RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks

RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks

Stop watching sportsball, and start engaging in Sport. Professional and collegiate athletics is nothing more than the Cult of the Dindu. It undermines community, fosters weakness, and poisons your mind and body. Ritter and Singh talk about the ideal of sport: amateur, communal, educational.

As Hitler says in Mein Kampf part 2, chapter 2: “The People’s State ought to allow much more time for physical training in the school….Not a single day should be allowed to pass in which the young pupil does not have one hour of physical training in the morning and one in the evening; and every kind of sport and gymnastics should be included….It is not the purpose of the People’s State to educate a colony of √ɬ¶sthetic pacifists and physical degenerates.”

“This State does not consider that the human ideal is to be found in the honourable philistine or the maidenly spinster, but in a dareful personification of manly force and in women capable of bringing men into the world.”

And yeah, Episode 14.88. We’re that amateur.

6 thoughts on “RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks”

  1. I totally agree with this post. What do you think of rugby, tennis, squash, rowing, and fencing? I attended schools where these were popular, and I played a few of them. Never took sports too seriously.

    1. I love rugby. Kickoff is such a thrill. Until I get my first hit, I am filled with apprehension, knowing that I could be severely injured if I am too cautious or hesitant or just unlucky. It really forces you to adapt a fighting mentality, albeit in a semi-controlled scenario.

      Tennis and squash a good diversions between bouts of drinking. Never rowed or fenced, but rowing is clearly a great work-out.

  2. A unique game played around here is lawn bowling. Every weekend the lawn bowling clubs in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach attract hundreds of overwhelmingly White players, most of whom it seems are quite old. Beach volleyball is another White sport popular here.

    1. Every Sport I played in public and private schools and university was awash with minorities.

      Boxing in college was the absolute worst. Got into a serious fight with the spic captain one day. Needless to say, that was my last day on the team.

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