Muslims, Russians, and those Vile Europeans

The great race war isn’t coming. Oh, don’t get me wrong, its World War White out there, but that doesn’t mean that our side will start fighting back anytime soon. There are a few sparks here and there, but there is no organized resistance, no big plan, and very little reason to be optimistic.

Why is that?

Mentality and the Security Apparatus.

Muslims in the No Go suburbs of Europe are arming themselves now. They are organizing and planning their next moves. Not only do they have the offense advantage now, but they also have the long game in the bag.  They have the correct strategic mindset. This is a war of wombs, and the barren western spinster is our greatest liability. Leaving aside her voting patterns, her histrionics, and her shaming techniques, she is on a tribal level, a dead asset.

But it is not just the sorry state of women that makes our future look so bleak. It is the fundamental R and K selection processes that are at work in the European psyche vs. the Muslim psyche. The logical processes that go into the decision to have a child are different between Muslims and European peoples. We have a child when we can afford it. We only have one or two. We pour all our resources into raising a few good children that we can then give the upbringing they need to have a petty bourgeois standard of life.

Muslims however see the issue differently. See for us, life is about doing things. Our hobbies define us. When asked who we are, we reply that we are lawyers, doctors or businessmen.

But a Muslim is always a Muslim first and foremost. For them, having children is not about producing doctors, it’s about producing the next generation of Muslims. Career aspirations, skiing vacations and PhD’s take a backseat to having more Muslim children.

If not now, then when? If not here, then where?

The time for revolution is not here yet. The reason is simple, the State is still too powerful. And as things stand at the moment, the State is hostile to the interests of Patriots.

Patriotic movements in turn have not yet learned to operate despite State interference, or offer alternative networks of authority and support that run parallel to the State’s.

The militaries, police forces and enforcement apparatus’ of the European states remain more than capable of dealing with the Muslim threat. If there was a political will, the tools of law enforcement remain more than capable of neutralizing the threat.

The problem is that there is no political will. The Elites are all globalists now, and bleeding heart sycophants. And the Security Services are rightly concerned about a loss of control over the country. While they cannot control the problem from the migrants’ end, they can quite easily lay down the lay on law-abiding Europeans who start to display signs of discontent.

It is easy and cathartic to call the police and the state apparatus traitors of their own people. But let us be clear-eyed and call them for what they are. Tools of Enforcement. They do as they are told by hierarchical chains of command.

This is at least, how the opposition views the situation. The Nationalist Right, where it even exists, is still trying to operate within the realm of the political system. Take FN in France for example, they are trying to legally seize the tools of the state by winning the elections. If the government falls into the hands of the FN, then the police is one phone call away from fumigating the camps in Calais.

Many still believe that a peaceful transition of power is still possible, but increasingly, this seems to not be the case. The Front National may never assume office at the rate things are going. And we must assume that this will be the case going forward.

If we do assume that there is very little to no chance of the Patriotic parties coming to power in Europe, then we must realize that the tools of the state are always going to be used against Patriots. The Police isn’t switching sides anytime soon.

And so we come to a radical conclusion.

We will be enemies of the state for the foreseeable future.

It is time to start organizing with this assumption in mind. The mass-surveillance, the security services, and the media are against us. And that there is very little chance of turning them. What stops us from arming ourselves and Removing Kebab right here and right now? It’s not the Kebab itself that has us scared. Most of us are scared of what we know our own government will do to us if we step out of line.

A Patriot network will have to start operating with these assumptions in mind. The soft apparatchik class is a class apart from the citizen subversives. We should all know by now about the destructive role that international you-know-who-ery has played on the health of our societies. (And if you refuse to acknowledge it, maybe Libertarianism is more your speed) But they are not the main obstacle that any Patriot movement will have to face. First and foremost, we will have to overturn the establishment-class managers of the system. They keep it alive, they salvage what they can. Radicals of all stripes threaten them and their livelihood, and so they will fight tooth and nail for a return to normality…whatever the cost.

