Jak's Play

Jak’s Play

There is a culture war going on now and we’re losing.


Because the POZ reaches us all in the books we read, the movies we watch and the media we consume. You want to take a break, to de-toxify, but you can’t because it follows you everywhere like a black cloud. Turn on the tele- its there. Talk to your blue-pilled friends- you grit your teeth. Ride the bus- you pop the earbuds in and lower your head.

It feels like the entire waking world is a battle-ground. The advertisements all around you feature white women with non-white men, you notice that more and more SWPLs that you work/study with seem to have developed lisps, and you feel that you are taking crazy pills!

But stop. Relax. Breathe.

AI is an attempt to combat that, and one of the most important things we do on this site is generate original content. We do it in the form of original podcasts, insightful articles, and soon our online store.

You too can participate, dear reader. All you have to do is reach out to any of us on the team and submit that gnawing analysis or opinion piece you just don’t know where else to send. Think about it, you know where to find us.

But here is my best contribution to date. My book, Jak’s Play.

It is the future as I see it, and one that I believe we need to be prepared for. It’s not an essay though, nor is it a tirade against the modern world. It’s a Sci-Fi adventure story, with lurid action scenes and even a femme fatale that you can really sink your teeth into. (You know what I mean.)

Take a step back from the TalmundVision and let me provide you with a non-Pozzed alternative.  Try it. Review it. Tell me what you think.

Inspired in no small part by the birth of the Alt-Right and the internet proto-culture that spawned it… The year is 2034. A city of wandering Nihilo’s, crumbling palaces, and augmented reality, the Revenant City-State of St. Petersburg has become Jak’s and many other Nihilo’s ark amid the flood. Crushing boredom, atomized loneliness and a creeping sense of impending doom are all Jak remembers of his old home in the UFR. It has been 6 years since then, since Jak joined the last great exile wave out of the Post-First. But even here in the far flung reaches of Eastern Europe, storm clouds are gathering, brought on by a westerly wind and threatening to topple the precarious Revenant City system. A prank gone wrong on a small corner of the vast SHAK Net throws Jak into the dangerous world of augmented super soldiers, Moscovite intelligence agents, and Caliphate harvesters on the streets of St. Petersburg. Although he doesn’t know it yet, Jak is now part of a titanic struggle of which he finds himself an unwilling pawn. Manipulated, hunted and with nowhere left to run to, Jak will have to make his move and make it fast if he wants to make it out of St. Petersburg alive.

It’s not just a book, its the first installment in a series that I believe will span the breadth of the Post-First World. The sequel, Jak’s Raid comes out this fall. Grab a copy and start reading today.




Sign up for the newsletter, (you can find the link at the back of the book) and I’ll send the sequel at half-price when it comes out. What do you have to lose?


The sequel will take place in Stockholm… should be good.


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