RED DAWN 27: Get off that Waifu and Find a Mannerbund

RED DAWN 27: Get off that Waifu and Find a Mannerbund

No society is built on the family. It’s the Mannerbund, stupid. Greg and Singh discuss this building-block of civilization. They cover the sublime theories of historical philosophers like Peter Turchin, and the less refined practices of certain alt-righters. The Greeks, the Vikings, and the Brownshirts also come in for praise and criticism.

AND: A lot of people conflate male-solidarity with homosexuality. Where do you draw the line, goyim? AI refutes this typically Yiddish fallacy. It’s not gay. It’s homoerotic.

The Occidental Observer on hypermasculinity in ancient Scandinavia.

Music: Intro: Fyrdung’s Folk i Gevär (as usual). Future Fash Intermission: It’s my 80’s (Perturbator / Dance with the Dead music). Outro: Die Braune Kompanie. Also Laibach “Opus Dei” (Life is Life) back-drop to the classic “precious bodily fluids” rant from Dr. Strangelove.


2 thoughts on “RED DAWN 27: Get off that Waifu and Find a Mannerbund”

  1. Sparta sounds like a hell-hole. After reading On Sparta, I realize how fucked up they were- give me Athens anyday. The soul just rebels at the thought of having to pork a shaved bitch in the dark, getting your thighs rubbed with dicks, and fighting in a boring-ass phalanx.

    Glad the Spartans got BTFO by the Macedonians tbh.

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