RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming

RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming

Vince recounts his time in Siberia: eternal frontier of the Russian Imperial project. Over the years, Russia has used different ideologies–Orthodoxy, Communism, Eurasianism–but all with the goal of uniting its disparate subjects. How is the project working out? And what does the Imperial Idea mean for the alt-right? Heimbachian nationalism is great. But will it be tolerated in the Trumpenreich?

AND: Greg is posted up in a Munich beerhall, getting Nostalgic about 1923. What a great city, a great country–too bad it’s shredding at the seams.

5 thoughts on “RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming”

    1. I have.

      Great stuff.

      Could be a good template for an Identitarian video. “Yes, I am a White man, a bloodthirsty monster and aggressor by birthrite. Be afraid.”

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