America is a Land of Lost Legal Immigrants

Regular Ameriburgers have a right to feel that they are under threat from hordes of illegal immigrants, and by extension should end all immigration to the United States. There is literally nothing wrong with this nativist sentiment.

But I wonder if they know how much LEGAL immigrants hate the illegals as well. I spent 18 years waiting to get citizenship. My family could not visit me because they could not get Visa, and I could not leave the country during this period of time either. It became a protracted period of uncertainty and growing disgust at how the system was structured to incentive certain kinds of immigrants over others.

For example, legal immigrants support Trump. And Trump is right to stress that. He is right to point out the divide among the new arrivals, because it is real and the disgust for illegals is not faked.

Well played Don, well played.
Well played Don, well played.

ClickClick from East Africa shows up just fine, Jose runs over the border and he’s an “undocumented migrant…” Anything to avoid saying “illegal.” These people are encouraged to immigrate, but smart White families from the FSU are not. Muhammed can get a Greencard in 2 years, invite his whole extended family over for humanitarian reasons, but I never even met my cousins…

And I am not the only migrant that feels this way.


“America is not a land of immigrants,” I’ve heard the Dissident Right say, and they have a point. It is a settled country with an established culture, native population and its own unique rhythm of life. 

But, in moments of less than sober reflection on the state of the US, I have often made the claim that the United States is in fact just a trading outpost masquerading as a nation… And to be quite honest, I stand by it. 

The reason for this is simple, apart from some sub-cultural regions in the United States, like Dixie or maybe Texas, there isn’t really a national culture as exists in Europe. And it is felt by many Americans when they travel to Europe- they feel that something is different there, regular people feel themselves to be a part of their nation in a deeper way than Americans

Sure, you have your “USA! USA!” chanting and massive flag-waving spectacles. But these people are not necessarily feeling any particular attachment to the United States as a nation. They are simply expressing red-blooded self-pride that they then extend to their nation. But these people, these “rednecks” I suppose, don’t even know anything about the country that they claim to love.

Liberals are right to point out how “ignoraaaant” these folks are… The origins of the United States, its history, its involvement and place in the world are about as known to a “redneck” as how to escape the friend-zone is to a whiny Current Year liberal. The same can be said about all Americans’ knowledge of the outside world. To put it simply, there is simply “America” and “Not America” to most Americans. If you contrast this with Russians, or Europeans in general, they know quite a bit about the USA, they know quite a bit about their neighboring countries in Europe, and chances are they’ve even visited other parts of the world multiple times in their lives.

Americans, by contrast, feel uncomfortable in a non-American environment. Even when they go somewhere for Spring Break, its to resort town walled away from raging drug wars and populated by other drunk Americans being served American drinks by American hotel companies.

The outside world not only makes the average American uncomfortable, but mostly it just simply doesn’t interest him/her. “America is #1!” they chant, without ever venturing outside the border to verify the hypothesis.

…And of those that do, a significant number of them start entertaining serious doubts about returning back to the land of the free and the home of the brave. The lack of culture is so glaringly apparent that one sometimes asks, “just what are we fighting to preserve?” You would not be the only one wondering this, if you found yourself asking such uncomfortable anti-patriotic!! statements.  But consider this: Ask the redneck about his favorite US general and watch him stutter and struggle. Ask him about his favorite Sportsball coach and listen to him just rattle off the personal life story, injury counts, player trading history etc etc. You can repeat this experiment with: “Who is your favorite American writer?” Or “Who is your favorite non-living American president and why”

You could be forgiven for throwing your hands up in disgust at the lack of culture of the regular American prole. Many people do, and again, there is literally nothing wrong with being drawn to high culture, to seek out an understanding of history and your own national character. It is in fact, the natural pursuit of any clear-thinking patriotic man. Learning one’s culture is essential to learning about oneself. The polity was considered by the Greeks to be an extension of oneself and they were absolutely right. This yearning to partake in a grand cultural experiment is felt very keenly by us here on the Alt-Right. We want to take part in history again, to feel a connection to our past, and to start building a new future, and we know that modern society actively prevents us from doing so. The POZ is so deep, that it wants us to accept the end of history, and just consume our way into complacency and soma-like tranquility…

Many Americans feel drawn to foreign cultures with an almost born-again religious conviction. We all have that one friend who is obsessed with Russia, or Germany, or is a Franco-phile, or has a 2d Waifu and wants to make the pilgrimage to Nippon… Some claim that they have German ancestry, or a Russian soul, or that French culture fascinates them…or that they believe 2d is superior to 3d.

Contrast that with this: many East Europeans want to go to America its true, but almost none of them want to BE Americans.  On the other hand, almost every single white American, when prompted with the question- “what are you?”- will start listing their European ancestry. “Well I’m a quarter Irish, a quarter Scotch, and half-Italian.” It is never, “I’m an American” full stop. Many Americans wish they were part of something that they feel in their bones is missing from their life. After all, why else do you have so many Americans fantasizing on imageboard sites about how they can return to the Fatherland and start removing kebab?

To go back to the redneck, it is important to remember that they love the United States as a concept of “home.” Something that all patriots instinctively feel, the attachment to the land and soil that they grew up on. But there is very little of any American high-culture that they are aware of. In fact, they pride themselves on their ignorance, and before we are too quick to blame them, we should perhaps point out that they are engaged in some moral signaling of their own.

The hatred of coastal city elites and their smarmy, smug ways is deep in the heartland. So when the liberals claim that they are cultured, then “Fuck culture!” is the knee-jerk response of many patriots. But this is a losing proposition because a nation’s culture belongs to its citizens, and gives their lives context, meaning and purpose.  AI is called Atavistic Intelligentsia for a reason. We’re here to take back our culture from the POZ, to remind people of who they are.

Last October’s NPI conference was titled: “Becoming Who We Are.”

And it was truly a fitting title. Many Americans are starting to stir with a deep longing for a connection to their long lost culture. In this sense, many Americans remain immigrants and not true settlers in their hearts. They feel a longing to go back home, to the days when they weren’t a culture-less blob of universalist values.

They want to partake in deep Tradition, not just watch Football on Thanksgiving.

Many 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation European-Americans feel like strangers in their own countries. They remain European immigrants in their souls, and they yearn to partake in something that isn’t the reckless pursuit of a more and more comfortable consumer lifestyle.

They seek genuine cultural enrichment, not from the POZ, but in genuine cultural exchanges with European peoples. Being an American and feeling an attachment to your ancestral lands is absolutely normal, in fact it is an extraordinary testament to the power of the attachment to one’s “Mother/Fatherland.” There is a movement out there, no one has given it a name yet, but it is a Roots phenomenon that has largely gone unnoticed by everyone except the Alt-Right. More and more Americans want to go back to the Old World and reclaim their heritage and it is not a coincidence that this sentiment is rising now with the 3rd world flood of biblical proportions subsuming the European continent.

To this new generation of re-conquistadors I say “Welcome back.”  You are not alone. Let’s Make Europa Great Again.

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