No appeal to ethno-nationalism will work on them, in fact from their vantage point a deal with the Muslims is far more likely. Think about it like Houellebeck might; the Muslims will need political representation, and so the establishment might start cutting deals. Why wouldn’t they? They are trying to keep the damn thing chugging along until they can retire with grace. The establishment will almost certainly start offering deals and concessions. They will try to buy off the barbarians and when that fails, they may even offer them relative autonomy. Say like… the right to their own universities (funded by gulf arabs), right to practice Sharia law in their own neighborhoods, they may even have to change their foreign policy for fear of reprisals…


Will Russia save Europe?

A cursory look at history shows that Russia has a habit of sweeping up Europe occasionally and setting things back into order.

Will the same happen any time soon? Will Russia save Europe from itself?

Yes and no.

We must remember to keep in perspective the Russian strategic goals for Europe. Following the break up of the Soviet Union, and well into Putin’s presidency, there was a burning desire among the elites and intelligentsia to finally join Europe as an equal partner and participate in the European project of prosperity. No more economic backwardness, no more threats nuclear war, no more labor camps. Reset buttons were pushed, Putin’s baby-blue eyes were complimented, and overall looking back we can conclude that those were heady times.

But once again, Russia learned the hard way that Europe had no intention of letting the wild snarling savage on its eastern border join the European community. And to reinforce that point, NATO started to tighten the noose around Russia, encroaching right up to the heartland from the Baltics, and now from Ukraine.

Even now, the noose continues to tighten with economic sanctions imposed by Europe on Russia. From the perspective of the Russians, there is little to be grateful for, vis a vis Europe. In fact, Europe seems to go out of its way to impede its own progress as long as it undermines Russia. As an example, Europe is paying through the nose to start importing American LNG gas to avoid having to rely on cheap Russian alternatives. Even the refugee crisis is being blamed on Russia’s intervention in Syria- although the refugees are a blessing and a gift, goy!

Russia has in response, decided to pivot to Asia. It makes sense, economically, even though there isn’t a Russian in Russia who actually considers himself part of Asia or wants anything to do with pretending that Asiatics and Russians are more similar than Russians and Europeans. The heart yearns for Europe, but the head has redirected Russia to point in the direction of Asia. As a result of the migrant crisis however, difficult questions are being asked.

Does Europe have a future?

The answer is that Europe has had no independent future ever since it was carved up between the Americans and the Soviets. Even now, Europe remains a vassal state to the Americans, a few token acts of defiance from France under de Gaulle nonwithstanding.

There is reason to believe that the Americans are helping direct the refugee flows to Europe. The reason for this is quite simple: destabilization, the American weapon of choice. It has been deployed all over the middle-east, Yugoslavia, and all around the periphery of the Soviet Union.

The EU is simply another tool of American Imperialism. It keeps everyone in line while vainly pretending that the unification of Europe is supposed to make it some sort of contender against the economic might of the Americans or the Russian. Nothing could be further from the truth. The architects of the European Union created a supranational governing entity that can brush away and pressure the national governments of the Union.

Europe is losing control over its own territories, and there is little reason for Russia to shed a tear. Even now, Russian political talk shows debate the issue. Surprisingly, the liberals who are out of power are arguing that Europe must be saved from itself and that Russia must be the champion of True European Ideals…

Others like Zhirinovsky are not so enthusiastic. “We should encourage them to let millions more refugees in, let them choke on those refugees,” he bellowed at me from the TV last night.

Who knows what Russia will decide, She herself is not out of the woods yet, with war on their border and possible terror attacks looming in the near future, Russia has its hands full. For now, Europe is on its own.

Will Russia however support indirectly the Nascent Right?

Only so long as these parties are anti-American and not explicitly Nazi/Fascist. This isn’t about saving European civilization for Russia at this point, it’s about prying Europe out of the American Empire’s orbit. It’s about normalizing relations with a subcontinent that is incredibly hostile. Russia may end up saving Europe from itself yet again, but not with troops in Paris or Berlin this time. Hopefully they do it by supporting Identitarians…But we will have to see if Russia decides it wants to save Europe or not.

And that’s the decision I await with bated breath.

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