Make Sweden Gay Again

The Resistance has come to this. The spores of Islam have drifted into our homelands, settled, and now multiply in every city, great and small, of our Civilization. The natural, direct, immune response is crippled. Thus we scramble for an antidote.

Today in Stockholm’s Muslim suburbs, the legions of Western Resistance marched. Rainbow flags fluttering, LGBT-posters aloft they strolled past commie-blocks, parks and shopping centers teaming with Afro-Islamic immivaders.

swede march5

To be honest, it was very similar to the time we spent with Vince earlier this summer wandering around the Muslim ghettos. This time however, I was joined by Sven Garrison- a local patriot- as Vince just watched the stream from my phone. Despite the expected fireworks that we were sure would rain on the parade, the whole affair was all in all rather peaceful. It seemed that the New Arrivals were more amused than offended, not that there was not the occasional expression of shock or contempt from some of the older men lounging around on the Swedish tax dollar at the cafes.

We even ended up stopping at the square where the ABC reporters were assaulted, and Hot Wheels had to come to the rescue on his/her mobility scooter.

But again, why should they care? It’s just Swedes making fools of themselves as usual.

Befuddled New Arrivals
Befuddled New Arrivals trying to make sense of it all

Some speeches were made, and the whole affair proceeded without a hitch. The scenes from the With Open Gates (Gex) video where the Swedes marched through immigrant suburbs seemed to have been along the same route that this year’s march went along. But no one harassed the marchers except Antifa this time.

Milo pussied out and didn’t show, which was incredibly lame considering how tame the whole affair was. Basically, the only real conflict was between the two white factions: The 30 or so gay-pride marchers and a smaller anti-racist counter-protest.

POZ a la Svede

The guy who led the march was Jan Sjunnesson who wore a white suit and some kevlar armor underneath.

swede march8

He organized the event and gave a shout out to Milo, inviting him to come again later that year. Turns out he was previously the editor of Samtiden- an online magazine owned by the Sweden Democrats. Jan Sjunnesson was actually pretty red-pilled and talked more openly than we expected, but then again, the whole protest was such a luke-warm gesture against the invasion of a country and the destruction of an entire way of life, that RealTalk felt too little. On the backdrop of an entire week of Islamic terror rocking Europe, we felt it was time for RealAction, but what we saw was just the tiniest of sputters.

What will the history books written by the Chinese remember? That the Swedes finally stood up for a brief moment in the only PC way possible… By advocating for the “Swedish Value” of sodomy on demand.

swede march15
More local reactions.
swede march10
The Gates of POZ. It reads in Swedish: Islam makes you free

Like all good “staunch” conservatives- these marchers seemed to want to prove that they were better liberals than the liberals, because they stood up for real liberal values! Like all good conservatives seem to do.

swede march11
It resembles Nuremburg a bit doesnt it?

It turns out Richard Spencer was right, and Gay rights  really are the last stand of implicit White Identity in the West. At least, that seems to be the case in Sweden. How fitting.

Implicit indeed.
Implicit indeed.

Interestingly, most of the marchers did not seem gay, and apart from a blond woman in a bikini, they weren’t provocatively dressed. The only actual hardcore gays seemed to be on the side of Antifa, where some androgynous blob in fishnets led the war chant against the “Fascists” provoking the poor Muslims, and a bunch of gays, mystery meats and femidykes cheered her on.

swede march6
Antifa on the Left

Jan now writes for Avpixlat, a site with ties to the Sweden Democrats. The name means *depixelated* which references the  mainsteam media’s proclivity to hide the fact that many criminals have non-Swedish origin. They do this by pixelating their faces many shades whiter than they really are. Avpixlat does its part to depixelate these criminals and adjust the narrative to a more accurate hue.

Avpixlat is one of the biggest alternative-news sites in Sweden along with Fria Tider and Exponerat. The site is highly critical of immigration and has a counter-jihadi viewpoint. But of course they do not allow comments on race or ethnicity…

After a brief walk about in Tensta, Rinkeby, Kista and Husby, the day was about to come to a close. But not before we noticed a well-known Antifa/Swedish SPLC type photographing all the faces of the marchers to put on a database of hate.

swede march14
Greg gets noticed. No one cared who he was until he bought the GoPro cam.

Sven confirmed that she was well-known in Sweden and collaborates with the police to identify people that show up to events like these. Sweden really is a macabre cubist interpretation of what a nation should be. They managed to take 1984 and make it seem moderate by comparison. A coalition of crazy cat ladies and skinnyfat eunuchs hold the country in its grip. The police, while professional, seemed more concerned with asking the AI bro’s questions about what they were doing there (we’re CIA) than doing anything about Antifa. Which is par for the course.

All in all, the event was underwhelming. We will however, give credit where credit is due though. The Swedes took the fight to the enemy, who we are sure, is just quaking in its boots after the militant display of true Swedish Nationalism.

swede march2
Tom Wolfe leads the charge to take back the streets and Make Sweden Gay Again

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  1. It’s a weird feeling to realize that “reactionary” now means going back to Early Times POZ. But that’s “progress” for you. (Don’t forget, cancer makes progress through a body. )

    1. As the our favorite Romanian put it: “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

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