Game Won’t Save the NEET

Game is worshiped on our far corner of the internet. And rightly so, there are few things as powerful as a Red Pill suppository to shake a man out of involuntary celibacy and set him on the path to self-improvement. But Game is not the end all be all panacea it is purported to be. Game can improve your chances of getting laid, but it does not improve quality of the pool of women you have to choose from, nor does it necessarily diminish the risks of scoring the lay or address the very real logistical difficulties of scoring.

Many young men have realized this and have simply opted out of the game altogether. Hell, they don’t even need be MGTOWs, but simply Not Employed, in Education or Training.

But let’s step back a bit to explain why.

Men intuitively know from many of their failed hook-up experiences how hard it can be to coax a woman into bed with them. The slightest hiccup in a Man’s game plan can give the wriggling Id of the women a chance to rationalize not sleeping with him that night. Since you are trying to create an emotional state of “yes, yes, yes” compliance and ease, the late Uber driver on a cold winter night can really throw a wrench into the gears of your well-thought out plan.

The Eternal Question: Game can move mountains, but can it convince a woman to make the pilgrimage back to your place in the exurbs?

Roosh- to his credit- talks about the mountains of logistics that must be overcome to score the lay, let alone the elements of Game that come into play. So let’s step back and examine some of the more mundane logistics at play here.

1) If you live in an American city, chances are you will need a car.
American cities are notoriously hard to get around in. Why? Because most decent families ran away to the suburbs and only the hipster enclaves and gentrification toe-holds remain. To get to where the action is at, you almost always have to head downtown. How are you going to get there? Well, you either Uber or drive. Make sure to take about 15 dollars for parking if you choose to drive by the way.
2) It is extremely expensive once you are there.
Wages seem to have not gone up enough in relation to soaring Long Island Iced Tea prices. Never offer to buy the girl a drink initially. But chances are you will have to end up buying her at least one drink as the evening progress. And God knows you can’t just go in sober, or stand there empty-handed. So it’s a drink for you and eventually for her- at a minimum. Maybe you’re at a slightly cheaper bar, so let’s say that you only end up spending 12$. Oh and the Uber too, how much was that again? Well, depends how far out you live…Let’s remember that you probably spent 12$ just getting there.
3) You have to be 21.
This point seems to be often overlooked. There are many budding disciples of Game that cannot get into bars and must rely on College parties. More than that- they need to pay cut-throat rates from sketchy homeless people, older siblings or upperclassmen to get their hands on booze. Social networking is key. Cold approaches simply do not work in a college environment. This is because the cold approach relies on subtle visual, subliminal, and verbal cues to signify high status. In college, or in any social environment where you are not surrounded by strangers, these cues can be faked, but they can also be verified. Not only that, but some social circles are more exclusionary than the most high-end clubs with velvet rope and lines out the door. To be quite honest, these young men would be better served learning how to get in with the right people, competing at a college sport or dealing drugs than spending hours practicing and refining their cold approaches.
4) Being a young man in a bar is like being a freshman in high school.
Bottom of the totem pole. Why? Because 21 is the cut-off age, and that means most of the girls there will be your age or older. Most of the men however will be older, and as students of the Crimson Arts know, chicks dig older guys. Especially when it’s their first couple of times out on the bar scene in the big bad city. And get this! Most of the women will be older than you! Cleverer guys can lie- if they have the facial hair to back up the claim. But being caught lying about your age is the closest thing to a Cardinal Sin a man can commit while doing a pick-up. My baby-face does me no favors as I try to say that I am a 27 year old man with a straight face.
5) You almost definitely will need to go to multiple places in one evening.
Are you a firm believer in the “Venue-change/ isolation” move? Venue-changes work and they work on many levels. They can work to break up a gaggle, create emotional commitment and spice up the evening as you take the girl to a more familiar place. Going to the club for a dance is a great way to start getting more intimate with your Kino. But cover fees? Another drink for you and maybe her? Let’s say another 15 dollars. Hell, even without the girl in tow, say you’re not doing well in one bar. Well that means finishing your glass and heading to yet another place..
6) You need a place of your own to get the lay.
If you live with your parents, you can’t get laid. Sure, sometimes you can head over to her place. But on the first date? Girls have this psychological hold-up about sleeping with you at their place on the first night. It’s too intimate, her place lets you get too close to her, and she doesn’t want that. The lack of a decent pad to go back to is a huge hurdle for young guys. You gotta either do it in a bathroom stall, in a car (see point 1) or just be content with a number and a hook up. Who knows, maybe you can meet up with her again…and face the exact same logistical hurdles.
And What is the Payoff?

