RED DAWN 33: Where the Pool-Party at?

RED DAWN 33: Where the Pool-Party at?

Alex Jones was right… ABOUT EVERYTHING! Our elites really are part of a pederastic Satan-cult. Damn them all to hell. The Whore of Babylon has nothing on K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

As the FBI and the press abandon their posts, the cyber-footsoldiers of h8chan /pol/ continue the mission. The stakes are nothing less than the survival of civilization. Can we defeat this monstrous Evil?

Graphic showing Austyn Crites’ house. Source: /pol/
FBI document detailing pedophilic symbology

One thought on “RED DAWN 33: Where the Pool-Party at?”

  1. If you goys aren’t familiar, check out;

    In particular, listen to “Creating Christ (new book by Valliant & Fahy), Fri. Nov. 4”.

    Skip to 17:20 if you don’t want to listen to them naysay Trump as a good goy mentee-of-(((Roy Cohn))) .

    These guys are pretty based on the (((Oligarchs))). They name the Jew, going so far as to suggest that anyone near power should be DNA tested. They’ve done a lot of research on the various ways the Skypes have been involved in our past and present.

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