RED DAWN 17: The Eternal Swede

RED DAWN 17: The Eternal Swede

The Eternal Swede–reserved, intelligent, and utterly oblivious to his own interests. Is he doomed? The Afro-Islamic invasion has hit Sweden harder than any other country in Europe. Greg and Vince trek through this Nordic hellscape in search of a patriot. From the nightclubs of Stockholm, to the Husby ghetto, Baltic beaches and h8chan messageboards, it’s all on the line. Is Swemolia just a nightmare? Or a premonition?

Vallkommen till Husby
Välkommen till Husby!

Vince’s articles on our Stockholm adventures:

1) Blonds, Boobs and Swedish White (K)nights

2) Miscegenation, Mulattoes and the Eternal Swede

Greg in Uppsala:

  1. My Roommate was a Refugee: This is My Story

2) Tremors of Resistance

Greg’s article from a few months ago about Swedish underground anti-liberal culture: Pozzed? Sweden has the Antidote!

Pehrsson. “Nationalist politician.” He was a straight-up SS officer.

2 thoughts on “RED DAWN 17: The Eternal Swede”

  1. It’s all pretty depressing, tbh. Perhaps you need to go with some Germans and German-Americans?

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