Put simply, a lay. Chances are it won’t be a 9 (regardless of what you tell your buddies the next day). But you get your dick wet, with a girl that is willing to put out on the first night. Again, if you are a young man and live in a college town or university environment. The midday text with a smiley face thanking you for a good night weighs heavily on your mind.

You must secure it or be damned. You’re in uncharted waters, at the complete mercy of the girl you just banged.

You hope that she didn’t have the herp or that she won’t have buyer’s remorse the next day. You nervously scratch your nether area as you clamber into the shower and turn on the hot water. “Was it worth it?” You might ask yourself.

And you wouldn’t be alone.

The Mentality of the NEET is a direct product of Late Western Society
There is an entire generation of men that has done the math and decided to sit this one out. The women are not that attractive, the ratios are not that favorable, you have to hustle and spend nights out on the prowl playing the role of clown just to get some action. By the way, you probably spent around 50$ for a night out and if you didn’t get laid, then it was for virtually nothing. Two nights of that will set you back 100$ and that’s not an exaggeration. Sure you can work more at your job, but wouldn’t that leave less time to go out?  It shouldn’t be that hard for you to put yourselves into the shoes of these young men. Getting the next lay is hard, it requires stuff that many young men simply don’t have; like say some spending money, a bed that isn’t in your parents’ basement, a good downtown area to go to or a wide social circle you can rely on.

The Best a Modern Young Man Can Do

You spend your time working out to get fit. You learn the ropes of game. You work a shit job (thanks boomers) because the good jobs are fewer and further between. Your women don’t respect you and don’t respect themselves enough to look good for you. You then go out and stake your claim to some sub-prime poon estate, and pray for deliverance the next week.
But wait there’s more!
And let’s say you take the Red Pill to heart. Start questioning Feminism, the Liberal hive-mind and the sanity of your peers in supporting a Third World Flood of Biblical proportions, and see how many of your social circles, how many of your friends and peers suddenly accept the new you. Chances are, you might even lose your job, get kicked out of University, or develop a reputation as an Evil Misogynist™. Not all of us can reach Heartistian levels of poolside ambivalence to the situation that modern Western society finds itself in. Time, energy, and money. That’s the theme of this post and don’t worry, we’re going to bring it all together now.

Can you really blame young men for giving up on getting laid in the West?

Some have tried shaming NEETs into rejoining modern society. But really, how can you shame the shameless?

Shamelessness ain't all bad.
Shamelessness ain’t all bad.

Video games and porn beckon for some. Asceticism and meme-ing for Trump beckon to others. One thing is for sure, all these young, dispossessed men with no creative outlet for their energy except 2d waifus or occasional forays downtown are checking out of society. And really, who can blame them?

Modern Western Society has created the NEET and now it doesn’t know what to do with it. On the liberal side, they continue to kick a dog that’s already down. On our side, we try to convince the NEET to go about the difficult task of getting laid. While the Red Pill approach is infinitely better for the well-being and short term happiness of the NEET, it is still an incomplete answer and one that doesn’t address the fundamental societal shortcomings that have led to NEETdom. Un-becoming a NEET takes re-engaging with a society that one has already disconnected from. You must slog through the trenches again, and for rather ephemeral benefits.  I leave you with this thought, the drive to get laid is important- hell its incredibly strong… But it may not save the NEET. 

Maybe, its because the NEET doesn’t want to be “saved.”

4 thoughts on “Game Won’t Save the NEET”

  1. An interesting argument in favor of MGTOW, shut-ins, and video game players. Great.

    No one claims Games is a panacea, but it does work. And it’s not all about getting laid.

    The beta is strong in the Alt-Right.

  2. I got layed a ton when I was still living at my parents place. But I did have a car and made use of the back seat and hood as well:)

  3. We weren't addressing what happens with oceanic acinificatiod, however, there are numerous studies showing that acidification causes problems for marine life. Actually dumdum, if you had bothered to look at the literature you would have found very little evidence of problems with the changes that are being predicted. The pH of the oceans is not uniform and the effects of everything from currents or temperatures to simple precipitation can impact local pH levels. Marine organisms have adapted to these changes and the buffering capacity of the oceans keep them very small.

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