural degradation, or anything that we care about. They are truly aliens among us. They may as well be from the moon. They look like us, but their conception of the world, their bizarre in-group behavior and blase indifference are on display for all to see.
I’m not against wealth, or legacy riches in theory, but I have to admit- these benefits tend to corrupt very quickly. I’ve met millionaire wi66ers, mansion-owning hippies, drug-dealing sons of CEO’s, complete and utter WASP whores.
At least they were all talented because they learned the skills they needed to get into college from an early age. Super-kids in their early years, and now just a bizarre group of deaf-mutes, seeing nothing, thinking nothing, saying nothing. Just waiting to inherit money, and a consulting position at X Consulting Group.
Any message that shakes up the status quo is anathema to these people.  And wouldn’t it make sense why? It’s not their fight, not really. Why would it be if you have a place to run away to in Northern Maine, BVI or Potomac? The smart, politically-savvy among them, vainly try to dog-whistle that they understand the gig is up.  But they feel no REAL ethnic solidarity with their fellow whites. In fact, most of them are scared shitless at the thought of having to interact with an American family eating at the Cracker Barrel.  So what do they do?

 They become Lolbertarians.

 An ideology of Robber Baron economic policies mixed with the best of (the current year’s) progressive degeneracy. Shallow sophistry is about all we can expect from the bow-tie sporting, tassel-shoe wearing, salmon-pink khaki buying, cock-sucking class of aristo’s that we are stuck with.

 And really, hasn’t it always been like that? Decadent aristocrats preening and posing as the power that they used to wield slips between their fingers and as their children turn into insufferable faggots…

 Look, I am all for moral authority and strict hereditary structures within a society, but the problem of the corrupt aristocrats has not been solved yet in any society to my knowledge.

 There needs to be a new elite- a new class of meritocratic integrity possessed with true feelings of attachment to the fatherland, rising to take the mantle of cultural elite.

 A Yeoman class.

 A permanent cadre of free men, allowed to bear arms, self-govern and occupying a permanent place of cultural prestige in the cultural psyche.

 Think Cossacks or Cowboys.


Homogeneity in a culture never lasts, and at the risk of coming off as a Marxist… Class differences do rise.

See, the 14/88 crowd tends to forget the Socialist element of Nazi Germany’s policies. And for that matter in Mussolini’s Italy. There was a serious resentment against the ineffective leaders of Germany that Hitler tapped into. Yes, yes, we all know about the Jews, but we must not forget German elite’s complicity and participation in the plunder of their own country…

All to live the high-life at the cabaret.


Any true revolutionary movement that does not tap into the resentment that the lower classes have against their own traitor ruling class is missing a key ingredient.

How does that old saying go?

“If I had but one bullet for the enemy from without, or the enemy from within…”

Rebellion taps into youth discontent, but it cannot be directed at a group that most people do not even see in their day to day lives- like say the Ewjays.

 But point out the massive brown horde of invaders, feral chimps in the inner cities or decadent aristos carousing while Rome burns and all of a sudden you’ve got a rebellion.

 The youth of any society look for

  • either a great national culture to partake in
  • inherit the cultural class of their family
  • create their own sub-culture in rebellion to the status quo

We can BE that rebellion.

We just have to be more nuanced than “White is Right.”

If we have to throw the Sophistos, the Castrati and the Eunuchs that comprise our ruling class onto the funeral pyre of Weimerica, then so be it.

Even if they are Huwhyte.

PS- I have been told that in the USSA, there are no more true WASP’s, but I swear most of them looked like they have been plucked straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Time to re-ignite the old WASP or not debate?


2 thoughts on “It’s Class War, Stupid”

  1. Great article and deep insight here, Mr. Law; and it is no longer or more involved than it needs to be. I will share this with family, friends, and neighbors! It is interesting that there are only three (3) basic options available for the youth. This is such a typical case of the Law of Three that I was inspired to draw a diagram to help illustrate the concept. Wish I knew how to email it to the author. Keep up the good work!

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