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Memetic Origins of “Cuckservative”

For the new recruits. A short primer on the “cuckservative” meme.

What is a cuckservative? Its an amalgamation of the terms cuck and conservative. Conservative is clear, so lets start with the term “Cuckolding.” Here is the first mention of it that I encountered as the newest, hippest, sexual fetish of intellectuals. (Its real, I just dont want to give them clicks, so have a pastebin instead.)

The next time I heard about it was “the Cuckening”, a revelation on 4chan’s /pol/ board that revealed that the founder of the board, Christopher Poole or “Moot” had been cheated on by his SJW “girlfriend.” At the time, GamerGate was unfolding, and it was rumored that Moot had gotten cozy with the liberal samizdat and was planning a purge of the politically incorrect board on 4chan to make it more appetizing to potential buyers. Moot did in fact purposefully destroy the old /pol/ board, right around the time that rumors of his “cucking” were circulating. This event eventually left to the schism, and the Exodus to 8chan’s /pol/ board and the birth of the “cuck” meme.

You really can’t understand the story without some meme history:

On the 7th of December, 2014, Ben “Zyklon-B” Garrison threatened Moot with a lawsuit unless he took down /pol/. Since “the CEO of Troll, Inc.” who was now an official SJW, couldn’t take the problematic /pol/ anymore, so he purged it. First by deleting the capcha and letting in waves of /b/tards, furries, autists, /a/ and /lgbt/. He then proceeded to replace words that users typed such as “/b/” and “n***er” with “tumblr” and “cracker” respectively. Marquees displaying [trigger warning] show up on all posts, wordfilters are abundant, and the board has the title “The 8 steps of cuckolding” with subtitle “>she does it for fun”. /pol/acks from all over were chased out of their home… Encyclopedia Dramatica

Its a lot to take in if you are not steeped in meme lore, but basically Moot was fed up with /pol/ constantly calling him a cuck and wanted to get rid of the problematic politically incorrect board. So he changed the name of the board to “the 8 steps to cuckolding” and put an audio file on loop, with some dominatrix talking about the subject.

What /pol/ users were greeted with on the fateful day of /pol/ harbor.
What /pol/ users were greeted with on the fateful day of /pol/ harbor.

Finally, a short explanation of Ben Garrison’s role in the affair: Ben Garrison was a libertardian artist whose reputation was dragged through the mud because of some modified photos that /pol/ created, in which all original references to illuminati or the FED or Pyramids, was replaced with “le happy merchant meme.”

Exhibit A)

These photoshops caused Ben Garrison to lose his cool and to loudly threaten to sue Moot for what /pol/ had done. Instead of ignoring a few autists on the internets playing with their dank may-mays, Ben sperged out and brought a lot of attention to himself. Naturally, the trolling only intensified, until Zyklon Ben became a big meme.

After /pol/ harbor (the destruction of 4chan’s /pol/ board), and the exodus to 8chan, Ben garrison had a reconciliation with the new 8chan /pol/ and the site administrator, Hot Wheels. In a surprising and frankly, heart-warming exchange, he even agreed to create some original content per /pol/ users requests:

cuck 2
Here we see 4chan’s former owner, Moot, depicted as a cuckold. Many felt deep resentment towards Moot for destroying their imageboard home, all in some white-knight bid for some sub-par pussy.

Finally, on 8chan’s /pol/ board, an interesting development occurred when one anon discovered a sinister, and subliminal cuckold plot in the new Nickolodean show, “Bella and the Bulldogs.” ED take it away:

The show’s creator, Jonathan C. Butler, also directed a film entitled The Cuckold and is a known cuckolding fetishist. Bella and the Bulldogs contains many of the same themes as his previous works, with Bella being attracted to a strong black boy whose team number is eight, while a weak white boy is the butt of many jokes and has a team number of ninety-nine. Bella’s hair constantly covers the ‘dog’ portion of her jersey as well, since ‘bull’ is a term referring to the black male who breeds with the white wife in cuckold relationships. Imagery of bulls are prevalent in the series itself as well. Of particularly note is a scene in the pilot in which the white female protagonist bumps into her black teammate and starts blushing, saying aloud “you’re a big guy“, to which the black teammate responds “for you”, as the audience makes “oooooooooh” noises. -Encyclopedia Dramatica

/pol/ was at the forefront of the unveiling of the conspiracy theory:

bella and bulldog
Hollywood encouraging degeneracy? Who would have guessed!?

/pol/ has been throwing around the term “cuck” for months now, using it as an insult, and injecting it into all sorts of political discussion and commentary. The final stage in the evolution of the meme came with the NY Mag article about a man getting cucked and announcing it to the world to declare his PC credentials. This coupled with Trump’s announcement of his candidacy and the ballsy Realtalk emanating from his numerous interviews, speeches, and twitter statuses, began to rain hammer blow upon hammer blow upon the American psyche. His alpha-ness made his opponents seem weak and whipped by comparison, especially on the topic of immigration, where he rained fire and brimstone on his opponents in the GOP, who could only feebly bleat that he did not represent the Republican party. In a mewling attempt to distance themselves from his crazy and far-right notion that a sovereign nation should have functioning border control, the GOP began to attack Trump as well, joining sides with their supposed opponents in lambasting a candidate for being a “racist.” The comparison was just too juicy and ready for public consumption. The logic was simple; the republicans were a party of cucks, too afraid to stand up to leftist open border and universalist rhetoric, and willing to sacrifice all their “conservative” ideals on the altar of appearing kosher, PC and inclusive.

Behold the awesome power of weaponized memes.

Now the term is trending, with Realtalk sites like Heartiste, Radix and Amren, to name a few jumping on the trend, and adding their spin to it. They have taken to the term “cuckservative” and are rolling with it, to great success. Apart from a few squabbles among the alt-Right about who was the first to use the term, its been universally hailed as a positive development.

Here is the Radix definition of a cuckservative:

Very basically, the cuckservative is a white gentile conservative (or libertarian) who thinks he’s promoting his own interests but really isn’t.  In fact, the cuckservative is an extreme universalist and seems often to suffer from ethnomasochism & pathological altruism. In short, a cuckservative is a white (non-Jewish) conservative who isn’t racially aware. -RadixJournal

The commentators at Chateau Heartiste are having a field day with the “Shit Conservatives Say” list, adding their own colorful variations to this new meme. You know you are talking to a Cuckservative if you hear the following:

“America has always been multicultural …”

“‘It was the Democrats that supported the Klan and the Confederate flag …”

“Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.”

“Israel is our only ally in the Middle East.”

“That’s just another ‘tax the rich’ scheme.”

“I believe in liberty!”

“Terrorist threat level is orange today”

“I’m not opposed to illegal immigrants as long as they assimilate and respect the Constitution.”

“Iran is a threat to world peace.”

“We don’t want to be like old, decaying Europe.”

“It’s about culture, not race.”

“I don’t have white interests. I have the Constitution.”

The GOP itself feels threatened by this term:

cuck 3
King Cuck himself. Check out the modifications on his wikipedia page: (heh) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erick_Erickson

And threatened they should be. For too long the GOP has ignored the concerns of its key constituency and has benefited from the fact that most conservatives would do just about anything rather than, say, vote for Hillary or her equivalent in the next election cycle. But the Republicans backpedaling and refusal to stand up for any real conservative values other than not taxing the rich and giving weapons to Israel has lost them several elections already. Republicucks are going to be hearing a lot more of this term, and they are going to have a hard time shaking off the label in the months to come. I can only see this as a positive development, a rude wake up call to a party of cuckservatives, that has ignored its key voter base for too long. Its about time they heard what their constituents think of them.

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