Merry Christmas ….or Whats Left of It

Merry Christmas!…. or whatever it is we are exactly celebrating these days. I have been advised by recent talking heads on TV, radio and social media that “It is our Christian obligation to take in the Syrian refugees.” and that we have “nothing to celebrate so longs as others suffer.” Well that’s fine and all but as a secular agnostic I take offense at others projecting their religious values upon me and mine this holiday season.

Whatever “white guilt” they feel could be quickly cleansed by a trip to a Syria where they themselves could then administer to the needs of these said refugees or better yet these news anchors could take them into their own palatial McMansions and sponsor them sending teenage Ahkmed to school with their daughters. I suffer no such guilt over the suffering of other people caused by their own co ethnics. I do however feel guilt over non co ethnics causing suffering to my co ethnics because of “do gooder” causes which bring in the refuse of the world to occupy my soil and to live among my nation.

I mean I could understand the Christians if they were actually bringing in actual Syrian Christian refugees. But seeing as the current powers that be seek to bring in over 100,000 Muslims and settle them primarily in areas not among fellow Arabs like in Dearborn Michigan but rather in lily white areas like Montana I am perplexed. If the crisis in Europe is anything to gage these refugees by I will use my powers of deduction and guess they are not refugees but rather economic opportunists at best and hostile occupiers sympathetic to ISIS at worst. With 79% of these refugees being men of fighting age (late teens to late twenties) I highly doubt they are just women and children feeling a war zone. At that depending which organizations estimate you believe 30-90% of these said refugees are not actual Syrians and a miniscule number of those are Syrian Christians with most actual Syrians being Muslims and most of the refugees being from other countries like Pakistan or Iraq. But I digress give todays crop of social media savvy whites a chance to “moral signal” to others just how moral, giving and better than the masses of proles they are and they will. So Instead of trying to rationalize with them or even use emotional outcries about the safety of their own children, that is assuming any of these selfish moral crusading types had children, I will instead put things in perspective.

If the roles were reversed would Arab Muslims take in multitudes of Christian and atheists? Seeing as the rich Gulf Arab states are not taking in their fellow Arab Muslims I think not.

I’m dreaming of a white guilt free Christmas. Sadly I think my stocking will be filled with coal burners.

Merry Christmas

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