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Pax Americana

The “Invade the world, invite the world” approach to US Foreign Policy is actually a powerful tool of empire-building.

There are many ousted revisionist groups that have to flee their countries as political refugees. And the United States government can actually be picky about who it lets into the United States and why.

It lets in Cuban political dissidents, Iranian dissidents, Chinese dissidents, Ukrainian dissidents, Georgians, Armenians, Russian Jews, and many many other disgruntled ethnic groups.

After Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States started to accept thousands of Iraqi’s and Afghans. (Collaborators and their families who would be strung up if they were allowed to stay.) This is tied in with keeping America’s word to these local populations- and establishing a reputation as a trustworth partner. It gives local collaboraters an incentive to cooperate if they know you’re not going to throw them to the sharks after the fact.

This may at first strike you as a bad policy (and it is in some ways) but it is not an illogical policy.

The United States functions as an empire, and likes to do what many empires used to do- use Auxillaries in the service of the state.

Whether its Iranians that got ousted by the Ayatollah, or disgruntled Cubans, these are all useful Governments in Exile.

They are allowed to resettle in the United States and then work as spies, as consulting experts, as useful pawns to destabilize the regime back home.

In many cases, they are actively prepared to replace the government should a colored revolution happen.

In many cases, they are taught to feel a weird hybrid of Liberal Nationalist sentiment.

Like all immigrants, their children either drown in consumer cosmopolitanism or develop a powerful sense of Nationalism for their home-country. They feel the need to rediscover their identity, and so they latch on to the identity of their homeland, and become even stronger patriots than their parents- who’s idealistic view of their home country has been tempered by actual experience with their own countrymen.

Their children do not have these experiences, and have in fact been presented with the best of their culture from a little suburban time-capsule that their parents and the expat community have provided for them since early childhood.

These kids grow up adopting Western habits though, thought-patterns, values and develop either an animosity or a loyalty to the United States. Either way, they can be used. Their Nationalism or their Liberalism can be tapped, and their feelings of rootless volkwanderung can be used to effect social and political changes back in the Urheimat.

Conversely, the home countries can use these emmigres as spies and informants for their own ends. But the United States doesn’t worry so much about that. Its a bit of a game for them, really, and the most problematic peoples usually don’t make it past the border anyway.

The astute Autiste would point out the obvious exception of the Mexican diaspora at around this point. Its true, they don’t really fit the mold. Nor do many other groups that are allowed into the United States. There are several factors at work here, cheap immigrant labor, charities run by Christian churches and yes, exploitation of the immigration system through family loopholes.

But thats not the point of this post.

I’m talking about the Expats. Exiled communities of political dissidents from sensitive hot spots around the world where US Foreign Policy has taken an interest.

The United States lets in these poor huddled masses longing for a coup in their homeland to restore them to power in the future and prepares them for the spotlight.

This used to work well- and arguably still works. But you need to have a powerful vision of Empire that you sell to these people to make them loyal. If the Empire starts losing faith in itself, and its values, its Auxillaries start losing their loyalty.

Omar Mateen’s family was from Afghanistan, from a pashtun tribe. His father is an open supporter of the Taliban who emmigrated to the United States in the 80’s.

Now why would the United States be allowing Taliban sympathizers (and actual Taliban) into the United States in the 1980’s?

What goes around, comes around.
What goes around, comes around.

Oh yeah, thats why.

It’s your Pax Americana, dear reader. May as well get to know how it works.

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