Meme Glossary

The Alt-Right loves it sum memes.

We at AI have a few of our own. We decided to list of our favorite memes (people, ideas, phrases) for reference. Some of these are less known in the Alt-Right, and virtually unknown to the goyische masses.

1. Yuri Bezmenov: Soviet defector. Famous for explaining KGB propaganda and subversion techniques. Pull the punch through: The most effective way to subvert a society is to encourage its anti-moral excesses, not to inundate it with positive propaganda.

“A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures… he will refuse to believe it.”

2. Oswald Spengler: German philosopher of history, fl. 1918-1936. Author of Decline of the West, postulating a novel view of history. Spengler rejected the idea that history was progressive and could be divided into temporal epochs. Instead, he proposed that history be studied on the basis of Cultures. After about 1,000 years, a culture “works out” its spiritual and philosophical potential, and declines into “Civilization,” marked by grandiosity and empire-building but artistic and intellectual sterility.

Decline of the West devotes most of its attention to the cultures Spengler calls Classical, Western and ‘Magian.’ Classical “Apollonian” Culture includes the Greeks and Romans, lasting from Homer to the 3rd century BC (Classical Civilization lasted till the Fall of Rome). Spengler sees this as utterly separate from Western “Faustian” Culture, which began in the 9th/10th century and ossified into a Civilization in the 19th century. “Magian” Culture encompasses the Near Eastern peoples of the 1st to 11th centuries (Eastern Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Muslims).

In his final book Hour of Decision, Spengler foresaw a mass movement of non-white peoples into the West around the turn of the 20th century.

3. WEIRD Theory: Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic people exhibit strange tendencies. They often project these traits onto people who are not WEIRD. The idea comes from a University of British Columbia paper from 2009. It has been referenced by sources as diverse as Steve Sailer and Slate.

Blogger HBD Chick added another trait “outbred,” making the acronym WEIRDO.

4. Turchin Thesis: Refers to the central idea of Historian Peter Turchin’s War and Peace and War: Empires arise in regions that were previously the site of vicious conflict between two ethnically and culturally very distinct peoples. Eg. The Frankish Empire grew out of the old Roman-German borderlands around the Rhine, America was foraged on the European-Indian frontier, Russia on the forest-steppe fault-line.

5. The Vapors: Turchin uses the word Asabiyyah, to describe the heightened collective consciousness and feeling engendered by such conflict. The word comes from the 14th century Arabic-speaking Berber historian Ibn Khaldun.

Ibn Khaldun also had an innovative explanation for black behavior:

“We have seen that Negroes are in general characterized by levity, excitability and great emotionalism. They are found eager to dance whenever they hear a melody. They are everywhere described as stupid. The real  reason for these opinions is that…. joy and gladness are due to expansion and diffusion of the animal spirit.  It has been shown that heat expands and rarefies air and vapours and increases their quantity. A drunken person experiences  inexpressible joy and gladness, because  the vapour of the spirit in his heart is pervaded by natural heat…It often happens that they start singing, as singing has its origin in gladness.”

6. Otto Weininger: Austrian Jew who wrote Sex and Character, the book that, in Strindberg’s opinion, “solved the Woman Problem.” The basic idea is that platonic Masculinity and Femininity exist in no real person. Therefore all people are of mixed gender, metaphysically speaking. The Masculine is marked by Being, memory (historical sense), morality and genius. The Feminine by non-Being, lack of memory, amorality (not immorality) and sexuality. He equated Judaism with Femininity due to its amoral nature. 

Weininger committed suicide at 23 in the house where Beethoven died, the only Jew (other than Jesus) to fully conquer Judaism.

7. Ernst Röhm. Leader of the SA. Swoll, commie-hating homo who reminds us of Jack Donovan:

Jack DonovanErnst Rohm

Also the hero of our favorite movie Hitler: Rise of Evil. “When the blindfold was RIPPED from my eyes, I saw my enemy!”

8. The Jewish Campaign of Lies: Straight-up Mein Kampf quote. The Fuhrer really had a way with words.

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