RED DAWN 18: Heart of Darkness, Malmogadishu Edition

RED DAWN 18: Heart of Darkness, Malmogadishu Edition

The bros recap their joyride through Malmo. What will the Swedes do once the Muzzies take over? Greg and Vince then press on to Copenhagen, where they are pleasantly surprised. Maybe not all Nords will share Sweden’s fate. 

And, Greg brings you a special report from Berlin. He checks out the Reichstag, the Fuhrerbunker and Germany’s National Shrine to the Holohoax.

Greg’s two articles on Copenhagen and Berlin, with photos.

Vince’s point about the famous Reichstag flag photo: The Ruskies fake everything, screw up, and then doctor it just to make sure.

He had a lot more watches

Note on Music: Featured song at 25:11 “Your Sex is a Dream” by Trevor Something. The bros have been getting into the Synthwave. It’s Fashy…

The opening and closing tracks are our usual: “Folk i Gevär” by the Fyrdung and the “March of the Soviet Tankists.”

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